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  1. 1) Kansas City Chiefs 2) Pittsburgh Steelers 3) Green Bay Packers 4) Tampa Bay Bucs 5) Tennessee Titans 6) Seattle Seahawks 7) Baltimore Ravens 8) Los Angeles Rams 9) Buffalo Bills 10) Arizona Cardinals Fringe Top 10: Colts, Saints, Niners
  2. Ok so you’re starting an NFL franchise, and you get any edge rusher in league history in their prime years....so who do you take, Fackrell or LT?
  3. Some video of Jordan Love throwing passes, apparently working on arc & touch. I’m no QB evaluator and it’s not a ton of footage to go off of but anybody want to give their 3 cents on this?
  4. Like I said methodology be damned, and I don't care if it's a Top 10 Quarterbacks list, Fackrell should be #1 on all lists fam, football related or not... don't @ me !
  5. ESPN put out their annual Top 25 NFL Prospects list. 2 Packers made it. This is the methodology: 3rd round pick or later entering the league between 2017 & 2019 with fewer than 500 career snaps. Age 26 or younger for the 2020 season #8 Jace Sternberger #19 Chandon Sullivan To our dismay, a Viking is #1 (EDGE Ifeadi Odenigbo) and they also have Alexander Mattison, who looked great last year, coming in at #9 (just behind Jace). I guess the writer really liked what he saw from Sternberger last year and is expecting big things now that Graham is out of the picture. Any thoughts? Methodology be damned, why isn't Kyler Fackrell #1?!?! Like SRSLY???
  6. Yea I was trying to be realistic and more conservative cuz we aren’t as flush with cap space as last year. But it looks like I nearly went full Ted Thompson in free agency as a result... next mock I’m making it rain
  7. Appreciate the feedback and tips to improve for next go around. I am new to salary cap stuff, this was my first attempt to really learn how to play with the numbers so much appreciated on the corrections. Based on your Bulaga correction, can I free up more space applying the same concept to other deals here? Changing the first year cap hit on the Kwiatkoski, and Dorsett deals could free up another $1.5M-$2M if so. Another $500k or so with Crosby’s deal also and we are looking at more like $8M more to play with. With more cap space for next mock, what players on the D-line do you see as best fits for improving our run D? Based on the added $5M (maybe $8M) to the free agency budget, which players in that price range do you like most?
  8. GB Packers 2020 Mock Offseason Cap Space: $29.4 million >$5 million reserved for draft class >$24.4 million in cap left Cuts: Jimmy Graham (saves $8 million) Lane Taylor (saves $4.6 million) Updated Cap Space: $37 million Re-signed: •Tramon Williams: $4 million/1 year: I noticed most mocks don’t show Tramon resigning. I see value in bringing him back for one more year. He has excelled in the slot even at his age. He graded out with the 6th best coverage grade in the league last year by PFF. Why not give him another year on a cheap deal after he did a good job leading our young secondary this year while more than holding his own in coverage? •Bryan Bulaga: $10.5 million/yr average, $8 million first year •Mason Crosby: $3 million/yr average, $2.5 million first year Others Re-signed: •Jared Veldheer •Allen Lazard •Chandon Sullivan •Marcedes Lewis •Tyler Ervin •Robert Tonyan •Tyler Lancaster •Jake Kumerow •Danny Vitale $8 million total first year cap hit Total Cap Hit: $22.5 million Year 1 GOODBYE: •Blake Martinez •Kyler Fackrell •Geronimo Allison •Jason Spriggs •Ibraheim Campbell •Ryan Grant •Demetri Goodson Updated Cap Space: $14.5 million FREE AGENT SIGNINGS: •Nick Kwiatkoski / ILB / 6’2” / 242 lbs: signed for 4 years / $29 million ($6 million Year 1) - Considering our struggles in run defense this year, I would be surprised if we don’t target Nick Kwiatkoski this offseason. Kwiatkoski is only 26 and really stepped up in Chicago after Trevathan went down with an injury at the end of the year. Known for his run stopping abilities, he showed he is also more than competent in coverage than many thought after PFF graded him quite well. Packers lock him up here until his age 30 season in hopes of improving the ILB position after Blake Martinez signs a high priced deal elsewhere. •Phillip Dorsett / WR / 5’10” / 192 lbs: signed for 3 years / $10 million ($3 million Year 1) - Dorsett is a reliable receiver who moves the chains. After spending several seasons in New England, he can provide another veteran presence in the locker room next to Davante Adams to mentor some of the younger guys at the position (Lazard, MVS, EQ, any draft picks). Green Bay’s offense has often found themselves in 3rd and long situations over the past few years and often struggled to convert. Dorsett can provide a safety valve type of target for Rodgers, having picked up a first down on 58% of his career catches. •Danny Shelton / NT / 6’2” / 339 lbs: signed for 2 years / $8.5 million ($3.75 million Year 1) - With New England focusing on priorities like Kyle Van Noy, Joe Thuney, Tom Brady, and others, the Packers are able to capitalize and bring in some former Patriots at great value. Shelton is another veteran FA who can fill a need and improve the Green Bay run D immediately. Remaining Cap Space: $750,000 leftover cap + $5 million for rookie class 2020 NFL Draft 30. Tee Higgins / WR / Clemson / 6’4” - 215 lbs In this scenario, depth of the WR position in this class, as well as a ol run on QBs and OTs allow Higgins to fall into our lap at #30. Honestly, I might prefer Laviska Shenault but I don't think he makes it to us & I don't want to have 3 of the same picks as AG#20. So Tee Higgins it is. Higgins is a big fast wideout who can take the top off of a defense in order to open things up for Davante Adams, Allen Lazard, and our TEs underneath. He has great size & hands to pull in contested catches and serve as a great RZ weapon. I think his skill set compliments Davante and the rest of our offense quite well. Higgins can quickly end up being the guy that we hoped MVS could develop into one day in a best case scenario. 62. Raekwon Davis / DL / Alabama / 6’7” - 315 lbs Hyped as a draft prospect since his breakout season in 2017, Davis’s draft stock took a hit due to injuries and less production when on the field this past year. The Packers will reap the benefits of this and run to the podium to select Raekwon The Chef. He is a massive body on the DL, a very stout run defender, and has the versatility to play as either NT or 5-tech in a 3-4 alignment. Some concerns over his development as a pass rusher cause him to slip further than anticipated but with good coaching & improved technique at the NFL level should make this a great value pick for the Packers. 94. Adam Trautman / TE / Dayton / 6’5” - 251 lbs Trautman is a big bodied TE who has an advanced route free for a guy coming out of Dayton. Caught the eye of many at the Senior Bowl with his receiving skill set and ability to win matchups. Also a very willing blocker which is of vital importance in LaFleur’s scheme. He will pair with Jace Sternberger & Robert Tonyan to give us multiple high-ceiling TEs who can catch the ball downfield out of 2 TE sets. Rodgers needs more weapons and 2 of our first 3 picks provide that. 136. Robert Hunt / OL / LA Lafayette / 6’5” - 336 lbs Hunt is a versatile OL who spent time at both OT and LG. Hunt was expected to rise on many draft boards during the evaluation process but he falls outside the top 100 picks after being forced to miss the Senior Bowl. He has shown the ability to dominate in pass protection at tackle but many see his best fit being inside a the the pro level. He can provide relief at OT in a pinch but he is picked to improve our pass protection inside, which was an issue in several games this year. In this scenario he starts his career as a swing OL backup before eventually taking Billy Turner’s starting job. With Robert Hunt, Elgton Jenkins, Billly Turner at guard, Green Bay is set at the position for a few years. Versatility and depth along both lines is a common theme for many picks here. 176. Charlie Heck / OT / UNC / 6'8" - 315 lbs Heck is a RT prospect who has NFL size & length but could use some work in the weight room. Played hurt for part of the year and have a great game against Clemson while injured. 192. David Woodward / ILB / Utah State / 6'2" - 235 lbs Woodward is known as a stout run defender who is considered a Day 3 prospect. See a trend here? He is projected to run the 40 in the 4.75-4.8 range which causes him to fall to the 6th round but he can be a contributor on early down run sets. 209. Josiah Coatney / NT / Ole Miss / 6'4" - 325 lbs More help against the run. Coatney is a developmental guy for Shelton to mentor. Honestly, I don't know much about him but I liked his name. He is a big run stuffing guy NT type for us to mold and eventually replace Shelton. 219. Thakarius Keyes / CB / Tulane / 6'1" - 195 lbs Another guy whose name I like. The name heavily influenced this pick, kinda like when I bet on horse racing. That's definitely not why I always lose though. Anyways, Thakarius meets the height threshold Green Bay usually follows and has solid speed for a guy his size. It will also be awesome to hear the play by play guy say "Za'Darius tips the ball at the line of scrimmage and it's been picked off by Thakarius.. Are you aware of this?". This is a stash him and coach him type pick since we have good young talent at the position and Tramon is back to mentor the young position group. 243. Case Cookus / QB / Northern Arizona / 6'5" - 235 lbs Cookus had a great year statistically at Northern Arizona, finishing with 4114 yards, 31 TDs, and just 7 INTs. Coming from a small school, Cookus still put up good numbers without elite talent around him. He is a big dude but has great speed. Scouts expect Cookus to run the 40 in around 4.7 seconds, a great time for any QB - let alone one that is 6'5" and pushing 250 lbs. He has athleticism and limited his mistakes in college despite throwing for a high volume of passes. This could be a great pick for a guy to try to develop behind Aaron Rodgers. 244. D|ck Morningwood / OLB / 6'4" - 269 lbs Morningwood is consistent, showing up day after day. Morningwood may be just what the Packers need moving forward. 2020 Depth Chart: QB: A. Rodgers / T. Boyle / C. Cookus RB: A. Jones / J. Williams / T. Ervin / D. Williams FB: D. Vitale WR: D. Adams / T. Higgins / A. Lazard / P. Dorsett / MVS / EQ St. Brown / J. Kumerow TE: J. Sternberger / M. Lewis / A. Trautman / R. Tonyan OT: D. Bakhtiari / B. Bulaga / J. Veldheer / C. Heck OG: E. Jenkins / B. Turner / R. Hunt C: C. Linsley / L. Patrick DL: K. Clark / R. Davis / D. Shelton / D. Lowry / M. Adams / K. Keke / T. Lancaster / J. Coatney OLB: Z. Smith / P. Smith / R. Gary / D. Morningwood ILB: N. Kwiatkoski / O. Burks / T. Summers / D. Woodward / C. Bolton CB: J. Alexander / K. King / C. Sullivan / T. Williams / J. Jackson / K. Hollman / T. Keyes S: A. Amos / D. Savage / R. Greene K: M. Crosby P: J.K. Scott LS: H. Bradley I know there are more than 53 players listed above but I don't feel like trimming the roster by like 4 players right now. Please let me know your thoughts (and hate). And go Chiefs (until tomorrow)
  9. Sarcasm game is Jedi level here.....
  10. I feel like it was an overreaction myself to fire these front office execs. Their problems were execution on the field (that is Freddie’s department), not talent acquisition & roster management. Dorsey & crew should have been retained for another chance with a decent coach. If anything, stability in the front office would have made them a more attractive destination for the better candidates. Cleveland stay f*xking up!
  11. Love this defense. Allowing 11.7 points per game this year, only behind New England and just ahead of Chicago. Allowing less than 200 passing ypg. Rushing defense isn’t looking as pretty but I am very happy with where the defense is at thru 3 weeks. The next 2 weeks of football will be very telling. Excited to see how our D looks against Philly & Dallas, who move the ball a bit better than the opponents we have faced already. Offense is struggling as many have stated. I’m not worried. It’s Week 3, we are 3-0, and I expect us to click more & more with each game, especially considering we faced 3 top 12 defenses to start the year in this new scheme. Based on my expectations for this season, I am very happy. This team (especially the defense) came together much quicker than I anticipated and you gotta give Gute a LOT of credit.
  12. Nah Pettine is the lineal Heavyweight Champ so Ramsey would need to add some pounds
  13. Let Ramsey try that tough guy stuff with Matt LaFleur. He will find himself suplexed through a table on the sideline while LaFleur stands over him with the Intercontinental Title.
  14. Is it just me or does he scream “I GOT THE BALL!!! ..... YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!” as he is stripping it from AP? Man I loved prime CM3..he was always around the ball, made a lot of plays, played with great fire on the field...and his personality was hilarious stereotypical meathead. What a legend
  15. I’d say that glass is extremely empty. One way or the other, first ever live action vs arguably the best defense in football (I don’t think it’s that arguable) under a new coach/scheme with a new playbook...I’d say it can only get better from here. I won’t pass any judgment on the offense until at least hosting the Eagles in Week 4.
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