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  1. I thought the Vikes were actually better than Green Bay last season, at least to my eye test when I saw them. I had them winning their division fairly comfortable. I'm very shocked they weren't able to beat the Colts. I thought that was a no brainer. It looks like it could be a tough year for them, especially playing in the NFC where the three wildcard play-off teams look like they could come from the same division. Crazy.
  2. Jets are looking like a good bet for this pick after the first two weeks. I personally think they take Lawrence despite Darnold not being the biggest issue on their team. Lawrence may have to work himself into the team, which doesn't seem to happen with many 1st picks anymore, but I'd be fairly confident they take him come rain or shine.
  3. Terrible call from Lynn to punt on 4th and one. It's understated how bad that call actually is.
  4. I was really pleased with our two biggest question marks: OL and RB play. I think both came through quite strong, with Malcolm Brown taking over and playing a game consistently. He's always flashed and been a redzone threat, but it's good to see him have more opportunities to run the ball. He's a strong runner. The OL was massively improved, particularly in the run game, which was great to see. I think that game could've finished either way in the end. Both teams played decent enough to win the game, but the decision not to take the chip shot when they had the chance was undoubtedly aggressive and ill-conceived. It was a statement call and ultimately took the wind out of the sails. As for the OPI, I would've been beyond disappointed if it had been called against the Rams. In real time, I can absolutely see why he's given it but when you slow it down and focus on his hand placement then it looks like a bad call. Big call. I always had the Cowboys down as comfortable winners of the NFC East and I still believe that will be the case.
  5. I've seen a lot of people mention this, but Goff was top 3 in passing yards last year and we still had a winning record. He's 4th in passing yards in the last three seasons. He's had three full seasons, been to the Super Bowl and two Pro Bowls. I can understand that he isn't without limitations, but he's far from holding this team back. He had one of the worst OL in the league last season, with one of the worst rushing teams, but still managed a winning record in the toughest division. When you strip everything back, Greg Zuerlein hits a FG for a walk-off win in week 4 and the Rams finish second and go to the play-offs over the Seahawks. If Goff had NO success whatsoever, perhaps a couple of losing seasons then I could totally understand your point, but he's done the exact opposite. If he was anything other than a good QB then the Rams finish last season with a losing record. Aaron Rodgers had a MUCH better situation in 2018 than Goff had in 2019 and Green Bay went 6-9-1. The Rams went 9-7. I'm not comparing the two, but I'm just saying that better QBs have had worse seasons in better circumstances.
  6. I think my biggest takeaway from this thread is why everyone is mocking the Rams offense? It's been a top 10 offense for the past 3 years 🙄 The Rams hasn't had a top 10 defense since 2001. The offense will be just fine.
  7. I can't see anything other than a comprehensive victory for the Chiefs. I'm not that big on the Texans this season anyway, but this is a rough start - followed by Ravens in week 2. I'm going 38-12 to the Chiefs. CEH plays a huge part in getting the ground game going - 2x TDs for him.
  8. John Johnson was always going to be a long shot to stay on after his rookie deal. I think that's partly the reason why we've drafted three safeties in the last two drafts: Taylor Rapp, Terrell Burgess and Jordan Fuller. We have Ramsey and Kupp to lockdown and Johnson was always behind those two in terms of priority.
  9. For fantasy players, I wouldn't be surprised to see Van Jefferson as a day 1 starter for the Rams. He's catching the eye and now he's being covered by Ramsey on most plays to get him up-to-speed with the level. It sounds like VJ did Ramsey twice in the end zone a day or two ago. Equally, Malcolm Brown looks to be carrying the weight for the starters - surprising as I expected Akers to walk in as RB1. At this stage, Jefferson looks the best bet to start on opening day, or at least get a few targets in the game - particularly in the red zone. I think Burgess and/or Fuller could also see the field.
  10. Favorite Team: Rams Week 1 Pick: COLTS I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  11. Akers to have the lead role and have every opportunity to put up high numbers. I’m not saying it’s a cert, but he’s got queue jump to the starting role and barring him being a busy should get majority of the carries from week one. Van Jefferson will be a rotational player. I think he will be thrown in at the red zone a lot and could have a high number of TDs in respect to his snap count. Terrell Lewis will see the field a fair amount. He’s got competition for those spots, but nothing established. If he’s good then he will see the field a lot and any edge rusher next to AD is going to feast. Terrell Burgess could see a starting role in a nickel formation. Rapp and Johnson are set and established, he could compliment that if he’s as good as advertised. The rest will be minimal, although I hope Clay Johnston can make the jump as that’s a position of need for us.
  12. Any team who finishes with the #1 seed will take Lawrence - and for good reason. No team has finished in that position with excellent QB play, it’s usually the main reason they’re there in the first place. Cardinals did it with Rosen, I’m sure the Dolphins or Chargers - whoever - finishes in that position takes Lawrence.
  13. He was 4th in passing yards (4,600+) with 32 touchdowns the year he got to the Super Bowl. He was also 3rd in the league for game winning drives. I know you're being facetious, but I thought I would shed some light on how well he played.
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