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  1. Hypothetical : Jones vs. Haskins

    In the battle of Jones versus Haskins, I say whoever has the better supporting cast wins.
  2. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    Come on, man. Force them to make you GM. Did you forget to include in your resumé that you post VERY GOOD speculation on a forum?
  3. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    I know I'm new and mostly unproven, but so are the Texans (at least as far as NFL franchises go), so... Can I have some sort of front office role? A scout? The guy who mixes the Kool-Aid, maybe?
  4. 49ers extend Joe Staley

    Joe Staley is on the Andrew Whit worth level of very good, but underappreciated. No HOF for either of them.
  5. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    NOOOOO!!! Could be a 3rd-day pick just based off of special teams, but he seriously sucks the life out of the pass rush.
  6. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    I'm in love with Auburn's DL prospects as a whole. Expect Coe and Big Kat Bryant to produce a lot more this year with Marlon Davidson and Dontavius Russell gone. Marlon Davidson was a nice guy and ace on special teams, but was counterproductive at DE in that he took the younger, better pass rushers off the field. Actually had an interesting conversation with Charlie Campbell about the 2020 Draft Auburn DL.
  7. Official 2020 TE Thread

    I don't know. If Pat Freiermuth actually IS eligible to enter the draft this year... I had him pegged as a first-rounder in 2021.
  8. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I wish Collin Johnson played a bit more physically with that fantastic frame of his. Surprisingly smooth, I wonder if he could incorporate some grit to take himself to the next level, or will always be more of a technical guy who happens to have the size to out-body people.
  9. Gerald McCoy to sign with Carolina Panthers

    Nice! I just moved to Belhaven, NC to help my parents renovate their new house. Honestly, 4-3 and 3-4 don't matter as much as they once did. I mean, teams like the Cardinals were in nickel for like 90% of their plays last season, and every team seems to be in base defense less and less every year. Also, the Bucs didn't REALLY cut McCoy because of scheme. He looks to be able to play 3-4 DE. We basically all know it's because they didn't even have the money to sign all of their draft picks to their dirt cheap rookie deals. As for the Panthers' competitiveness, I really like their chances to make the playoffs. They undoubtedly upgraded their blocking unit over last season. They were one of the top teams over the first half of the season. The playcalling was good, their weapons were outright exciting. Then Cam Newton started getting hurt. Their weapons are enough to make me drool. Greg Olsen is still a baller. DJ Moore is a #1 receiver and Curtis Samuel is a fantastic all-purpose weapon. Christian McCaffery is one of the top five or so running backs in this league and is deadly in all aspects of the game. It's crazy just how simultaneously overrated AND UNDERRATED Cam Newton is. He's the lifeblood of this team. The dude's a baller. He's not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and probably never will be. He's great in his own right. His presence does so much for the team, with his mindset, toughness, and athleticism. He's a good distributor of the football as a passer, but his arm talent as a prospect was never on the level of, say, a Jared Goff, Josh Rosen, or Andrew Luck caliber of player where they had pretty consistent accuracy on both touch and zippy throws, with the arm strength to make every throw work. In the league, that hasn't changed for Cam. He CAN make any throw, but isn't the most consistent with it. However, his demeanor will keep him in the top half of the league's QBs even when his athleticism fades. He's also the type of quarterback that can be schemed into that elite level when it comes to playing in the pocket, and when he's not, he'll still be competent as a passer. The team imploded when his shoulder exploded. Now, we saw Andrew Luck take forever to get right after a similar injury, but provided Cam IS able to get healthy by week 3 or so, the Panthers have the goods on offense to get it done with Norv Turner. Not every QB can carry his team. Cam does. Cam Can. Now, onto the Defense. We saw the defense weaken as their lack of depth up front got exposed later in the season, and their secondary was never elite. However, the safety position is arguably the strongest in the free agent pool right now. It's also not a terrible secondary. James Bradbury, Donte Jackson, Eric Reid, and Co. are decent enough to keep it rolling if the team doesn't upgrade it. The scheme change up front should actually be beneficial to the team as a whole. Brian Burns and Christian Miller have the athleticism to develop into playing pretty well in coverage with the pass rush ability to be difference makers off the edge. The addition of a big boy like Gerald McCoy to move around the defensive line, potentially playing five-tech DE, that hybrid 3-tech role in their 4-3, or maybe even taking a couple snaps at nose in certain packages, should really free up those edge guys to make more plays. As a 3-4, I expect their front seven/six/five (depending upon the package) to be more productive. They'll be better against the run for sure with a bigger interior, and more speed and pursuit to get to the perimeter on boundary running plays that were used to victimize them last year. They're more athletic than the twilight years edge rush last year. They'll be more productive in the pass rush. They have a dude like Bruce Irvin who's a stout run defender while still being a nice pass rusher on the edge. They have Christian Miller, who was extremely efficient with his snaps at Alabama. Yes, he played on a stacked defense, but you could make the argument that the Panthers with their current composition are setting him up for even more success. And you can't deny his freakish athleticism, efficiency, and how he popped on tape. Brian Burns is a freaky pass rusher and lightning athlete with the ability to develop into an asset as a coverage and pursuit defender, as well. Dontari Poe offers intriguing athleticism as a pass rusher at nose, with the ability to take over the run game at times. We know how good Kawann Short is. We all know that Luke Kuechly is elite. We know how good Gerald McCoy is. He knew he was the piece that they needed up front to put them over the top. I'm all-in on the NFC South this year and stand by my opinion that they're the best division in the NFL. I do believe that the Panthers are a playoff team this year, and you can taunt me for being an idiot if I turn out to be wrong.
  10. 2020 Prospects and beyond

    Haha, I posted about him in the 2021 thread right before you posted about him here.
  11. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    You know who looks good for 2021? Pat Freiermuth. Dude looks like a complete TE with great size, nice looking athleticism on tape, hauled in a bunch of TDs this past year at Penn St.
  12. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    I'm going to point my finger in blame; Trevor Lawrence is the reason Dabo Swinney isn't going to be the Texans' new head coach.
  13. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Then I've got nothing. You know, in some ways, I wish the Saints didn't have Teddy Bridgewater so they could trade the farm for Lawrence once Brees retires. Then again, it might happen anyways. As long as the Pats don't get him. The Chargers are really the only team that don't have a succession plan of sorts for their future HOF/HOVGer. I mean, they sort of have the Saints' QB situation, but worse in every single way. Drew Brees > Phillip Rivers, Teddy B > Tyrod Taylor, Taysom Hill > Easton Stick. Not trolling the Chargers, just suggesting that they could be a landing spot that makes sense, assuming they were willing to trade three first-round picks and several day-two picks.
  14. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    He's listed at 216.
  15. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    Kyler Murray is thickly built around the limbs and the trunk. Yes, the arms look smaller when they're extended. They do on literally everyone. Even when he's playing high, you don't have as much of an injury risk because of his lower center of gravity. See, I'm not worried with height as much as proportional weight and medical reports. Do some shorter guys get hurt? Yes. Do taller guys get hurt? Yes. The correlation tends to be more on their proportional weight than their height. And then there are guys that just play recklessly like a Joe Flacco, younger Cam Newton, or Josh Allen, where the proportional weight is there but they're just not careful. Murray isn't really a reckless runner. Then you have guys who are just injury prone due to disorders and medical conditions or poor lifestyle choices. Interesting enough: Arian Foster went experimental-type vegan and then the injuries came in droves. Not knocking veganism, but Forks over Knives isn't really the ideal diet for someone who's taking 20 hits a game. Anyways, I'm not worried about Kyler weight-wise. Ideally, he'll gain a few pounds, but he doesn't have AS MUCH to gain to reach ideal proportion as a, say, Lamar Jackson, Jared Goff, or Deshaun Watson going in. Now, onto Trevor Lawrence. He's smart about the gear he wears, similar to Murray, to minimize injuries. However, with the length of his limbs, he has longer levers to distribute that weight, and, if we're talking from a physics perspective, he has greater risk of injury along the limb (shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle injuries, mostly). He does take some awkward looking stances and I'm worried about getting stepped on or taking a hit to the arm or leg. His arms are rocked up, but with a longer arm, his shoulder will take more punishment with someone pushing, pulling, or yanking it than, say, someone with shorter limbs. I'm just nitpicking, though. He should gain about 15-20 lbs, which, proportionately, isn't really all that different from Kyler gaining 5-10. I do agree that Lawrence is generational, but prepare to get his ectomorphic frame overanalyzed over the next two years. It'll be totally overblown, as it's not a major concern, but if we're talking about a perfect QB prospect, I'd PREFER that he gained a bit of weight. I'd still take him at number one overall if he didn't.