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  1. I absolutely love some of the guys in the locker room. And that's the thing with JJ. They're paying for his off-field contributions more than anything IMO. Is that how you construct a championship team? Idk. But he's a huge cultural boost. I'm only expecting like 7 sacks from him but that's still a massive upgrade to their IDL. And you think about all their young high draft pick investments along their IDL, and it makes even more sense. Leki Fotu, Rashard Lawrence, and Zach Allen are all young high-draft picks that haven't panned out thus far. Having him as a mentor is going to be huge. And th
  2. Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree. And that's been Kyler's issue so far. Is he a baller? Absolutely. And he's not someone who's aggressively cocky, but he also, on some level, thinks that he's head and shoulders above everyone else. Not sure if that's subconscious or what. But yeah, so he was offering himself up, but part of that was also him being a bad teammate. He had no faith that the team could win without him. Could they? I mean, they didn't, but he also didn't help them with that. Overall, it appears that he has some kinks to work out as an as a leader. He needs to develop more patienc
  3. I think he leaves. He's kind of like Russ. He wasn't the happiest with the Cardinals and at various points over the last five years he's been like "Feeling cute, might request a trade later." Remember his "snakes in the grass" tweet? And he was honestly out-played by Dre Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick's game translates better into being 30+. Cheaper, too. And Peterson can't really handle deep speed anymore. How many slower corners do you want? Especially at that price tag. Peterson isn't a bad corner yet. He's still good. But he's no longer elite, or even a #1 kind of guy.
  4. Nice to see all three of Watt, Reddick, and Golden with positive win rates, and Watt obviously had a great win rate despite double teams. Now imagine Chandler Jones in that mix. Imagine Dennis Gardeck, the most efficient pass rusher in the league last year (on pace for something like 87 sacks last season, had he played a starter's worth of snaps).
  5. To me, that's priority #1. Do we have other guys that can potentially contribute? Yes. We have such a great edge rush. But Reddick is a great talent and high-character player with the potential to be both the present and the future. Could take over as alpha once Chandler Jones is done.
  6. Statistically speaking, the Cardinals had both a playoff-caliber offense and playoff defense. Actually had the #3 red zone defense and a really great defense on 3rd-down, if I remember correctly. Makes sense when you consider that they had like 5 starting-caliber edge rushers. Their biggest weakness on defense by far was the IDL. Both penetration and gap integrity were really bad, and the defense was decimated by injury, so Joseph got creative and ran a lot of 0-6-5 fronts. It was a season where all of their top-5 IDL dealt with extended time missed with injuries, so getting those guys ba
  7. So the Cards have like an incredibly small media presence and a very small fanbase, as can be deduced by viewing this site as a microcosm of the NFL. Most "fans" deal with apathy but happen to live in the Valley so if they win a bunch of games, then that's kind of neat I guess. That's how it is. Anyways, so the Cardinals have like three sources in the media and all are via the radio. #1 is Mike Jurecki. #2 is Ron Wolfley. I'd say #3 is John Gambodoro. Jurecki is basically perfect with his reporting. Wolf is nearly as good. Gambo is mostly accurate. More of a basketball guy, though, but he
  8. I'll fully admit that they're all past their prime. I'm talking about legends, though. And like how each of them are in the community and in the locker room, in the huddle, in the film rooms. Everyone who's worked with them absolutely adores them.
  9. And like I said in the JJ thread, this has the potential to be a special locker room. Not necessarily thinking we're winning the Super Bowl, but think of the locker room. We have Larry Fitzgerald, Chandler Jones, and JJ Watt. That's special.
  10. So an interesting question was posed in NFL gen. It was which team that missed the playoffs has the greatest chance of being this year's Bucs? And then we got JJ WATT, BABY!
  11. Time to start speculating and getting hyped!
  12. Actually, no. I correct myself, @ET80. Since it's Easterby we're talking about, we'd get Tunsil, a 2021 4th, and a 2022 1st, and you'd get Christian Kirk.
  13. Do you really want Steve Keim to trade you Max Garcia and a 2023 5th for Laremy Tunsil, a 2021 4th, and a 2022 2nd?
  14. Tbh, I feel like the Cardinals are going to sign Nick Martin and cut Mason Cole. As sad as it sounds, Martin would be a massive improvement. Even when it comes to snapping the football. As far as Tunsil goes, honestly, not sure where he'd play. DJ Humphries has really been awesome at left tackle and can't play on the right side. Can Tunsil play RT? But then again, we just drafted Josh Jones and they have very similar styles. Obviously Tunsil is better, but would the talent difference justify the price tag? I know that Tunsil has experience at LG, but we have Pugh there. Tunsil is undoubte
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