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  1. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    So I guess they want Hurts to play WR?
  2. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    I see they made Mike McCarthy get a new Webcam angle lol.
  3. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Like any of these teams are going to draft someone without a sob story. Or if they do Wingo will just go to commercial break until the net pick is in.
  4. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    At least he's an NFL legend and not the cousin of a high school teammate of one of these prospects.
  5. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    They're really intent on announcing every death of a person related to football in any way aren't they?
  6. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Dang I thought Goodell was about to say Jalen Hurts.
  7. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Just got here. Turned the TV on to Wingo talking about yet another dead family member. Kind of just want to turn it back off.
  8. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    So you get absolutely mauled in the trenches on both sides of the ball against your biggest competitor in the NFC and your solution is to draft... a QB..?
  9. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Why are they all wearing shoes indoors? That's weird bro.
  10. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Come on TB throw us a curveball.
  11. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Finally we can meme a little. Al Davis still got his hands all over this franchise.
  12. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    What do you mean "warp speed"? It's been an hour and a half and we aren't even out of the top 10 yet.
  13. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    This FedEx commercial makes it seem like there's a bomb in that package.
  14. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    I'm rooting for him.
  15. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Probably already did when he didn't go first overall.