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  1. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    You guys got robbed. I still however think you got 2-4 years left in Brees playing at a very elite level so you're not done.
  2. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Some of you obviously watched the NFC Championship game between the Rams and Saints. What a game, couldn't have asked for a more entertaining one. However, did you guys by chance notice how badly the players wanted to win?? Did you see them on the sidelines how fired up they were and how seriously they took the game? Both teams had this but the Rams REALLY had it. The way they picked each other up and how winning energy they displayed was amazing. Aaron Donald was on the sideline PRAYING when they lined up for that game winning 57 yarder. You can tell that the entire team has their hearts in this 110%. I touched on this a little but on the Bruce Arians got hired thread, but to expand on this more, THIS is what we need. A winning culture on this team, where the players want to win just as badly as the fans do. I feel like we have been missing this ever since Gruden left. Chucky was not the best at this, but he did a decent job. After him however, every coach has failed MISERABLY at this IMO. Raheem tried with the whole "Youngry" thing, but he was just too inexperienced, to Shiano who also gave it effort but failed, to Lovie who also failed and Dirk who had the same result, despite having a few decent seasons in that period between all of them. It just seems like once Gruden left, almost every player who comes here just comes here to collect a paycheck and go home. Hearing reports of Djax falling asleep in meetings, former players talking about watching Rocky and playing games on their phone instead of watching film, it just seems like we don't have this winning mentality. This is what Arians really needs to bring to this team to shoot some life into them and future players to come. Again, we can argue all we want about our QB being inconsistent at times, we can argue how our O-line is bad, and how our backers cannot cover the pass. But those technicals are irrelevant if only half the team is in it. We need to be more like the Rams and Saints, if you didn't see the game I highly recommend watching a re-run of the game. Both sidelines and players were so fired up and had so much raw energy all wanting to win at any cost. It was truly amazing. This is where it starts, how great football teams are made. But for the technicals, our old buddy Mark Barron was in that game playing for the Rams. All I gotta say is he was never this good in Tampa. I realize he is in a completely different scheme and even playing a different position, but at times the way he shot gaps on the run play and make very solid tackles, he never did stuff like that in Tampa. You can tell he is just playing at a much higher level than he was when he was here. This is the difference in playing on a team with a winning mindset where every single player gives it 110% because they want to win at all costs. Again, I truly hope Arians brings this kind of vibe to our team. We need it.
  3. Man I'm excited!! And Byron Leftwitch a OC??? Damn that's gonna be fun(I hope) Man I remember when he played for us, his windup to get the ball out and throw was like a slow loading screen. On a side note, I hope one thing that Bruce brings is balls. I am so sick and tired of every single FLIPPING time we have a bad season, I always hear about crap in the locker room. A while back we had Johnthan Banks, DaQuan Bowers, DJ Swearinger, and Bradley McDougald Speak on Organization. Jonathan Banks talking to former teammates how this place was a joke because instead of watching film and preparing for the game, they instead would be watching Rocky and playing games on their phones....and they all agreeing and laughing. Then this past season I hear about this(of course only comes out AFTER the season): https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/12/28/as-desean-jacksons-time-in-tampa-comes-to-an-end-the-dirty-laundry-begins-to-emerge/ Again, I am SICK AND TIRED of reading things like that after a season ends. Besides the Jonathan Banks and company above, there was more players I can't think of at the moment from recent seasons that had similar stuff come out. Our locker room just seems like a damn joke. I feel like my high school team had a better disciplined locker room. Its as if players come to Tampa to relax and collect a check and do the very bare minimum with very little consequences. I don't know how Lovie, Shiano and Koetter tolerated this crap, but it needs to stop. You cannot have a winning team when half the squad is has their hearts and mind in the game, and the other half can care less. I am hoping that Bruce Arians ENDS this kind of crap.
  4. Our forum activity

    Wow this is super cool. I live out West in Cali so no Bucs fans. As far as my fanhood goes, you guys are the only Bucs fans MAN WHAT A BLAST FROM THE PAST. I ALMOST TEARED UP READING THOSE USER NAMES. Wherever they're at, I hope they're all doing well. I first stumbled upon this forum in 2006 as a lurker....that's my freshman year in high school. I decided to join in 2007(I changed forum names and created this profile in 2011). Man...............words can't describe those days. I loved the game so much and I also got to play it in high school. First i would look forward to Friday nights, and right after I would look forward to Sundays for some Bucs ball. How about them Jeff Garcia days..
  5. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    So are they gonna throw Flacco out there 2nd half, or are they going to stay committed to this high school/NCAA offense?
  6. Jameis Winston WILL be a Buc in 2019

    Ya I can get 100% behind Winston for another season. I think this season taught him a lot, between getting suspended for dumb off field stuff and how it showed him that the world will not stop spinning for him, and the show will go on without him and nothing is guaranteed. Also getting benched after he came back once again reinforced all that. He learned these lessons the hard way. I am sure he understands better than anyone that this coming up season is his last shot to prove his worth. I can't wait to to see what he brings on the field in 2019.
  7. 🏈 Week 17: Falcons (6-9) @ Bucs (5-10)

    And that's our season boys On a sidenote, this felt awfully similar to the Saints game-came out first half firing on all cylinders, second half and opposing team makes halftime adjustments while we stay the same and slip the game away. We can debate Winston this or that, and talk about O-line play, or Grimes.....but that boils down to coaching. If any Bucs fans had any doubts about letting Dirk go, this should be a reassurance game of what needs to be done.
  8. 🏈 Week 17: Falcons (6-9) @ Bucs (5-10)

    All I'm rooting for is Winston's stats to get padded Hopefully he can manage to go without any INT's in the second half
  9. Every man for himself

    woooooooow Well I will give him credit for being honest and not sugar coating it in "professional" terms. Most guys would do the "we just gonna compete and play hard the last 2 games as if it were the first 2"
  10. 🏈 Week 14: Saints (10-2) @ Bucs (5-7)

    So then it goes back to "you didn't work the case, you don't know the facts", since you wern't actually leaked any extra info like you strongly implied. Again, you don't know the facts, so stop acting like you do
  11. 🏈 Week 14: Saints (10-2) @ Bucs (5-7)

    Did you work the case? How do you know he actually did anything? There is a reason he did not end up in jail. The fact is...you don't know all the facts. Everything you're saying is an assumption. Unless you were there when it happened, you don't know anything.
  12. 🏈 Week 14: Saints (10-2) @ Bucs (5-7)

    He will never forgive Bucs for drafting Winston over Mariota

    Stole this from Reddit. Saw it and thought it was 100% me.....along with all of you. Then the epic reply from our Bucs fans: