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  1. This is....cryptic? Could be a release, could be a trade? Compensation would be minimal, maybe a 5th? Destinations in mind are Buffalo and Green Bay.
  2. oh come on don't make me go back and pull quotes. They wanted him to be charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon lmao ahh forget it. Mostly pissed off Steelers fans with that view anyway. Who cares? https://medium.com/@cribbsle/why-myles-garrett-should-never-play-again-b46cb2a00e41
  3. I think we all do. The world has desensitized all of us. I seriously was expecting worse, I'm not even joking.
  4. Pedofilia, sex trafficking, front for corruption and black market businesses, extortion, murder,etc In 2020, sexual abuse and blackmail is some Nickelodeon stuff. [yawn]
  5. Thank you, sir. That's all I was looking for; general hints in the direction of the story. I was expecting worse tbh, but I'm sure ESPN/NFL network will eat this up until training camp starts.
  6. Remember when people thought he would never be in the NFL again?
  7. Can someone share what they are hearing? I've just read a million tweets about "what we're going to hear is bad", but I haven't heard anything. And it seems like everyone has already "heard it" or whispers of "it". Snyder run a Sandusky-like organization in the offseason or something?
  8. I think the "blockbusters" are done after Ramsey. Eventually, McVay will want to draft someone in the first round. This year will be very telling of our future.
  9. Listed as 6'2 195lbs. I'd comp him to Devonte Graham or Carson Edwards so Boston is probably out of the picture. I know Phoenix scouts have been in touch with him so who knows. Guy has so much game tape out there and stepped up in big moments. He'll find a spot in this league.
  10. I would love to see Myles Powell fall to someone like Boston or San Antonio. Maybe Dallas. He's going to have a great career as a bench spark and potential 6th man.
  11. I have a belief that if you've been to a SuperBowl recently (same core) and you get back into the playoffs, you're still in your window. Having the experience and only having to win a few games, it's a reality. (Philly, SF, Sea) For that reason, the Rams window is still open. Last year was a missed FG away from the WC spot with bottom 5 O-line in the league and toughest division in NFL. If they get back in next year with 7 spots, they're contenders.
  12. If Philly is healthy, I'd pick them. NFC West is too tough to convincingly say one team is going to definitely come out on top. We beat the hell out of each other all year and I see Superbowl loss regression out of SF, but still 10+ wins. No one in NFC North scares me. Packers at 13 wins looked weak and were convincingly beat in playoffs. Rodgers vs Coaching Staff/Front office will grow every week after the Love draft pick. I actually like Atlanta to come out of the NFC South this year.
  13. Snead doesn't have a history of signing Safety's so I'd say that's a fair assessment.
  14. Probably because they haven't picked your team lol I watch regardless of the team because it's NFL content in the summer, but it's more exciting when you get to see your team behind the scenes.
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