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  1. I had a few friends who are Jets fans that were pounding the table to keep Darnold and trade back; possibly still grab Fields and future 1's/2's. They hated Gase and never felt Darnold had any time or weapons to prove his worth. I thought they were right before the draft. I still think they are right. The need for something shiny/new often blurs people's perception of reality. Darnold was just as good, if not better, of a prospect as Wilson. He was surrounded by no weapons, no O-line, and the most inept HC in recent memory.
  2. Everytime you post something on the Rams that is negative, I'm just going to quote it with the Debbie Downer gif. Let's see how many you can rack up.
  3. Unsurprisingly, I don't agree with this statement. SJD, Kenny Young, and Leonard Floyd I do not consider average based on play this year or last (Young really standing out besides his altercation). I love Fuller even though he got burned Sunday by Pittman. We have some talent and depth we won't know until we have to. I feel better about our LB core than i have in the last 3-4 years. Probably since Barron and Ogletree. I did expect a fall from #1 to #7-#10 with Morris, but anything more and I'm concerned.
  4. Raheem Morris' defense is starting to scare me. It scared me in the offseason to hear a few quotes from him in camp about his outlook, but watching the lack of halftime adjustments and combining that with a one dimensional offense. I wonder at what point does McVay take over the defense? Cause he's too much of a control freak to let his Superbowl window with Stafford get pissed away.
  5. *And Free Safety. It's insane to me it was never talked about more, but he legit played both sides of the ball. Started at FS in 2005, signs with the Lions in 2006 as a WR and has 98 catches 1086 yards and 6 TD. He was second in the league in receptions that year and was a starting FS the year before. If that happened today it would be all over the internet.
  6. What was the fan ratio in the Stadium Rams vs Bears?
  7. Yeah, dividing the fanbase over an "I told you so" moment isn't going to bring any value to the board. I'm just letting it go and we can all enjoy this season together.
  8. I acually saw him get thrown around by Hicks, which most people would, but he had a costly holding penalty and I feel like Stafford had to evade a decent amount of pressure up the middle. Sidenote: Dare I say, the first time I ever saw Donald look human? Whiffed on a sack, get upheld a few times. He is 30 now, but it was sad that this was the first time I saw him look ...just really good and not superman.
  9. My plays for today: Jared Goff UNDER 21.5 Completions-110 1U Baker Mayfield OVER 7.5 Rushing Yards-115 1U Damien Harris OVER 3.5 Receiving Yards-120 1U Anthony Firkser OVER 24.5 Receiving Yards-110 1U Tee Higgins OVER 59.5 Receiving Yards-115 1U
  10. Outside of Khalil Mack getting the best of Whitworth, I'm not worried in the slightest. Dalton, with a better OL, RB, and WR group, through for 197YPG with a QBR of 53.8 against the NFC East. Allen Robinson will be taken out of the game with Ramsey and the right side of their O-Line is suspect as best. Offensively, I think we may start slow, but by the 2Q I think Stafford really settles in and McVay opens up the offense. This should be a rout.
  11. So Hekker restructured and so did Higbee...Potential implications... SJD extension D-Will extension Stafford extension? Remaining FA's David Decastro Mitchell Schwartz Rick Wagner Austin Reiter
  12. 31-17 Rams Stafford 25/38 350 yards 2 TD Henderson 50 rushing yards 1 TD Michel 35 rushing yards Kupp 6 rec 90 yards TD Higbee 3 rec 40 yards TD 1 Defensive TD
  13. Antonio Brown OVER 53.5 receivcing yards. I have him projected at 5rec 61 yards. Also, I'm hearing whispers that big bettors are hammering Denver -2.5. Take it FWIW.
  14. It was a lifetime achievement award for Conley. It was actually better he never got it so he can say he was the best player to never be an All Star. He is decling. Mitchell played his a$$ off and it still got them nowhere. Hard for him to go up another level from 35PPG. If you're banking on 35yr old Rudy Gay making the Jazz more dynamic, I feel like you're proving my point. Again, he is projected to come back by Christmas. Not miss half the season. Klay's game is not build on his athleticism. He literally dropped 60 pts on 11 dribbles. He may take a step back defe
  15. Jazz didn't do anything substantial to improve their team. That's why Ingles and Bogdonavic were on the trade block and no one bit. Mitchell will progress, but Conley is teetering towards the decline. Rudy Gay and Hassan Whiteside do nothing to move the needle in the West. Objectively, the Jazz are still just the Jazz. Will perform well in the regular season and then go as far as Mitchell can carry them. Klay is projected to be back by Christmas I believe. If they can tread water and go .500 for 7 weeks, they will be fine. No I don't think they work well together, Draymon has to go.
  16. Lakers- No CLUE how the new team will fit together, but yes, they would lose the LAL. Clippers- No Kawhi. Nuggets- No idea Murray's time table and still need a jump from MPJ Suns- See them taking a step back. Benefitted from injuries in the playoff to Kawhi and AD. Mavericks- No Jazz- Did not get any better this offseason. Get Ben Simmons and become 2nd best team in the West. Worth it.
  17. If GSW get Ben Simmons for Kuminga/Moody/Draymon or variation of that, they will be in title contention.
  18. Saw the tweets about DAL clearing cap space by converting part of Zeke's salary into a bonus. It makes sense. I will miss Hekker. Truly end of an era. Next question is, who do we sign with the cap space created? IOL and OLB are my top 2 positions of interest.
  19. My NFL Award Futures and a few Player Totals. I'll continue to post my weekly player props in this thread if any are interested or follow me on twitter @PropHolliday
  20. He had 1000 yards and we flipped him for a 2nd two years later. Not much of a rip off IMO. Depreciating asset
  21. The obvious choice, but good for him. I like him as a darkhorse for CPOY if the NFL doesnt move forward with giftwrapping it to Dak.
  22. Didn't we trade that in the Goff/Stafford trade? Thought I read somewhere Holmes wanted that pick specifically lol
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