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  1. Look! Even Isaiah Simmons is contributing! This game is actually really fun. It's a shame that our forum is a desolate wasteland.
  2. Vance Joseph is having himself a game. The defense is playing great as a whole. Byron Murphy allowed the 27-yarder to CeeDee with the broken tackle but has been excellent otherwise. Kirkpatrick has been physical. The edge rush has been impactful between Kennard, Reddick, and Gardeck. Budda Baker has been superhuman. The other safeties have been good. The defensive interior has been good with Blackson, Phillips, and Allen all making impact plays. Hicks and Campbell have been good enough.
  3. Kyler hits Kirk in stride for a perfect TD!
  4. And this offense is starting to find its legs. Cobra Kyler with the killer keeper and a King Kenyan touchdown!
  5. That's some incredible play so far. Budda Baker and Dennis Gardeck have been incredible so far today. And it's nice to see guys like Angelo Blackson and Jordan Phillips continuing to make some plays. The defense has been in a rough streak, but this game is peachy thus far. So, as I was saying, DeVondre Campbell has been invisible for stretches, but we kind of knew that might happen. He did that in Atlanta, where he'd be unstoppable for half the games and a non-factor for the other half.
  6. I absolutely love what the defense is doing so far. My only complaint is that Campbell has been invisible, but AND ANOTHER TURNOVER!!!
  7. And now Chandler Jones is out for the year.
  8. Man, Chase Edmonds is so good with the ball in his hands... Such an effective player.
  9. Drake has stilll been a really dynamic runner. Overall, there are issues with the scheme and issues with the line. Both Drake and Edmonds have been impressive every time they've touched the ball, IMO, but it seems like Kliff has too many plays where the guys are running ten yards and only getting 2 yards upfield. And he runs draw plays almost as much as Bill O'Brien. His play calling in the run game actually reminds me a lot of Pep Hamilton of the XFL this past season. When he runs the football, it's like he's trying to prove that he can run it and so he doesn't let any natural rhythm develop, and when a concept doesn't work, it's like he pushes it harder because he knows that it'll eventually break big... The issue is that there's just a lot of nothing surrounding that big play. Kliff does this in the passing game, too. And then, when you look at the offensive line, there aren't very many good run blockers on this team. DJ Humphries (LT) is a great run blocker but just an average pass blocker. Justin Pugh (LG) is a great pass blocker, but just an average run blocker. Both Lamont Galliard (C) and Mason Cole (C) have had issues moving guys out of their gaps. JR Sweezy (RG) is below average in every regard. Kelvin Beachum (RT) is a decent pass blocker and run blocker, but he's been struggling somewhat lately. So there isn't really much movement being generated up front, and with Kliff's heavy usage of moving fronts, most of these guys aren't as mobile as you'd like, and almost all of them either lack length or strength to be effective in the run game otherwise. Drake was incredible for the Cardinals last year and has had flashes this year, but right now Kliff is in a bad rut as a playcaller and Kyler has been missing on some easy rhythm throws due to lazy mechanics, too. Just keeps the team from getting into a groove and makes them too reliant on big plays.
  10. Essentially agree. DeVondre Campbell might have a bid for DMVP, but overall that side of the ball has just been wildly inconsistent. It seems like one unit will have an incredible and everyone else will wet the bed. Every. Single. Week. We need that defense to continue improving, and hopefully having at least one of the top four safeties on our depth chart will help with that.
  11. Yeah, that's a fair point. The Broncos defense a was ridiculously good and wrecked opposing QBs, including giving Ben lots of trouble in that playoff game, while Ben also had a bad offensive cast. Steelers Offensive Lineup was bad, Broncos Defensive Lineup was incredible. Both are true.
  12. I mean, to be fair, Ben had it rough that game. Not saying he would have been great otherwise, but the dude was without LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, DeAngelo Williams, and Maurkice Pouncey. His starting RB/WRs/TEs for that game include NFL Studs such as Fitzgerald Toussaint, Markus Wheaton, Sammie Coates, Matt Spaeth, and the corpse of Heath Miller, who retired after the game.
  13. It's crazy how underrated Carson is. Dude's an all-around pro, can do some of everything. People talk about how CEH is Kareem Hunt-lite or Jamaal Charles-lite, but Chris Carson is Marshawn Lynch-lite. He can run with the best of them up the gut, he's a crafty and feisty runner, plays violent, but he also can hold his own in pass pro and is a viable receiver out of the backfield.
  14. Should be a good game and the toughest team that the Cards have faced so far.
  15. Kyler Murray is the first QB in the Super Bowl Era with 500+ passing yards and 150+ rushing yards across the first two games of the season. DeAndre Hopkins has the most receptions by any player in their first two games with a team in NFL history.
  16. I'm gonna go ahead and expect a 6-0 record to start the season for the Cardinals.
  17. Did you know that the WR combo of Larry Legend and Nuk Hopkins is just the SECOND in NFL history with 2,000+ receptions and 25,000+ yards? Larry Fitzgerald is second all-time in receptions with 1,389. DeAndre Hopkins is second in receptions since entering the league with 653 during that span.
  18. Kyler has had some lazy missed throws for the second week in a row, but the WR combo of Nuk and Larry Legend is incredible.
  19. DeVondre Campbell has arguably made a bigger impact than DeAndre Hopkins. Like I said, all three of the trio of Nuk, Campbell, and Beachum have been a revelation for this team. Can't believe they were able to get Beachum off the street for pennies after he's been a good tackle for much of his career and a big leader in the locker room. Looking at Sam Darnold's numbers with and without Beachum blocking for him, and then looking at Beachum's numbers as well, I can't believe the Jets didn't retain him. I mean, he's gotten hurt a lot, so I guess there's that.
  20. I mean, Haason has always had the athleticism and intangibles. The issue is that he was played 3-tech in college and basically was put in the Baker Mayfield situation in the NFL, except the Cardinals didn't even know what position they wanted Reddick to play for three years! He had James Bettcher as his DC as a rookie, and then Steve Wilks in year 2 and then Vance Joseph in year 3. The continuity is helping him, for sure. But yeah, they moved him around from DE, OLB, and ILB, and switched schemes from a 3-4 to a 4-3 back to a 3-4 in his first three years, and this is all after playing on the inside of the defensive line at Temple. Hopefully this is a sign that he's catching on. Pretty sure this is his contract year, though.
  21. Kelvin Beachum, DeAndre Hopkins and DeVondre Campbell have proven to be massive additions so far. Guys like Angelo Blackson, Jordan Phillips, and Devon Kennard have also made big contributions.
  22. So far, this defense has been special. I know that the the Washington Football Team isn't the best in the world, but this unit has been playing just as well as I expected this season.
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