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  1. Gotcha. Thanks for the response. The waiting to see is whole point of sports fandom, right?
  2. You know, I really don't disagree with this post. Other than that I don't believe Jones was the consensus "Pro-ready" guy before or after the draft. I also am curious about your opinion developing arm strength in the NFL. It seems to be the one trait that you think is a plus for Haskins over Jones (not that I disagree). Do you think it's possible for a QB to develop a stronger arm?
  3. To use the line that Giants fans heard a lot this offseason: "Haskins could turn into anything, even a pro-ready QB!!" The reason why pro-ready QBs are so valuable (and they are valuable, prospects labeled as projects do not get drafted highly) is because how absolutely difficult it is to be "pro-ready". That title means a lot. It means that you can start (and by starting win games) in the NFL. Not something that a majority of QBs drafted could put on their resume. Using it to disparage Jones makes absolutely no sense. Pro-ready means you're floor is an NFL starter. You don't have to improve to become one, you are one, right now. This is false. Very few people gave that distinction (notably Charlie Casserly did) and sports illustrated thought the opposite. The narrative was not Jones is pro-ready and Haskins has potential. The narrative was that Jones stinks and probably shouldn't even be drafted in the first round, let alone top 10.
  4. Jones did play against starting units against the Bengals. He got pressured by Geno Atkins multiple times and was throwing against starting safeties Shawn Williams and Jesse Bates. In fact, the throw he made after getting clobbered by Carl Lawson was to Darius Slayton (a rookie 7th rounder) over Willie Jackson. I think that counts as starters... As to your second point: YES! He should be better!!! But only if the Giants org didn't make a massive earth shattering mistake when they drafted him! And that is not what everyone, here and elsewhere, said after the pick!
  5. (Honest disclaimer: I am a Giants fan) "Struggles against preseason D’s reliably tells us the player isn’t ready yet to succeed." So, I do agree with this point. The topic of the thread is DJ vs Haskins. To that point, Haskins _has_ struggled against preseason defenses, while DJ has not. So, at the very least, shouldn't we be able to say that Haskins is not ready to start, and Dj might be? Then if we take that to be true, can't we then admit that Gettlemen made the right decision in drafting Jones over Haskins? Isn't the QB who _might_ be ready to play against NFL starters worth more than the QB who definitely isn't? Also, I think it's true that if DJ was playing the way Haskins has played, it would be used as validation for the criticism Gettleman has faced. I don't see why Haskins not playing well can't be used as vindication for the pick of Daniel Jones. If only in response to those who said that Haskins should have been picked in Jones stead.
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