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  1. 3-0

    Love this defense. Allowing 11.7 points per game this year, only behind New England and just ahead of Chicago. Allowing less than 200 passing ypg. Rushing defense isn’t looking as pretty but I am very happy with where the defense is at thru 3 weeks. The next 2 weeks of football will be very telling. Excited to see how our D looks against Philly & Dallas, who move the ball a bit better than the opponents we have faced already. Offense is struggling as many have stated. I’m not worried. It’s Week 3, we are 3-0, and I expect us to click more & more with each game, especially considering we faced 3 top 12 defenses to start the year in this new scheme. Based on my expectations for this season, I am very happy. This team (especially the defense) came together much quicker than I anticipated and you gotta give Gute a LOT of credit.
  2. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Nah Pettine is the lineal Heavyweight Champ so Ramsey would need to add some pounds
  3. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Let Ramsey try that tough guy stuff with Matt LaFleur. He will find himself suplexed through a table on the sideline while LaFleur stands over him with the Intercontinental Title.
  4. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    Is it just me or does he scream “I GOT THE BALL!!! ..... YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!” as he is stripping it from AP? Man I loved prime CM3..he was always around the ball, made a lot of plays, played with great fire on the field...and his personality was hilarious stereotypical meathead. What a legend
  5. Packers & Bears Postgame

    I’d say that glass is extremely empty. One way or the other, first ever live action vs arguably the best defense in football (I don’t think it’s that arguable) under a new coach/scheme with a new playbook...I’d say it can only get better from here. I won’t pass any judgment on the offense until at least hosting the Eagles in Week 4.
  6. Texans @ Green Bay "Dont Get Hurt Bowl"

    Curse you for the name of this thread! Anxiety went up 19 points since I saw the title.
  7. Packers Training Camp 2019

    Tyler Dunne just confirmed Aaron Rodgers is racist & that’s why he threw the ball to Jordy Nelson so much
  8. Mike Daniels released

    That’s what you think but sources close to the Packers organization confirmed earlier this offseason that Mike Daniels suffered his foot injury last year while practicing martial arts techniques he saw in an episode of Dragonball Z
  9. Mike Daniels released

    Bro you sound like a total nerd
  10. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    I wouldn’t give up my Netflix log-in info for this guy right now. He has the athletic ability but who wants a guy that isn’t willing to earn his role on the defense with production & reliability on the field?
  11. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    Man he must think he’s actually good or something...
  12. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I cried less than this guy....every time I ever cried. But I likely cry more often than him so he probably has more repressed emotion he is dealing with. Also- has anyone mad a GIF of him crying yet? If not, someone who is good at technology should act fast. I don’t know a lot a lot about this guy. I just know he scored high in the crying drills at the combine. Cried in the 98th percentile for his position.
  13. Hmmmm.. Spriggs & Sons Plumbing.. kinda has a nice ring to it actually.
  14. Packfanfb's "4 weeks from the Draft" Mock

    I’m a big fan of this. Perhaps one more IOL in the middle rounds would have tickled me fancy but I really can’t say anything aboot it. Good work sir
  15. Moretti's March Mock

    To be frank, I feel we have too many young guys at CB to put Michael Jackson in that room...