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  1. You're gonna have to throw it eventually.
  2. Pats really gonna mess around and win a professional football game in 2021 with zero pass attempts.
  3. It's because I started the Eagles defense today. No defense I stream is allowed to play well.
  4. Oh good Deebo is hurt now too. This blows.
  5. Matt Stafford is morphing into Matt Schaub.
  6. This is one of the worst challenges ever.
  7. That new first team flex spot they added is tailor made for a season like this.
  8. So Deebo's an all-pro this year right?
  9. Sounds like 5th year option material
  10. This offense is depressing to watch.
  11. Tom Brady could be 80 and he'd still be torching them with all the time he's getting.
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