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  1. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Starting to come around on Love the more I see of him.
  2. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    Andrew Thomas is a blue-chip LT prospect. That said, Mekhi could very easily be a top-10 pick, and I like him better than both Wirfs and Wills. To me, he's a more-athletic Trent Brown.
  3. Senior Bowl

    So then he'll go in the 0th round.
  4. Consensus Scouting Report - Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

    I'd be totally interested I doing this again this year.
  5. I've read that Lamb is in the high 180s to low 190s, according to ESPN, Sports Reference, the Draft Network, and Walterfootball.
  6. 2021 Prospects and beyond

    Trevor is obviously a stud prospect. Justin Fields looks like a really nice prospect with an extremely high athletic ceiling. He did an amazing job of protecting the football this past year and finished like second in Heisman voting. Jamie Newman turned heads as a legit pro prospect this year, and definitely could have been a riser during the draft process to get drafted on Day 2, or even surprise many and go on Day 1 like Daniel Jones or Josh Allen have in the past. He went to Georgia, and he's really going to turn himself into a first-round prospect if he can continue to develop. He'll immediately be able to help his stock by taking the athletic training wheels off the Georgia offense, similar to what Dwayne Haskins did after JT Barrett's Ohio State career. Kellen Mond has a good shot at being the SEC's top QB this year. He has really grown and developed under Jimbo Fisher, and if that continues, I could see him being a late first-rounder. His accuracy is occasionally scatter-shot, but the missed throw numbers have dropped each year and there's no reason to think that won't continue. He really wowed me at times this year, and I think he stands a good shot at turning into a Dak Prescott-type QB for the NFL.
  7. The Raiders need to continue to add weapons. Tyrell Williams is a nice #3 and a passable #2. Ditto for Hunter Renfrow. Adding CeeDee Lamb or Henry Ruggs would be huge, as they both can take a Derek Carr check-down to the house on any snap. Lamb is a #1 WR for the NFL, reminds me a lot of DeAndre Hopkins but smaller - Lamb is better at RAC than Hopkins, though. Ruggs is a blazing fast WR with the skill-set and route-running to be more, very similar to Will Fuller in that regard. Obviously hasn't shown to be as injury-prone as Fuller, who could be a #1 if he wasn't always hurt. My third choice is linebacker Kenneth Murray. Murray is a dark-horse top-10 pick candidate in the eyes of several front office executives, and the Raiders badly need help at linebacker with what happened to Vontaze. He's an A+ leader and a good athlete on the inside. He's shown nice coverage skills, as well. Wouldn't hate Trevon Diggs at this spot, either.
  8. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 11 - NY Jets]

    I got Jeudy, Lamb, and Mekhi.
  9. Who is the best route runner of all time?

    Jerry Rice and Antonio Brown. Jerry Rice ran like a 4.7 forty-yard dash. Antonio Brown was never a speed demon and he sure as heck wasn't able to out-body people. He was just an insanely hard worker and perfectionist who ran the best routes that I've seen. Both of those guys were only able to be the best WRs of their era due to route-running. Nothing else.
  10. Consensus top-10 pick at QB. Maybe not a top-10 player in the draft class, but there's not really anything to hate about him. He has good accuracy (and flashes tremendous pinpoint accuracy), he's mobile, has a large frame, and really improved Oregon as a football team in comparison to recent years. He can read the field somewhat consistently. He's about as safe an option as you could have at the QB position, but I'm not sure about his intangibles. He doesn't seem to fire up his teammates and isn't a very vocal type of guy. Doesn't look like he has the intensity that makes some quiet guys formidable leaders, either. Still. Not really anything to hate about Herbert.
  11. OTs Mekhi Beckton and Trey Adams could both be tremendous football players, as well. Adams has major injury red flags, but he's been a stud for most of his career at Washington. Beckton is a massive tackle who did a surprisingly good job of handling speed rushers this year, and he has the strength the Stonewall power guys, as well. He has really good movement skills for his size. He could sneak into the top half of the first round IMO.
  12. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    Dallas RBs have been relevant and heavily used pretty much all of last decade. DeMarco Murray was a beast that was fed the football a lot. Same with Zeke. Heck, even the ghost of Darren McFadden had 1,000 yards rushing for them.
  13. 2020 Arizona Cardinals Off-Season

    For those of you who haven't seen, here's an expository piece by Bleacher Report on the Cardinals: https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2865285-kliff-kingsbury-baby-kyler-lead-the-way-for-cardinals-gridiron-heights-s4e14.amp.html
  14. The Angry Birds did a lot better than many expected this season. They were competitive in the majority of their games and won against some tough teams, as well. The offense was improved under the duo of the Kliffdalorian and Baby Kyler. Larry is back. That's step one. What should be step two of this off-season? What should be their major goals and minor goals, and what goals do you think they have an actual shot at achieving this year? How much can they grow and how far can they go? Let's talk the Cardinals Off-Season!
  15. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald to return for 17th season

    Cardinal player re-signs with team for one year: Four pages of replies in a few days, lots of likes going around (in fact, it may be my most-liked reply on this forum ever) Entire Cardinals Season Thread on their FORUM: two replies. Don't change, FF.