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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and expect a 6-0 record to start the season for the Cardinals.
  2. Did you know that the WR combo of Larry Legend and Nuk Hopkins is just the SECOND in NFL history with 2,000+ receptions and 25,000+ yards? Larry Fitzgerald is second all-time in receptions with 1,389. DeAndre Hopkins is second in receptions since entering the league with 653 during that span.
  3. Kyler has had some lazy missed throws for the second week in a row, but the WR combo of Nuk and Larry Legend is incredible.
  4. DeVondre Campbell has arguably made a bigger impact than DeAndre Hopkins. Like I said, all three of the trio of Nuk, Campbell, and Beachum have been a revelation for this team. Can't believe they were able to get Beachum off the street for pennies after he's been a good tackle for much of his career and a big leader in the locker room. Looking at Sam Darnold's numbers with and without Beachum blocking for him, and then looking at Beachum's numbers as well, I can't believe the Jets didn't retain him. I mean, he's gotten hurt a lot, so I guess there's that.
  5. I mean, Haason has always had the athleticism and intangibles. The issue is that he was played 3-tech in college and basically was put in the Baker Mayfield situation in the NFL, except the Cardinals didn't even know what position they wanted Reddick to play for three years! He had James Bettcher as his DC as a rookie, and then Steve Wilks in year 2 and then Vance Joseph in year 3. The continuity is helping him, for sure. But yeah, they moved him around from DE, OLB, and ILB, and switched schemes from a 3-4 to a 4-3 back to a 3-4 in his first three years, and this is all after playing on the inside of the defensive line at Temple. Hopefully this is a sign that he's catching on. Pretty sure this is his contract year, though.
  6. Kelvin Beachum, DeAndre Hopkins and DeVondre Campbell have proven to be massive additions so far. Guys like Angelo Blackson, Jordan Phillips, and Devon Kennard have also made big contributions.
  7. So far, this defense has been special. I know that the the Washington Football Team isn't the best in the world, but this unit has been playing just as well as I expected this season.
  8. Meh, I'm expecting what @DirtyDez said: the ugliest possible win. We have like two good pass-blocking OL, and one of them is a stubby right tackle, while the other is our left guard. We'll see if Lamont Galliard can be a good pass-blocker, but Humphries is average in pass pro on a good day, while whoever our right guard is (whether we're starting Sweezy or Garcia on any given day) usually doesn't play well in any department. The upside with DJ Humphries is his athleticism and being a dominant run blocker. I'm expecting a 20-14-type win with multiple turnovers by both teams and a lot of good defensive plays.
  9. I think that's a very real possibility. We'll probably see less coaches on bad teams getting fired because those teams possibly have a lower threshold for being considered "competitive" as far as record goes. I mean, playoff appearances do a lot for a HC's stability for the first several years, and now we're more likely to see mediocre teams make the playoffs. However, I think we'll be seeing coaches on playoff teams feel more heat and more pressure to do more than simply "be competitive and/or make the playoffs." I think we'll see more Mike McCarthy-type firings because a playoff spot will be devalued. Or even more of the Jason Garrett, Marvin Lewis types - coaches who typically have their teams in decent spots but never go far or seem to actually accomplish anything meaningful - getting fired.
  10. This could wind up being a much closer game than people think. The Cardinals' defense will probably do well against the Football Team's offense, but this Washington DL is possibly the best in the NFL, while the Arizona OL isn't exactly the best.
  11. He's moving around. Jalen Thompson has a lot of range and ball skills at free safety and Budda Baker is an enforcer against the run and just seems to always be around the football. Extremely athletic, too. This past week, Chris Banjo was playing as the third safety and did a pretty good job, in my opinion. They're moving Simmons around. This past week, he played perimeter corner, OLB, ILB, S, and nickel. So we're already seeing the versatility, though he did give up a few bad plays.
  12. And that's very true. Especially with Kennard, Campbell, and Simmons. Kennard has had good seasons in coverage and run defense while being an average starting edge rusher throughout his career. Campbell is a big-play guy who has done pretty well with some huge games lined up at different spots, though he is also known to disappear at times. Simmons SHOULD BE extremely versatile. He made some rookie mistakes this past week, and they were costly. We should see it get cleaned up. But yeah, Steve Keim definitely made defense the focus of the off-season.
  13. Nuk will finish the season with 192 receptions for 2400 yards. (I mean, he's on pace for it.)
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