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  1. Not interested in seeing Ben or Brady in another Super Bowl They already had their day
  2. That looks like a Brady chart, and he was the biggest winner in NFL history Joe Montana made his living off short passes and a few deep tosses mixed in. If he needs to throw a perfect deep pass to a well covered receiver he can still do that (like in the Chargers game) but it’s not what his offense is based on Alot of Mahomes receivers are open because he throws early and with elite anticipation.
  3. 2012 sure had alot of “value” picks at quarterback
  4. Throwing to open receivers means the quarterback isn’t impressive? That’s been like every MVP QB ever, from Montana to Brady The MVP isn’t the award for whichever quarterback happens to have the worst receivers. Otherwise Manning wouldn’t have 5
  5. Yeah, it’s actually not that easy throwing the ball against Kansas City. Watson threw for more yards against the Chiefs in Arrowhead than Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson combined against KC. Deshaun remains a very impressive young quarterback
  6. Agree, the temperature is a total non-issue tonight
  7. That’s saying a lot Mahomes is 7-1 in games that are 32 degrees or below. Only loss was the AFC Championship KC also has the better run game and pass defense to this point, statistically
  8. But the Chiefs are also a cold weather team
  9. We’ll see how easy it actually is. Watson is a stud
  10. That’s odd because I remember in last years playoffs Wilson trailing 28-10 and Rodgers trailing 27-0, and neither were able to comeback The only time Rodgers has overcome a double digit postseason deficit was in 2015 vs. Washington and Kirk Cousins. 2019 49ers were one of the best teams to come out of the NFC in the last 15 years. Made Rodgers look helpless twice. The only team/QB who could handle them in the playoffs was KC with Mahomes
  11. You think Montana lacked talent? Smh Montana was making throws on the run, off balance, like Mahomes was. No he didn’t have Mahomes arm strength but Joe’s accuracy from different platforms, deep ball accuracy, running ability, mechanics, and high football IQ made him one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever play. He was a more talented quarterback than Jamarcus Russell, despite the fact that Russell was bigger and could throw harder
  12. But Mahomes wasn’t playing poorly. It’s not his fault his receivers dropped passes or the special teams handed the Texans 14 points. KC is a one and done without Mahomes in 2019 He had a bad 3rd quarter in the SB but otherwise 12TD, 2TO, and 1100 yards of total offense in 3 playoff wins is ridiculous
  13. So now you’re saying that all the sudden the Bills, Pats, and Steelers are better than KC? 2 teams that haven’t won playoff games since 2016 and 1995? Okay. Bills should’ve lost to the Rams, Steelers should’ve lost to the woeful Broncos (and the Chiefs have a better defense than the Bills through the first 4 weeks) Rodgers has 13 touchdowns in 4 games, a great MVP pace. Mahomes had 12 in just 3 playoff games last year. I just can’t be too impressed by 4 weeks of regular season football. The playoffs is where great teams shine. I haven’t seen the Bills or Steelers do anything in January in quite some time. I’m also not sure how well the Packers will do against a physical team like the 2019 49ers late in the year. The Chiefs have proven to have the tools to beat any team. I can’t say that about any other NFL team
  14. How are they the best team ever? They have similar point differential to the Chiefs, except KC allows fewer points. The best team the Packers have played was the 2-2 Saints, who just got dumped by the Vegas Raiders a few weeks ago Best team KC beat was the Ravens, and it wasn’t close Let’s wait and see before crowning the Packers, and I’m not sure it’s gonna take a 2015 Broncos defense to beat them when they allow 30+ points to everyone not named Detroit or Atlanta KC may not have the defense to stop GB, but GB doesn’t appear to have the defense to even come close to stopping Kansas City
  15. The poll is biased towards whoever is dominating at that time. It started with Wilson in a landslide, now Mahomes took the lead after his MNF performance
  16. Kareem Hunt is an All-Pro level talent CEH may be a Pro Bowler this year, he has even better hands than Hunt, but I’d replace him with Kareem in a heartbeat. Carson is a different style RB but he has back to back 1000 yard seasons. If I was building a team from scratch I’d draft Carson over CEH Mahomes just won a Super Bowl with a well below average running game, so he certainly doesn’t rely, or fall back on his running backs talent.
  17. I’m pretty sure Russ could make that Hardman touchdown, he’s made crazier ones already. But otherwise I agree
  18. Who is this “freak RB” that the Chiefs have? KC hasn’t had a better back than Chris Carson since Kareem Hunt, and he never played a 16 game season with Mahomes. Clyde Edwards Helaire has potential but he is not yet better than the underrated Chris Carson And DK Metcalf would be the 2nd best WR on the Chiefs if he played for us today Other than that it is a fair argument, but Russ isn’t exactly playing with rejects in 2020
  19. Both great players Mahomes had a similarly fast start back when he won MVP in 2018. This is a weird year though I think offense is gonna be pretty extreme this month
  20. I think if a #7 seed goes 8-8 and gets blown out in the first round, it won’t do much to impress the FO
  21. Last time KC was favored by this much, we won by 20
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