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    Started doing some analysis for fantasy purposes.. Darrell Henderson The most explosive runningback in the draft class. His acceration is insane. Looks like Dalvin Cook 2.0 to me. Deangelo Williams - ish. A less stiff Darren McFadden. Ryquell Armstead I see Eddie Lacey version two. He's a unique runner who looks like a violent runner. His legs are always churning. He ran a 4.45 at 220 lbs. Have to take notice of a guy like that. Don't think he is a pass catcher. Put him in front of the jugs machine and see what can become of it. Can definitely carve out a redzone niche. I'd argue he's a superior version of Royce Freeman from last year. Think his game can grow at the NFL level. Josh Jacobs Looks like he has everything you're looking for. I just don't see the dominance as previous #1 RB. I don't doubt he can be good in the correct situation. I just get a TJ Yeldonish vibe from him. When certain players burn you in the past, you stay away from them. Damien Harris See Josh Jacobs. Myles Gaskin He has very good short area burst. I can easily see somebody drafting him and using him similar to James White in New England. He's not going to be a bellcow. Nor do I see him even getting 30% in a time share. But I do think a smart coach can grind productive first downs from him. He can probably be had in the 6th round. I don't know if he can ever be fantasy relevant. Oakland would be a spot. I don't think you trade for Antonio Brown to run the ball. So there is going to be opportunity for a pass catching back who I don't think is on the roster yet. Gaskin has an intangible playmaking feeling about him. Or maybe Browning made him look better than he really is. David Montgomery Runs similar to LeSean McCoy - Lamar Miller. I can see him taking the lead role in a place like Buffalo and being productive as a 3-down runner. He has NFL starter talent. He's the kind of a guy a team with a hole at running back is excited to take in the 3rd - 4th round. Miles Sanders I don't see him having the ability to be a 3 down back in the NFL. I do like the way he sets up his runs behind blocks. He reminds me of CJ Prosise who didn't amount to much in the NFL. Work in progress. Feel free to discuss. Justice Hill He looks awesome and we want him to succeed. In fantasy, he is the perfect 3rd round rookie draft pick. You know he's going to end up returning punts - kicks at some point. These uber fast - shifty short guys have a place doing that. I'm certain this guy is as talented as Trindon Holiday was. He'll have a few 20+ yard rushes or receptions. Imagine him in Kansas City. Easy to lose track of a guy that small. Will have to see what Maurice Jones-Drew looked like in college. I know this guy is supposed to be more Jamaal Charles-ish. But I want to see how he compares to MJD.
  2. Warriors / Rockets O228
  3. Possibly. Since the rules are so tame now, it's easier to toss the rock around. I've always liked when teams run out of shotgun and feel like since the defense is antipicating the pass, it opens up the run game. But it's going to very scheme / personnel based. If you have a weapon at TE, he's likely more valuable than your 4WR. Unless you had a burner or something comparable in the wings. But a team like the Bills or the Cardinals? You might as well sling it 4WR, imo.
  4. WARRIORS / SUNS O234 for
  5. Knicks / Twolves O223.5
  6. Heat / Raptors O214
  7. NO BET. I did more research and saw that 92% of the money is on the 76ers. I'm not betting against Vegas. Hedged out with Pacers +6.5.
  8. 76ers -6.5 Think the 76ers will CRUSH the Pacers.
  9. Pistons / Bulls O214
  10. I'm getting crushed tonight
  11. Q3 - 76ers / Bullies O55.5
  12. 1H - Knicks / Suns O115.5
  13. 1H - Jazz / Pelicans O112
  14. THAT'S WHAT I DO!!!