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  1. I'm excited! I've come close twice before, it would be incredible to be the WINNINGEST team for once.
  2. Everybody in the room when Nuk made the catch:
  3. Agreed. You can count the content in our forum and who posted it by hand lol. I think I'm our leading poster (in this subforum, at least) over the last couple seasons. There are like four of us that post occasionally and then a couple rare posters. Anythig else is a surprise. We got three guest posters today. That's freaking Christmas, six weeks early.
  4. ONE SECOND LEFT... TOUCHDOWN!!! DeAndre Hopkins is nothing short of incredible. Kyler Murray is special.
  5. The frustration is mounting with all these field goals.
  6. JOSH ALLEN with the receiving TD. I know I'm a Cardinals fan, but Allen is my favorite QB in the NFL.
  7. Two of the top-3 rushing QBs in the league facing up against each other.
  8. Really nice first drive by the Cards, but the Bills had a great stand to hold them to a field goal inside the ten.
  9. On the Cardinals, I feel like both Chandler Jones and Corey Peters could be viable coaching candidates. Peters is a steady veteran presence that has stuck around the organization for a while and takes pride in being a leader on the team. Chandler Jones is very similar, and very well-spoken as well. He has a patient personality, but he's also a great player - one of the very best at his position in the league. He's scheme versatile and has thrived in a number of situations. He's also a leader both on and off the field. Just seems like the type of player that would work as a coach or in the media once his time in the league is up. Also, both are rookies, but Eno Benjamin and Josh Jones both give off the type of vibe in interviews where they really seem to love football and just seem like very cognitive players. I just have a feeling where I think either may end up coaching. There's also the bonus option of Larry Legend, but I think he's done once he's done. As far as former Cardinals go, I could easily see Drew Stanton coaching.
  10. Good game, @Daboyle. Your team's propensity for creating turnovers is terrifying.
  11. All I can think of is Carson Palmer once he broke his thumb in his throwing hand for us. The vertical passing attack that our offense was built around was hobbled and he had to change up everything. He didn't look the same afterwards, I think it got to his head. The only reason that we won any games after that was because we still had a top-10 defense and Larry Fitzgerald went bananas against the Packers in the clutch during the Divisional Round.
  12. I'm very happy with how Josh Allen played. A couple risky throws, but overall he played some great football.
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