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  1. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    I think it is the Kings, but it's 1st overall protected I believe. Could be wrong. I still love Ingram's potential as KD lite, he's still so young. And Randle is just a quality starter that really started to come into his own last year.
  2. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    Is Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, + 1st round pick really that much better than Ingram, Randle, and 2022 1st round pick? I think Ingram's upside is higher than Brown's even though he is further along in his development at this point in time.
  3. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    Could they win a title next year if they trade for Kawhi? Absolutely. But they could lose Kawhi/Kyrie the following year. So the gamble is one title and throwing away everything Danny Ainge has been doing because it will certainly involve Jaylen Brown and 1st round picks to get Kawhi. Not worth it. And they still aren't guaranteed to beat GSW with Kyrie, Tatum, Kawhi, Hayward, Horford. Kawhi is in control of his destiny, Spurs can ho hum all hey want, but will either get peanuts from teams knowing he won't resign if he truly only wants to play in LA . OR get a very good return from the Lakers.
  4. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    If the Cavs somehow do trade for Kawhi and keep Lebron, they would still be 2nd or 3rd in the East so there's no point for Lebron to stay. They both would be able to play together, but wouldn't make much sense for Lebron to do it. Maybe if they could swing in Boogie, but highly doubtful.
  5. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    Supposedly the Spurs don't want to trade him to anyone in the West, but they are foolish to think they are in the drivers seat. Kawhi has one year left on his deal and can refuse to sign an extension with anyone and has made it clear he wants to be a Laker. So yes, Boston may be able to offer the best package in the East of Jaylen Brown, Rozier, 1sts, etc. But if Kawhi isn't signing long term there is no way they give up that much. Also, Kawhi has shown he is willing to sit out a year and the Spurs can be left with nothing. They should trade him to the Lakers for a big hall of Ingram/Kuzma, Ball, and Randle if possible. Pop is retiring in 2020 so it shouldn't matter much to him. Sitting out last year was the biggest hurdle for Kawhi and it's already been accomplished. He dictates his future now given the circumstances and proven willingness to sit.
  6. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    Only other team that liked Kuzma in last years draft were the Spurs, but I'd happily swap out Ingram for Kuzma in that trade.
  7. Trade Kuzma/Ball/Deng/Future First for Kawhi. Trade Randle for Nerlens Noel. Lebron PG3 Kawhi Ingram Noel 6th-Hart Best thing that could happen to NBA. Warriors vs Lakers in WCF then presumably Lakers vs Celtics in Finals. Boom.
  8. Baker Mayfield. Excited in general to watch the Browns this year.
  9. Best Player: Booker, Love, Griffin, Middleton?

    Devin Booker is going to be a stud in this league and a top 10 player at some point. If they can get him an all star big (KAT) or if he can get out of Phoenix I think he will be an all NBA type player.
  10. Where is Lebron going?

    I'm hoping LeBron actually sits out next season, rests his body, and allows a lot of scenarios to play out. Then he comes back well rested the following season and has his choice of teams. Cleveland gets better under the cap, young 6ers and Lakers get another year to develop, Kyrie potentially leaves Boston. GSW could look completely different. Just take the year off man. You earned it. Make a few movies and focus on rest.
  11. Brandin Cooks. He's been lighting up OTA's with Goff for what it's worth. He will blow Sammy Watkins numbers out of the water next year.
  12. Breakout Candidates?

    I'm throwing a few hundred on Goff for MVP. QB on best team in NFC is my projection ala Matt Ryan. 35+TD 10INT 4800yards 12-4 record is best in an NFC that beats each other up. Littleton is my 2nd projection. Everett is obvious choice.
  13. Where is Lebron going?

    Going to the Lakers is my bet. I think Lonzo/Ingram are on the move for another vet. I'd love to see them grab Demar Derozan from Toronto. Great small ball line up below. Josh Hart as 6th man. Lebron usually brings 1 or 2 vets with him when he moves (Korver) Lebron Demar PG3 Kuzma Randle
  14. Where is Lebron going?

    I agree that there are 4 options, but i would like to remove CLE and add in SAS. His time in Cleveland is done. No chance of winning long or short term, rift with ownership, no help from the cast, and coaching is inept. But let's breakdown the 4 scenarios... LAL: Lonzo PG3 Kuzma Lebron Ingram Bench: Randle, Hart. Could they improve? Yes, I believe you could yield a big time player for Ingram combined with future 1's and Deng's expiring contract. Perhaps KAT? Maybe Demar Derozan and play all small ball? Maybe Andrew Wiggins and be a GREAT defensive team. Or just keep Ingram and hope he turns into KD Lite. Great matchups with GSW. And become a mogul in LA, build his brand. Philly: Simmons Reddick Lebron Saric Embiid Could they improve? Ehh, Covington and Bellini might want to stay if Lebron joins. Lebron could bring Korver with him. I saw a trade on hear Covington for Love that I liked. Could be in the weaker conference and play for YEARS as Embiid and Simmons ascend. Chance to play off the ball as Broussard stated he would be willing to do as he declines. Less usage. Could move Fultz for a semi decent piece become 6MOY candidate potentially. Houston: Paul Harden Lebron Mbah a Moute Capela Could they improve? Ehhhhh, would need to move Gordon, Ariza, possibly Tucker and find a suitor for Andersens' contract. So a lot of if's. Also, not much bench play. Would be best starting 5 of all 3, but weak bench and not a long term solution if Lebron wants to play til 40. However, they could beat GSW and win a title vs any East team in first 2 years granted they add some bench depth. Spurs: Murray Kawhi Lebron Aldridge Gasol Could they improve? Also, not too sure. Lot of veteran bench depth in Parker, Ginobli may hang on for a year, Patty Mills Danny Green. And I really like Kyle Andersen. The idea of playing for Pop would be such a relief not having to worry that everyone know's what they need to do. Darkhorse candidate for me. My guess: I would go 1A. Lakers then 1B. Philly
  15. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    That's why you have Lebron sign a 1 and 1. They become valuable once he leaves in 2 years, possibly 1.