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  1. General Season Talk

    If anyone has Spotify, the Ryen Russillo Podcast has Chris Long on every Monday to discuss the weekends games. They both felt that this game was not very telling of the Rams as being one of the top teams in the NFC given the Brees injury. I think it was actually very telling because although our offense is still starting off a little slow compared to last year (no Preseason reps), I think our defense is much better than last year and Kupp returning will be huge come December/January. I do think the Rams and Cowboys are in a class by themselves in the NFC, but interesting to hear that others do not see a separation. Sidenote: Chris Long is probably my favorite Ram of all time and he shares alot of great tidbits about his time in St.Louis while on these podcasts. Great listen and very interesting to hear. Russillo asked him to name all the QB's he played with his entire career and the Rams list was cringeworthy, but a trip down memory lane.
  2. How your team rookie have looked like week 2

    Taylor Rapp is legit. Won't get much national praise or DROY votes, but he's a stud. You will hear about him for years to come.
  3. Rams stadium naming rights to SoFi

    The deal is in place for 20 years. Coincedentally, it is also how long I will be paying back SoFi.
  4. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    Top 3 have to be Dak, Mahomes, and Lamar. Next weeks game of Chiefs vs Ravens will be telling. I'm pulling for Lamar based on financial reasons, but these 3 are the front runners are the moment.
  5. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    Natrez or activate Obo? I don't think we would see too much drop in production if we gave those guys some burn outside of Special teams. May the coaching staff is waiting to give them snaps for when we are up by a large margin so they can just focus on pinning their ears back and getting after the QB; first two games we haven't had that opportunity.
  6. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    Great win. Key performances from Rapp, Kupp, and even Clay Matthews looks rejuvenated. Blythe going down is going to hurt and Haventstein got abused by Cam Jordan. Starting to get concerned about the O-line depth depending on how serious Blythe's injury is. I think our defense is performing better than last year, but this O-line may be an issue. Will be fun to watch Cleveland tonight and get them on a short week.
  7. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    This one is so tough to pick. Saints have the most motivation after the NFCCG. However, they played on Monday and had a big win that could have left them drained. Goff plays better at home and I think we will see a HUGE turnout for our first home game given the success of last year. We need to chip Kamara out of the backfield every chance we get. Maybe put Rapp on him once he gets into the open field? Daunting task for a rookie. I expect Donald to bounce back after being double/triple teamed most of Week 1 although if that trend continues, Fowler will feast. Keep Talib on Thomas and watch for Jared Cook to have a big game. On Offense, our WR's should feast against their secondary although I expect Lattimore to have a bounceback year. Rams 31-Saints 24.
  8. Week 1 - Rams @ Panthers

    Not mentioning that if Higbee doesn't secure it, it's getting popped up and likely picked off by one of those 3. If you throw the ball to Woods outside, it's safer although more likely to be stopped short of the goal line.
  9. Week 1 - Rams @ Panthers

    Good: I liked the split with Gurley and Brown. Seemed liked they gave Gurley the 2nd quarter off almost. If that's the plan, I think it's a great idea. Keeps him fresh churning out yards while we have a lead in the 4th and need to kill clock. Taylor Rapp can play and will be valuable to our defense. Cory Littleton is just a playmaker; very fun to watch him play. Kupp looked solid in his return. Higbee getting redzone targets is interesting given the timing of his extension, but I like it. The punts Hekker got off were BOOMING. Bad:Goff had rust. A few over throws and miscommunication with his receivers; pick was ugly. Part of me should of expected it, but I was hoping Goff would come out slinging and show he's an MVP talent in this league. It will come though. Marqui replacing Weddle hurt. He got trucked by CMC on that one touchdown at the goal line. Hekker's blocked punt was a shocker, but it happens. Interior Oline didnt look great. Allen and Noteboom will take their lumps and this was a really good DLine, but something to keep an eye on that concerned most going into the season. Hager had 4T and 1 Solo. I'm curious what his play count was for the day as I don't remember seeing him much. Excited to see the Saints tonight so we know what to expect next week. My gut tells me Brees has gone over the hill and will shows serious signs of regression, but I thought the same about Brady and last night he made a fool of me so who knows. Great win all things considered.
  10. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    He's a narcissist. He's not crazy or bi-polar or mentally ill. If he were, these things would have peaked their head out in college and early in his career. He didn't get this way until he became one of the best receivers in the league. Based on how talented he is, he feels he can act like this. He is disconnected from reality based on how big his head is. Let's not jump to mental illness everytime a player acts selfish or narcissistic. He needs to be cut and lose his guaranteed money to hit rock bottom. And only then can he begin to build himself back up and salvage his name. He needs to be humbled.
  11. General Season Talk

    Yeah, no totally. Or a 29year old who's been in Wade's system before and had his best years there. Either or.
  12. General Season Talk

    How dare you question our coaching and leadership on a decision they made. The negativity you are portaying in the sub is blasphemous hahah sorry too easy.
  13. Rams sign Jared Goff to 4-year extension

    It's a 4 year extension on top the of 2 years remaining on his rookie deal. So he will be a Ram for the next 6 years. Not sure if that was clear.
  14. 2019 Bold Predictions

    DPOY will be Jamal Adams or Bradley Chubb. MVP will be Lamar Jackson.
  15. Rams Sign Goff to Four Year Extension

    He didn't wow you in the game vs. the Vikings? Cause made some of the most accurate throws I've ever seen. The throw to Kupp in the back of the endzone rolling right was up there with anything Mahomes did last year. How about vs. the Chiefs on MNF when he outplayed Mahomes? lol