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  1. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    Snead is a smooth talker so it could be BS, but I hope it just means haggling over the details. Rams have all the leverage here, but i just want him locked up and in camp already. Sickening to think Rams passed on Mack for Greg Robinson. You never know how the rest of a draft could play out with one change, but if Rams had Mack and Donald now with Suh and Peters we would be talk about all time greatness.
  2. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    I would love to get Donald for $20mil, but that's not his asking price. My assumption with this is that Gruden would be billing to pay Donald $25mil a year and Mack would be willing to accept $21mil a year. So everyone wins. It's never that easy though.
  3. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    I would swap Aaron Donald straight up. And I believe it's realistic because... - Only player that could match his value individually. They are arguably the #1 and #2 defensive players in the NFL not including a healthy JJ Watt. -Rams rumored to offer Donald $21mil per. Making him the highest defensive player of all time. Donald's agents want $25mil per (QB money). I don't think he's worth that as much as I love him. So we would get a player that hopefully would love to be come the highest defensive player of all time and I get the feeling Gruden isn't willing to pay Mack that much. Which leads me to why he would want to pay Donald.... -Gruden loved Warren Sapp. Donald is Sapp 2.0, if not better. Rams get Mack and still have Suh and Brockers on that DLine. Wade Phillips gets his new Demarcus Ware/ Von Miller OLB. Raiders/Gruden get the next Warren Sapp. No draft picks exchanged to potentially destroy each franchise. Just allocating money to positions each team values more.
  4. Colin Cowherd's potential 2018 dumpster fires

    Cowherd's I think the best sports personality on TV today, but that's not saying much. ESPN trash and Skip/Shannon in unwatchable. Nick and Carter aren't that bad, but Cris Carter is just a ****** and Nick Wright is scared to stand up to him.
  5. The Aaron Donald situation

    It was his agent. Tweeted by Eric Geller (whoever the hell that is ). I'm not concerned in general because we will just tag him. I just want to see him in camp and getting reps with Suh and Brockers. It will get resolved. I just hope we don't destroy our cap for this, Again, this is a game of chicken between Mack and Donald to see who signs first and the other will sign a slightly higher deal.
  6. The Aaron Donald situation

    Fair point, but different circumstances. Cooks and Gurley never held out before. Nothing to gain from either side leaking trade rumors since the individual player doesn't reap the benefit of a higher price (whether Cooks is traded for a 1st or 2nd is irrelevant to him, etc). Ram's wouldn't leak this info, but Donald's team would. They are also in competition with Khalil Mack at the moment. So Donald's team leaks that he's got $21mil per, then Mack's team leverages $22mil, then Donald's team comes back and says Donald deserves $23mil if Mack is getting $22mil. It's a bargaining ploy. I get it. Who ever caves first essentially loses, but both Mack and Donald will be filthy rich at the end of this.
  7. The Aaron Donald situation

    I read last night that we offered to make him the highest player defensive player in history (4year $21mil per) and apparently he is insulted by that offer and wanted north of $25mil per which is QB money.....I love AD. I think he's the best defensive player in football....but I aint paying him like a QB. I realize that's not going to be a popular opinion on this page, but if he's not budging and is insulted by being the highest player defensive player of all time, I'd start exploring other options.
  8. 2018 LB Corps

    Yes, play them. Yes, start them. They have no vets to learn from on the field and on the team. It baffles me someone wouldn't want atleast one veteran LB when it's easily the entire team's youngest/weakest position group lol But w.e.
  9. 2018 LB Corps

    Yeah I saw that other day. My roommate is a Giants fan and asked me about him. Said he's a sound 3-4 OLB that can get you 4-5 sacks. Would love something like that on this team with all the youth at LB.
  10. 2018 LB Corps

    1.) We are in win now mode. Besides Barron, the LB's we have are 1st/2nd year guys with minimal experience and even less starting experience. I am personally not comfortable with the depth behind Ebukam, Littleton, and Barron. I do not even know who the other OLB will, but likely a rookie which would scare me even more. Would love to see a vet at that position. Kind of wanted Barwin back for another year. Dwight Freeney/Elvis DUmervil if they are still around and willing to play come to mind. Just for guidance to the young guys and situational pass rushing. 2.) Veteran's that have been cut and are looking to sign here because of a potential SB appearance would be willing to take the Vet's minimum. Previous to signing Gurley, we had the 2nd least amount of cap space committed to the 2019-2020 season (2nd to Buffalo). Something could be done.
  11. 2018 LB Corps

    Slackin man. You're the go to for these things lol I have noticed that since we are now "established" Rams posters are a little less engaged this time of year. Normally we get so hyped that we are posting like crazy about potential late round steals, possible record, when we will get the ship turned around. Now it appears we have arrived and all we care about is the season. Bitter sweet from a poster stand point.
  12. 2018 LB Corps

    Any potential camp casualties that you could see us making a move for Vet wise? At either ILB or OLB.
  13. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    Not sure if this was brought up already in the thread, but the Raptors need to consider starting a bidding war between the Clippers and the Lakers for Kawhi. They could potentially win the East, but lose in the Finals and then Kawhi walks and they start the rebuild. OR they could wait 60 days and get Tobias Harris/Avery Bradley/Sam Dekker + picks from Clippers which would incentivize the Lakers to offer Ingram/Hart/Picks. If Kawhi truly wants to play in LA regardless of team then the Lakers are obligated to make an offer vs. waiting for him to hit FA like they were doing before. Could turn out to be a brilliant play by their GM.
  14. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    2 titles is my best guess. Next year they will sign either Klay or Kawhi. They will potentially win one next year and/or year after that. Once LeBron finishes out this deal he will be 38 years old with 5 rings. He may go back to just signing one year deals with contenders or finish out in Cleveland as a novelty. Most great players flame out and it's ugly to watch (Shaq, Kobe, Jordan, Barkley), I really hope that doesn't happen to Lebron. but if he is holding on for his son to arrive we may see it.
  15. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Yeah, I'm with ya on this. GSW will likely sweep through the playoffs again and go 5 games with Boston. But Lakers should finish 2nd on WC or atleast make the WCF. Chill with your saltiness, man. The plan Magic/Pelinka layed out for LeBron is not for him to play hero ball; pretty sure that's why he chose to come to LA other than the business aspect. He's on the record stating he likes Lonzo's game and they brought in a Rondo. They will handle the ball and Lebron will work the post and sprinkle in some perimeter shooting similar to the Raptors series. Idk why it's so hard for you to wrap your brain about LeBron changing his style of play later in his career similar to how Kobe and Jordan did it. Quotes, historical examples, and player signings all point to this and your argument is "Well he's not just going to change his style of play all of a sudden".