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  1. Overwatch

    I think her two biggest strengths right now is her two interrupts and her ability to one shot Tracers if they misposition. But everything else she feels SUPER underwhelming. You just can't justify replacing anyone on your team for those strengths.
  2. Random Game Talk

    I mean, Starcraft on PC is my favorite game of all time, but I don't know about playing it on N64 lol.
  3. Games I Beat Thread

    Too many to list, but two of my most proud is recently Persona 5 and soon to be Divinity Original Sin 2. For Persona 5, I love the series and I was really excited for the 5th installment, but I'm just terrible at finishing games now. It's especially bad when I take a break because then I never want to go back. Fortunately, I was able to resume the game like 6 months later and finished that behemoth of a 120 hour game. Divinity Original Sin 2. While I haven't finished it yet, it will definitely be done, but I like to mention it because I've been doing 4 player co-op through the whole game. It just feels like in recent years gaming has become more secluded for me so being able to beat a game that is 100+ hours with 3 good friends really feels like a feat.
  4. Random Game Talk

    To be fair, I feel like most games to balance their game around normal and like you said, just mess with a few dials for the other difficulties. Some games definitely suck at higher difficulties. I would say COD just becomes unfair, but then you have games like Halo where the experience is enjoyable and well liked. I've had moments while playing on hard where I thought "This just isn't fun". But I've also had games where I was glad to play on hard because it was a good challenge without being annoying. I'd like to consider myself an above average gamer and I would be hesistant about no difficulty options because normal would have to cater to average gamers.
  5. Random Game Talk

  6. Random Game Talk

    I'm not going AFK, just watching other things. Since the actual things you do in game aren't hard. It's just about checking my autopilot lol.
  7. Random Game Talk

    Three things has always stopped from playing Stardew Valley/ I sort of took an elitist attitude with it lol, I was playing Rune Factory 4 when it came out and I was like "meh". Not really a real reason though to be honest. There was talk of co-op for the longest time and my friend and I are always looking for co-op so I didn't want to play it too much. But the biggest reason was that damn "first quest". It was SO damn annoying trying to find all of the townspeople to greet them lol. I finally greeted them all and I might not play another game for a while...
  8. Random Game Talk

    Ok, I vow to get into Stardew Valley. I need a game I can half pay attention to while I watch stuff and I think Stardew would fit that? Someone correct me if Im wrong.
  9. I need to post this somewhere. People said Ryze was going to be insane in 8.4 and after my own version of testing, I would have to agree... Now I only really play LoL by doing custom bot matches. I just like playing with the mechanics of the champions. So I decided to try out Ryze. He can solo baron... I was full build with blue and at 30 minutes I soloed baron without using any item actives. From my own experience, the only champions that can solo baron are the crit/BT ADCs. I finally decided to read his Q passive on how to activate the shield and with that you can tank long enough to solo baron. That's nutty for a mage with 0 spell vamp...
  10. Random Game Talk

    It definitely is, but I always thought that'd be weird. I actually wonder what makes most people play inverted. My cousin and I play Y-axis inverted because when we were playing Halo, the default controls were inverted for some reason. We couldn't find the options because we were like 10 so we just learned inverted lol.
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    It's mostly this month actually. End of March has quite a few games I plan on getting.
  12. Monster Hunter: World

    Yep. Unless it's broken, I'd rather have it on PC where most my friends are. It's rarely the case that the PC version are terrible nowadays anyways, especially if they are taking extra time for it.
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Im waiting for PC :(. For that free online lol
  14. Monster Hunter: World

    This is a little off topic, but I keep clicking on this thread like I want to catch up on stuff, but I don't have the game and this thread doesn't help my wait lol.
  15. Oh for sure. I would argue that any game that has a lasting competitive scene has an extreme amount of depth to it, but if that depth isn't viewable at the surface level, that depth only exists to please the hardcore viewers. I LOVED Broodwar and can still watch a lot of it, but to an untrained eye, there is only 9 possible matchups. Interestingly, I would say that sports are the most repetitive (compared to esports), but they combat that through physical marvels. A running play can only net 5 yards, but if the RB broke through 3 guys to do it, it is exciting. This might be where Starcraft is poor, there just isn't anything visually fancy. A player capable of dropping two bases at once while also holding off an army that is bigger than theirs is impressive, but it isn't the 100 hit combo in Marvel or the game screaming PENTAKILL in MOBAs. Maybe this as well, Day9 loves calling Broodwar "A Game of Mistakes". The game is just too physically and mentally demanding that it is more about minimizing mistakes than it is outplaying your opponent. I'm not sure that concept carries over one to one to SC2, but I would argue the idea is still there. I don't know if this would actually affect the viewer, but it definitely doesn't sound as fun to watch seriously lol.