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  1. Best 3 WR set

    Kupp, Woods & Cooks.
  2. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    based on the pass rushers in the NFC West and the fact the Cardinals haven't improved their OL, Murray will be lucky to be able to walk after his first season in the league!
  3. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    I honestly think Rosen will be a great pickup by the Dolphins. The Cardinals OL was laughable, he was almost throwing under pressure every single time he touched the ball. He still showed bits of quality at times. He honestly reminded me of Goff in his rookie season, although Goff didn't have to move to get a better HC and OL.
  4. Vikings extend WR Adam Thielen (4 years, $64M)

    Not much to dislike with this one, other than he's not signing with the Rams He's a top player!
  5. Cowboys sign DE DeMarcus Lawrence (5 years, $105M)

    Mahomes has a year anything like the one just gone, I would say him without a shadow of a doubt. I don't believe there is anyone else, at least at the moment, who will steal it from him.
  6. Cowboys sign DE DeMarcus Lawrence (5 years, $105M)

    They've definitely overpaid, but he's a top player in his position and the ever increasing cap space allows the Cowboys a nice bit of room to keep one of their top performers. Jadeveon Clowney will be rubbing his hands together at the news, that's for sure.
  7. Top 10 4-3 Defensive Ends

    Dante Fowler Jr lines up ROLB in our 3-4 defense. I didn't see much of him, pretty much next to nothing in fact, with the Jags, but he seems like a perfect scheme fit for us. I wouldn't have him in the discussion in this topic.
  8. Lions sign RB CJ Anderson (1 year, $1.5M)

    He was unbelievable for us, but I wasn't expecting him back. I have no doubts that if you give him a chance that he'll produce, plus he's clearly a good guy to have around the team. He's a great option alongside the talented Johnson. All the best to him!
  9. Browns RB Duke Johnson requests trade

    I'd be interested to see if the Rams go in for him, I believe there was a rumour we were interested although I could have dreamed that. We've since re-signed Malcolm Brown though, but Duke Johnson would be a good player in our scheme to allow Gurley a rest between snaps.
  10. Who has the best uniform / logo in the NFL?

    Part of me following the Rams was due to the logo, amongst many other reasons. I also liked Panthers, Jags & Falcons. Uniforms, erm, Raiders - black and silver. I do like the white Rams one.
  11. I believe that coaches should get as many challenge flags as they want. If they challenge a call or non-call and it proves they are correct, the ruling on the field changes in their favour. If they challenge a call or non-call and it proves they are incorrect, they should have a tooth extracted before play is allowed to carry on. Once they have lost all their teeth, the officials are entitled to move on to other body parts, i.e. fingers, toes....
  12. Owners vote to challenge all pass interference calls

    I like it for one simple reason: the first time it costs the Saints, I don't think I'll stop laughing for an entire week.
  13. Cowboys & Rams to play in Hawaii on August 17th

    Blake Bortles masterclass incoming.... #BOAT
  14. I think the current set up is perfectly fine. A London team looks to be on the cards, but the chaos that comes with it is absolutely mayhem. If I was US native then I would absolutely be against any games being played at neutral grounds in other countries. I guess you get used to it.
  15. Gronk Retires

    Good decision. He's had an incredible career, plus he ends it with a SB win that he played a major part in. The guy will have a career after football, definitely, he's a great character and he'll have networks smashing his door down to get 5 minutes of his time. All the best to him. I don't know if he's the best that's ever been at TE, but he's up there and deserves to be named an HOF player.