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  1. I think if a #7 seed goes 8-8 and gets blown out in the first round, it won’t do much to impress the FO
  2. Last time KC was favored by this much, we won by 20
  3. Chiefs play poorly on defense and win 35-27
  4. I think Williams got it because he had 4 touchdowns in the crucial second quarter, while Smith only had 1. It’s hard to deny him the MVP when he accounts for 340 yards and 4 touchdowns, especially when seeing how badly he outperformed then NFL MVP, Elway. Williams deep passes sparked Washington early in a way Smith’s runs didn’t. I bet that’s why he won the award
  5. I don’t know why people are voting for Terrell Davis over Elway in 33
  6. The Chiefs scored three 4th quarter touchdowns. The most crucial were the first two, because they give KC the lead, and both were Mahomes touchdown passes. Mahomes accounted for all the yards on both scoring drives, while Williams accounted for just 6 of those yards. The final touchdown simply was not needed to win, and if Damien Williams had kneeled after picking up the first down, the Chiefs walk away with a 24-20 win, and Williams barely finishes with 100 total yards Williams had a nice game, but his MVP case is weaker than Mahomes
  7. Williams never carried the offense. When KC trailed 20-10, Williams had only accumulated 60 rush yards and 23 receiving yards, and zero touchdowns. That’s not a carry. His last “game sealing” touchdown wasn’t actually game sealing, as it gave the ball back to SF. Had Williams fell to the ground after he got a first down, he’d finish with barely 100 total yards and 1 touchdown in a 24-20 win (yes the Chiefs would’ve kneeled and ran out the clock). That’s not an MVP Before the final kneel downs, Mahomes had 330 total yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 turnovers. And the second biggest comeback in Superbowl history vs. the #1 pass defense in the NFL. No Mahomes, no Super Bowl for KC. I’m not even going to mention the other 2 playoff games where Mahomes was our leading rusher. Damien Williams only had a good SB performance because he got to face the below average 49er run defense who were geared to stop Mahomes. They were more than happy to give up a few yards to Williams as long as they could contain Mahomes
  8. Mahomes won MVP because he gained more yards and scored more touchdowns than any other player, and is one of 2 NFL quarterbacks to ever overcome a 10 point 2nd half deficit in the Super Bowl (the only other is Brady in 49 and 51). He also had a game winning drive, which is a rarity in the SB. He won SBMVP by rallying his team vs. the 1# defense and I guess overall for his historic postseason run. Much deserved Damien put up a “cleaner” stat line, but he’s not the reason KC won the game. He had 6 total yards on the two 4th quarter TD drives to take the 24-20 lead. That’s why Pat won MVP
  9. One thing that also has to be considered is that Mahomes is capable of putting up 450 yards of offense even on days when he can’t run. That’s what happened when KC visited Tennessee. 36/50 446 yards, 3/0. All by an immobile Mahomes. I don’t think Jackson could put up that much offense with such limited mobility.
  10. Before Mahomes, Tech never allowed over 39 points a game in a season. He dealt with the least talented and worst coached Tech defenses in school history. Louisville actually does have a history of good offenses. They had a top 5 offense in 2006. Both Mahomes and Jackson faced LSU in bowl games. In 2015, Mahomes posted 28/50, 370 yards, 4TD and 1 INT in a 27-56 loss to 9-3 LSU. Jackson was 10/27, 137 yards, 0 TD/INT in a 9-29 loss to 8-4 LSU, during his Heisman campaign. This doesn’t even mention Mahomes record 819 yard game vs. Oklahoma, a game he played with a sprained throwing shoulder and broken wrist. He was hurting Its no surprise that once surrounded by solid receivers and a legitimate defense, Mahomes won a Super Bowl.
  11. Lamar had a better college record because his defense didn’t give up 44 points a game. Both led their college offenses to 42ppg+, but Lamar never had a defense that allowed more than 27ppg. Even in college, Lamar had the better defense 2019 was the first time in Mahomes college/NFL career he didn’t have to carry a bottom 5 defense. And he won a Super Bowl. From 1994-2017, Kansas City has 1 playoff win, the same number as the Browns. Mahomes took a mediocre NFL franchise and led them to the Super Bowl. Before Mahomes, our “great talent” failed constantly in big games. They blew a 21-3 lead to the Titans, and lost 18-16 to a Steeler team that couldn’t score a touchdown, all in Arrowhead. Mahomes wasn’t drafted to “take us to the playoffs.” He was drafted to win us a SB. And he succeeded where so many failed. As a Chief fan, going 14-2 with ho-hum offensive weapons isn’t that impressive. I remember when Steve Bono took a sorry group of receivers and went 13-3 only to lose 10-7 in the first playoff game back in 1995. Lamar Jackson had a great season but it’s not unheard of, it’s pretty similar to 1990 Randall Cunningham. While Randall was a great weapon, he never elevated his team to a SB
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