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  1. Random Game Talk #1

    I played the first one with one friend and it was mostly him just following me (since the journal system is much more open lol) so we took our time. But this time around, two of the members I think played Fort Joy already so they have just been doing all the quests while I just wander around doing nothing lol. The combat has been insanely fun, but difficult like you said. First off, we actually started Honor Mode without noticing and got destroyed. So we restarted and our tank decided they wanted to try undead and for our whole first play session we had a guy trying to take all the hits that we couldn't even heal lol. The second game seemed to amp up the environmental stuff and it probably wasn't my smartest idea to try a rogue for the first time.
  2. Random Game Talk #1

    Finally started my co-op session with 3 other people. The game is so damn good. Although playing with 3 other people means I don't know what the hell is going on. I play a lot slower than the others so they just separate and finish all the quests lol. But we already have stupid stories like the flaws of having an undead tank, shooting poison arrows at allies that AREN'T the undead tank. Also losing like 10 resurrections scrolls right off the bat because we are bad lol. Been playing a rogue and it's pretty interesting. I became utility for a while because I had the beginning knives for the whole time lol. But got some cool saves with backstabbing a teammate to get in range to RP a distressed ally. Super fun.
  3. Random Game Talk #1

    What you mean? It's my name, lol.
  4. Why do people preorder games?

    I preorder games I know I'm going to play and want to play day 1. I usually preorder a day or two before the day or release for any bonus and preloading on steam. I'm honestly not that bothered by patches fixing release issues.
  5. Random Game Talk #1

    I played the first one co-op and it's amazing. Starting up 2 with four players this Thursday.
  6. Random Game Talk #1

    I DID IT, I SLEW THE BEAST CALLED PERSONA 5. IT ONLY TOOK 6 MONTHS AND 133 HOURS... Fantastic game, I will not play Persona 6 lol. I can't-do that anymore.
  7. Random Game Talk #1

    I liked it personally. It does a really good job of capturing the borderlands humor with semi normal protagonist. Its actually what I would love to see in Borderlands 3. Borderlands humor can be funny, but also tiring. I thought Telltale managed to find a fantastic middle ground.
  8. Random Game Talk #1

    True, I do have a unique problem of only playing this game to pass time until next week. I have no plans on playing NG+ even though I know that is when BL2 was at its best. I guess rather than starting at 25, it could use other tweaks. Like a large problem with BL is that there are a few different types of guns, not most of them are kinda meh. So at times, you'll be stuck with a level 11 gun when you are level 20. Also, the gun play can just be frustrating. It just doesn't feel crisp at times.
  9. Random Game Talk #1

    I've been playing Borderlands the Prequel while I wait for Divinity Original Sin 2 to come out and it has taught me two things. 1. The gunplay of Borderlands made me REALLY appreciate Destiny 2 and now I can't wait to play it on the PC next month lol. 2. Borderlands needs to start players at level 25 lol. The game is amazingly fun. The abilities and skill trees really gives you different types of gameplay, but early on it's mostly just bad gun play. Even worse was I was doing a melee Athena build and it was absolutely useless until I reached 25. But now that I got there.... too much fun.
  10. Starcraft

    I've been trying to get my friend into it and we are just trying to play the custom maps and the game really isn't something you get into now unless you fully commit. It's similar to melee where learning all the little tips and tricks is obnoxious, but once you learn them, it's sort of what defines the game. Every unit had some little defining characteristic that wasn't just a stat number. As for the story, I've only replayed the original campaign, but the Terran and Zerg missions were terrible. Story is good, but the actual mission layout is pretty bad. It gets better in the Protoss campaign. I feel like the mission layout of SC2 and the story one SC1 would be a great mix. Day9 is going to start doing a Starcraft 1 lessons on his twitch, maybe check it out? The game was never meant to become what it became so you definitely need outside help to learn the game lol.
  11. Starcraft

    I played Broodwar all the way until SC2. I wasn't constantly playing it, but it was always on my computer prepped and ready. I mostly played UMS maps and watched competitive SC instead. I'm just not good enough to try the normal games. (I also started playing when I was like 6 years old).
  12. Overwatch

    Pros dislike it because it makes their job harder. LoL pros are the same, but it's slowly becoming an "attribute" rather than a problem with design philosophy. The best players in LoL aren't necessarily the ones who specialize in something, but the ones who can adapt to any situation. It's a pretty rare thing in competitive events, but its an interesting one IMO. But I can definitely see why a pro would dislike it, but I don't necessarily think it's wrong in a vacuum. Whether it's the right idea for OW, I'm not really sure. I think it has other problems from a viewers perspective that require more attention.
  13. Overwatch

    It'd be interesting since OW is definitely influenced by the MOBA genre despite being a shooter. I will say though, bans wouldn't be good for the style of balance I mentioned and would definitely mean they are favoring rotating characters instead.
  14. Overwatch

    This is definitely the style Riot goes for with LoL. Although, I think it could be possible for OW to go with a different style. Since there is map variance, you can cater parts of maps to certain characters and thus their counters also become meta. OW already has a bit of this with characters like Sombra, Pharah, and Widowmaker. This is more similar to something like Broodwar and SC2. Some maps favored specific units and races and thus made players favor certain builds depending on map. I do think Blizzard would probably have to rethink the current map pool or even have new map pools, in general, every season. But that would be a lot hard for OW compared to Starcraft.
  15. Destiny 2

    Actual abilities. I REALLY enjoy the Mass Effect series because they have a whole system for their powers. For example, Warp and Throw in Mass Effect. Warp on it's own is a good debuff and something you want to use to weaken armored enemies. Throw pushes enemies away and can be used to create distance. But when combined you make a biotic combo. This is just the most basic example of the game. Thanks for the answer, it makes my decision of getting this game harder haha. I probably should have assumed it's definitely favoring the FPS side, but since there ARE powers, I was hoping there would be more. The game is super solid gameplay wise, but I can imagine getting tired of the game quickly.