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  1. Of course we’re gonna have to play Lawrence next year.
  2. So we’re in the hole for at least another 2 years waiting for the ultimate prize of a then 35 year old Matt Stafford? Stop messing around and just draft Fields or Wilson.
  3. Darnold is literally 33rd of QBs in the NFL. There’s only 32 teams. I don’t think fields could do worse.
  4. So you’re ok with Sam doing Sam, getting us maybe 4-6 wins and probably being in the same situation again, needing a QB, but drafting somewhere around 10-15. And then your options are paying Sam a big contract or what?
  5. Like I’ve been saying - these are the scenarios if you stick with sam. 1. He does OK in 2021. Guides the team to a 6-10, 7-9 record and the Jets pick in the middle of the pack, most likely not a highly rated QB like Sam Howell. 2. He does AWESOME and now you’re going to have to pay him. Are you guys comfortable giving Sam a long term, 25M+ a year contract? I know I am not.
  6. And say Sam has a great year - everyone comfortable giving him a 25M+ contract and ending up like the Eagles or Rams? I know I’m not.
  7. Think of it this way. Do you like Fields or Wilson now, or Sam Howell next year? say we go with Sam again and he’s average but clearly not the answer and we end up with pick 12 or 13. Then what?
  8. Long post - but a post from over on jetnation. The OP has had some good info in the past but obviously taken with a grain of salt. Just know this, if the mentioned HC is actually hired, I might be done here. “ To avoid making a long post even longer and making a longer introduction, many of you know that I have a source within the organization. Many here can confirm this. My source and I have been discussing the Jets since Sunday and where they go from here and he dropped some tidbits on me that I’ve had confirmed to me by a second, more prominent, source and am now ready to s
  9. My favorite jet is actually nick mangold, mainly cause we have the same last name. I answered revis though.
  10. I was referring to you saying that fields loses his best wr and looks bad. The argument with Sam has always been “get him weapons and he’ll succeed”. That goes 2 fold with fields. With Olave he’s looked amazing, without he looked average. Darnold had all his weapons and still looks bad. as for the td/int thing, why is that an issue when everyone wants Sam now with his career 42/37 ratio?
  11. I’ve also never said it was a fluke, I’m pointing out that this year has been an anomaly for his college career. Wilson definitely has the traits of a FQB but I’m still going with fields at 2 if that’s where we pick.
  12. I’ve also never said it was a fluke, I’m pointing out that this has been an an only for his college career. Wilson definitely has the traits of a FQB but I’m still going with fields at 2 if that’s where we pick.
  13. Go look at his stats for his first 2 years. He’s nearly doubled his YPA this year and drastically cut down the turnovers. It’s such a huge jump from last year it’s startling.
  14. To be honest, this year is an anomaly for Wilson. Is it that this is his true potential? Or is it that they played a weak schedule in a weird, Covid affected year?
  15. Cause no one actually watches. They just see a box score and make an opinion off it (fields).
  16. Apparently teams can start virtually interviewing coaching candidates tomorrow. Interesting. Fire Gase now hah
  17. I believe you and I are arguing the same thing. Something must be getting lost in the posts. I’m a believer in fields, stating the same stuff you are.
  18. @xrade against Indiana he had 300 tds and 2 tds in the air, 78 and a td on the ground. He led them to victory. as for the wr discussion, is that not the main defense for Darnold? Everyone says “give him weapons and he’ll be good”. Well, so far with all his weapons, Darnold hasn’t looked great.
  19. Again, basing what you saw this weekend to form your opinion on Fields is lazy. He has shown throughout his career that he can be elite. He was playing with a bad thumb, against a highly regarded defense, without his best WR. Watch his season tape and you’ll change your mind.
  20. Are you guys high? Mariota? Winston? Come on. These guys weren’t good as starters and still aren’t good. If they go away from Sam, the only NFL QB I’d want is Dak. My thought now is towards the salary cap. I don’t want to pay Sam, so I’m drafting Fields and actually building around him, correcting the mistake that they made with Sam.
  21. Listen I totally agree that Lawrence is the top prospect. Stats wise throughout their careers, it’s pretty damn close. The ACC competition isn’t much better, if any better than the BIG10. Fields has had some poor games this year, yet they’re 3-0 in all of them. I think the Covid protocols have really hurt Fields’ season. This past weekend he was dealing with a right thumb injury as well.
  22. A. 119 164 72.6 1521 9.3 9.7 15 5 174.6 B. 198 286 69.2 2753 9.6 10.5 22 4 172.7 C. 220 301 73.1 3274 10.9 12.4 30 3 195.4 who would you rather?
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