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  1. Would love Dickerson and Moses in the 3rd.
  2. So to recap: Brockers, Havenstein, Woods all on the block or gaining interest. Only named linked to the Rams in a trade is Zach Ertz with Chargers and Colts linked as well (Colts favorite). My gut tells me we're going to see alot more changes this offseason and likely this week. ODB is a name I'm keeping an eye out for as we were linked to him before we traded for Cooks, he's the big play threat we lack, and is likely available from Cleveland. I'd consider trading Woods + X for ODB. Depends what X would be though.
  3. I've see Michael Brockers and Rob Havenstein linked to the Rams as potential trade candidates. Have to think Baltimore will be interested in Brockers again, probably same for Havenstein with a need a RT. Brockers + Havenstein +3rd for Orlando Brown...too much? Not enough?
  4. He literally wanted his dad's head cut off. That's not hyperbole either. I'm going to pass. {yes, I realize you prefaced it with he's a 'crazy person'}
  5. Steph Klay Wiggins Collins Wiseman/Draymon I can see that team being top 3 in the West next year. Not sure what could be done on Draymon's deal, but I'd get rid of him as soon as possible. Package him and Oubre for another wing defender.
  6. Or when we drafted Terrell Burgess and then saw the success of Jordan Fuller lol We don't pay safeties.
  7. In the situation you laid out, we moved Noteboom for a 5th. I'd rather of kept Noteboom. Since we didnt in this example, I would want to find another development backup LT with our first 3 picks. But I am curious what vets will be available. They would be more interesting to me then a 3rd or 4th round guy so I agree. I do not want to roll into the season with no Noteboom and just Chandler Brewer backing him up.
  8. I feel like Rudolph will be a target. He made his money and could be ring chasing.
  9. Fully agree we are all in, swing for the fences mode. It doesn't mean you shouldn't have a plan in place for the oldest member on the team in a top 3 position of importance coming off an injury. I'm not suggesting this for any other player/position on the team, just Whit.
  10. It would certainly follow our trend of drafting a year ahead of need (Van Jefferson, Taylor Rapp, Bryce Hopkins, etc) I just wouldn't feel comfortable with trading Noteboom and rolling into the season with no one behind Whit besides Anchrum or Evans. I'd be interested in hearing what Street FA's could be brought in, but we likely need to see who gets cut.
  11. We are in win-now mode, but having a viable back up LT this season is a Top 5 need IMO; more so because of Whit coming off an injury and being 39. If he goes down, we would be lucky to get 10 wins. I'm on board with drafting a LT with one of our first 3 picks this year.
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned in the thread, but this is not about "Diva" QB's, but a turning of the tide in the NFL. Ties into player empowerment. We will see QB's force their way out similar to what NBA Stars have done forcing trades (PG3, Harden, Anthony Davis). Many believe it's not possible due to the CBA, length of NFL Careers, and power dynamic between players and ownership, but I assure you this will be the first year that this trend starts. The longer a front office sits on a disgruntled All Pro QB, their value will begin to decrease and sitting on an unhappy player will hurt
  13. Would I have loved Watt? Sure. Did I think we could afford him? No. Unless he had aspirations of making it in Hollywood. Was it a need? Nah not really. Could use another rusher on the D-Line to pair with Donald, but it's not as pressing as other needs. Am I tired of the NFC West accumulating the most talented players in the league? YES ENOUGH ALREADY, GIVE US 2 GUARANTEED PLAYOFF SPOTS. I'm not scared of Arizona at all, but if they're in the NFC East theyre favorites right now. It's ridiculous how skewed the talent level is in this division vs others. The ProBowl should jus
  14. I'm a huge fan of this. I love the Atwell pick. Well done👏
  15. Oh yeah Watt was never happening. I'm sure we made a call, but half the league did as well. However, I fully agree with you assessment that we will focus on Offense with our limited cap space. I don't think Marvin Jones happens unless we end up moving Kupp or Woods. I can certainly see TE being brought in since it's a bit of a risk to say "Here's Matt Stafford's two year window and his 2nd TE is a 2nd year guy who hasn't caught a pass". I'd say we bring in atleast 1 O-linemen, 1 TE/WR via FA. I think the draft will be BPA with a few positions in mind on the defensive side of the ball. The
  16. Russ to the Saints would SUCK. Yes, he would be out of the division, but we've dominated them for years now. Other than that, I hope he goes to the AFC.
  17. It's a great point. "Prove it" is the wrong terminology, but it's shorter than "Prove you deserve to still be in the NFL and on a contending team so here's the vet minimum" deal
  18. No clue who this source is and wouldn't trust it until we saw someone more reputable share it, but we knew it was possible.
  19. I went 4-0 in back to back days in NBA PlayerProps. If people are interested, I will start posting my plays on this board. I'm doing strictly player props though
  20. From an O-Line perspective, we really need a long term replacement for Whit and another G or C. Blythe is gone. But Havenstein, Corbett, Whit I really like and also, I'm excited to see a full season of Edwards or Evans. I'd love to see D-Jax on a vet minimum deal vs a mid-late round speed guy in the draft.
  21. I agree with this. I want to see what Hopkins can do. I just find it very interesting to see where Snead/McVay's interest lies considering our cap situation.
  22. 5 good seasons, 3x Pro Bowl, 1x First Team All Pro and Most receptions ever by a TE in a season. His down year is the same year the franchise decided to clean house on their HC and QB. Yes, it's an outlier. He could be declining at 30, but then I look at what Travis Kelce is doing at 32 and say...let's see what next season brings before we pass judgement. Kelce and Kittle pushed the market to 14-15M per. Hunter Henry's deal this year will be very telling, but you're right, it could not be enough to warrant a 3rd. If it's his injuries causing him to decline a physical wo
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