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  1. Man, waiting until the very end is gonna suck. Poor Cardinals fans.
  2. Final Cardinals Draft Picks: 1.16: Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa - I think that Collins actually has an elite ceiling, and should be a regular Pro Bowl candidate. I had him as the #1 LB in this class, someone with the body of an edge rusher but the athleticism of a cover linebacker. He's been nothing short of exemplary in his career, actually has a set of pass-rush moves and more development there than you'd expect from a blitzer. He's great at taking on blocks and has good range for the position. He is everything that people were hoping that Jarrad Davis would be. My comp would be Dont'a High
  3. Shortest QB throwing passes to the shortest WR. Both are two of the best movers at their positions in the whole league, but both have concerns about getting crushed. Should definitely be fun! I also really like Marco Wilson as a prospect/project. They announced him as a safety, which I find interesting, but believe it or not a lot of what he does translates well to safety. Very rangy, elite athlete at the position, long, unafraid of making tackles and good against the run, a great blitzer. He played almost exclusively off-man at Florida, and was really awkward when asked to attack WRs at
  4. I'm very bullish on the Zaven Collins pick.
  5. For those of you who are curious, I finalized my full 259-player big board yesterday before the draft and posted it on TDN: https://thedraftnetwork.com/bigboard/d7Blzhy1E1
  6. I was actually talking about Collins as an option for the Cardinals pre-draft with my family. I really liked him, had him as my LB1 on the board. Rocked up frame, very athletic, and if anyone was a dream fit for Vance Joseph's 0-6-5 package, it's him. He can contribute in that set early on, and then take over for Jordan Hicks down the line. ILB was also quietly one of the weaker spots on defense this past year, with Jordan Hicks being more of a tackle sponge than an impact player. Hicks likely remains the defensive signal-caller, but Collins will have the ability to contribute in coverage
  7. Zavdn Collins, yes!
  8. Divisional round, too, honestly. The Cardinals had the most complete roster in football and Larry Fitzgerald carried the team at the end of the game. Palmer was terrible in the playoffs but had a really strong supporting cast.
  9. Man, I'm just a teensy bit miffed by that edge rotation. And then Brown on the inside? Reddick, Burns, Gross-Matos, Christian Miller. What a young, promising DL.
  10. I actually really like Qadree, too. Pre-draft, I thought he had some traits that translated to being an NFL starter or at least a strong contributor in a rotation. He has size, power, I like his vision and he has really nice receiving ability. Honestly, reminds me a lot of Zach Moss or David Montgomery as prospects, just didn't get as much hype.
  11. Well, if Green plays outside WR, it'll be very different than having Fitz, who has been playing as basically a TE since 2014. Like, he's been a big slot, but we've also literally had him playing in-line. But yeah, Fitz has been inside to capitalize on his size while still being able to succeed with his decreased explosion due to the more favorable matchups that can be had there. So I honestly see Green on the perimeter as a different type of player. Will AJ Green be AS reliable as Larry Fitzgerald? No. But maybe he can be 2019 Fitzgerald level. Make some big plays. Otherwise just be a ste
  12. I mean, on paper it's a pretty good team. You have like four viable edge guys, and we added JJ Watt on the interior. We came into the off-season with a handful of needs, specifically corner, center, edge, IDL, running back, and tight end. We signed Malcolm Butler at corner, who has outplayed Patrick Peterson the past couple of seasons. We added one of the best centers in the league to replace possibly the worst starting center in the league. We retained Markus Golden and Dennis Gardeck to take care of edge. We added a future HOFer on the IDL and the rest of the guys should be returning t
  13. QB: Kyler Murray RB: Chase Edmonds / James Conner WR: DeAndre Hopkins WR: AJ Green WR: Christian Kirk F: Maxx Williams LT: DJ Humphries LG: Justin Pugh 😄 Rodney Hudson RG: Justin Murray/ Brian Winters RT: Kelvin Beachum OLB: Chandler Jones DE: Zach Allen / Leki Fotu DT: Jordan Phillips DE: JJ Watt OLB: Markus Golden ILB: Isaiah Simmons ILB: Jordan Hicks CB: Malcolm Butler CB: Byron Murphy CB: Robert Alford RS: Budda Baker FS: Jalen Thompson SS: Deionte Thompson
  14. Chase Edmonds, Eno Benjamin, James Conner. Solid group.
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