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  1. Cause they don’t have picks for the next 5 yrs haha you gotta think, there are a limited amount of teams that would give them 2 first rounders, a third rounder, a QB that, while failed here, seems to be a favorite of every analyst and football guy out there (try and find an article that doesn’t think Sam would be a good QBs elsewhere) - AND that team has to have the cap space.
  2. That’s what I’m saying. I mean I get the idea of trying to get more picks, but the Jets aren’t the team to do that with. Say you trade with the bengals, move down to 4 and hope for fields (if I’m the jags) then the bengals take Sewell 1, Jets take fields/Lawrence and the dolphins, who might say let’s take Fields, and then they’re screwed! If they like fields, they’ll take him at 1. If they like Lawrence, they’ll take him at 1. I’m fine at 2 with Lawrence, Fields or Wilson.
  3. I’ll tell ya what. I’m not trading tons of picks to move up to 1. I’ll let the jags pick who they want, then take who I want. If they want fields, take him 1.
  4. I’d give the Seattle picks + Darnold.
  5. I’d trade the Seattle picks + Darnold for Watson. I don’t wanna give up #2. We earned that. Haha
  6. Not a fan of Arthur Smith. Was listening to the “cover your Jets” podcast and they had on a reporter from Tennesse / he said smith isn’t really that great with the media and doesn’t think NY would be the place for him. That knocks him off my list. as for the personnel moves, not a big fan either. Nothing done on the OL is alarming and not much done at the WR position isn’t a great idea.
  7. I mean when everyone in the organization, including Gase himself, says that he was brought in to develop Sam and this is the final product, I’d say Gase failed Sam. Gase isn’t the only part of it, but he sure is a huge factor in it.
  8. Highly underwhelming free agency. I see JD going big to be a comfortable spot for a rookie QB. I wouldn’t trade down - if you like a QB, take him at 2. Too risky to goto 4 - the phins could get a haul for 3 if they want.
  9. I think Jets would go Horn or Bateman with this 2nd pick instead of OLB.
  10. Even Flacco didn’t make sense - he said he didn’t want to be a mentor, that’s why Denver let him go, they were rolling with Lock. Darnold has to go, bring back McCown for all I care.
  11. This team has never signed a guy the caliber of Robinson. It’s a necessity for this team to build around whatever quarterback they roll with. it wasn’t JDs MO last season for 2 reasons: the FA class last year wasn’t as good and they knew to save some money for the effects of Covid.
  12. Way to be optimistic. Robinson wants a payday. He’ll come here cause the money’s green. A lot of teams don’t have the cap space like Jets do and just like in baseball, teams are going to be operating a bit tightly.
  13. Give me Robinson and Thuney. Need a true 1 WR for, what I hope is a rookie Qb in fields or Wilson, or if they decide to keep Darnold.
  14. Hawks are playing the 9ers this weekend.
  15. Honesty couldn’t think of a world in where the Jets trade back for an edge.
  16. Would rather a QB or trade down for the Jets.
  17. Hiring a guy like Daboll will make guys want to come here. A guy like Godwin or Robinson can look at Diggs, John Brown and Beasly’s production and be excited that it could be them doing it - with a young, talented guy in Fields or Wilson. I wasn’t too amped on Daboll but lately I’ve come around. That offense is awesome and he’s done a great job with Allen.
  18. Ok. chiefs already dominated the bills in buffalo, in what I believe was 40+ MPH winds. They bullied them in the run game. The chiefs have the best Qb, Wr and TE in the game. The AFC is the chiefs conference until further notice.
  19. While I know it’s a long shot - still the Jags. The rockets and blazers passed on Jordan back in ‘84 haha
  20. Bills won’t be beating the chiefs. They’re in the drivers seat for a while. Also, when Daboll becomes the Jets HC - the bills won’t be as good.
  21. I’m holding out hope the jags will jag and pick fields or Wilson hahah.
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