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  1. i also don't think BB will purposely lose to the jets to give them their first and only win.
  2. darnold will go down like rosen. he'll fetch us a 2nd, maybe a later round pick as well. ultimately, i don't think he has the mental aptitude to succeed in the league. he can make plays, he's athletic but his decision making is what is going to keep him from becoming a top 12 QB.
  3. the north is probably the best conference in football after the NFC west. titans overrated?
  4. any concern with Becton, seemingly every game, coming out for a play or a series here and there? i know it usually isn't an extended period of time (minus the times he was out) but the constant missing of time is starting to catch my attention.
  5. week 17 the jags play the colts, who might rest starters to prep for the playoffs. i'm all for the jags getting a game or 2, that way i can finally root for my team to win. i just don't see how it's possible the jets win a game. the browns just beat up on the titans, not like i thought they would beat the browns before that. the pats just put up 45 on the colts!
  6. the only issue i have with it is that gase is fired on monday, not sunday night. haha!
  7. Boomer Esiason on his radio show this morning opens the door to Bill Cowher potentially being interested in the Jets job. Thoughts on Bill being the HC next year?
  8. don't worry. it's not going to happen. but to answer your question, it's no. jax strength of schedule is lower, therefore they would be 1.
  9. to be completely honest, other than the chargers, isn't the jets job the most attractive? potential for a great QB in Lawrence, tons of cap room and lots of draft capital. i get bienemy liking the idea of going to coach watson - but that team is rather devoid of talent and doesn't have a 1st round pick. the lions are a mess with an older, regressing QB that makes tons of money. the jags are tough, though they also have tons of space and picks but what if they finally decide to move to london? the bears are also a mess - no qb, poor skill positions. i think the jets are going to lure
  10. to be fair, this tweet doesn't say lewis went to gase with personal issues. who knows what went down. i'm not going to give gase credit for something he potentially didn't do.
  11. i wouldn't hate it - would like to see a WR drafted earlier though. if this played out 100% i'd be happy.
  12. you see what happened to burrow? you see what happened to dak? no shot lawrence risks going back to college and blowing out an ankle or knee. it's just not a smart business move.
  13. very weak in FA. probably going to have the most money in the league. i expect a lot of action. not excited about the late 1st and the 2nd round picks. don't think using that early of a pick on a TE and RB is beneficial. would probably target WR or OL there.
  14. Can I ask - there’s all this talk about Lawrence not wanting to play or come out for the Jets, why would Fields? Jaguars are also mentioned, who I think might be a bigger dump of an organization, so why would Fields want to go there?
  15. Doesn’t have anything to do with it - point being GMs say things that they don’t mean. JD said he wanted to make Adams a “jet for life”. Look where he is now. Also, not sold on JD yet. While he’s made a couple good draft picks, his FA was rather underwhelming. Another guy he traded for today was released. I’m not gonna call him bad but so far it’s not stellar.
  16. Gettleman did say "we didn't sign Odell to trade him" and look what happened a couple months later...
  17. i'm not saying there shouldn't be offensive talent here, i'm saying that even if robby was here, he wouldn't be doing what he's doing now. i was never a fan of him either, that's why i'm not mad he's not here.
  18. i'm not blaming JD for anything yet. i'm not even mad he didn't bring back Anderson. while anderson is killing it in carolina, it's because hes the 2nd, maybe 3rd option on that offense and isn't getting the CB1 of the defense. he's also being targeted a TON, mainly because they have a coach that knows how to use him. he wouldn't be putting up these numbers in NY. not drafting another WR is the only thing i'd get on him about. he had a pretty good draft otherwise; Becton looks like a stud, Mims looks like a future player and Perine shows some talent. i'll give him another offseas
  19. lol - in a span of 3 days i went from an optimistic 8-8 to a potential 0-16. i wonder what happened?
  20. williamson was such a great player and leader and the team is still 0-8. can't get much worse.
  21. Unless it’s Trevor Lawrence, I don’t see the Jets drafting a QB. Sewell or Chase and try it with Darnold.
  22. When the Jets get the number 1 pick they take Trevor Lawrence.
  23. i'm not interested in grabbing a retread HC here. look at how it worked out hiring gase.
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