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  1. BA's postgame interview

    I think franchise tag is the best move. Give Winston one more chance to prove it. It was his first year in another new system. If he repeats and can't control INT's, he is done.
  2. That was the most EPIC #ItsABucsLife way to finish the season Also good luck negotiating 35 mill a year Winston
  3. Alright Jameis, 30 for 30 let's get it Can't believe I will be cheering for him to throw INT's
  4. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Bucs: 30 ATL: 27 Total: 57
  5. Jameis wants $35M

    There is no way this can be accurate with the amount of INT's he has
  6. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Bucs: 31 Texans: 28 Total: 59
  7. Week 16: Texans (9-5) @ Bucs (7-7) - 1pm Saturday

    No Evans, no Godwin, everyone around the country watching, let's show them what's up!
  8. Forum activity

    This season has been bad for me because I moved Old house my PC(to post here gametime) was close to my TV. Now my TV is on the first floor and to make a post I have to run upstairs to my desktop. Was planning on getting a laptop anyways so that will fix the issue
  9. We finally don't have a losing record in mid december
  10. Smith is out? Sheesh Oh well, still not even a tiny excuse to lose to the Lions.
  11. Alright guys I'm in fantasy playoffs and I picked up the Bucs defense this week off free agency Let's smack the crap out of them. Sacks, INT's ALL THAT
  12. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Bucs: 30 Lions: 7 Total: 37
  13. Week 14: Colts (6-6) @ Bucs (5-7)

    What a great win Winston is really starting to grow on me(again). Screw a draft pick, one thing I mentioned last offseason is BA needs to bring a WINNING CULTURE to Tampa. If we can somehow someway finish the season 9-7, he will have accomplished just that and I will feel better about going into next season than I have in over a decade.