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  1. We will know early if we have a shot. Can we dominate the LOS and get Akers going from the jump? If so, we have a good chance. If they are stopping Akers and we have to rely on Goff throwing the ball, I'm pretty going to start drinking. Defensively, I feel good. My buddy is a Packers fan and says they are terrible coming off a bye. I think the weather factor is being completely overblown(haha). We played in 37 degrees last week and this week is going to be like 30?
  2. Love the Godwin play. Great analysis with his matchup. It's def the better one of the 3 WR's. Lamar Jackson is up to 79.5 on Fanduel and just feels like a trap bet at this point. Love Tonyan/Hunt/Godwin. Dobbins has scored something absurd like 4 or 5 straight games? Feels trappy.
  3. Cam Akers is going to get the ball ALOT on Saturday. Hammering him over 16.5 rushing attempts. Is Gloved Goff the new Hoodie Melo? Maybe this becomes a thing?
  4. Yeah, it has to be some form of trolling. I say some things on this board that are not always agreeable. I try to provide examples, context, facts, perspective, others that share my view ,etc. but it's never trolling and it's done with the Rams best interest at heart. This is just pure trolling to this " Dont get the Deshaun Watson hype".
  5. I can't see us getting more than a 4th or a 5th. He's a swing tackle with an injury history and we're essentially admitting we're giving up on him so...yeah. Don't expect a high return.
  6. I think they're going to lose JJ Watt at some point. Once the two faces of the franchise jump ship, you're looking at a full rebuild from top to bottom. Avoid all that, just let Deshaun give his 2 cents on a GM and HC. Pander to him. My manager does it to me at work all the time.
  7. Player empowerment making it's way to the NFL (still a long way off from NBA standards). The face of your franchise wants some input while he's there. I don't see an issue with having him involved or pretend to make him involved to keep him happy. The alternative is him demanding a trade...which is what they're facing. And now previous players are speaking out. The comments made in the past by ownership do not help their case. It could inhibit future FA's from signing.
  8. THIS worries me. He's been flagged a few times for being physical in coverage. If the refs decide they're going to crack down and over officiate this type of behavior, we're done.
  9. none of those teams had Jalen Ramsey. For those think his talents are relegated to locking down only NFCWest #1 receivers (Hopkins & Metcalf), he's also locked up Stefon Diggs, Allen Robinson, Amari Cooper, and Mike Evans. Davante Adams vs Ramsey: 4 receptions 75 yards. no TD.
  10. I saw that, but it's pretty meaningless. A majority of those games were before Adams became elite. I think the last one was from 2018. I'm looking for straws to grasp as well. Trying to talk myself into a way we can win on Saturday, but this aint it lol
  11. I'm an outsider trying to interpret this. Did he want to stay with Wentz or did he want to bench him sooner for Hurts?
  12. I don't hate Minshew; I'd be in favor of it. I'm curious the disparity between what he and Wolford would be. I want to see what Wolford can do with some more reps. We might get that chance this week.
  13. Jim Leonhard's name is popping back up. McVay really liked him last year, but went with Staley. He may get the nod over Pleasant. Former Safety and Punt Returner in the NFL. Now DC for Wisconsin. Runs a 3-4, but I believe different than Fangio's.
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