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  1. How often do you finish a game?

    I'm on the side of rarely finishing games as well. But rather than giving up or something, I just get bored. It's a slow fade. I'll play it everyday then just one night I won't play it. Then there will be a point where I won't play for like 3 days and decide that I won't remember enough and want to start over, but I hate starting over. This year I tried to change that. It was REALLY hard with Persona 5 since it's long, but also never ends... lol. But I've completed like 7 new games this year and finished a couple of older ones.
  2. I find it a bit ironic that I don't really care for any of those "trusted" companies because I find that their games have pretty mediocre gameplay except probably Valve.
  3. Overwatch

    Bischu and Surefour on a purple LA team? Cool lol.
  4. Starcraft

    Can someone fill me in on the typical units used in each matchup? The one thing I didn't care for with SC2 was how each race was mostly just mobile balls against mobile balls. It has definitely gotten a bit better since when I was following more closely, but it still feels like this is kind of the deal. I just saw the mech vs swarm host and I thought that was pretty cool. When I was watching, it was basically just Roach vs Bio vs Colossus lol. I know it has definitely changed though.
  5. Starcraft

    This is what made me hate competitive SC2 at the beginning of LotV... I'm pretty sure Protoss built 300 adepts, probes, and a mothership core.
  6. Starcraft

    I hate Adepts SOOO much lol, I don't even play the game, but I find the unit ridiculous lol.
  7. Destiny 2

    So since this finally came out for PC, I'm finally going to play it. Random question I hope someone can answer. How does the story and co-op work? I'm going to probably play with a friend most of the time, but they can't play right now and I want to. So I'm wondering if it is easy (or even possible) for me to join in his story even though I already beat certain parts.
  8. Random Game Talk

    Are you talking about the battle royale or standard game? I haven't played the BR, but I watched a decent amount. It's basically PUBG with a few minor detail changes that changes it a bit. Like I think the map is smaller and there are no vehicles, so its almost more running and fighting in the outside. Chests are what you want to find, and the building aspect seems to mostly be to create small forts for the end game and travel up mountains. From what I hear, its a nice casual version because games are shorter. The standard game I played. I liked the gameplay ALOT. The base building is pretty good and the combat and skills are pretty fun. But the menus are stupidly confusing early on and since it is loot box based, it can be grind and frustrating to get new and fun stuff. But the missions are fairly fun, it works well even with strangers (for the most part). It could maybe use a bit more variety in the mission types. The objectives are fairly unique, but they all boil down to wander, collect supplies, kill zombies.
  9. Random Game Talk

    Your party is almost identical to ours LOL. We have a two handed undead knight, Sebille rogue/polymorph (me), mage with air/water, and ranger/summoner lol. As for damage mix, I have no idea, it was something that worried me early on because our mage was basically stuck by himself trying to break magic armor. I picked up chloroform and a few fire spells to help. So then I basically backstab shred armor for our ranger knight to attack, then while those moves are on cooldown, shred some magic on someone else for the mage to do something. Im starting to find people do a decent amount of mix with things like magic weapons. Its only like 5-10 fire or earth damage, but it chips away at it. I think its hard not to have both. Enemies will have some resistances to some magic, but not usually to physical, but its hard to deny the usefulness of a mage, so its probably better to have a mix but pick targets well?
  10. Random Game Talk

    @animaltested, @skywindO2 What is your guys' build in Divinity Original Sin 2? Or favorite build if you are playing multiple characters? Im playing like a mage rogue with a crap ton of abilities (we only have one mage, so Im like a secondary). Scoundrel, Polymorph, Pyro, and bit of geomancer(all armor) because we have an undead tank lol. Its been interesting. Ive basically been the armor shredder (both magical and physical) to let my teammates do the damage and statuses. But Im starting to do my own damage, its kinda insane.
  11. Random Game Talk

    My group of 4 played for like 8 hours or something crazy and one crashed like twice (but in short period of time) and I THINK one other crashed, but me and the host never had problems. We are playing tonight so hopefully it's fixed or not a problem.
  12. Random Game Talk

    I had a friend crashing a couple of times, I wonder what causes it.
  13. Random Game Talk

    I played the first one with one friend and it was mostly him just following me (since the journal system is much more open lol) so we took our time. But this time around, two of the members I think played Fort Joy already so they have just been doing all the quests while I just wander around doing nothing lol. The combat has been insanely fun, but difficult like you said. First off, we actually started Honor Mode without noticing and got destroyed. So we restarted and our tank decided they wanted to try undead and for our whole first play session we had a guy trying to take all the hits that we couldn't even heal lol. The second game seemed to amp up the environmental stuff and it probably wasn't my smartest idea to try a rogue for the first time.
  14. Random Game Talk

    Finally started my co-op session with 3 other people. The game is so damn good. Although playing with 3 other people means I don't know what the hell is going on. I play a lot slower than the others so they just separate and finish all the quests lol. But we already have stupid stories like the flaws of having an undead tank, shooting poison arrows at allies that AREN'T the undead tank. Also losing like 10 resurrections scrolls right off the bat because we are bad lol. Been playing a rogue and it's pretty interesting. I became utility for a while because I had the beginning knives for the whole time lol. But got some cool saves with backstabbing a teammate to get in range to RP a distressed ally. Super fun.
  15. Random Game Talk

    What you mean? It's my name, lol.