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  1. Ravens to sign LB Shane Ray (One-year deal)

    Any financials announced?
  2. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    Oh yeah I knew that wasn't going to happen lol I'd love to see him take 38. The comparison by Snead is Alvin Kamara so maybe in the 40's? Either way doesn't matter. Score TD's and catch screens and idc what number you are.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    Not a fan of 27 for Henderson. Getting Tre Mason flashbacks.
  4. General Season Talk

    So with the draft behind us and Zach Brown off the market, do we see the Rams adding any FA's to the mix before camp? It will not count against the comp pick formula so who are potential targets for us? I still see Shane Ray as possibly given Wade's background with him.
  5. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    Couldn't say. We haven't seen Donald's prime yet.
  6. Amazon and Disney vying for rights to NFL Sunday Ticket

    Come on, Amazon let's go!! Been hoping for NFL ticket to get off of DirectTv for years. It's trash. I had to use my friends apartment address, have them put it on his credit card with the billing address matching, venmo him, and then have my firestick stream it, but the connection and navigating was still horrible.
  7. Joe Tessitore, Bogger McFarland Annnounced As MNF Crew

    SMH awful. Couldn't be less excited.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    Anyone see any Rookie Numbers being announced?
  9. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    I was happy with the draft. The need for OL and Secondary was evident with those two position groups having the potential for biggest turnover in upcoming years (Whitworth, Talib, Peters). I think Taylor Rapp is going to thrive in his role as a 3rd Safety covering TE's, slot, RB's which is where we were burned alot last year. Very excited to see him on the field. I liked the Henderson pick even though regardless of what Snead/McVay say, it worries me for Gurley's knees. But if Gurley needs to be fresh for the playoffs and Henderson can be a 3rd down back I'm excited to see what Henderson can do. Full faith in Kromer developing the OL prospects, but I see both as guards. Blythe may switch to Center and compete with Allen. I think we will sign a vet LB before camp or during to compete on the inside, but I'm comfortable with Kiser and Littleton starting. Oko is practically a rookie this year as an Edge rusher so it doesn't shock me they didn't add someone early. Ebukam, Fowler, Clay, and Oko should be fine. Gaines should start week 1 at NT and even though he will never have flashy numbers, the ability to eat blockers up will help with our rush defense and give Donald/Brockers some open looks. I wish we rolled the dice on a late WR to compete for #4 or #5 spot, but thats a minimal critique. I heard the TE Brown as UDFA was a great find, but don't know much about him.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    The point of posting was just to foster discussion during a dead time lol. I've made my stance pretty clear that I'm going all in last year and this year before Goff gets paid because after that we will drop off to a WC level team instead of serious contender. Now, if we had Clowney for just 1 year and received a comp pick back (3rd) because we can't pay him, I'm all for it. The caliber of player we will get at #31 would not be on Clowney's level so I'd pull the trigger knowing it would be a 1yr rental, but that's just me. Superbowl winners, or losers, are proven to bring in vets on cheap deals looking for rings. We saw that this year with Clay and Weddle. So we could theoretically restock starting spots with cheap vets after next season as well while we still groom our later draft picks.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    I saw this in the NFL Gen thread and wanted to bring the idea to our forum. Would you trade the #31 pick for Jadaveon Clowney? And do you think the Rams are considering it? I know we tried trading for him at the deadline and it didn't come to fruition. We then traded for Fowler. Is it still a possibility? My take: I'd gladly trade#31 for Clowney straight up, but I have no idea how the financials would work or if they're even possible.
  12. Jrry32 First Mock of April

    @jrry32 Thank you for the breakdown. Very thorough and well thought out. I can see why you like him and the upside. He would be a good replacement for Higbee. My only critique would be that Kupp is the man that would line up in the slot and dominate the middle of the field as he has a la Jordan Reed. I'm not sure the impact he would have on Kupp's targets. But after this scouting report, you've sold me on him.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    I'm sensing a pattern here...can't quite put my finger on it.
  14. Jrry32 First Mock of April

    I love the trades. I'm still unsure how the TE you have rated so high, but if he has that type of potential, I like it. I'd like to see a RB drafted somewhere and also a developmental WR/Return man late in the draft. I'd be happy with this. B+
  15. BStan's Post FA Mock Draft

    I've read through many mock drafts and all were in this range, but obviously anything can happen.