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  1. Random Game Talk

    Excuse me, sir, I'm still waiting for my Jade Empire sequel. I'll even take a ME:A type sequel. I didn't hate ME:A as much as others. It sucks as an ME Trilogy follow up, but as a follow up to a 13-year-old franchisethat all but seems dead, it would probably be great! lol
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Every so often, I get reminded of when my FB became a WAYTA...
  3. Overwatch

    When it comes to balance, it really comes down to number breakpoints. Whether it hits or misses those breakpoints are usually what determines what is strong or not and playstyle does not matter. For example, if a Widowmaker full charged headshot only did 199 damage. She would be TERRIBLE. But you bump that damage up 1 to 200 and all of a sudden she is more playable. So with the Mercy example, the new Mercy would be used if the new Ult is OP or if the healing beam is still fast enough that the old mercy would be obsolete. In the end, competitive players will look for what's optimal and learn how to play that, even if their style is different. Now for casual, this would probably be more fun, but the competitive scene dictates ALOT of what happens in casual play even if individual skill matters more than meta at the lower levels. League of Legends tried to implement a system to encourage playstyle differences in the form of "keystones and runes", but in the end, most champions just worked the best with one of them. I'm not caught up in how HotS does, but if I had to guess, the only time where choices are equal is when both choices are just minor changes. So in my opinion, there will be a few outlying successes, but a majority of styles will just favor one over the other. You just would NEVER see one team run one mercy and the other team run the other mercy unless it is some kind of pocket strategy. So it would add a bunch of new dynamics, but it probably won't create the type of situations you are thinking of. If you play Lucio with a damaging ult, you are doing it because it is the stronger choice or you are playing suboptimally to play the style you want. Theoretically, it doesn't really hurt anything, but that is basically doubling the number of heroes in the game and it might not make as big of an impact as you may think. So would Blizzard be willing to do it? I doubt it, I think they'd rather just make new heroes which will accomplish a similar goal anyways. One could argue Brig is like a tankier Lucio with the ult being the aura heal/move.
  4. What video game are you playing?

    Yea, I was mostly joking, because hearing "beat 19 games" sounds daunting lol.
  5. What video game are you playing?

    Man, I was going to ask if you would rank them when you were done. But that will come out in 2020 lol. Are you dedicated to finishing them all or you are just still enjoying them?
  6. What video game are you playing?

    How many do you have left?
  7. Random Game Talk

    No I don't think so, but it feels that way to me atleast. Shadow was like "End of the Beginning" or something and the fact that they got the main developers to skip a game, it just seems like it.
  8. Random Game Talk

    The game is not as good as the first two, but since it was a different developer, it was still good enough that I'm excited to see where the next trilogy goes.
  9. I feel like it's more important to see how the close game came to be. If it's a bunch of lead changes and 4th quarter comebacks, it's probably not as good as a team that just stayed consistently ahead. In the end, winning is winning. I would probably be more confident in the 13 win team over the 10 win team even if the 10 win team had bigger wins.
  10. Random Game Talk

    https://youtu.be/rhlJnNxLt0s Way too proud of this mission, I'm fairly confident this would be the speed run route if it was ever ran.
  11. Random Game Talk

    I started up Valkyria Chronicles 4. I love it, but I'm convinced the way I play it is going to screw me in later missions. I just rush so hard lol.
  12. Random Game Talk

    Ahh okay, I'm in a similar boat. I played up to Brotherhood the days they came out, but then completely fell off because of it being stale. I can't really tell you from first hand experience, but the from what I've seen the gameplay looks pretty different and if the setting is what interest you, maybe? But hopefully someone will be able to tell you for real.
  13. Random Game Talk

    I don't, but why do you hate the franchise?
  14. Random Game Talk

    I 100% agree, it's why I was excited for Shadow. Tomb Raider doesn't quite reach "favorite franchise" series, but it's just way too solid of a game for me to ignore. I'm a little disappointed with the third, but I'm pretty sure the main team is working on the next trilogy and I'm still excited.
  15. Random Game Talk

    I was actually pretty excited to play it, but this game was made by a different group so the polish just isn't there. It doesn't feel cohesive. Like they wrote down a list of "what is Tomb Raider", then tried to stitch together a game. It's not bad all things considered, but it feels like what it is, another group trying to make a Tomb Raider game. It might not even bother other people, I just look at games a bit different from most. For example, like one of the things the new Tomb Raider got known for are the brutal death scenes where Lara just gets stabbed through the head (or whatever). Well in this game, when you miss a platformer section, it always happens, but it's obviously just a cutscene. Like you can literally look where you are falling and there would be nothing there lol.