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  1. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    The top 10 QBs will continue to rotate year-on-year as playing conditions change for every single one of them. If you look at QBR of the last three years: 2017 Carson Wentz - 78.5 Case Keenum - 72.8 Tom Brady - 70.6 Dak Prescott - 69.9 Matt Ryan - 67.1 Big Ben - 66.6 Matt Stafford - 65.2 Alex Smith - 65.1 Drew Brees - 62.5 Russell Wilson - 61.9 2018 Pat Mahomes - 80.3 Drew Brees - 79.2 Mitch Trubisky - 71.0 Big Ben - 69.6 Andrew Luck - 69.6 Tom Brady - 68.4 Phillip Rivers - 67.8 Jameis Winston - 66.2 Matt Ryan - 65.7 Jared Goff - 63.6 2019 Lamar Jackson - 81.8 Pat Mahomes - 76.3 Drew Brees - 71.7 Dak Prescott - 70.2 Russell Wilson - 69.8 Matt Stafford - 69.6 DeShaun Watson - 68.7 Ryan Fitzpatrick - 66.5 Ryan Tannehill - 62.2 Derek Carr - 62.2 I'd imagine 2020 (if we even have a season) will continue to throw up some strange names.
  2. Happy Brockers is back. Contract is excessive, but it’s just the going rate at the moment. I like the front 3: Brockers, ARob and Donald. It makes everyone else’s job easier on the DEF. Donald is happy, so if he’s happy then I’m also happy.
  3. Rams new logo unveiled

    It's okay. The old one is definitely better, but it could've been worse. I like the Ram logo. Fingers crossed for the Jersey.
  4. Rams new logo unveiled

    It should be revealed around 12am PT. 7pm UK time.
  5. Who will be better? Bucs or Pats?

    Buccs. I think fewer turnovers will help translate losses into wins. I just don't see how NE fix their offence. I really can see them having a frustrating season, all the teams in their division will/should be better this season too. Dolphins and Bills anyway.
  6. I would be terrible. Absolutely terrible. I'm too short-termist; I'm naturally too impulsive. I would make splash trades, take some shots - most of them would end up backfiring.
  7. Question: Why do you think Clowney is unsigned?

    Clowney is going to be a good signing for someone. I have no problem with any player holding out for as much money as they possibly can, so it will eventually get to a point where his agent gets a couple of teams within the ballpark and he'll pick what's best for him. Forget anyone being 'greedy' these players don't owe anyone anything. The team that wants him the most will pay him the most, simple as that.
  8. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    Brees is a HOF QB by all accounts, but Goff is made out to be one of the worst QBs to ever take a snap in this league by some. Goff’s first four years in the league has been better than Brees. He’s taken a team to the Super Bowl. He’s been the cornerstone of consistently high scoring teams: 2017 - 1st, 2018 - 2nd & 2019 - 11th. He had the 31st rated OL in 2019 and the team was 26th in rushing. He had bad moments, but he’s not a bum - not by a long way. He’s a good NFL QB who should be given his credit.
  9. Packers Triplets vs. Falcons Triplets

    Gurley and Jones isn't as clear cut as some are making out. Jones has had one season where he's been better than Gurley, that's it. Let's see what happens next season now Jones is a marked man. I'm thinking the Falcons trio can have the edge, but it is close.
  10. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Goff really does get a bad rep, although I’m not sure why. According to the general view: we finished 9-7 last season with a bust QB, a washed RB, a terrible offensive line, an inconsistent defence and terrible special team play. I can only ask what on Earth was everyone else up to that we still managed a winning record? We had terrible OL play last season, partly due to injuries although most of it IMO was down to negligence from the front office. I think that impacted the QB and RB more than anything; Gurley more so as the pass protection did improve as the season went on. The run blocking didn’t. We need a guard and a centre to come in and change the offense. Saffold and Sullivan need to be replaced.
  11. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Teams will continue to pay running backs: Cook, McCaffrey and Jones will all look to get $15m+ and Barkley will be looking for even more, perhaps not $20m a year but not far off.
  12. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Gurley managed the exact same numbers of TDs as Zeke with less touches last season - Zeke had a top 5 line (arguably a top 2 run block line) and Gurley had a bottom 5 line (arguably the worst run block line). It wasn't even Gurley's worst professional season and he came back after the last one and put back-to-back all-pro seasons together. If you ask me it would be utterly idiotic for the Rams to trade Gurley, beyond words. If he does go, especially to one with a good OL, then I wouldn't be surprised if he really puts up big numbers again. Teams without an elite back should be looking to take advantage of the absolute ineptitude of the Rams FO.
  13. Rams sign DT A'Shawn Robinson (2 year, $17 M)

    I like this signing. I don't know too much about him, but always held him in high regard.
  14. I do like Whit. He was outstanding in 2018 and good in 2019. The money seems to be smartly distributed over the three years and despite the years: it seems like he can be basically cut at any point after this season with barely any penalty. Good to have him back for another year at least.
  15. Rams sign Leonard Floyd

    In fairness, it's quite clear to see no one is in love with this move. It's just a sensible one considering our limitations and options. We have a new defensive coordinator who highly rated him and worked with him before. If anyone was in love with this move then he wouldn't have been given a $10m prove it deal. I can see how it works, but also the red flags. As with anything, it will come out in the wash - I personally predict that he doesn't do enough to re-sign in 2021 but without disgracing himself or us.