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  1. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    I'm more intrigued to where Brown ends up, more so than Bell. I have no doubt a team will flinch and I'm pretty sure that there will be a fair amount of interest. I'd personally go: Colts, Raiders, 49ers, Panthers and perhaps a wild guess in the Cowboys. I think the last one is very unlikely in comparison to the others, but I don't think Steelers will get a first round pick anyway plus they have enough cap space to make it work & they're in the NFC. The addition of just ONE decent WR made a big difference for them last season, perhaps another weapon kicks them even more.
  2. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    I can’t talk for previous seasons, but he was most definitely in the top 5 until he was banned/cut last season.
  3. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    At his best last season, Hunt was frightening. He was up there with Gurley as the best RB in the league in the early stages of the season. Browns were already looking like potential dark horses for next year, this just goes to add to that. I don’t think anyone will defend his actions, but if it was fact that the woman was being grossly racist to him then I can certainly understand his anger. It’s just I personally would have dealt with it a different way.
  4. Falcons to cut CB Robert Alford /signs with Cardinals

    I'm surprised Cardinals went for him. He's definitely an asset on the D, but thought they would be reinforcing their offense with any sizeable deals. They're definitely a team that can improve in a lot of positions, but they were the lowest scorers by some distance last season.
  5. Antonio Brown accused of domestic violence

    Regardless of how serious the incident was, it's safe to say that AB is struggling to keep himself out the spotlight and becoming a bit of a clown.
  6. Mahomes isn't the best QB under 30 in the league. Absolutely no chance. He's comfortably the best QB in the league outright. He's a once in a lifetime talent and those saying that he'll be a flash in the pan are basing it on absolutely nothing. If anything, he'll grow more with the experience and once Chiefs sort their defence out then he'll see more minutes on the pitch and inevitably put more points on the board. 53 touchdown passes in the regular season this time round, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him get to 60 next year and comfortably break the record. I'm excited to see what Luck, Watson & Mayfield do next season. Goff will continue to put up the numbers, but he won't get anymore weapons around him. Reynolds, Everett and Higbee will definitely utilised more next season and Kupp will be back. The numbers will still be amongst the best in the league.
  7. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    It was a bad game, sure, but are you really basing it around one game? plus Foles is arguably as good as Wentz, there is certainly nothing to disprove that. I think Pederson is a great coach, but to discount McVay on one game is pretty bad. He's put together the highest scoring team in the entire NFL over the past two years, a game with 3 points doesn't change that.
  8. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    A run through the numbers: Doug Pederson's regular season record: 29-19 4-1 in the postseason, including a SB championship. Pederson took over an average 7-9 franchise, initially leading them to the bottom of the NFC east in his first full season before winning the SB in his second. He also failed to win the NFC east again this season. Sean McVay's regular season record: 24-8 2-2 in the postseason, including a SB loss. McVay turned a poor 4-12 franchise into back-to-back NFC west Championship winners with the highest scoring offence over the two seasons.
  9. Who were your top ten teams of 2018?

    I don't see how anyone could put Eagles in the top 10, personally. Yes, they got into the playoffs and won their first game, but can't ignore the fact that Parkey was their MVP in that result. * A 9-7 record * Second in a two horse race in the division behind the Cowboys * 367 points scored - ranked 18th in the whole NFL - to put it in perspective Chiefs had 217 more, also every team in the NFC South had more. * 348 points conceded - ranked 12th in the whole NFL * 221-215 on first downs (for-against) I know they had injuries, so I could get behind Doug being in the top 10 coaches of the year, but I don't see how they can be in the top 10 teams when they were barely in the top 10 in anything.
  10. NFC next year, early predictions

    Difficult to call without seeing how teams change over the off season, but a pure stab in the dark. Eagles Cowboys Giants Redskins Bears Vikings Packers Lions Saints Buccs Panthers Falcons Rams 49ers Seahawks Cardinals Playoffs: #3 Eagles #6 49ers #4 Cowboys #5 Saints #1 Bears #5 Saints #2 Rams #3 Eagles #1 Bears #2 Rams NFC Championship Winners - Da Bears - The Bears with home field advantage through the playoffs to meet Kansas City in Miami.
  11. Who were your top ten teams of 2018?

    1. Saints 2. Patriots 3. Chiefs 4. Rams 5. Texans 6. Chargers 7. Bears 8. Colts 9. Cowboys 10. Seahawks
  12. Todd Gurley

    Cards on the table: He's either injured or playing badly. I can't really blame McVay for not using him. The Rams OLine was far too poor on the night to let us run the ball anyway. The Pats did a number on them. It was probably more of a case of McVay not trusting the guys upfront to do their job as the game went on, aside from not trusting Gurley - if, indeed, he's not injured.
  13. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Goff had a bad game, sure, but the day before he won the award for the best performance of the season in the entire NFL. He’s young, the occasion got to him, but he isn’t finished. If anything this will help the Rams long term as he’s less likely to demand mega money. When you consider what Stafford and Cousins are on, and neither are on the same level as Goff. Big year coming up from him, Gurley too. I think we need a rebuild but McVay is a great head coach and we have a great front office. The rest falls into place.
  14. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    I'm not entirely sure it is, three points and countless punts. It's a team game, but it's hard to imagine many worse performances.
  15. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Goff will have to show strong mental strength to come back from this performance. It's hard to imagine many worse play off performances in history?