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  1. Why would the Texans WANT Tua? I think they would want the 2 instead of 3.
  2. he's a top 3 qb in the league. you have to at least call about him.
  3. Watson probably would have won this team 5 more games last year, at least. The jets were so close in a few games: Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, Bills 2nd game and Patriots game.
  4. We’ll see. I honestly think Saleh knows what Darnold’s all about - he prepped for him week 2 and demolished him with his backups.
  5. I really honestly can’t get on board with keeping Darnold. IF they do, I guess this is best case scenario.
  6. I bet he goes to Philly and sees how crappy the situation is there and comes back to the Jets.
  7. I think saying “CJ has final say” is a bit misleading. I think that whoever JD brings him and says “this is the guy”, CJ will sign off on it.
  8. And Mac Jones was at 77.4% this year, 11.2 YPA but I don’t want him. It’s fields or Wilson and no one else. If keeping Darnold is what they want (not what I want) then you pick Devonta Smith at 2 and an OT at 23.
  9. I actually think 23 would be perfect for horn
  10. To be honest, they were so injured last year I’m going to lean more on his previous years then last year
  11. I honestly feel like they should bring in more guys in person if they can. Zoom meetings scare me
  12. I’d be interested - 1. Jets 2. Cowboys 3. Saints if not I’d love to help a team out!
  13. I thought I just saw yesterday Carroll said he’d be back??!
  14. I skipped a page but I honestly can’t see a new coach tying his career to Sam Darnold. I’m not interested in trying to build around Sam and ending up in the same situation next year, or the year after. I want to start this rebuild now while JD, new coach and new qb are on the same timeline. If it doesn’t work out, you get rid of all of them and start again.
  15. If you want a QB with no athleticism and will be a game manager then sure, jones is your guy.
  16. I actually think that’s why he was fired. He said he doesn’t want to be told what to do anymore. Last year, he told his coaches they were all coming back for 2020 and the owner fired someone (forget who). I think the owner has too much involvement and the GM should also be canned for his lack of a roster.
  17. Sam was making the same mistakes he made in college. Sam stuff you saw in his rookie year that you say, oh he’s a rookie he’ll learn and fix that, he hasn’t. You obviously can’t just tell him to not throw picks. He can’t process well enough. I was a Darnold fan, I don’t hate the kid but he’s done here
  18. Etienne and Harris will both go in the 1st
  19. I’m on the Joe Brady train. Dude knows offense.
  20. One Jets podcast I was listening to mentioned Anthony Lynn possibly as OC, and if we’re looking for more former HC experience, maybe Marvin Lewis as DC.
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