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  1. Random Game Talk

    Some people really loved 12's combat. It had the ability to like auto battle if you set it up I think, but I'm with you, I wasn't a fan of the system either. But I should give it another chance, I haven't played it in a while.
  2. Yea, lol, I'll have to pass, I don't have the concentration for Mafia anymore and I will not be an inactive
  3. Super Smash Bro Ultimate

    One of the rumors I saw said Ryu Hayabusa, I'm all in with the DLC if he and Joker are actually in it. Two of my favorite series randomly being in Smash is hilarious lol
  4. Random Game Talk

    True, it wasn't necessarily about being the smartest AI, but simple and effective. They used smart enemy design, level design, and a couple of personalities to each enemy to make every encounter different and challenging (even reloading the same spot). Masterchief was a pretty limited hero. He can shoot, throw grenades, and punch. But having encounters be varied and varied guns. He didn't need to have the ability to fly, run at the speed of sound, or have 300 powers to make the game interesting. It's actually a little ironic coming from me since I LOVE movement in video games. Give me every dash possible. But it feels like games try so hard to make playing your own character fun, that they end up just putting punching bags out as enemies.
  5. Random Game Talk

    I feel like this is something games have been failing to look at nowadays. I think a major reason Halo had such a good campaign was you had to approach each enemy differently (This was also a major flaw with Halo 4, stupid knights lol). Nowadays you are just flying all over the place with 20 different abilities so the only thing developers do are making enemies tougher.
  6. Random Game Talk

    I honestly want more asymmetric gameplay. I want to play a builder that builds the towers while I have friends play the heroes.
  7. Random Game Talk

    There are a few good Tower D games that have some RPG elements, but they are probably more similar to Diablo/Loot style games. I don't think I've seen AAA TD games though.
  8. Random Game Talk

    Started Path of Exile with a few friends, pretty fun, I have my complaints, but still. Also messed with Fortnite Creative and tried making Lockout from Halo 2 lol
  9. Super Smash Bro Ultimate

    Just get real friends It's not surprising though. Nintendo is only now finally getting a dedicated online right? Considering I was playing online Broodwar around 99 and Halo 2 in like 03/04 and only NOW they are getting a real online service? I dunno what to say lol
  10. Week 13: VIKINGS (6-4-1) at Patriots (8-3)

    I remember a while back, someone posted the measurements and combine numbers of Patterson and Peterson and they were pretty close to identical. Doesn't necessarily mean Patterson is a RB, but I always thought it was an interesting comparison.
  11. Random Game Talk

    I watch a bunch. Day9 is probably my favorite overall. But I have my favorites for different games. Fortnite, LoL, speedruns, variety, Overwatch, etc
  12. Random Game Talk

    What's the point of this picture? Please keep on topic.
  13. Random Game Talk

    Excuse me, sir, I'm still waiting for my Jade Empire sequel. I'll even take a ME:A type sequel. I didn't hate ME:A as much as others. It sucks as an ME Trilogy follow up, but as a follow up to a 13-year-old franchisethat all but seems dead, it would probably be great! lol
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Every so often, I get reminded of when my FB became a WAYTA...