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  1. I wouldn't mind the new one. You're so sweet, thanks!
  2. Y'all need to get on my level, I have a TV as my second monitor lol, although I have gaming on a TV... lol
  3. I need them to drop co-op lol. I probably have two different groups I'll play co-op whenever it comes out. Maybe I'll play MP, but it's been so long since I've play any MP game lol, probably like a decade...
  4. I think last I saw, he was blaming Leber for the whole schism gate on radio?
  5. Haha, it makes sense. It would probably be more surprising if you recognized me. I rarely post here, just lurk. I've actually been here since 2008ish, but I was under the name Highhopes. (even back then I wasn't super active in the Vikings forum)
  6. They got rid of the "Probable" injury status a few years ago, right? Or am I completely imagining something? lol
  7. Eww, that shield hit graphic looks super ugly IMO. Everything else looks solid, it looks like a Halo game, but that also slightly concerns me. I don't know what they can do or should do, but I doubt this really entices new fans, you know? I don't care too much personally since I mostly just care about SP now, but yea...
  8. I recently watched like all the endings for most of the games. I'd love to see them put an actual effort into the story. The game was always so unsettling and unique for it. So I'd love to see a well written Twisted Metal.
  9. Jade Empire, Jade Empire, Jade Empire. I can write an essay on this lol and I probably will later 😛
  10. Yeah, Witcher 3 would be more likely for me to be on the worst 50 in my list. Not that it's actually bad, just don't care for it at all lol.
  11. Oooh props for the Jade Empire pick. I love the Mass Effect series and good for them on hitting on Dragon Age as well, but those two franchises becoming popular basically buried the Jade Empire franchise into the ground lol. Now Bioware is all kinds of messed up and we'll never get a Jade Empire 2
  12. I think Ark/Rust/Conan Exiles/Valheim are the closest to what you are asking for, yet not what you want. It sounds like a large part of your enjoyment in FO76 is meeting people and doing stuff with strangers. That's the MMO aspect of it and the games I mentioned aren't MMOs. The games I mentioned are open world exploration with base building, but the MP aspect is via private servers. It's more about getting a group of friends and starting a world together rather than roaming a world filled with random people. (maybe you can find a community online that has a rather big server and could accompl
  13. With how much you simplify things, I feel like we could just give Danielle a twenty dollar bill and we win the SB lol.
  14. Wait, people better not be trashing the duke controllers? That was my controller, even at like 10 lol. Even when the newer smaller one came out, I preferred the old ones lol
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