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  1. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Svi really needs to get into the rotation. Would immediately be the best pure shooter on the team. Start out with 12-15min and see how he progresses. Take minutes from Lance and KCP. Also, Hart needs to start.
  2. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    http://isgrudengoneyet.com/ ....Just going to leave this right here.
  3. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Or the Jets with a rookie QB and a ton of cap space next year.
  4. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    LMAO man that sounds horrible. Most teams would kill for pieces like Mack and Carr. Cooper I still think can blossom into a top 10 WR. But marketing pitch of Gruden to Vegas must of been too exciting for Davis to pass on. Gruden does not have a good track record on drafting with his two best picks being Charles Woodson (can't miss) and Aqib Talib with the ladder excelling not under Gruden. Only reason he got a superbowl ring was because he inherited Tony Dungy's team and beat his previous team in the big game. I think the franchise is going to regret this move almost as much as drafting Jamarcus Russel, but I get why fans would want to see this through rose colored glasses. It's tough to see your team on the rise with franchise players in place only to have them pulled out from underneath you because of a marketing ploy to sell a new city. It's how I felt when the Rams drafted Goff, but luckily I was wrong.
  5. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    I'm completely baffled by this entire situation. How was this not addressed in the interview process for Gruden? Owner: "Hey Jon, we would love to have you back. We have some franchise pieces in place with Carr, Mack, and Cooper. They already have made ProBowls, Mack is a DPOY, and they are under 26. What do you think you can do with these pieces in place? Gruden: Trade them all. Blow it up. Sign aging veterans. Get draft picks to build the team I want even though I have never had success in the draft. Owner: "Well in that case. You're hired!"
  6. General Season Talk

    I don't think we would be grossly overpaying and I think we are somewhat desperate considering it is easily the weakest spot on our defense and this is our best opportunity to win a superbowl. We are all in this year. Next year will be very different once we have to pay Goff or Peters or Joyner. Also, he would not be a rental, if he was smart he would see the Rams would be his best opportunity to sign a huge payday if he signed a one year prove it deal after this season. And he is not injury prone. He has had 2 injuries. In October 2015 he had an MCL Sprain Grade 2 and in July 2017 he tore ligaments in his wrist that required surgery and forced him to miss the first 6 games of 2017. He ended up missing the last 2 games for the same injury later in the season and ended up having bone fusion surgery in June 2018. He's been fine all year, just stuck behind Von Miller and Bradley Chubb fighting for time playing out of position in a 4-3. We are also 22nd in the league in Sacks. Pressures are only good if you have corners to capitalize on forced throws and with Talib out and Peters not playing well it lead to games be a lot closer than we want ( Chargers, Seahawks, Vikings). The pass rush we've been getting has only really gotten home in the 4th quarter of Minn and Seattle.
  7. General Season Talk

    We need a pass rusher now, not next season. He is also no longer in Wade's defense and lost playing time to Bradley Chubb; not something I fault him for. Agree to disagree on Ray.
  8. Week 6 - Rams at Broncos

    Seahawks O Line is arguably worse and their RB's are worse so I'm not feeling great from a run defense perspective. And the snow will require both teams to run more. Just got a bad gut feeling on this one is all.
  9. Week 6 - Rams at Broncos

    I thought about it, but historically Chiefs do well in Sept/Oct and Patriots typically drop 1-2 games in this time frame. I really wouldn't be shocked for Chiefs to beat Pats. We are riding very high emotionally from last weeks win and that usually leads to drop off the following week. Again, hope I am wrong.
  10. General Season Talk

    In theory what you say about Reddick makes sense, but it's just not common practice to trade within the division. I'm sure it's happened, just not very often so I'm not getting my hopes up. And I really don't see any issue trading a 3rd for Shane Ray. We have 2 (possibly three 3rd rounders) at our disposal with no immediate need to trade up for. Ray was a first round talent who had 8 sacks in his sophomore season. I don't see us getting a player of his caliber in the 3rd and the need is immediate for an outside pass rusher. His knowledge of Wade's system makes the 3rd rounder that much more justifiable since he would be plug and play day 1.
  11. Week 6 - Rams at Broncos

    I read that Vegas has a prop bet with the Rams and Chiefs on who loses first. Rams are -280 Chiefs +185. I find it odd, but Vegas is completely objective and usually knows more than even the best fans. I think this could be our first loss. Playing in the elevation and snow will be difficult. We luckily have Gurley to feed, but they also will have a solid day running the ball. I truly fear this would be our first loss and I hope I'm very wrong.
  12. The Rams signed WR Drew Bennet to a 6 year $30million dollar contract back in 2007 I think. Cringeworthy looking back. Jake Long comes to mind. Scott Wells was bad.
  13. General Season Talk

    I read an article saying the Rams should trade a 3rd for Ziggy Ansah. I'd do that. I'd do a 4th for Shane Ray as well. Read some posts mentioning Haasan Reddick, but can't see that since it's in the division. Regardless, we need to make an upgrade at OLB before the deadline if we want to contend for a superbowl this year. We have two 3rds next season so pull the trigger.
  14. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks

    Flew out for the game and man is that stadium loud. Their fans for the most part were respectful. One guy was a ******, but that's expected. The blown calls didn't make hostilities any better because my cousin and I were going nuts on the obvious ones like Cooks hit, Gurley short spot, and the Moore TD they didn't even replay in the stadium. Happy to get out of an ugly game with a win in that environment; it's the stuff champions are made of.
  15. The NFL is basically unwatchable as of now

    I can't say it's unwatchable because numbers don't lie and the ratings are up. But it is an entirely different game. The record books should reflect the change over as 2018 because people like Goff/Garoppolo/Mahomes/Darnold are going to be putting up what used to be HOF number by their 10-11th season which took Brees/Brady/Peyton to achieve in 12-14 seasons. It's just not a comparable product and will be misleading to future generations what the game was like. And unfair to previous greats to see their records being broken while playing an entirely different game.