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  1. Random Game Talk

    Ahh okay, I'm in a similar boat. I played up to Brotherhood the days they came out, but then completely fell off because of it being stale. I can't really tell you from first hand experience, but the from what I've seen the gameplay looks pretty different and if the setting is what interest you, maybe? But hopefully someone will be able to tell you for real.
  2. Random Game Talk

    I don't, but why do you hate the franchise?
  3. Random Game Talk

    I 100% agree, it's why I was excited for Shadow. Tomb Raider doesn't quite reach "favorite franchise" series, but it's just way too solid of a game for me to ignore. I'm a little disappointed with the third, but I'm pretty sure the main team is working on the next trilogy and I'm still excited.
  4. Random Game Talk

    I was actually pretty excited to play it, but this game was made by a different group so the polish just isn't there. It doesn't feel cohesive. Like they wrote down a list of "what is Tomb Raider", then tried to stitch together a game. It's not bad all things considered, but it feels like what it is, another group trying to make a Tomb Raider game. It might not even bother other people, I just look at games a bit different from most. For example, like one of the things the new Tomb Raider got known for are the brutal death scenes where Lara just gets stabbed through the head (or whatever). Well in this game, when you miss a platformer section, it always happens, but it's obviously just a cutscene. Like you can literally look where you are falling and there would be nothing there lol.
  5. Random Game Talk

    I'm playing through it. I can't say I'm a huge fan of it. Still a solid game, still Tomb Raider. More Tombs. But I have a lot of little issues with the small details.
  6. Random Game Talk

    I haven't played it solo, and I would HIGHLY recommend finding someone to play the game with, but I don't see any reason it would be bad solo. It literally just lets others control the other characters in your party. The game is built for four characters, whether you have friends playing them or yourself is the only difference. It's not like Borderlands where it has to adjust difficulty and stuff depending on how many people are playing because your party will always be 4.
  7. Rick & Morty Mafia - Game Over

    lol, I feel like people would still vote HH for me
  8. Random Game Talk

    Completely different game. Same camera view, but one is turn based and the other is action based. Divinity is more like Xcom or Fire Emblem in terms of gameplay. Or if you know D&D, itxs built around thay concept, but with heavy emphasis on environmental interactions. (Make an oil pool, then use fire to ignite it.) But the roaming part outside of the gameplay is like most RPGs. Maybe I would compare it to Betheda games in terms of quests? Go explore, collect quests, some quests even allow you to solve them differently. Example: Quest - Get Item from Locked Room You can lock pick it, steal a key from someone, or go through a secret entrance with enemies, etc.
  9. Week 1: 49ers (0-0) at VIKINGS (0-0)

    That's honestly a pretty sexy run from Ponder in that gif lol
  10. Random Game Talk

    I would probably just suggest normal. I've only played it and it was always difficult enough. One of the things about Divinity compared to JRPGs, there are no grind spots, so it's rare the game will become overly easy IMO. From what I've heard Lone Wolf is super OP, but it's getting changed a bit with the new version. If you are open to controlling four people, I'd just do that. It's definitely balanced for four and you get to try more of the abilities! As a suggestion, don't be afraid to cheese the game. I feel like its a part of the D&D characteristics of the game. Oh and for being stuck. The game is a bunch of mini open worlds, so if you ever find a fight too hard, just go elsewhere until you are stronger. But with that said, you can lose mission items sometimes lol, so be careful. It's generally pretty good, but not flawless at stopping thay from happening. Yes and yes. All in all, just play the game you want. It's a really well designed game. Lone wolf is the only part I would be cautious of.
  11. Random Game Talk

    Yep, played it with 3 friends for 130 hours and going to start another campaign next week on the new definitive version.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077

    They've told you since the beginning the release year, 2077.
  13. Random Game Talk

    Oh sure, not saying they are bad, just that people got hyped for a kickstarter announcement and it has been SOOO long since then lol
  14. Random Game Talk

    I remember when the 3rd one's kickstarter was announced at Sony's E3 press conference LOL. I couldn't believe how much hype Sony got for that.
  15. Random Game Talk

    IMO, just from watching them, go in with the right expectations and you'll enjoy them enough.