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  1. Cardinals are the best team in the league. HOWEVER, they were 5-2 last year through 7 weeks and Kyler was an MVP candidate. After the Bye week, they went 3-6. Kyler was dinged up and was figured out. Also, anyone feel bad for Larry Fitz? Debated whether or not to come back and now theyre' the best team in the league through the 1H of the season.
  2. A couple take aways from the game. I was there in person with my wife. Section 109 by the 5 yard line on the NYG side: Giants fans were cool. They acknowledged there is no rivalry and that this game could get ugly, but that they do play up to their competition. They were honoring the 2011 Superbowl team at halftime so attendance was crazy. Rams fans SHOWED UP. Legitimately 20-30% Rams fans in the building. I was blown away with how many Rams fans I saw. No fights, no heckling, no arguments. One guy asked me if I was from California, but he was implying that i'm a bandwagon fa
  3. Yeah thats how they label it. Donald with the #99 would look dope. If I didnt have a bunch of his already i would have gotten his, but instead went Stafford with my free jersey from caesars
  4. And one that SHOULD be a $hitshow.
  5. I guess you didn't read my post where I said ... Chill with the victim mentality, no ones attacking you. I used a post of yours to share a tweet from a Rams personality and you've gone off the deep end. Best of luck man. Go Rams.
  6. I'll be there! Two days after my wedding and the future wife got us tickets. Hoping my Stafford alternate white arrives in time.
  7. You're taking this in a way different direction and making it personal. Let's just keep it about the Rams bud. I have a general dislike for people who think the sky is falling with every play and think we're going to the superbowl with every TD. You're not one of those people, but a more prominent poster on this board so I enjoy discussions with you. I'm sorry it's not mutual. Wish we had @jrry32 back for more dialogue, but is what it is. The Warner video was awesome I actually watched it this morning, should have liked it. I love that people post that kind of stuff so looking forward to
  8. I think my issue is the whining and nitpicking, but that ones on me cause if I didn't want to be annoyed by that, I wouldn't have come to a message board. We're all fans of the team and that's what matters. If we're watching a game and Stafford has a bad half as you pointed out, that is objectively accurate. We can disagree on the reasoning, I say injury, you say decision making w.e. but I guess my focus is more on the big picture. IDC he had a bad half. Some people do and that's their choice.
  9. And the link I shared stated the NFL is up 17% vs 2020. Thank you. Glad we are all on the same page now. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/07/media/nfl-ratings-2021/index.html
  10. He got caught 10+ years after the fact. But yes, in your example, if you say those things at work you're fired. If you say those things ever in a private conversation (or written) their are no statute of limitations in society. You are then fired + cancelled. He will never work again.
  11. Our fanbase is just divided and we're tired of hammering home points with one another who are on the other side. Poster engagement is down because of the divide. Oh well, sour grapes. No need to get bent out of shape. Winning solves everything so after the SuperBowl win, we should all come together and rejoice. BTW make sure you tag me if you wanna talk $hit 😉
  12. Do you have any relevant data from the last...5 years? or just CY vs PY?
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/07/media/nfl-ratings-2021/index.html False.
  14. The NFL's image is more important than a HC is in a locker room. The product comes before the team.
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