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  1. 2019 NFL Draft - Interior Defensive Line

    I really like Dexter Lawrence for the Cardinals, too. Imagine a front-seven with Chandler Jones, Jordan Hicks, Terrell Suggs, Quinnen Williams, and Dexter Lawrence. I like Corey Peters, too.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    No problem. A UDFA grade is actually good for these small school guys because that's not the lowest possible grade. Like I said, I really like him and think he'll get to pick his landing spot if he doesn't get drafted. Multiple teams will probably try to nah him after the draft.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Sure. Super intellectual with the way he plays his game. Hyperaware and keeps his eyes downfield. Decent speed, alright mobility, seems to have great pocket presence. Nice arm strength, seems like he could have NFL average arm strength, potential to get better as he (hopefully) grows. Nice accuracy and when he's in a rhythm, he's deadly. He beat up on a lot of teams. Now, for the not-as-good. I wouldn't feel confident sticking him behind any offensive lines in the NFL with his frame. Dude could have serious troubles with injuries. He's a good athlete, but I wouldn't call him elite. Still, if he puts on weight and loses a little explosion, I wouldn't mind because he can he a good pocket passer with how cerebral he is. He can get lazy with his mechanics and progressions at times, but that's fixable if he really wants it. Will never be a prototypical QB athletically, but could be above average. My main concerns are size and consistency, but he could be an above average QB if he develops well. I like him. My cousin said that he's been given a UDFA grade by the Bills. He said that some teams might have given him a 7th, said the Redskins and Bengals might have given him a 6th, but that's only rumor. And in actuality, scouts only give a grade, but the GMs or VPs might give other grades and ultimately set the draft board in coordination with the Head Coach.

    Say this as someone who just spent the past dozen years living in AZ and following the Cards.

    The beat writers aren't that good. It's the AZ sports talk radio that has the insiders. Doug and Wolf, Burns and Gambeau, Mike Jurecki are all the reliable ones.

    I know, man, I know. If it's any consolation, Allen has all the non-athletic traits that I covet - he's a finisher, high football IQ, good character. I wish they could get a stud ILB in the first, but they can't. Kiser could probably start, though. Really liked both Kiser and Obo as picks last year, thought they were good values. It would be really interesting if the Rams swung on a guy like Carl Granderson late in the draft to potentially take over as a good edge rusher in the future, with high character guys like Clay and Weddle in the fold.

    Right. Guard and center are far more pressing. Noteboom > Brian Allen as a player, we don't even have a void at tackle yet, and center is arguably the most important O-Line position.
  8. Fant reminds me Fant reminds me more of Coby Fleener than Jared Cook, anyways, but similar vein of a down-the-seam tight end that will give some enticing big plays and change the way the defense has to play you, but limitations with route-running, hands, issues with concentration, not the best effort when it comes to blocking. I still like Fant, he's a better version of Gesicki, and obviously has enticing athleticism, but athletic tight ends don't seem to be as rare as they once were. And if I were given the choice between Coby Fleener/Jared Cook and Jordan Reed/Trey Burton, I'd pick the Reed/Burton comp, which would be Irv Smith, where he's athletic and can work all three levels of the field, great routes and hands, undersized as a blocker but not unusable.
  9. Really don't like Fant as a fit just because he doesn't give effort blocking and has a lot of drops. I have 1) AJ Brown 2) Irv Smith and 3) Jachai Polite. Polite is a top-10 prospect from a talent perspective, but has stunk up his Pre-Draft process - a perfect Raider prospect and the trio of Key, Allen, and Polite would be fantastic rushing the passer. Could always wait and get Polite or Winovich in the 2nd. I like Irv Smith better than Noah Fant as a prospect. AJ Brown would be killer with Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams. Not to mention speedster JJ Nelson and "other guy" Ryan Grant. Garrett Bradbury would also be a decent choice here.
  10. Every tight end is one of the most athletic to come out in the last few years and has tremendous upside. Okay, let's see... OJ Howard David Njoku Evan Engram Gerald Everett Adam Shaheen Mike Gesicki Hayden Hurst Mark Andrews Jordan Akins Jordan Thomas is a pretty good athlete Even Jaylen Samuels, but he's an RB now...

    Really hope we trade down and grab Darnell Savage. Still, we have 4 starting spots up for grabs after FA (ILB, NT, OG, C), so maybe safety isn't our most pressing need. I don't like Brian Allen as a starting center. Noteboom ideally stays at tackle. Want Khalen Saunders in the 3rd.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

    Hall Ridley Jennings Pass between Hurd and Ferguson Hart Ratliff Williams Lil'Jordan Slayton Godwin, but it's close
  13. 2019 NFL Draft - Secondary

    16 corners that I like this year, counting CGJ as a slot cornerback. If he doesn't count, then 15.

    Also have some pretty great pure athletes with upside and intangibles like Trace McSorley and Easton Stick. Someone who operated successfully in an Air Raid scheme like Gardner Minshew who was even able to do some things that Like Faulk couldn't. This class has plenty of intrigue and depth at a level that I haven't seen before. The main difference is that I'd take a bunch of these guys in the second, wouldn't really jump to grab them at the top of the first. And heck, as far as the "it" factor goes, guys who have drawn rave reviews with their demeanor and work ethic, strong teammates who will carry their team and lead them back into contention, possibly victory while down multiple scores in the fourth quarter, whose on-field persona and attitude gives life to a struggling team - you have Will Grier, Kyler Murray, Clayton Thorson, Tyree Jackson, Easton Stick, and Drew Lock for sure, despite any inconsistencies from any of them. Time will tell how strong this class really is, but its depth of talent elevates its ranking, in my eyes.