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  1. Yea. I think that's what I heard.
  2. I plan on trying this later. I surprisingly heard a bit of disappointment about it when it was first released, but still, good, but I thought it could be special.
  3. Yeah, you have to be more on charging. It's really cool technology, but it still has it's limits.
  4. Bought a new Switch a bit ago, but only played it today. the battery on the controller is going to drive me insane lol. I switched to wired for a reason lol.
  5. I've beat Far Cry 5 and played The Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds was made by I think the Fallout New Vegas team? I can't quite remember how they are related, but the game is very fallout like. Since FO4 is a favorite of yours, that might a good choice. The only reason to play Far Cry 5 is if you want a mindless shooter with things to do. Story and characters are kinda of just... weird. Take my word with a grain of salt since I haven't actually played it, but I'd lean towards Ghosts lol. Maybe The Outer Worlds if you are a huge fan of Fallout. Though I will say, Far Cry might be the mos
  6. Is it wrong to miss the ME1 gameplay lol. I put a lot of time mastering the jank and am going to miss it lol. Half joke aside. I'm not sure I'm going to splurge on this. I really like the idea of having a remasted ME trilogy, but I've played the games so many times...
  7. For my friend, it's actually less about games with good graphics, but his utter need to point out a game has "PS2 graphics" whenever it isn't the latest in graphic technology. He isn't snobby about it by any means, but for someone who likes to claim he doesn't really care about graphics, he talks about it ALOT. Especially when compared to others in our group.
  8. Random question, does anyone else have that friend who swears they don't care about graphics, but then mentions it like 90% of the time?
  9. I really hope there is a new switch coming out soon. I was going to buy a switch then COVID happened and it was no where to be seen. Then I hear there might be a new Switch on the horizon, so I'm waiting. I'm going to be annoyed if it's not out next year though lol
  10. I exaggerated a bit. I just never understood the point of the movement in the game.
  11. I recently started 12, but didn't get really far. As a huge fan of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, I wish I liked it more than I do. I just can't get past the combat system. It just feels odd to be able to move, yet feel like you have no control over the battle. Comparitively, I love 13 for it's combat system. Despite going back to a pure turn based system, I felt like I was in full control of the battle (for the most part). I haven't played 13-2/3 to comment on them. I also haven't played the FF7 remake, but correct me if I'm wrong, it slightly borrows from 13's chain/break system right? I re
  12. They should just work on Jade Empire 2. (I'm going to die on this sword)
  13. IMO obviously. I feel like you could say that about most multiplayer games. For me, the gameplay was extremely fun and all the unique abilities they added to MP was really cool.
  14. ME3 MP is one of the best parts about the series, I'll say it. Probably after ME2.
  15. I've heard it was a little buggy? How has it been for you?
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