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  1. General Season Talk

    Im aware I do not know much about Cap Analysis, but it can't be that two teams decide to trade two players and 1 team is on the hook for both salaries cap wise. If you can explain to me how it works in detail, I'd really appreciate it. If I knew that, I obviously wouldn't of suggested the trade.
  2. General Season Talk

    OBJ probably made ONE comment to a QB after a game in a joking manner. "Hey man good game, hows it going Cleveland"..."AHhh ya gotta come get me dude haha catch you later" Then some ball boy hears that, goes to a journalist and says OBJ WANTS OUT, SAYS COME GET ME TO JIMMY G. And now every time he daps someone up after a game he's telling them to go get him and they snap pictures of it. It's a joke. Hes not running to the media and saying these things, they're printing it about him with second hand info.
  3. If it wasn't caught on camera, it wouldn't be what it is now. If it wasnt OBJ, it wouldn't be what it is now. That's the point,if a story doesn't exist around OBJ, they will make one. He gave them one here. It's not a big deal unless people make it a big deal and with OBJ, they will make it a big deal.
  4. General Season Talk

    AB and OBJ are not in the same breathe. Common misconception amongst average fan. OBJ's antics are miniscule and blown out of proportion by the media. He's just that type of polarizing personality. Keeping it about football, he's been suspended one game in his entire career for his hit on Josh Norman. No drugs, no actual legal incidents(besides this butt smack nonsense), no performance enhancement issues, etc. It's just peoples off-field perception that get in the way. He is a top 5 talent heading into the prime of his career. Also, you can quote me. It's OK
  5. General Season Talk

    Just a thought... With OBJ back in the media now with this "cop spanking incident", mixed with his "come get me" comments throughout the season, and a new HC...he could be available for trade. I think Cooks+4th for ODB would be fair. ODB is a $14.25Mil cap hit + $2.75Mil dead money. Cooks is $16.8Mil cap hit + $21.8Mil dead money. Not sure how the dead money piece could be negotiated, if we can agree to get Cleveland to take on some of that. It we could, I'd be willing to explore it. I don't view ODB negatively as some do and think he wants to be in LA based on previous rumors. Fully expect this idea to be ripped to shreds by posters here lol , but it's that dead time of year. Go on...
  6. ....anyone else waiting for the guy to comment about respecting authority and the police officers and if a regular citizen spanked a cop they would be in jail? Always a turd in the punchbowl.
  7. This is a joke, right? Sign some apparel for the guy, publicly apologize and let's call it day.
  8. Yes, I would. I would be willing to part with a mid to late 1st round pick. My offer as the Rams GM would be Brandin Cooks and a 3rd for ODB. His "Diva-ness" is completely overblown in today's society by social media. His off the field issues are excerbated by the media, when they are not that serious comparatively. Any comparison to AB is a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously. He's a top 5 WR talent in he NFL heading into his prime. Rest is just non-sense and hatred for the guy off the field.
  9. General Season Talk

    Found a post on IG from @rams.united with the caption "Found this online from someone associated with Nike. I can't confirm". Take it with a grain of salt, but the note reads.. "The new colors are a new, deeper, richer navy, a darker golder yellow, and white. The new Logo is a sideview of a Ram horn that abstractly looks like an LA. The helmet is new navy with a matte finish that features thicker horns in the new yellow with a shiny finish. Home jersesys are navy with yellow numbers. Yellow horns line the collar and swoop around the shoulders. Away jerseys are white with navy numbers, yellow sleeves and navy horns. Alternates are yellow with navy numbers and navy horns. There are three sets of pants, navy with a yellow stripe, yellow with a navy stripe, and white with a navy stripe. All can be worn interchangeably". Now, the context of this type of post is suspicious, "Something i found online from someone from Nike", BUT the color scheme matches the Happy New Year post colors to a tee from the offical Rams page. I actually expect leaks and info to start trickling out around now so the timing makes sense as well. Also, I was expecting matte helmet for some reason. Only thing that bothers me is not fully understanding "Horns line the collar and swoop around the shoulders"; sounds kind of Arena league if I'm picturing it correctly. I'm not a huge fan of navy vs. royal blue, but is what it is. Let's get everyones thoughts.
  10. Weekly Bets Thread

    I think it really depends on how you view gambling and sports bets in general. Completely agree the smartest was to play is straight bets and incremental growth of your bankroll. I view this as more of entertainment or like playing the lottery. If you went to the movies it would cost you 16$ for 2 hours of entertainment. This is roughly $20 for atleast 4 hours of entertainment. Win or lose, I got my moneys worth. OR it's like playing the lottery. People pay $5-$10 to play the lottery everyday and it lasts 10 seconds. I throw in a 9 team player prop TD parlay for 5$ to win $30k and I'm at the edge of my seat for atleast the 1 o'clock games. I don't expect to win, but I don't lose too much either. Three weeks ago I almost hit a 4team player prop parlay (Justice Hill TD,Derrick HenryTD+Tannnhill 2TD+AJ Brown TD, Zeke TD+Cowboys win, and Wentz + Daniel Jones Over 300 yards passing)$10-->$7324.69 Missed it by 11 yards friggin Carson Wentz. Point is, I had the dog in a headlock for 4 hours and felt like I got my 10$ worth.
  11. General Season Talk

    Clearly you have a good grasp on the scheme conceptually, so I won't debate you there. But if this coach has worked with Khalil Mack/Leonard Floyd and Von Miller/ Bradley Chubb and needs his positions to be versatile, it sounds like we need another OLB opposite Fowler. So letting Fowler walk is not something I'm in favor of. Now, can Oko be that guy? I think possibly. Ebukam could kick inside, I want no part of Clay Matthews if his responsibilities need to expand outside of pass rushing. Jachai Polite? Great project, but nothing to count on. I think a darkhorse could be Natrez Patrick. A full offseason under his belt and I think he has the talent/athleticism to start in this league. If not, maybe a Vic Beasley will come cheap on one year prove it deal. Doubt Von Miller would become a cap casualty, but you really never know given his down year and a commitment to Chubb.
  12. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    49ers should roll. With that said, I hope the Packers pull off a miracle. Need a second WR option to step up and Aaron Jones to keep playing how he has. Need more than 1 INT out of Jimmy G, which is certainly possible. Great young coaching battle, but edge Shanahan. 34-17 49ers
  13. General Season Talk

    This means nothing, but fun to speculate... Natrez Patrick posted a pic on IG saying "Let's build" and Dante Fowler commented "We just getting started". Again, it means nothing and its 2020 type of reporting meaning a comment on IG, but it's a blip of insight that Fowler's initial reaction is to think he's there with his teammates next season.
  14. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Late round WR prospect I want to through out there. Likely 4-6th round guy. Nevada WR Elijah Cooks. Popped off the screen in this years Bowl Game. Former Nevada BBall player. 6'4 215lbs Junior. Not sure if he will come out this year or not is the question. Could pack on another 20lbs and be an Evan Engram type TE 2019 Stats: 76 receptions, 926 yards, 8 TD. Bowl Game: 14 receptions , 197 yards, 1 TD. Attacked the ball well, physical receiver, soft hands.