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  1. Andrew Luck vs Ryan Tannehill vs Nick Foles vs Kirk Cousins

    @ITS_RAMMY_PLAYBOI would say Luck > Foles > Cousins > Tannehill talent-wise. Foles won a super bowl. Luck won games. Maybe he'd have Foles ranked #1? IDK. As long as he's not 6-7 in a season.
  2. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    I totally agree. O'Shaughnessy was stepping up and looked to be the third option in the passing game.
  3. The XFL

    And more Vegas fans than the Raiders. Isn't it weird that the Wildcats are in Vegas? Were they unable to find available facilities? Or do they just want people to show up to their games?
  4. College/NFL Comparisons

    Really like this comp. Yes, at this point of his career Ingram is a power runner, and he was considered one coming out of Bama, but if you've actually consistently watched him play during his career, you'd know that he also has surprising wiggle for his build. He has a great juke move in the box and can make cuts really cleanly. Good balance, too. Overall, I really like the Ingram comp for Dobbins, as I think they're both power runners with deceptive explosion and really nice cutting ability. Both have good contact balance to shrug off tackles and have above average receiving chops.
  5. Ravens extend FB Pat Ricard (2 years, $7.3M)

    Meh. I'd say that Patrick Ricard, James Develin, and Patrick DiMarco all are better run blockers than Juice. They create more push. Juice is an above-average run blocker for a fullback who is generally one of the best at pass pro, with TE receiving ability and decent production as a ball-carrier. Rich man's Anthony Sherman. Whereas Ricard is more of a rich man's Dontari Poe.
  6. The XFL

    I was in the same boat. Too bad we ruined it for him in 2016, eh? Losing to the Brock-Man is a bad look. My predictions are: Phillip Walker (I bet the XFL will be more college-scheme-friendly than the NFL, so Walker's mobility will probably win him the job. Plus, he's a local kid.) Luis Perez (this is the closest QB battle. Ultimately, Perez is a much more polished passer, outplayed Josh Johnson when they both were in the AAF, and spent some time in LA on the Rams. He already has great chemistry with Inglewood hero and Wildcats WR Nelson Spruce. However, Josh Johnson and Spruce may have chemistry... They both played for the San Antonio AAF team if I remember correctly). Cardale Jones (I like Tyree better, but Cardale is nice, too. Both have rocket arms, and Cardale has the hype) Chase Litton (he's a good QB) Matt McGloin Aaron Murray Landry Jones Taylor Heinicke (though I wouldn't be surprised if Ta'Amu won the job)
  7. The XFL

    As training camp is starting to kick off, who do you guys think will win the starting QB jobs for each team? Wildcats: Luis Perez or Josh Johnson? Defenders: Cardale Jones or Tyree Jackson? Vipers: Aaron Murray or Vinny Testaverde Jr? Dragons: Joe Callahan or Chase Litton? Roughnecks: Connor Cook or Phillip Walker? Renegades: Landry Jones or Philip Nelson? Guardians: Matt McGloin or Marquise Williams? BattleHawks: Jordan Ta'Amu or Taylor Heinicke? (Or Marquette "Swag" King?)
  8. The XFL

    And here is the houston roughnecks uniform @ET80:
  9. The XFL

  10. The XFL

    I was pleasantly surprised by the roughnecks uniforms... Thought they'd be the worst. In an ideal world, the Dragons would play away games every week. Their away jerseys are MUCH better than their home. I also prefer the Guardians' away jerseys to their home jerseys, but their home jerseys aren't bad.
  11. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    Yep. I had him as the highest-graded offensive player in the draft. He hasn't been bad, by any means, and after last year I thought he'd be a top-5 TE this season. Turns out Bruce Arians, the same guy that was responsible for a few top-10 yardage offenses in AZ where TEs combined for like 30 receptions on the season, hasn't given the TEs a super productive season. Oopsie.
  12. The XFL

    The Defenders' uniform is somewhat generic with a red and white scheme, but the pants feature a lightning bolt going up the leg and the helmet looks nice with the Stars and lightning on the logo. The guardians and renegades unis both just dropped. The renegades, as expected, have really cool uniforms with their color scheme of bright blue, red, and black. They probably have the best, though the shoulder design is uninspired. The guardians uniforms are solid, and the color scheme is nice. Safe. Primarily grey, with black secondary color and red highlights. Overall, it looks like a Madden relocation uniform. However, the helmet is really really good looking.
  13. The XFL

    All of the teams' official jerseys are being released today. So far, the Defenders' uniforms have been revealed and they look better than I originally anticipated. Also, the early look is that Cardale Jones will be their starting QB. He's arguably the most widely-known and followed XFL player on social media, and the XFL is looking for as much image growth as possible. Still, Pep should have his hands full with a QB room of athletic project QBs with upside.
  14. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    You know, the top two players in this class play on the DL, with Young and Derrick Brown.
  15. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Fair point, fair point.