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  1. PC Gaming Rebooted

    As someone who just got an SSD not too long ago, they are AMAZING. But also as someone who didn't have one for the longest time, it's hard to process how nice they are lol. So it's a bit of ignorance is bliss if you want to save some money.
  2. Random Game Talk

    A like isn't enough. Really sad we probably won't get a sequel. (That probably is more like definitely, but it's still a live IP, MAYBE?!??!?! Probably not.)
  3. PC Gaming Rebooted

    These are the games I'm looking forwards to, mostly because it will have co-op so they may not apply to you lol. Monster Hunter, Ni No Kuni 2, Far Cry 5, and A Way Out. I will also recommend Divinity: Original Sin (and it's sequel). Can be singleplayer, but recommended you play co-op.
  4. Random Game Talk

    Are you playing the right game? lol. I'm very picky when it comes to video game controls and I had no problem with Horizon personally.
  5. Overwatch

    Doesn't have to be a consensus, just the perceived power going in. I loosely followed the scene in it's earlier days so I recognize a lot of names, but I don't know who was the strongest by the end before OWL started.
  6. Overwatch

    Does anyone have like a power ranking?
  7. Overwatch

    I think it's just going to be an inherent problem to the game. They can do everything to make it a little bit more clear, but the problem is, there is no focal point to the game. It's like playing a basketball game with 3 balls. This could actually be okay if the game was slower so they could properly show replays, but since the fights usually last longer than the breaks, there is no real good time to show the plays. I don't think the game is that hard to follow if you know what to look for and you know how a typical competitive game goes. Watching things like the kill feed and ultimate use is generally good enough to tell you how a fight is going, but that isn't fun. With that said, it's possible it won't matter. I wouldn't really call Starcraft or any MOBA that viewer friendly either. OW in action can be a blur, but the stills look fantastic.
  8. Overwatch

    Question about the Dallas Fuel. What's the deal with Chips and Custa? Who is generally better? Is it known why they pick one over the other? I thought Chips was considered better than Custa.
  9. Overwatch

    Then you have the original Starcraft where (other than the very beginning) it was a call for celebration if a foreigner beat ANY Korean lol. Does anyone watch both SC2 and LoL? I wonder how the Korean strengths compare. I feel like foreigners put up a bit of a better fight in SC2 (although SC2 is dying in Korea).
  10. Overwatch

    I still think it's an insanely hard game to follow in game. It feels like you miss half the game and half the time is used to catch up on the "real" plays lol. I'll probably loosely follow it though, it's not that different from watching Viking games on the nfl.com tracker since I live in socal lol. Go Gladiators! Purple, LA, Surefour and Bischu? Hell yeah.
  11. Random Game Talk

    I mean, I've played games I've bought at home and played elsewhere. I guess the question confuses me because it feels like it should be obvious, but it sounds like you have been burned by something similar before? Does PS4 do something like that?
  12. Random Game Talk

    Pretty sure you'll be fine. It's connected to an account I'm pretty sure?
  13. Random Game Talk

    This is something I struggled with this game. Level doesn't matter as much, it's just less perks and health, not damage. Weapons give more choices, but not damage. It's absolutely vital you learn how to fight each creature. You can knock off certain parts to get rid of certain attacks. Know where and what they are weak to. Etc etc
  14. PC Gaming Rebooted

    What would you guys prioritize first, a newer graphics card (I have a 970) or a new monitor (want to get atleast a 1080 144, if not 1440 144). Right now, with new other things, my 970 is running all the games I have at 60 (except Witcher 3 with hair graphics lol) so it's not a huge rush, but it will definitely be my next internal buy. I also want to get a 144 monitor sooner or later, Im obsessed with dem frames lol
  15. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I more meant the style. It's why I put a question mark lol. It's about running around, understanding when to dodge and when you have opportunities to attack etc. You really can't brute force it, but it's not like you will die in one hit or anything. At the very least, I hated the game when I was brute forcing it. I didn't hate it because I was dying, but the combat felt tedious.