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  1. Who ends up drafting Kyler Murray?

    When picking a team, I thought of the following: Who has the lack of proven personnel that enables them to completely re-write the offense without serious repercussions to their talented players? Who has the personnel to have a successful Murray-style offense (full spread super gun)? Who's willing to start over? Only three teams, in my opinion, have players that would transition well to this sort of system: the Giants, Dolphins, and Cardinals. I'm not sure on how Fitz would fit, though, and unless Keim tries something really crafty, I don't see them grabbing Murray. David Johnson would likely be a pretty decent fit, though. Plus, for the time being, I'll believe that the Cards won't trash a top-10 QB after one year playing for a defensive-minded coach who managed to make ALL the offense's stars struggle. The Giants like Manning and I bet they try to keep him and draft a more prototypical QB. Murray can't play in a Manning-style offense. The Dolphins wouldn't have to worry about any stars on offense struggling in a Murray-friendly system. Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage would both be great fits for a super gun offense. At WR, the Dolphins basically have a blank slate, since I see Parker and Amendola both leaving. Albert Wilson would probably do decently, based off of his athleticism, in a Murray offense. Laremy Tunsil would be a good fit based off of his tendencies in pass pro - it could cover some of his warts in awareness. And, to top it all off, the Dolphins need the big-name juice more than any other team. Jags have too many players that would be a bad fit and are in win-now mode. They don't want to throw a rookie under center from day one, and Murray would need a completely different playbook from whichever veteran is starting.
  2. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Because he CAN, though. Which is why I prefer him to Bosa. Better chess piece. But he's not like a Tavon Austin where he HAS to move around to be effective. He can play Mike or Will and be great. Or he can be one of the league's better ends in a 4-3. He can play EDGE in the 3-4. Or he can move around and be used to confuse the offense. He's an upgraded Haason Reddick with better length and coverage skills. Crazy good athlete, and I expect the number one prospect discussion to become way more clouded after Q and Allen's monstrous Combine performances.
  3. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    I can't get Josh Allen for the Rams, but I feel he's the best option. He played in the SEC, so it's not like he was getting scrub competition on a weekly basis. I heard buzz on him as a 1 last year, then he stayed and was crazy dominant this year. He carried his team. He has the coverage skills to he a true every-down stud OLB, too. I'm not sure if there's anything he can't do.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft - Interior Defensive Line

    A combo of prospect fatigue and the news that he plays in the 260s/270s and coaches feel that 280 is too heavy for him. He doesn't have the strength of a Donald to counter his size, so I'm sure some evaluators will question whether he has the functional strength to keep from getting covered up in the ground game.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Honestly, I'm surprised there hasn't been more about Ta'Amu. That Ole Miss passing offense was dang good, and Lodge was able to step right in and outright dominate stat-wise at times across from Brown once Metcalf was out. The question is how much was Ta'Amu. My guy is Tyree Jackson. Watching extensive tape, he's had a decent chunk of the prettiest throws and most impressive throws out of everyone I've dug into (which is basically everyone besides Gardner Minshew and Easton Stick at this point). When he's on, he's on. The questions are consistency and level of competition, but a lot of the throws are crazy accurate. I was expecting a big guy with a big arm, but he flashes remarkable touch and is way more precise than I anticipated. He's not a runner, either - which, I'll admit, I was half-expecting. Pleasantly surprised, and I'm intrigued enough that I'd spend a late 3 or 4 on him.
  6. Rooting for the Brees-y in Big Easy?
  7. Name Your Goat Offensive QB/RB/4 WR's/TE

    12 personnel, and it goes Brady, LT, Moss, Julio, Gronk, Gates. I would go twin verticals on the outside while having Gronk vary his routes to open things up for either LT or Gates. Gates is my Mr. Clutch and offers the ability to be a moving H-back. LT offers more by way of short-yardage than Faulk. Sadly, no Rice, because I want defensive coordinators to pee their pants over the pure field-stretching prowess of my outside to move the safeties.
  8. Name Your Goat Offensive QB/RB/4 WR's/TE

    Brees is the QB. He just is. Though, I know I'll catch flack for this, but Russell Wilson is a tempting choice with the combo of pocket passing, arm strength, efficiency, and mobility. 11 personnel: Faulk as the RB. His receiving ability is too good to pass up when combined with his elite running traits: superhuman vision, lightning speed, insane acceleration, and hyperawareness. His speed out of the backfield would be perfect for this flavor of offense. My split end is going to be Moss. He would be a daydream with Brees, and I need his vertical ability without a doubt, given the next two names. Rice is obviously the flanker in this situation. Best player all-time, hands down, and THE elite route-runner. I would have Larry Fitzgerald as my slot. Size, the greatest hands ever, superb route-running, and I could really use the extra blocking in this smaller personnel grouping. My TE is going to be Gronk. He would let my 11 essentially work like a heavy 12.
  9. +1 to all of this. I can see the Chargers making a deep run next year, potentially to the crown of Super Bowl Champions.
  10. Meh. I think Rivers is a Hall of Famer. Probably 5th ballot or so though. Big Ben for sure, even though I think Phil is better, but Ben has the combo of great stats, great play, and SBs. Rivers doesn't have one of those. Eli will get in, too. Ahead of Rivers. He'll retire first. He has multiple SBs. He's generally one of the most overrated QBs in the game (or was until 2017), but an underrated aspect of his game is the toughness. He was Iron Man for a while, taking hit after hit and getting back up, starting like a gazillion games in a row. He was decent enough for most of his career, but that's not a HOF qualifier. When he gets into the Hall, it'll be because of the combo of SB wins, Toughness, and Leadership.
  11. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Okay, so now I'm thinking about big-armed non-Lock rookie QB options. Just in case Broncos pass up on a QB during day one. Clayton Thorson or Tyree Jackson, maybe?

    I doubt Keim is wily enough for that, though.

    Here's the thing, and I think it's really fair to point out: The Cardinals don't HAVE to get Bosa at 1.1. Or Murray. Cards already have an Alpha pass-rusher. Do they NEED a second Alpha? Not necessarily. They could win a lot of football games with just a good second pass-rusher. However, many believe Bosa to be the best pass-rusher in the draft. He's definitely a blue Chip. But they don't NEED him. He would be a great pick, but they have Chandler Jones, one of the three most productive edge rushers in the league over the past couple of years, so they don't NEED him. Plenty of other teams do. Marcus Davenport was perceived to be worth multiple firsts. Bosa is clearly better than Davenport and would have to be drafted at a better slot. I know the 49ers love Bosa. The Jets love Bosa. The Giants would love Bosa. The Buccaneers don't really have someone of that caliber, and Gerald McCoy could be a free agent. What IF a team was willing to trade away two 1s, with one being a top-10 pick, for Bosa? I think it's possible. Especially if he destroys the Combine. The Cardinals could draft Kyler with that other top-10 pick, possibly trading up in the process if they land outside of the top 5 or so picks. Some of you guys are talking like trading away Rosen is the only option to nab Kyler. What if they traded away Bosa? They could deal Rosen for valuable assets later during the draft. It would give them more leverage, because then they wouldn't HAVE to draft Kyler, either, because Rosen would still be there. It would make it easier to get Kyler. Remember, the 49ers traded a very talented tackle in Trent Brown for less than he was worth last year. I mean, it's possible that a similar deal opens up later. The Cards have plenty of holes, so they don't HAVE to get anyone in particular. Unless they're stuck at number one. But they don't have to be stuck there.
  14. 3rd greatest player of Patriots dynasty

    1. Brady 2. Gronk 3. Ty Law
  15. Impending free agents/cuts

    Personally, I like Olivier Vernon as an option for the Rams better than Dante Fowler.