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  1. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    Rams were sexier, but not better The Pats swept us so no we weren’t better Saints were good but championships are for teams who get it done in January, and that hasn’t been New Orleans since 2009
  2. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    It is when no other NFL team has even come close to beating a Mahomes led team in the playoffs. In his 4 wins, the average score has been 37-22 Yeah the Niners were “close” until they found themselves down 31-20 after the dominating 21-0 4th quarter and the announcers started showering Reid with praise with nearly 2 whole minutes left. No 2018 team was truly better than New England.
  3. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    The 2018 Pats put up 41 points on the Chargers in the Divisional. They were not “dire”. Just another great Patriots team. Yeah, they weren’t the 85 Bears, 92 Cowboys, or 04 Pats, but they were still good enough to beat both LA teams by 2 scores and they are the only team to ever beat Mahomes in the playoffs.
  4. 2020 Browns Hype

    That play to Hardman was probably Mahomes best play of the season. All time highlight play. Guys like Rivers, Brees have played for nearly 2 decades and still don’t have such a spectacular play on their highlight vids (and Mahomes has more hardware than both those guys combined...unbelievable). Yeah, we lost in Nashville. Week 11. It was also the last time the Chiefs have ever lost in their history. What an amazing run of victories after the Tennessee game. No quarterback so young has ever had as much success as Patrick Mahomes.
  5. 2020 Browns Hype

    People said it about Mahomes too. Stuff like “wait till he can’t run” “wait till he hurts his knee” Couldn’t move in Nashville in week 11. Mahomes was immobile. Still put up 446 passing yards and 3TD, no turnovers.
  6. 2020 Browns Hype

    People did the same for Mahomes last year. “Wait till he gets hurt!” Well the dude got hurt but that didn’t stop him from winning the Super Bowl! Haters know the only way to stop a great QB is to take him out of the game. Well that happened but even that wasn’t enough to deny Pat!
  7. 2020 Browns Hype

    I think Jackson is overrated but if you combine those receivers with Lamar’s speed it could be a super dangerous combo. The line stunk but Lamar has way more mobility and speed than Baker. What would be a sack for Mayfield could be a 20 yard gain with Lamar
  8. 2020 Browns Hype

    Mayfield and the boys really dropped the ball last year The Ravens kind of did what many expected the Browns to do. We all kinda laughed at Lamar in the off-season but he outworked Baker. Lamar would’ve taken the Browns to the playoffs. Mayfield needs to clear his head and play his best football otherwise Cleveland will look for a new signal caller
  9. Which team will win their first Super Bowl next?

    So 36/50, 446 yards, 3TD is now “limiting” Mahomes? (And Mahomes was limping the whole game). He had like 800 total yards and 7TD, 0INT vs. the Titans in 2 games last year. Tennessee could not stop him through the air or on the ground.
  10. The 2007 Pats ran out of steam It was no surprise when NYG beat them
  11. Rank every division's QB situations: AFC West

  12. Why'd the Broncos get blown out in 3 straight Super Bowls?

    They got outplayed in all phases. And Elway got outplayed by his counterparts. The only time Elway outplayed a QB in the Superbowl was in Super Bowl XXXIII Those late 90s Bronco teams were stacked though. Took a 25 point lead on the Falcons and showed them how to hold onto it...
  13. Your Top 10 wins in your franchise history

    HM: 1994 win vs. Broncos in Mile High (31-28): Chiefs first win in Denver in many years, Montana beats Elway on Monday Night Football 10: 1966 AFL Championship vs. Bills (31-7): Chiefs go into Buffalo and trample the Bills, sending the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in franchise history 9. 1993 AFC Divisional vs. Oilers (28-20): Joe Montana works his last bit of magic and rallies Chiefs on the road to beat the 2nd seed Oilers 8. 2011 win vs undefeated Packers (19-14): Lowly Chiefs deny the Packers a 16-0 season 7. AFC Wildcard vs Texans (30-0): First playoff win in 22 years 6. 2018 AFC Divisional vs Colts (31-13): It let everyone know that the Chiefs were different with Mahomes, and finally turned KC into a feared postseason team. Underrated but necessary win 5. 1969 AFL Championship vs Raiders (17-7): Chiefs go into Oakland and wrap up a Super Bowl IV appearance 4. 2019 AFC Divisional vs. Texans (51-31): Rallying from a 24-0 deficit to wreck Houston was an alltime great game. The Chiefs refused to be denied on the Super Bowl run. 8 straight scoring possessions and a 51-7 scoring run in a record breaking comeback 3. 2019 AFC Championship vs. Titans (35-24): Glorious game. Chiefs win first Lamar Hunt Trophy, and did it in convincing fashion vs. a red hot team that had owned us in recent years. Considering the circumstances and the 50 year drought, arguably the sweetest win in Chiefs history, but I can’t rank it over real Super bowl wins 2.Superbowl IV vs. Vikings (23-7): Won as huge underdogs 1. Superbowl LIV vs. 49ers (31-20): No explanation needed
  14. 2019 Chiefs vs 2017 Eagles

    2 great teams
  15. Broncos looking sneaky good for 2020?

    Chargers are still the 2nd most talented team in the AFC West. Look at the scores. They were the only AFC West team that could even compete with the Chiefs last year. All they need is a QB that doesn’t turn it over. If they had prime Alex Smith they’d go 11-5 minimum. Chiefs 2019 combined scores vs. divisional opponents: DEN: 53-9 OAK: 68-19 LAC: 55-38