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  1. I'm pretty sure "putting yourself in a situation" is not in the CBA as a suspendable offense and I don't think there is a precedent for what you just described. I'd love to see an example though of someone de-escalating a situation receiving a suspension.
  2. For helping someone not get their head caved in? I normally think Goodell if a J-Off so this would certainly fall in line with that notion.
  3. Welp now that this is over, back to our regularly scheduled programming of AD going for another DPOY. I wanna see some crow eating from the turds spewing nonsense about Donald's on field agression resulting in this happening.
  4. This was always going to be the pick. I never understood the Mac Jones rumor or reason for it. The short answer is, you don't give up what SF gave up to pick someone they could of gotten in the 5-10 range or possibly later. Mac Jones could have a higher floor/lower risk than Fields, but that's still not the type of player you make this move for.
  5. 🙋‍♂️ If that makes me part of the problem, I have ZERO issues being a part of the problem. Because the fact that you're even mentioning Ray Rice in the same breath as Aaron Donald in regards to this off the field situation is over dramaticizing to the point of absurdity when we have less than half the information we need to pass judgement. These guys are are jacked up on testosterone, CTE, and confidence in being the best athletes in the world. All we know is someone stepped to AD and he handled it. I agree that he shouldn't of been out at a club at 3-4am, but the rest is two people act
  6. Nothing good ever happens at 3-4am. Would of been good for his "team" to keep him out of these situations entirely, but at the end of the day, we're all human and professional athletes are tested by the public everyday. It will be very interesting to see what other information comes out or video tapes outside the club were able to catch. If Aaron Donald can't be recognized in a club in PITTSBURGH wearing 100K worth of jewelry then this man had vision problems before Donald broke his eye socket.
  7. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2021/04/14/rams-andrew-whitworth-trent-williams-trade-guard/ Great read. Now go trade for Orlando Brown Jr.
  8. Beginning part is what we know, the end is my elaboration of what could of transpired after. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Hollis said the alleged altercation began inside of a nightclub when Spriggs accidentally bumped into Donald. Per TMZ, Hollis alleged that Donald "got aggressive" with his client outside of the club after both men were asked to leave.
  9. Guy bumped into him in a club. They were both asked to leave (let's assuming they were talking $hit). They get outside. They fight. Aaron Donald won the fight. If a security camera can prove the other guy swung first, this gets dropped. If it doesnt get dropped, he serves a 1-2 game suspension as a first time offender and it didn't involve a woman. Annoying, but nothing too big.
  10. Didn't hit a woman, didn't rape/sexually assault a woman. This should be a minimum suspension if any. Once the details come out on why the altercation started it will help shape the issue. Would love to see a judge look at the prosecutor and say "Why was your client having a confrontation with AARON DONALD? Case dismissed."
  11. The Suns are going to be in the WCF. I like them as a darkhorse to win the West behind a healthy LAL team.
  12. That's apples and oranges man. D-Jax is a 34 year old speedster who has played 74% of possible games. Ertz is 30 year old who's 91% of possible games and has 1 down year of production. D-Jax was never expected to yield us anything and was a FA. Ertz would be a trade scenario that could leave us at Net Zero if we get back the 4/5th we put out. Not sure I understand the comparison.
  13. Dylan Moses or Darius Stills for me.
  14. Oh 100%. It takes two to tango. I just thought you meant the idea of an extension was only mentioned by fans and not something Snead actually floated in his mumbled, southern lingo.
  15. Was floated at the time of the trade and Snead recently made a comment on a podcast last week that the deal was done with Stafford being the QB for more than 2 years. It's in the Rams best interests to extend him because if he wins a MVP or a SuperBowl before his current deal expires, he's going to want HUGE money and will have the Rams backed in a corner for it. More than just hope so far.
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