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  1. Kupp dropped two touchdowns. Goff missed open receivers. We lost the turn over battle. We didnt get one sack. SF held the ball for 15min more . Our kicker missed an extra point. ALL THAT and they had a chance to get the ball back and tie the game if they could come up with a stop after Reynolds TD. I think the 49ers are an 8-8 team due to injuries, but I truly believe the Rams are a 10 win team that just made uncharacteristic mistakes and they paid for it. I'd say they're still top 5 team in the NFC. If they beat Chicago next week, they can squeak into 4th and then the obvious show down with Seattle. I feel the same way about this loss as I did the Bills. This is a good team that gets in their own way sometimes. Way better than last year's 9-7 team. Seahawks Bucs Packers Bears Rams
  2. Oh I think the Rams are a good team that had a flat night. No concern on my end. They're a playoff team capable of winning games on the road come January. The fact that the Rams played that bad and still had the chance to beat a team clicking on all cylinders shows me they're a good team. Good teams can lose, but still having a chance to win the game given the circumstances shows me alot. Chicago on MNF will be telling to see where the Rams stack up vs the rest of the top tier NFC teams.
  3. Only other game I'd say was definitely better was Week 8 2019. He was efficient. He didn't turn the ball over. He threw 3 TDs and stepped up well in the pocket. I'm not a huge fan of Jimmy G, but last night was one of his better games. To me, this was a bigger game for SF then it was LAR. Their season was in the balance, but they stepped up and played well. Big game for the Rams will be Seattle because they're more than likely going to be competing for the division come December. McVay needs these reality check games every once in a while to get him back on track with a balanced offense vs Pass Heavy. OH and we need a new kicker, like yesterday.
  4. Rams played bad. Jimmy G had one of the best games of his short career. McVay got cute and didn't establish the run. Kupp dropped 2 TD's. Hopefully this is the game that gets us a new Kicker so we can take atleast one positive away from it.
  5. I'm curious if they would flank out CEH more like Saints do with Kamara when Murray is in the backfield.
  6. Fuller on IR. He can return Week 10.
  7. I'm on the Josh Allen MVP train and I can't see him passing Wilson unless Wilson falters and he hasn't yet. The narrative has already been started with Wilson never getting a vote, Carrol handed over the offense to Wilson this year, yaddda. It's Wilson's to lose. So while Allen can keep pace, anything besides something historic won't matter.
  8. The Miami trade is interesting if they move off of Turner too. Kuzma, Danny Green, and #30 would be enough to me (Pelicans own 2021 1-8 protected and Pels get pick swap options in '23-25) I still think Kuzma has a somewhat high ceiling. There is a reason the LAL didn't want to give him up in the AD trade. He was given alot of time to prove himself as the 3rd option in LAL behind LBJ and Davis, but it would be difficult for anyone to do that with how those two dominated the ball this year. Also, you can get more creative with a 3rd team. LAL: Oladipo Pacers: Hield and Bogdonavic Kings: Turner and Kuzma
  9. Lakers would likely have to add a pick or two , but Oladipo has made it clear he's not going to re-sign with Indiana so they must move him next season or lose him for nothing. They are no stranger to this with what happened with PG3. Kuzma still has more room to grow as a player and shown flashes in his first 2 seasons. I'd rather Kuzma than any piece the NYK could offer.
  10. LeBron, Danny Green, Caruso, Kuzma, Horton-Tucker and Quinn Cook are under contract. AD, KCP, McGree, Rondo, and Bradley have a player option. JR, Dion, Dudley, Markieff, and Dwight are all UFA's My Opinion Pick up the option on KCP, Rondo, and Bradley. Re-sign Dwight. Obviously work out a long term deal for AD. Trade Kuzma for Victor Oladipo. Sign Derrick Favors
  11. Imagine being a #1 seed in the playoffs and not getting ANY actual home games. Then you win the entire thing and people try to say it was easier? Just astonishing the way people think.
  12. I live in the NY metro area (NJ) and I have friends who are diehard Jets fans. I've watched ALOT of Darnold as a non-Jets fan and he's made some throws that I've only seen Patrick Mahomes make AND he's NOTHING around him. Just looking at how well Tannehill is doing in Tennessee after leaving Gase should give you an idea how good Darnold can be. He's had no O-line, no WR, and no TE worth mentioning other than Jamison Crowder. LeVeon can talk his ish, but he's done. Below are a few teams that I could say pulling the trigger with their first pick on Darnold: Indiananpolis Colts Chicago Bears New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings These 4 will be picking in the 16-25 range most likely.
  13. Any update on OKO? He finally outsnapped Ebukam, played well, and looked like he broke his arm which is a shame. The Ebukam experiment is finally over, but I'm curious if OKO's injury will impact him being put back in the starting line up. I'd be curious if we give Hollins more snaps or even Natrez Patrick. Also, I've been a huge Reeder critic on this forum and I'll eat crow for yesterday. It will likely be the greatest game of his career and I hope he keeps it up.
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