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  1. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Because Incognito isn't dumb enough to charge a man holding his helmet. Unlike Rudolph.
  2. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    This got 1 game suspension. Myles Garrett is wrong, but a precedent was set and this exceeds that. Should of only been 3 games. Media/NFL overreacting for clicks stating this has never been seen in the NFL before. But it has. And it was in 2013. Hyperbole gets clicks.
  3. General Season Talk

    It may not be up to him. One more concussion in this season and his hand can be forced. Especially as the new CBA approaches. He's young enough with a large volume of concussions in a short period of time, he could be used as an example. Just a thought.
  4. What are things Goff can improve on?

    Decision making, making late throws and anticipation of DB's, ball security when the pocket collapses (timing when pocket collapses). Turnovers in general. Bring back the 2017/2018 accuracy on deep ball throws.
  5. Panthers release G Bryan Witzmann

    Rams going to the waiver wire for help. Anybody can give background on this guy?
  6. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    Fair enough. I would of taken the gamble to keep focus on our window for a SuperBowl. The Rams are HEAVILY invested in the next 3 years given the contract structure of Goff, Gurley, Cooks; this just ties into that. Ramsey is great, HOF Caliber CB heading into his prime and changed the landscape of our defense....it just doesn't necessarily equate to wins as we saw and the Offense needs all the help it can get. Given that's where our focus has been, Williams would of added to that and we could sure as hell use it. Pointless now though.
  7. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    Oh I know it's not me lol I voiced my concerns in August that gambling on youth and expecting to go 3 season in a row without injuries is far too risky. I got criticized because I questioned Kromer, McVay, and Snead about it, but turns out it was valid. I admitted in my original post that the Ramsey trade vastly improved our defense, it just doesn't matter when you can't put points on the board. This is the second time our O was completely shut down (49ers) and the defense played well and we still lost. We didn't screw up letting Sully or Saffold walk. Saffold has graded out terribly this year, but not looking into veteran FA stop-gap type guys has hurt us and will be on full display this sunday vs. Chicago.
  8. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    I don't think it's a coincedence that the players who retired in that 32-33 range were from the previous generation (Pace, Jones, Roos, Light) vs. players who have been lucky enough to play in todays game with less padded practices, better medicine and treatments. i.e. Players are playing longer and at a higher level. We will see more of this as time goes on and we are seeing it now with Brady, Julius Peppers, Whitworth, Cameron Wake, Thomas Davis,Frank Gore, Fitz, Suggs, Staley, Jonathan Joseph. The guys I just named are 35+.
  9. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    The topic came up on one of these posts who we would prefer if we had the chance. Jrry said he would prefer Jalen because of X,Y,Z. I said I'd prefer Trent because of D,E,F. Both were topics of trade talks and had ties to the Rams. Not comparing possibility of the two, compared who would you prefer if you had the choice. Chill, guy.
  10. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    Trent Williams is 31years old. By comparison, Whitworth is 37. We could still get 4 years of above average production out of him at LT. Enough for me.
  11. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    We actually commented on "Ramsey vs. Trent Williams" about a week before the deadline. You stayed firm on Ramsey given his age and ranking at his position. I wanted Trent because I thought it would be more beneficial short and long term to protect Goff as an asset. Hindsight, I'd still rather Trent Williams for the sheer fact it likely would of cost us less (1st and maybe 2nd vs. 2 1st's) and that our offense would likely be performing better than it has. I will happily concede that Ramsey has made our defense vastly better with a better pass rush now that we can play more man coverage, but as last week showed us, we can't win a game without the offense scoring points. Also, Ramsey is going to break the bank next year. He has to make Everett the focal point of the offense like the last two drives of Sundays game. Underneath throws, get it out of his hands quick, and let Everett/Kupp make plays after the catch. We do not have the O-line personnel for 5-7 step drops especially against Chicago. I'm getting nauseous typing "Feed Gurley" over and over, but something has to give, right? Why would McVay not give him the ball when he was having his best rushing game of the season? Bears- L Ravens-L Cardinals- W Seahawks- W Cowboys-L 49ers- L 7-9
  12. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    I originally started with DK sportsbook because the actual app worked better, but just switched to Fanduel Sportsbook because they allow for more player prop parlays and same game parlays. Located in NJ so it's all legal and keeps the amount I'm betting in check lol the bookie days with lines of credit used to get crazy.
  13. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    I'm not going to copy the entire thing, but this is hysterical. Well played, @Flounch The level of pettiness is almost at 100 and I probably would of done the same thing {claps hands}. Following a SuperBowl appearence, with a top heavy cap strapped team and little draft capital going forward, a QB and O-Line that has regressed, and a hobbled RB with his highest cap hit upcoming next year...I'd say we have the right level of pessimism/optimism going forward. The team will battle week to week, I think we will see glimpses again of the O being dominant, but too little too late in the NFC playoff picture. 4 Losses at Week 10 is not going to cut it and leaves the margin for error razor thin. I expect 9-7 or 10-6; and that likely won't get us the 6th seed. SuperBowl Hangover=confirmed.
  14. General Season Talk

    This aged well.
  15. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    We needed to finish the 2nd half of the season at 6-2 to have a shot. Now we need to go 6-1 the rest of the way and hope Seattle loses tonight. Minnesota winning hurts. Feel so bad for this defense. The McVay hate is rolling in on twitter; people are quick to jump down the Rams throat after instant success 2 years ago. Gotta prove we weren't a flash in the pan, but it's not looking good. Lost my 6 team parlay with a Rams loss so it hurt triple. Rams Def TD+Rams Win Aaron Jones TD+Packers Win Jack Doyle TD $20 to win $999.90 and Rams $hit the bed.