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  1. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I hope that if we go QB its round 2 as opposed to round 1. I'd prefer round 3 if they go that route but I think that's highly unlikely. Grier is a safe round 2 bet and Daniel Jones isn't out of the realm of possibility to be had in the second either. I just feel like Jones there is too high to take the chance on. I would hope they look to trade back if either of them two is on their radar, preferably as far back in the first if that presents itself. The meat of this draft is in rounds 2-3. And I feel very strongly about that. Guard, Wr, Safety are big needs for us and you can find day 1 starters there pretty easily if they do their homework. Nothing would make me happier than ending up with two second rounders and three 3rds somehow. Build depth. Going to be rather pi$$ed off if they waste pick 15 on Jones and probably looking at a broken television if they use that pick on Grier. No need to reach in this draft. Too much value in it
  2. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I swear the more I look at it I think the plan for us is to draft Daniel Jones at 15. I think they are thinking the way the board will fall he is going to be there. We only have Keenum and McCoy under contract for this year and they have to know Alex is a long ways off if he ever even plays again. Going into next season with no QB other than a rookie drafted in later rounds would be risky as hell. If we finished season even at 5-11 or 6-10 that would most likely put us at about picking at 7th or 8th in 2020 draft. The draft capital to move up to 1 or 2 would look close to the RG3 trade in 2012. That would suck. Especially when teams that own that pick know we would be desperate it would be a kings ransom to move up. I do believe they are doing due diligence on the position though. Preparing for an unexpected slide or a move up ahead of us that would change the plan. If Haskins fell far enough I think we may move up a little to get him. If Arizona trades Rosen and the cost isn't too much I believe they make an offer. If a team like the Giants move ahead of us for Daniel Jones, I think they are taking a hard look at Will Grier. But as of right now barring these three happening Jones is probably the guy. I'm not his biggest fan but in saying that he fits the type of QBs we seem to like. Accurate, fairly intelligent, and surprisingly mobile. We have a play action playbook that is built with RPO's and bootlegs. We like to move the pocket and have the qb move. I hate to say it but out of all the QBs coming out this year he probably fits our scheme the best. He's the pick I believe
  3. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    If I were calling the shots this is what I would do, no 7th rounders because I'd be lying if I had a clue who they were most likely. ( I KNOW THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN) ROUND 1 DEVIN BUSH ILB ROUND 2 N'KEAL HARRY X RECIEVER ROUND 3 WILL GRIER QB ROUND 3 DARNELL SAVAGE FREE SAFETY ROUND 5 FOSTER MOREAU INLINE TE ROUND 5 BEN POWERS LEFT OG The players could change but a gameplan to attack the draft in this regard. I just really like White and Bush. White will be gone but Bush will be there. I just keep dreaming about speed at ILB with him and Reuben. Jaylon Smith and Vanderesch changed Dallas defense seemingly overnight. They are pretty much what beat us up there last season
  4. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I just think his hips are a little better. I think they will both be good though
  5. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Round 1 edge rusher worries me, anyone lower in ranking than Brian Burns and its going to be a major reach. Chase Winovich, Porter Gustin, the kid from ODU, Jachai Polite can all be had later. It's a tough call on this one honestly. I don't have a real good theory on it either. Ryan Anderson is a tough call too. I know he's a hard worker but he is athletically limited. I think he starts the year at ROLB though regardless. Brian Burns is athletic but I don't see physicality out of him to be on the field against the run. That worries me. Polite stunk up the combine really bad but when you watch his tape he can get really low coming around the corner and its rather impressive. If he falls to the 3rd round because of the combine I would pounce all over him. The risk vs value would be worth it
  6. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Foster Moreau would be an excellent pick. Round 5 I believe is where he will go. I also think he can do alot more in passing game than he had a chance to do at LSU. Greedy Williams is the best corner in draft in my opinion. Shut down DK Metcalf like nobody's business. I don't think we go that route though but who knows?
  7. Washington Free Agency 2019

    The argument you guys make for Grant makes no sense. Turtle your saying it doesn't cost us anything. Couldn't be farther from the truth, everything cant be valued in money. Those reps he would take from unproven players are very valuable to the future. We know who Ryan Grant is and simply put its not good enough. He isn't going to all of a sudden be a good wr, hes had more than enough time to prove otherwise. And Skins what team goes out looking to sign a guy that even you say is 3-5 on the depth chart? Nobody, you draft those all day long and you develop them. If they don't develop you cut them, you don't bring them. Free agent receivers are brought in to start. Crowder, Beasley, Williams, Humphreys all signed to start. Grant, Crabtree and others are still on the market because you can easily draft what they would bring you on a team and have upside. That's just smart business
  8. Washington Free Agency 2019

    We shouldn't give him the job, no doubt about it. List of big needs this season: LG, FREE SAFETY, X RECIEVER, EDGE RUSHER. Big arguments can be made for quarterback and inside lb also. Why in the world are we caught up on a slot receiver? That's the least of our worries right now.
  9. Washington Free Agency 2019

    I'd stand on my table too but weighing 265, just don't think it would be one of the smartest things I've done 🍔
  10. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Turtle, your diehard just like myself. I appreciate it, but please for the love of God stop trying to put every guy in the slot. I swear I think if I said I liked Cody Ford you would like him too. Only difference is you would want to try him out in the slot😎
  11. Washington Free Agency 2019

    I got a great idea, how about we all acknowledge we need better wide receivers and take it from there. We are literally arguing over sardines and potted meat sandwiches. We need an upgrade
  12. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Huh? I said we need an x reciever. You just literally made the same point using another example as to why we need one. Thanks
  13. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Why does everyone think Quinn will be just in the slot? He may be, I don't know but he's over 6 feet tall. I think he can be moved around in the formations quite a bit. I don't know their plans though. His advantage last season going into the draft was he is a taller wr that can play slot.
  14. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I like Jennings too but I wish they would make a play on Mclaurin. I think hes the most underrated player in the draft. And he could be had late 2nd to 3rd round probably. Good route running, good size and great speed. I see Diggs as a comp for him
  15. Washington Free Agency 2019

    We need an X reciever. You know the guy that people actually fear and have to roll coverage to? Ain't got one on the roster, so yeah let's go in the draft looking for another slot wr. Make it priority #1. That's just stuiped. Paul Richardson is a #2 reciever, dont think anyone would argue that one. Doctson is the problem, hes out of position. He is also a #2 receiver, would probably thrive in that role.