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  1. Jim Kelly is in the Hall of Fame and he was surrounded by talent his whole career. Kurt Warner too (atleast he played great in his Super Bowl win)
  2. Should be Mahomes and Kelce, that’s KC’s top duo Kelce is 3rd in the NFL in receiving yards
  3. The Chiefs were the prohibitive favorite to win the AFC West. Kansas City has 4 straight AFCW titles, looking for 5 straight. They are more dominant in their own division than any AFC North team over the past 5 years. The AFC North hasn’t won a playoff game since 2016. Even the Raiders are better than the Browns. Every AFCW team has gone 12-4 atleast once since 2015, and we’ve had 2 SB champions in that time This is a very tough division to play in. Mahomes and Reid make it look easy, but it isn’t
  4. Never said they were a bad team, I’m fully aware of what happened to them But injuries are unfortunately part of the game and they look like another NFC Champ that’ll miss the playoffs
  5. Packers should handle the 49ers Another NFC Super Bowl team that regressed the next year. Last years 49ers were a great team
  6. Putting up good numbers but so are a lot of guys
  7. Time to dispel a few narratives. No one has ever lost MVP because of “dropped interceptions.” I’m sure some have lost it because of dropped touchdowns or touchdowns called back by penalty, of which Mahomes has 4. Neither counts in the MVP race. NFL is about “is” not “if” The Jets defense is bad, but it’s actually a better pass defense than the Vikings and Falcons. It’s not like Wilson has been playing a super tough schedule, he’s only played 2 winning teams all year (one was a loss where he threw 3 picks) The Vikings 30th ranked pass defense humbled Rodgers and slowed Wilson, while the Jets 29th rated pass defense was obliterated by Mahomes. NFL football ain’t easy Mahomes is on pace for a season of 42TD, 2INT, 4600 yards, and 4 rushing touchdowns. The only way that doesn’t win MVP is if Wilson meets his current pace of 59TD, 14INT, and 5000 yards with the leagues worst defense Also Tannehill had like 5 dropped interceptions against the Steelers. And he lost to the Bengals (and threw a real pick). Mahomes would have Tennessee undefeated
  8. Running quarterbacks are my guilty pleasure But if I was a GM I’d take Burrow. Still really early and I remember back when Baker Mayfield was considered by most (including me) a slam dunk over Lamar Jackson
  9. Not interested in seeing Ben or Brady in another Super Bowl They already had their day
  10. That looks like a Brady chart, and he was the biggest winner in NFL history Joe Montana made his living off short passes and a few deep tosses mixed in. If he needs to throw a perfect deep pass to a well covered receiver he can still do that (like in the Chargers game) but it’s not what his offense is based on Alot of Mahomes receivers are open because he throws early and with elite anticipation.
  11. 2012 sure had alot of “value” picks at quarterback
  12. Throwing to open receivers means the quarterback isn’t impressive? That’s been like every MVP QB ever, from Montana to Brady The MVP isn’t the award for whichever quarterback happens to have the worst receivers. Otherwise Manning wouldn’t have 5
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