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  1. RamFan24 First Mock Offseason

    In general, I agree with this statement, but it doesn't consider the details and circumstances surrounding Fowler's presence on our team. Including playoffs, Fowler had 3.5 sacks in 11 games as a Ram. He also had 4 TFL in the playoffs. He really started to come on later in the season and into the playoffs showing his grasp of defense, understanding which gaps will open and when to attack playing off of Donald and Suh. Also, he cost us 3rd and a 5th round pick for a 1st round talent. I think if we can't give him a 1 year prove it type deal, we should tag him. I realize I'm in the minority on this forum for that take, but I see tremendous potential in Fowler as the pass rusher we've been looking for and as his time with the Rams went on, he proved how disruptive of a playmaker he can be on this defense.
  2. RamFan24 First Mock Offseason

    Thank you. This is great. I like Dontari Poe or Marcell Dareus to replace Suh. Justin Houston, Vic Beasley, or tag Fowler would be nice. I'd throw a 1year prove it deal on Jonathan Cyprien coming off an injury. I feel like we will be a FA destination and Rams will have another offseason of big name and being active while Goff is still on rookie deal. Once Goff signs an extension, we will be much less active. But for now, bring on the talent.
  3. RamFan24 First Mock Offseason

    Not directing this at you, but do we have an idea or can come up with a list of what big names we think may be cut?
  4. I'm confused by owners wanting Silver when he is so pro-player. Silver is a great GM and the NBA has jumped in ratings, as well as, solidified itself as the number 2 sport in America. It is also growing globally better than ever before.
  5. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Probably when I'm like 80 (50 years from now) and my grandkids ask me if I remember this guy
  6. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Wouldn't give a wet rag for Clay Matthews. Fowler is 24, we've invested two mid round picks on him, and he showed up in the playoffs. I agree we should wait to give him a long term deal, but he would be foolish to sign a one year prove it when someone with cap space will throw money at him. Especially since Clowney, Dee Ford, and Frank Clark will likely all be tagged leaving few available rushers. Tag him. 2019 total cap projected to be $190MM DE Franchise Tag $17.143MM LB Franchise Tag $14.961MM I wonder if we could get away with tagging him as a LB.
  7. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    This I think you're going to see a huge change in the offseason this year based on the success the Rams/Eagles have had with being active in the trade market and FA. It's a copycat league and I believe you will see the trend of relying solely on the draft to build will change drastically this year. Saw a tweet today the UDFA's make up 32% of rosters and double the amount of players in the league that were drafted rounds 4-7. Trading mid to late round picks for players will become common place as the focus shifts to "win now" windows while QB's are on rookie deals. That is just a general theory not specific to DJax/Reynolds because I'm not sure he would come on a cap friendly deal either, but could be because of his desire to reunite with McVay.
  8. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    If McVay's water boys are getting HC jobs there no reason his back up WR won't garner similar attention. And honestly, Reynolds is worth taking a chance on for a 3rd rounder. All the chips were in last year because of the window of Goff's rookie deal. If we approach this season in a similar manner and do no extend Goff until his 5th year then we can pay Fowler a 1 year tag price and I think it's worth using to find out if he is worth handing a long term deal to. I think we will continue to hand out 1yr deals to many vets looking to win a superbowl. Players that come to mind are Earl Thomas, Tyrann Mathieu, Mo Wilkerson.
  9. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Pretty solid. It doesn't wow me, but that's what I want coming off of a Superbowl Loss. No need for drastic changes to WOW someone. In a perfect world, I'd like to keep Suh and Fowler, but I realize it's not likely. Suh truly looked the happiest he's ever been with a team in his entire career. Mostly because they were winning, but him and Donald really seemed to get along and play off of each other. Could he be willing to take less on a 2-3 year deal to stay in LA. There's a market for him in commercials if he stays in the area and becomes one of the more recognizable faces of the team. Or go chase millions in Cleveland, what do I know? Fowler seems more valuable than Suh at this point. They were both coming on at the end, but Fowler was finally showing flashes of his draft stock. I'd hold on and tag him for another year to see what a full offseason can do for him under Wade Phillips. I think we could see elite production. Would love Bush in the 1st and I liked your two flyers in Rodney Anderson and Jalen Hurd. I also think we could get a 3rd for Josh Reynolds and replace his production with Desean Jackson on the cheap if we wanted to.
  10. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    Tend to agree with this. Did you guys see the LA Times called the Rams "Lambs" in Monday's paper? Disgusting how that town treats it's team in a SUPER BOWL. The real fans that stuck with the team throughout the move I agree are not like this, but the general LA fan is undeserving of a turn around and franchise like this.
  11. Impending free agents/cuts

    I would like to keep Suh, Fowler, Littleton, Saffold, Anderson, and Peters. Joyner can walk. Cut Barron and Brockers.
  12. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    I said before the game we were the more talented team with just as good of a coaching staff. The only way we lose is showing our inexperience and that's what happened. Goff wasn't getting passed his first read and knew where he wanted to put the ball before he even snapped it. Gurley never got going. McVay went back to pass happy when it was 3-3 with under 5min left. Our defense played lights out for most of the game. Credit to Wade Phillips. Besides Wade, we got out coached and shrunk in the moment offensively. Rams will be back next year with a deep playoff run. Time to turn to the offseason. I think vets and FA's will be willing to take less money to come play with us now which is exciting.
  13. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    A general rule of thumb I follow for CFB and NFL is fade the public on 65% and above.
  14. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Last two games we shut down Kamara/Ingram and Zeke. So if we're going to mention the Pats clicking at the right time, we have to mention the Rams run defense clicking as well. And they did go face arguably the best offense in the NFL in a more hostile environment than the Super Bowl, but they will not be facing the same defense as the Chiefs or the same running game as the Chiefs. I truly believe the Pats are only favored this much by Vegas and fans because of their experience. And they should be. Rams could shrink under the lights like they did against Atlanta last year. But on paper, Rams are the better team.
  15. I'd rather give them material then continue watching Tom Brady just make stuff up to be motivated. Vegas doesn't think they're underdogs now and they didn't when they were favorite to win the SuperBowl at the beginning of the season. Brady is the GOAT, but this corny act is just a manufactured chip on his shoulder. I hope we roll the Pats and Donald/Suh throw him around like a ragdoll.