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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I love the Phoenix Wright series personally, but it is ALOT of reading, so be prepared lol.
  2. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I use the dock mostly because I don't want to worry about charge lol. I used it a few times purely as a handheld, but got tired of worrying about charge.
  3. Random Game Talk

    MCC coming to PC, booyah!
  4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I skipped to a random part and it was them neck slicing an old lady LOL. Thanks for the video, I'll check it out sometime.
  5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I think I'd get this one over Ghost of Tsushima, not sure I'll actually get it, but it looks good. I'll probably watch someone play a bit and decide from there.
  6. Random Game Talk

    SF5, DBFZ, Tekken, Ultimate, and MK11 were basically guaranteed. I think EVO almost always has two anime games (BlazBlue and UNIST). And SC6 is probably the biggest new game this year. The only real surprise is Samurai Shodown, at least to what I know. I feel like that is a paid spot though lol. As for Melee, it's not super surprising IMO. The biggest draw of Melee has always been their top 6-7 players and right now, they are kind of in shambles. M2K/Armada/PPMD (If you still consider him lol) all don't play Melee anymore. Mango/Leffen/Plup have all shown interest in playing Ultimate seriously, so that's split time. As for Hungrybox, I'm not sure. I know he plays it casually and even commentated it during Frostbite. I have a feeling at least Plup and Mango will revert back to Melee only, but as of right now, with EVO only six months away, they had a decision to make. Melee is probably the hardest game to set up logistically, is a very old game, and with Hungrybox being the dominant player with Puff, it doesn't even have the "Wow it's super fast and crazy" factor right now. Melee is just on a downward trend this year so EVO took the chance to drop it IMO. I could easily see Melee becoming the top Smash game again next year, but Ultimate is too new and solid enough as an esport for Melee to get a nod over it.
  7. Haha, yeah, I figured. I don't know if I have that in me anymore though lol.
  8. I almost want to sign up (I don't), just to see the pun tyty will do on my name. I just wanna say, I'm not sure how I felt about bucsfan saying I'd be the perfect vet for a new players game and malf/et80 liking it... and Sorry Dome for not responding, didn't see it until late.
  9. Rather than the way it sounds, I more hate that I'm fairly quiet by default. I don't necessarily have a quiet voice, I just sort of mumble too much.
  10. Mafia Mafia - Town Wins

    Wait, I'm not a new player. I don't actually want to play, sorry. Lol. I made a bad joke using my name change sorry about that.
  11. Mafia Mafia - Town Wins

    Hmm, fair enough...
  12. Mafia Mafia - Town Wins

  13. Mafia Mafia - Town Wins

    Can I sign up?
  14. Random Game Talk

    I honestly surprised at how under the radar KH3 was released... Not that it wasn't fairly well known it came out, but the hype did not match the release to me lol. Maybe because I don't follow gaming sites as much anymore.
  15. Random Game Talk

    Honestly, I wouldn't doubt EA mostly wanted it for more money, but I'm serious when I say it's a legitmately good MP. It has interesting enemies, a crap ton of ways to play (different characters and weapons make each game feel different), and a good balance of challenge while still feeling doable. It definitely sucks that the only way to unlock things was through lootboxes, but otherwise it's pretty damn good. The base classes and weapons are actually fine, but they don't look as cool lol.