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  1. I missed the game Just looking at stats and highlights So let me see if I got this right: we continued from last week of horrible secondary play, terrible O-line play and for a big bonus we had Winston revert back to true form of being an interception machine?
  2. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Panthers: 21 Bucs: 28 Total: 49
  3. London games are always weird Going 3-3 into bye would be huge
  4. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    Jeez that was a miserable drive
  5. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    With this secondary, we have to score over 30 points for a shot at winning At least we know what positions to address in the draft already
  6. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    I don't know how we will go anywhere this season with this secondary
  7. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    How do you not cover Kamara on that flat..... Anytime they drop back to pass its like a guarantee that it'll be a completion
  8. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    These corner catches have been murdering us all game Cmon coaching staff adjust
  9. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    will keep saying it secondary is trash
  10. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    Our secondary flat out sucks This is by far the biggest weakness
  11. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    We are we even having to challenge that?
  12. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Bucs: 30 Saints: 17 Total: 47
  13. Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)

    This is a very different Saints team. We are usually facing a high powered offense and an average or mediocre defense. Now it's the opposite. Their defense is MEAN. It's becoming clear that our secondary is the biggest weakness on the team. Hopefully against Bridgewater they can build some confidence. This is a very winnable game. Let's eat that W and get above .500!
  14. Vita Vea's spin move against the Rams

    My GOODNESS that 2nd play. He just puts that guard on ice skates and pushes him backwards