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  1. With Embiid coming off a 23ppg 11reb with a Philly team finishing 52-30 at 3rd in the East the prior year, yes you take someone with the same upside and no injury history at 1.
  2. This is one way of phrasing it to shape an argument lol Do we need to run through the list of Euro players in the top 10 that busted out over the years to understand why Luka went where he did? I'd have carpel tunnel before I got to Dragon Bender.
  3. Cam Johnson was a good pick if you watched this years Finals. Jalen Smith should of been Haliburton. And Ayton is going to a max deal. Everyone agrees it should of went Luka, but the safer, smarter pick at the time was certainly Ayton. Idk what the point is here. Taking a higher floor, lower ceiling guy at #1 when your job is on the line is safe and provides the franchise with immediate returns. If you're saying who do you think has a better chance of panning out, #1 overall or the field? Everyone would obviously take the field. Feels like that doesn't need to be said.
  4. James Jones still won GM of the year and lost in the Finals. He should of taken Luka, but the "safe route" was still a prosperous one.
  5. All valid and I agree with every assessment. The part we're not considering is the person making this decision is making it with the best interests of the team and THEIR JOB in mind. If you take the consensus #1 overall pick and he bombs, you get to say, "Well every loved that guy, you can't blame me". If you take a risk at #1, you don't get that luxury and you're likely fired for it. i.e. You take Cade at #1 and you have no risk of getting fired if he doesn't perform as well as Green. If you take Green and he busts, you're fired in 2 years.
  6. Ryen Russillo mentioned on his podcast last week that every NBA Exec and FO personnel he spoke with said without hesitation or deviation, that Cade's the #1 pick. He was even shocked in how consensus it was because he too likes Green's potential, but to people who are in the know, Cade is a no brainer. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Zero lime light is also zero pressure. NBA Scouts watch him regardless, but he was out of the scope of public scrutiny which is a bonus. He made $125K for his season in the G-League. He took a chance going the G-League route and I respect him more for it.
  8. Think he meant to say "Road Less Traveled" lol
  9. This kid will be a steal in the 2nd round or undrafted. I see Dario Saric with a little more playmaking ability. 3. Sandro Mamukelashvili | 6-11 | 240 | PF/C | Seton Hall 202-21 stats: 17.5 PPG, 7.6 RPG, 3.2 APG, 33.6% 3PT FG Big Board ranking: 65 How often do 6-foot-11 players with point guard like passing skills and proven 3-point shots come along? Not often, and while there are obvious questions about Mamukelashvili's defensive credentials, his offensive upside is tantalizing. Detractors might point to his high turnover numbers as a senior as a reason for caution, but M
  10. We had a better O-line then. Also, a deeper one. But as @StLunatic88said, if there's any position you can grab a guy off the street and see immediate production, it's the RB position. I do think we will go more pass heavy this year then last.
  11. Giannis put on an all time great performance. I never saw this coming after going down 2-0; I didn't think the Bucks had the personnel and Bud didn't have the adjustments in him to make this a series. Jrue Holiday's defense on CP3 games 3 onward is vastly underrated. Middleton played unreal in Game 4 onward. Giannis just became an attacking hybrid big man and stopped the jump shooting which made him the most dominant player Ive seen in a series since Shaq. With all that said, injuries are a part of any sport and you can only beat who is put in front of you. The Bucks did that and are dese
  12. This. Henderson's injury history and Funk's injury history are cause for concern if the Rams going into camp with "what they have". Alot of good names being thrown around that seem to be realistic. Philip Lindsay would be great. Kalen Ballage is another name. Wayne Gallman. And obviously Mark Ingram. Glad the board is talking again...sad for the reason behind it lol
  13. Playing a rookie( a PS eligible rookie) scares me a little considering our window. Gallman is a very interesting name you mentioned. Looks like we will head into camp evaluating the talent on the roster currently. Smart move. I guess one way to view this in a positive light (not sure how any of this is positive) is that it happened BEFORE camp.
  14. Totally agree with you on Yeldon. He always intrigued me. Mark Ingram is certainly someone to watch, but you have to think they would want to bring someone in for camp vs. waiting until the end of camp for someone to be cut and take longer to get up to speed. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jake Funk take on that Malcolm Brown role and givine Henderson the bulk of touches. Peter Schrager commented that the Rams won't rush to sign anyone though so I'm very curious to see how it all unfolds.
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