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  1. i wouldn't say failed - there really wasn't much in the FA market for me to get nuts about. i do think they should have drafted another WR, preferably passing on the QB.
  2. The tough part of this is that this team probably won’t be a favorite in any game. To be completely honest, I could see us losing every game. I don’t think that could happen but I don’t feel good about any game.
  3. You’re not worried about WR? Have you seen this WR group? JOSH MALONE IS THE 1 RIGHT NOW.
  4. Sep. 13 at Buffalo Bills (L) Sep. 20 San Francisco 49ers (L) Sep. 27 at Indianapolis Colts (W) Oct. 1 Denver Broncos (W) Oct. 11 Arizona Cardinals (L) Oct. 18 at Los Angeles Chargers (W) Oct. 25 Buffalo Bills (W) Nov. 1 at Kansas City Chiefs (L) Nov. 9 New England Patriots (W) Nov. 15 at Miami Dolphins (L) Nov. 22 BYE Nov. 29 Miami Dolphins (W) Dec. 6 Las Vegas Raiders (W) Dec. 13 at Seattle Seahawks (L) Dec. 20 Los Angeles Rams (L) Dec. 27 Cleveland Browns (W)
  5. we gotta pay someone haha. an edge rusher, something this team hasn't had, is a necessity. picking guys in the 3rd round or later isn't going to get the job done. no one wanted to pay JA, he's gone now. who do we have to pay in the next year or so, Sam? he hasn't proven he's worth a huge QB deal. demarcus lawrence and frank clark are being paid 21M and 20.8M respectively. if you look at their stats from last year and over their career, yannick is pretty much the same as them. heck, he even had a better year then khalil mack last year. in Mack's first 4 years in oakland he had 40.
  6. again, everyone here wants an EDGE guy but a guy like Yannick Ngakoue, who's had more sacks then all our "edge" guys careers combined is available but we don't want him.
  7. he's literally doubled the stats of jordan jenkins. since 2016, he and chandler jones are the only 2 players to have recorded 35+ sacks, 85+ QB hits and 14+ forced fumbles. when has a jet EVER come close to that? here's some more if you want to read: https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/yannick-ngakoue-free-agency-nfl-team-fits
  8. Only jets fans would love to hate great players like Jamal and yannick. Never have I seen a group that “doesn’t want” these level of players on the team. im done with Jamal just like everyone else but there’s no denying he was a great player for us. and yannick has 40 sacks in his 4 years, 2 ints and 14 FF. He’s not an average pass rusher, he’s regarded highly.
  9. i didn't even know he played lacrosse 🤣
  10. i know Juju is a FA next summer but i'd sure love to see JD trade for him.
  11. you somehow made it worse. haha
  12. to be fair this whole WR group is embarassing. Perriman is our #1? i'm sure everyone has called him a bust before his season last year.
  13. Brutal. Maybe Williamson coming back will stop the pain.
  14. from what i can see is that the Jets have around 25M in cap space. Cut winters that goes to 32. there's enough to pay jamal now.
  15. I meant in the sense that he sat out, ended up signing for less than the Steelers offered him and is now widely looked at as having lost a step and not the same player.
  16. Bell probably told him how bad an idea it is to sit out a year.
  17. If there is no season would the year even count as service time?
  18. my problem with this is that Adams himself has said they've never discussed numbers. I think Jamal's taking advice from his agent and his agent is failing him. Any information on numbers most likely is leaked or thrown out there by his agent, who seems to be poisoning JA's mind.
  19. i originally thought that too, but he actually wrote -100000% that he doesn't agree.
  20. Pass coverage is more than just interceptions. The guy has 25 pass deflections as well has high marks from PFF. maye wasn’t good when he filled in for adams last season. while I agree that 20M is an absurd amount for any player, he is more than a strong safety. I know no one wants to admit it though.
  21. How can this be true when he reportedly wants to go to Tampa with Bowles?
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