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  1. I've been in a bike accident before and know how badly that can mess you up. Hopefully he'll be able to get over this and be fine in the long run.
  2. Taylor Moton was one of the good 2nd-day OTs in the 2017 draft. He (Western Michigan) and Dion Dawkins (Temple, IIRC) were the two guys that had some pretty easy-to-see talent pre-draft, but were projected inside to guard because they weren't highly-touted and played for small schools. While Forrest Lamp, from WKU, was LOVED by draftniks (ultimately fell to the second day, though). Anyways, both Moton and Dawkins have been really good but gotten less attention than the day 1 guys or Cam Robinson. I think both were day 2 targets by the Rams that year, IIRC. 2017 was a weak OL draft overal
  3. That's exactly what I think, too! I thought that player that we saw in flashes in Atlanta, that game-changer, had finally broken out and been a top player, but then he just vanished except for one player here or there over the last half of the season. I really want him to do well and just stay consistent wherever he is.
  4. In a 3-4? ILB. He's a Mo. ESPN and Packers sites list him at ILB. He was an ILB with the Cards. He plays off-ball. Only time he didn't was listed as an OLB was with the Falcons, but he was still off-ball, and as @FalconFan13 stated, he was listed as a SLB. Packers have a 3-4. In their scheme, he'd be an ILB. Could be their starting Mike imo, if not he's likely their starting Mo. I really liked him for the Cards, but it was pretty much how he was for the Falcons. Completely dominant and all over the place some games, and on others you're wondering if he's sitting out or something because
  5. Yeah, we'd likely run with 11 DBs like last year. Add Menet, add Brewer, cut out two DBs. Which ones, though? Banjo? Gowan? Dennard? Washington? Williams? Alford? We have 11 DBs that I could see getting significant snaps on an NFL squad this season, if not starting, and then two rookie CBs.
  6. He's not an OLB. ESPECIALLY not in a 3-4. Can we change the title?
  7. Best ILB in Arizona over the first half of last season.
  8. Yeah, they're gonna need a huge surge from some of those corners. Peterson is best suited as a rotational corner at this point. He doesn't have the explosion that he once did, making him just an average to slightly above average cover guy who struggles with speed. The fact that he's lost a step or two means we couldn't ignore his extreme lack of physicality anymore. Guy's like Neon, he CONSISTENTLY has ran himself out of plays when he's not targeted over the course of his career, or plays where he has a chance to make a tackle in space. That's not good when he's no longer the shut down guy tha
  9. A 49ers fan site ( https://www.si.com/nfl/49ers/news/do-the-49ers-have-the-best-front-four-in-the-nfc-west ) ranks the Cardinals as having the best front four in the NFC West (Chandler Jones, JJ Watt, Jordan Phillips, Markus Golden). Three of those four guys have had 9.5+ sacks in at least one of the last two seasons, and the other one has 101 career sacks (JJ Watt). And it's crazy, because the top two edge guys off the bench (Dennis Gardeck and Devon Kennard) have had 7+ sacks in at least one of the last two seasons. That's a wild rotation.
  10. With early FA, the draft, and June 1st all done, we now have an idea of what our roster will look like this year! Projected '21 Cards Roster (June 4): QB: Kyler Murray, Colt McCoy RB: Chase Edmonds, James Conner, Eno Benjamin TE: Maxx Williams, Darrell Daniels WR: DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green, Christian Kirk, Rondale Moore, Andy Isabella, KeeSean Johnson OT: DJ Humphries, Kelvin Beachum, Josh Jones OG: Justin Pugh, Justin Murray, Brian Winters 😄 Rodney Hudson, Lamont Galliard DE: JJ Watt, Zach Allen, Rashard Lawrence, Michael Dogbe NT: Jordan Phi
  11. I mean, to be fair, the Cardinals have upgraded across the board this off-season. That defense had the 4th most sacks in the NFL last season, and that was without Chandler Jones. They're getting him back and adding JJ Watt to the fold. Bringing Dennis Gardeck back after his season ended early, too. More blitzing ability from the LB spot, as well. And then they upgraded at LB and in the secondary. Malcolm Butler is an upgrade over Patrick Peterson. Robert Alford is an upgrade over Dre Kirkpatrick. Zaven Collins and Isaiah Simmons should be an upgrade over Jordan Hicks and DeVondre Ca
  12. Does seem like something that Steve Keim would do, though.
  13. Julio to the Cardinals actually makes a lot of sense. The Cards' biggest offensive need is a proven deep threat at WR. Rondale Moore has elite speed and is a menace with the ball in his hands, but there are so many questions surrounding him regarding health, size, and production downfield. Andy Isabella has had like three big plays in two years, offered like nothing else, and is likely going to be cut or traded. Massive disappointment. Christian Kirk may be viewed as expendable and likely isn't re-signing with the Cards. Solid WR and has been our best downf
  14. Which makes a ton of sense. Literally nobody in the thread has pointed this out, but the guy is at 95.5 career sacks. I imagine his goal at this stage is to retire with 100, and he's probably pretty darn close to being done. If he's on a team where he can actually play, he has much more of a chance of teaching triple-digit sacks for his career. Getting 4.5 sacks in a season isn't super difficult for a pro EDGE rusher, but it's much harder when you're on the bench. Kerrigan is gonna get a shot at sacks while playing for the Eagles, which means he has more of a chance or reaching 100 this y
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