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  1. Draft Discussion Thread

    Imagine if we pulled off Turay AND Okoronkwo? Teamed with Ebukam and we would have to use that nickname.
  2. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    I'd like to have a discussion about a football player not being able to play football on Footballs Future forum lol such turds. Whatever.
  3. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    People can be just as heated screaming about their own team as they can about politics. And while I agree I don't want politics anywhere near my sports, this particular topic is a mixture of both with sports being the dominant head line. The fact that we cannot discuss it regardless of the outcome is childish. Kap not being in the NFL is well worth a discussion. Im not a fan of his or the 49ers, but I'd much rather hear peoples opinions on his situation then a debate between '72 Dolphins and the '07 Patriots.
  4. Draft Rumors

    Take this FWIW and I have no rooting interest in the Bears or Notre Dame, but my buddy went to dinner at his GF's parents house last weekend. Her neighbor is Quentin Nelson's parents. They kept mentioning "going to Chicago, Chicago". My buddy first heard that and assumed the draft was taking place in Chicago, but after I told him it's in Texas he was like Ohhh maybe his mom was saying he going to Chicago like the Bears. I.e. Im taking from this he was told if he's there when the Bears pick, he's going to Chicago. Again, not trying to stir up any nonsense. Just relaying an interesting story.
  5. Draft Discussion Thread

    Kemoko Turay or Ogbonnia Okoronkwo in the 3rd. Micah Kiser in the 4th. And then idc about the rest. Take OG/C and RB sprinkled in with great upside LB prospects.
  6. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    The reason it is derailing other threads (this one included) is because like children we aren't allowed to give the topic it's own thread. So it will continue to be mentioned wherever there is some crossover. Thanks for helping my case for it's own thread.
  7. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    Yeah I figured that was the case. Still dumb. Shouldn't be up to the Mods to monitor content as long as it relates to football in some fashion; which in this case it does. If it turns into a L v. R debate then shut it down, but until it proves itself to be that, the discussion should be had.
  8. Seahawks sign former Washington QB Stephen Morris

    How come we don't have a thread in General for Kap being blackballed? It's worth the discussion and the Mods shouldn't shut it down for political issues because its football and political mixed into one. Am I just not seeing it?
  9. Draft Rumors

    Giants cannot be that dumb to take Barkley #2. Theyre not a franchise of making bad decisions like that.
  10. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    Until Bill Belicheck/Tom Brady give me a reason to think otherwise, they're a top 2 team in the league. BB has such a high turnover of impactful players that losing Cooks, Solder, Lewis, Butler, and Amendola has no impact on how I feel about the Pats cause he could turn Kenny Britt into a 10+ TD WR. Lord knows what he will turn Cordarrelle Patterson into. Jordan Matthews will probably be a great replacement for Amendola. Guy turns garbage into gold almost every year and then disposes them like theyre garbage again. Also, probably only coaching staff in the league I would fear to play against. So I would say the Patriots win today.
  11. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    1.Eagles 2. Pats 3.Rams/Steelers/Vikings 4.Jacksonville/Saints Yeah I know I didn't put 4 total, but it's too hard to separate this early in the offseason without the draft.
  12. Draft Discussion Thread

    Do we have an updated list of the Rams Top 30 visits so far? Or who we expect them to meet with? I'm sure the list will be changing since we no longer have a 1st round pick.
  13. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    I think because he is more of a one trick pony ( similar to Desean Jackson ironically). But that one trick is exactly what McVay wants for his offense. Play to his strengths. As a result, he will not get top tier money. I think around 13-14 mil annually. And chill with that subpar QB trolling, guy. 28td to 7ints and the best offense in the NFL is not "SubPar" by any stretch.
  14. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    Everything you said + the fact that Les Snead is apt to move around in the draft. We have three 4ths and i think four 6ths? If we see an OLB that falls to early 3rd round, Les will move up.
  15. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Trumaine Johnson will yield a 3rd round compensatory pick as well. Suh was cut so he will not count against our comp picks.