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  1. It probably still should be. Even in last year's SB he made some baffling clock management decisions that were only mitigated by Shanny doing the same thing.
  2. Same thing happened in that game that happened in this game: one team dominated the trenches on both sides of the ball.
  3. Every game he plays honestly. I frequent a few Bball forums and people on either side come out of the woodwork after every random regular season game to espouse how he's either the goat or he's a fringe top 50 player in the league.
  4. Game was won in the trenches, as it will always be.
  5. Meh, there have been worse QB mvps. Heck, wouldn't even be Bradys worst.
  6. It's pretty close to 50/50 on the "he has no shot/he sucked" ratio.
  7. Does getting blown out earlier in the playoffs not count?
  8. It's not close. It looked like they were playing a high school team.
  9. People are tripping if they think any QB is close to the impact the GOAT Bball players have.
  10. Low key some huuuuge drops by chiefs receivers in this game.
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