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  1. First, here are some helpful links for this site. Instruction Manuel (Rules and Guidelines) Every good society has some rules, please read them if you haven't seen them. Developers (Moderator/Staff List) Feel free to ask me or any of the three Global Moderators questions you may have. DLC Features (New Forum Features) It's a new site and new fancy toys to play with! Associate yourself with them. Introductions! - Feel free to fill one out, you may find players to play with. General Preferred Name: Location (Time Zone): Current Gaming Consoles: Current Game: Usernames: Personal First Console: Favorite Console: First Game: Favorite Game: Favorite Gaming Moment: Feel free to add anything you want. This can be a good way to find new people to play your favorite games with.
  2. What video game are you playing?

    I love the Ni No Kuni series. I had a weird reaction to the first game though. It was like, I played the game straight for two weeks to beat it, but it didn't have that impact that other favorite games I finish had. I sort of felt meh, about completing it, but I loved it. The music is SOOOO good. The second is not as good, but still good. It's problem might be more that the gameplay changed quite a bit rather than expanding what they had, so it's almost like a spiritual successor rather than a sequel (the story isn't connected either).
  3. Random Game Talk

    So, someone convince me to beat Tales of Symphonia. I personally loved Tales of Berseria and Zesteria, so I thought I'd try to beat the most popular game in the franchise, but I just can't... I've started the game multiple times and finally got my furthest (just beat the second seal). It's fine, but it just feels like a simple version of the newer games. Also, I don't really find the story all that interesting. If anyone is a fan, am I missing something? I just can't stand running only in a straight line and I don't think the combat has really evolved enough to keep me interested.
  4. What video game are you playing?

    It's Monster Hunter LIte if people know that title. I really liked when I played this game. It made me really interested in MH lol.
  5. .

  6. Random Game Talk

    Do you have Xbox Gamepass? (I'm not super knowledgeable on Gamepass, I just know I have it for PC and love it).
  7. The Obscure Games/Nostalgic Games You Love Thread

    If someone recognizes Mystic Heroes on the Gamecube (and potentially other consoles), we need to talk.
  8. Week 15: VIKINGS (9-4) at Chargers (5-8)

    I changed my fantasy team to just be all Vikings players minus Cook/Rudolph/Thielen/Diggs and they are actually doing decent because of this game LOL
  9. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Wait really? I hate GPU names lol
  10. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I just did, but it was only a 970 haha
  11. Xbox Series X

    I feel like the idea is that we will eventually just call it "Xbox" the same way we say "PC". The names will just be for when people are curious about the specifics. EDIT: But I didn't watch anything of it or anything lol, I just see the name and it makes me think of things like graphics cards lol
  12. What video game are you playing?

    I've been playing Dungeons 3, I don't know why I find that game so much fun lol
  13. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    It's a little hard to explain. It's basically just my name using a korean keyboard. Very true, but also just a coincidence haha.
  14. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    I'm not a super long time Vikings fan, but when Adrian Peterson was the only reason to watch the Vikings? This is nice lol
  15. The Outer Worlds

    Is THAT what they are doing? It's all fine, I think I'm mostly just not a fan of the type of storytelling these type of games usually do. I've never been able to get far into Elder Scrolls and Fallout as well.
  16. The Outer Worlds

    Honestly, mostly playing this because a couple of my friends are right now and I'm not playing anything lol. I'm pretty meh on the story. But something about the combat. I went from dying from the first couple of enemies like multiple times to making combat stupidly easy by just upgrade a weapon lol.
  17. It was always weird seeing Kluwe at eSports events...
  18. The Iron Chef!!

    This just looks wrong...
  19. Final Fantasy Tactics Mafia (Ivalice wins!)

    What a weird range of anime lol
  20. Week 3: Raiders (1-1) at VIKINGS (1-1)

    Oh right LOL, I sometimes like to forget about that one
  21. Week 3: Raiders (1-1) at VIKINGS (1-1)

    It's 2019, gotta keep up the once a decade quota.
  22. Borderlands 3

    I've been leveling a Moze along side my Amara and I literally just play her the same way lol. Melee > HS. Other styles just seem harder lol
  23. Borderlands 3

    My whole Pandora run was just melee > Jacobs Pistol HS or vice versa lol. I'm not too far in, but I'm REALLY happy to hear melee looks viable. I always try to make it work in most games, but then end up just going snipers... ironic lol
  24. Borderlands 3

    I'm currently playing Amara, but I was thinking of doing a Moze secondary, she has been fun? Anything specifically fun about her?
  25. Random Game Talk

    Haha, no reason to apologize, just adding in my own thoughts . I will say, IMO, Beyond: Two Souls is made by the same people and I personally did not like it. So maybe skip that one if you haven't lol.