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  1. General Season Talk

    I believe it is % of Games with 3 time outs left.
  2. Theyre 6-7 and one spot removed from the 6th WC seed. Is this a bit premature or is he really hurt? I know the Eagles got hit with the injury bug probably the worst this year, but they thrive on the whole underdog thing. Wentz, Alshon, Sproles, Tate, Ertz should be enough to win games and theyre D line is still solid; just horrific secondary. @ Rams Vs Texans@ @ Skins All winnable games with Wentz.
  3. Week 14 - Rams @ Bears SNF

    credit to the Bears, they were the better team Sunday night. I can't remember the Rams looking that bad under McVay in two seasons and it was still a 9point game. Defense played well, but should have played better at the LOS with Donald commanding triple teams. Hope to see the Bears in the playoffs.
  4. Thoughts on Goff?

    Kid had a rough game, in a rough atmosphere, against a top 5 defense and a top 3 OLB in Mack. Hey, it happens. We got punched in the mouth and I'm glad it happened now then in the playoffs as somebody said. The fact that we played that badly and it was still a 9point game is promising. I would be excited at the chance to play the Bears a second time if it was in LA. Really wish we committed to the run earlier in the game. It may not have led to a better YPR, but it could have cut down on Goff's 4ints and gave our defense more opportunities to make plays. If AD is getting triple teamed, Brockers and Suh need to take advantage of one on one match ups better. Overall, not worried about Goff. He will bounce back from this and I think it was a good learning experience. He did look really bad though.
  5. Week 14 - Rams @ Bears SNF

    Trubisky is fairly mobile, but so is Russ and we always seem to get to him. I like us to win rather convincingly as long as we can keep Gurley churning out first downs. Excited/Nervous/Curious to see how Kelly will play; just want him to protect the balls in his few opportunities.
  6. MVP Race

    His impact on games are greater given the timeliness of his splash plays, the double teams he commands and beats on a play in and play out basis, and he will have more sacks than prime Watt all from a more disruptive position being on the interior line. That is why I think he is better than Prime Watt.
  7. MVP Race

    I used the 2014 season because it had the TD's. But alright let's use 2012... 2012 Watt (16 games) 20.5 sacks and 39TFL. *Also had 16 batted balls. Donald will never do this. So hats off. Donald should finish at 20+ sacks, potentially breaking Strahan's record and roughly 24 TFL. Now the number on Watt's side are a little flashier with the TD"s and batted balls, but Donald's splash plays to close out games I would value more than a red zone TD on a trick play. Also, we truly cannot under estimate the 70%+ double teams on every play. It's truly remarkable how he is winning at the LOS. Because of his size and stature, Donald is being held almost every play.
  8. MVP Race

    He's putting up better number than Watt did in 2014. He's better. Donald is unblockable and is being double teamed more than anyone in the league. He's also actually winning games for us with the plays he made in Seattle, vs KC, and vs Detroit yesterday. Through 12 Games 2018 Donald: 16.5 sacks, 43 Tackles, 20 TFL, 32 QB Hits, 4 FF's, 2 FR 2014 Watt: 11.5 Sacks, 54 Tackles, 16 TFL, 36 QB Hits, 3 FF's, 5 FR. Granted, the Rams aren't using Donald like a gimmick in redzone situations like Texans did with Watt, but Donald is playing better than Watt did. And if he breaks Strahan sack record, it will likely be one of, if not thee, greatest defensive season we've ever seen.
  9. MVP Race

    No. You don't get to use that excuse. I can accept that the MVP award will always go to a QB because of their importance and impact on a team. Since that is the case, you do not get to say things like this. When RB's, WR's, Defensive players start winning the MVP award, then you can make the comment "Well he can't do everything", but until that day comes, this goes out the window.
  10. MVP Race

    Would a loss to the Raiders hurt Mahomes chances ? Games not over in Oakland
  11. MVP Race

    Nope. That's over lmao Now I'm on the Donald for MVP bandwagon
  12. MVP Race

    Goff's MVP campaign starts today (yes that's somewhat of a joke). Brees' performance and Saints loss opened the door. If Goff throws 4TDS and 350+yards in each of the next 5 games I think its his. Yes, that is very lofty expectations, but that what it will take for him to win and he is capable of it. Rams have incentive to play their starters the rest of the season to get Home Field advantage throughout so that is also a motivating factor. Need Gurley to not have any crazy 200 yard 3TD games or highlight reel plays to detract from Goff also. Hunt getting cut will give Mahomes the opportunity to show it's really his trophy though. If they don't miss a beat in Hunt's absence then Mahomes has it locked up.
  13. Referees and their affect on games.

    It is really funny to see Saints fans complaining about the bad calls because I'm sure a lot of teams (mine being the Rams) got shafted on terrible spots (Hekker had the first down on his fake ) and missed calls while playing in New Orleans....And to me, that's consistency! hahahah
  14. Referees and their affect on games.

    I think the most important thing you want to see from refs is consistency. If they are over calling or under calling, paying attention to a certain infraction or ignoring a certain infraction, you want to see it done consistently throughout the game and week to week. We have not seen consistency across the board and that is the issues with the refs. Bouncing back and forth is what drives the fans crazy. I will say the they got the catch rule right this year for the most part.
  15. MVP Race

    I think he should be in the discussion, but as Jrry mentioned, his stats arent' flashy enough. He doesn't have the TD numbers Mahomes has. He doesn't have the cmp% or low INT's Brees has. He does have the most 4th quarter come back wins for a QB this season which you like to see. But if he goes HAM the last 5 games, I can see him being considered as long as the Rams finish 15-1. McVay and Gurley will always detract from what Goff accomplishes. Hunt doesn't steal spotlight from Mahomes. Same for Kamara/Thomas from Brees.