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  1. Goff played his worst football (bar his rookie season) as the defense played their best which is what I think caused the biggest frustration. He seemed to get worse over the season too. I still like Goff and think he's more than capable. The lack of a deep threat had a big impact on his game, which is on the Rams FO. It's not like he couldn't throw it long, he's shown on a lot of occasions that he can throw a beautiful ball. Ultimately, I think the way people talk about Stafford gives an indication to what he COULD be and McVay was all in. Lions did really well out if it. Goff is o
  2. I'm finding this hard to do, because I know full well that things can significantly change from season-to-season based on a number of factors. I'm just going to go with what I believe will be the list at the end of 2021 season - with the dropped QBs at the bottom of the list - and my own bias towards the top of the list. 1. Pat Mahomes 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Russell Wilson 4. Matthew Stafford 5. Dak Prescott 6. Tom Brady 7. Josh Allen 8. Trevor Lawrence 9. Deshaun Watson 10. Lamar Jackson 11. Justin Herbert 12. Carson Wentz 13. Justin Herbert 14. Kyler Murray 15
  3. Arguably the most irreplaceable (non-QB) in the entire league: Aaron Donald.
  4. With Lance going to the Niners, I can see the Les focusing in on either a DT or ILB as we come up against two of the better mobile QBs in the league twice a year in Murray and Lance. Wilson moves too, but more often than not running for his life.
  5. Good. I'd hate to see him in our division - he's got a wow factor that many QBs just don't have. I'm happy with any of the others, very much so with Mac Jones. He seems to have a lot of noise. I'd rather them take Jones over Fields or Lance, personally.
  6. As a UK-based fan then this is good news and gives me the opportunity to watch more live games, but can understand why others don't like it. I can't imagine the uproar if this happened to the Premier League. However, it makes sense financially and will increase the exposure of the league worldwide. The NFL is a money-making machine and moves like this only makes more of it.
  7. I think there is much more value in Floyd than a pure pass rusher, so I'm happy in that sense, in fact his ability in stopping the run was perhaps the thing that made us the top DEF in the country. PFF had it the 31st out of 32 going into the 2019 season against the run, this is without ANY names or much help from our MLB after losing a stud in Cory Littleton. Floyd really did it all, which doesn't show up in the box score. He's not the powerhouse that Donald is, but he's agile and a good tackler. I don't hate the contract, all things considered, but I'm not entirely sure what the cap hit will
  8. Fitzmagic to win a Super Bowl and sail off into the sunset... If it's not the Rams (or the Lions for different reasons) then I'd be happy with WFT to take the Lombardi!
  9. 91. He even won the Lombardi without being able to throw to his favourite receiver:
  10. Exactly. Stafford has flashed unbelievable talent inconsistently and was able to lean on one of the game's best ever WRs in Megatron for a short period. Matt Ryan has also benefited from playing with another all time great in Julio Jones. Stafford won't be coming into an ideal situation in LA, but certainly a better one than he had in Detroit. The next 3-4 years will shape Stafford's entire career in the eyes of the league. He needs an MVP and a Super Bowl at the very least to be in discussion with Matt Ryan at the end of his career. I would say Stafford has been better than Ryan o
  11. This season it was Adams and it wasn't even remotely close. If you'd have asked me before this season then I'd have gone with D'Hop. It could change many times over the next year or two.
  12. I need to see more with Russell Wilson before I call him elite. I think he's great, but I need to see more for him to get to that level. I did some digging through the numbers on Goff, in comparison since 2017: Goff has been on the offense that has scored 100+ more points, had more wins and had 1300+ more passing yards. Wilson has been more accurate by roughly 1% (65.4 to 64.2). Wilson has had pro-bowl (and even all-pro) receivers to throw too in that time too. Goff wasn't afforded that luxury. Goff has also been significantly more accurate in the redzone (60.82% on 291 attempts to 56.15
  13. I don't see how we don't at least tag John Johnson for this season. I think he's really the only player that's irreplaceable. I really liked what Floyd did this season, but I really liked what Fowler did last year too. Terrell Lewis could be the guy this year, will certainly be using him a lot more, but I'd imagine you're right. We will find another guy who has flashed elsewhere but not lived up to it who can spend a year next to Aaron Donald on a cut price salary to then earn $15-20m next year. I honestly think someone like Clowney NEEDS a year next to Donald to rebuild his reputation. I like
  14. I can't blame him: when you consider how badly Goff used to carve him up, he probably wants out before Stafford destroys his entire career. Smart move.
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