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  1. The Chiefs went from zero real LT on the roster to having a Pro Bowl LT on the roster. As long as Brown continues to play at his level, KC got a great deal. He doesn’t need to be all pro, KC hasn’t had an All-Pro left tackle in nearly 20 years
  2. What else was KC supposed to do? Orlando Brown has as many Pro Bowls in two seasons as Eric Fisher had in his entire career. I hate that Schwartz is gone, but Schwartz was very unimpressive in 2020, and Remmers actually started far more games than Schwartz. The Chiefs were 12-0 when Remmers started at RT in 2020. KC didn’t feel comfortable rolling into the 2021 season with Fisher and Schwartz at tackle, so they had to rebuild the line and I’d say Veach did a pretty incredible job at that
  3. He lost a divisional in Foxborough
  4. Manning was 4-1 in the AFCCG. 3-2 is his playoff record against Brady
  5. Missing the playoffs and going 3-13 every year may not be heartbreaking, but I’d define it as painful for a fanbase. Bucs heartbreak was in 2010 and those other years where they collapsed before missing the playoffs.
  6. The Buccaneers defense is like the Bills, except they can get pressure without blitzing. They can get to the QB while still leaving 7 men in coverage. They also have faster LB than the Bills I don’t see Baltimore having much success against that. Lamar is a good quarterback but he hasn’t really put on any great playoff performances, I don’t think he gets his first against Tampa
  7. I think these teams are just led by great QBs. It won’t affect them. Brady took NE to three straight, he won’t have a hangover in Tampa. Chiefs are solid, I got them going back too. The NFC is finally learning how tough Brady was to deal with. And KC is setting up shop as the top AFC power.
  8. Chiefs make 3rd straight Super Bowl NFC can’t stop Brady We get a rematch in LA
  9. 2001 Rams 2014 Seahawks 2020 Chiefs 2004 Eagles 2016 Falcons 2018 Rams 2003 Panthers
  10. KC had won 25 of their last 26 games and outscored two supposedly red hot playoff teams 57-34 while Mahomes was still under center KC was actually very good but I think the situation with Reid’s son and the loss of Fisher doomed them. The team we took to the SB wasn’t the same one that went 16-1. That’s not an excuse, Tampa proved they were the better team, but I think it was a big factor.
  11. The Ravens are a running team and Tampa had the best run defense in the league. The Ravens could try throwing the ball, but the Ravens pass offense was ranked 32nd and Tampa just beat the top rated passing offense in the SB... I don’t think Tampa would have much issue with Baltimore. They are faster and more physical than Buffalo’s defense at all levels
  12. The Bills got more votes than the Chiefs on the AFCCG gameday thread
  13. The Buccaneers had the #6 defense in the NFL. The 2018 Chiefs were 31st. Not even remotely close. Granted it was snowing, but Mahomes had to play in that same weather and it didn’t slow him down Luck had 13 touchdowns and 15 turnovers in 8 playoff games
  14. I would. The NFC Champion has had a losing record the previous season ever since 2015 (Carolina was 7-8-1 in 2014)
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