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  1. Free Agency

    This hurts...Couldn't of gotten this done instead of Brockers return?
  2. General Season Talk

    If it wasn't for quarantine, I would not be responding to this at this hour, but these are the times we live in. Let me address as many points as I can in your take here... Our direction is building the team behind Goff and McVay. That is clear. McVay has let go of Wade and Bones and brought in his own hires. He wants more of a say in every facet of the game and will no longer be viewed as an offensive mind, but a top Head Coach the likes of Payton, Reid, and Belicheck. Goff is going into year 5 and we just cut the previous face of the franchise. It's his team "on the field" now as much as it is McVay's off the field. Our secondary is the strength of our defense IMO. Being able to cover down the field gives pass rushers more time to get pressure. That is how you get a good pass rush or force bad decisions. Not to mention, Donald requires triple teams or else he will get to your QB to run outside the hash marks. Hopefully Floyd and OKO can make plays from there. Yet to be seen. Gurley was a tough pill to swallow because it required admitting we were wrong SO QUICKLY. Possibly quicker than any other player in history besides Antonio Brown, but that was for non-physical reasons. McVay was tasked with the tough job of realizing Gurley had lost a step, still force feeding him sometimes to spite the rest of the team, and then forced to answer questions as to why he didn't feed him without flat out saying this guys knee is done. He handled it very well actually continuing to put the blame on himself, but in reality, he saw Gurley didn't have the burst he used to. Cutting Gurley hurts this season for sure, but long term it was the right move for the franchise. The FA deals made this offseason (Whit, Blythe, Robinson, Floyd, Brockers) all allow us to get out of the deal relatively cap free after 1 year if you look at the details (Floyd not released yet, but a 2 year deal). We are building around Goff, Kupp, Ramsey, Donald, Higbee and JJIII. We could be adding more names to that list after this season such as Henderson, Oko, Kiser, Evans, and draft picks. The long term trajectory is in place and it starts with Goff and Donald. Two great pieces to build on both sides of the ball. This season is a "pivot". Decisions were made to win in a 3 year window and in that time we went to the playoffs twice, Superbowl once, and missed the playoffs by a Zuerlin FG against Seattle on TNF if you want to narrow it down to one play. We made decisions in FA/Draft/Trades that were to win now while Goff/Gurley were cheap. Then we paid them. One was a bad decision and one is TBD. But we are now forced to pivot our direction to a longer term approach and I think we are doing that nicely. You could be right. This could be where it falls apart after a 3 year run. I personally do not see that happening and think it is premature to say it at this point in time. Goff needs to take a step, we need to draft well, some young guys need to take a step (Kiser, Oko, JJIII, Evans, Henderson, and Edwards to name a few). Don't get discouraged right now, McVay is about to show us his true genius this year End rant.
  3. Free Agency

    Well yeah, the overreaction comes if we end up "un-signing" Floyd. Then it's completely justified to say it's not a good look to do that. And in this example, Floyd will have not gotten his money and his value will have softened from being in the latter part of FA. If all goes well, sure I'm overreacting. If Floyd is let go (essentially), then this is not a good look for the Rams attracting future FA's. Agents will be weary to want to do business with the Rams for pulling that kind of stunt.
  4. General Season Talk

    Personal preference: draft a RB early. My dream is JK Dobbins if he falls to 52. What I think the Rams want: Take a RB 3rd-5th round and make Henderson the #1RB going into the season. Some people thought he was the best RB prospect in last years draft.
  5. Free Agency

    This I don't like this. It's a bad look. It sends the wrong message to players remaining in FA that we're willing to "sign and sit" on you until it works best for us. Agents will not like this play either even though it may be a one time thing with COVID-19. We should do what we can to keep both. Might be time to finally restructure Goff.
  6. Some were. Some were sad to see him go. Those that were sad to see him go are happy to see him back.
  7. Free Agency

    This hurts. Turn to draft?
  8. Cowboys sign K Greg Zuerlein

    DAMN IT.
  9. Rams likely had an offer on the table before the Ravens deal was "done" so if you're Brockers and you're saying "These guys are busting my ball$ over some minute stuff and the Rams offer isnt much different...yeah fuggit, never felt right anyway"
  10. Free Agency

    This account has been all over free agency and I'm starting to value their insight. Had a tip on the Eifert signing before it was announced. Anyway, if their deals were cheap, I'd be all over bringing one or both back for ILB roles. Staley's defense is not Wade's so we could see them perform better a second time around. Love Barron's versatility and ability to be that 3rd S/LB hybrid.
  11. Free Agency

    Something to keep in mind, this signing could eliminate any compensation for losing Littleton. Might only get a 3rd comp pick for Fowler now.
  12. B Stan's Mock Draft/Offseason 3-26-2020

    We could still spend the cap. This Corona Virus has impacted the amount of FA signings as there are still some good options out there. Clowney, Snacks Harrison, Shelby Harris, Derek Wolfe to name a few. Although I just think with his cap hit and concussions, we would be lucky to get a 3rd round pick and more likely will get a 4th. Keep in mind once he's off the books, we can begin to extensions of Ramsey and Kupp so the cap space doesn't necessarily mean bringing in a new guy, but keeping around other players for long term.
  13. 3 years $31.5Mil from the Rams. I'm curious how much is guaranteed and the cap hit in 2020. Should finish his career as a Ram. Rams run defense with Brockers, Robinson, and Donald is going to be a major improvement from the past. Two BIG bodies with Brockers and Robinson upfront.
  14. Free Agency

    Hell yeah!!!! just saw this!