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  1. My bad Woz. Didn't intend for it to be a negative, I didn't know about the rules. Wasn't trying to bash, just speculation on my part
  2. Could be, I have no clue. I just looked at the comment section as was like huh? All I can say is that dude with the blue hat and gold teeth kept hugging and staring in the camera looking like he wanted to be seen. It just came off on the creepy side to me. Doesn't matter if he's gay or not, I was just saying if it would be true it probably would make him slide some. I know that's not a politically correct statement for me to make but it would more than likely be the truth.
  3. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    He probably doesn't have much trade value right now. Until he actually produced like a 1 in season his market value will be pretty low. We only would get a 3rd back if he signed a big contract with another team, which is unlikely. I'm hoping he plays well, I'm just not holding my breath. He cant separate from defenders, that's a trait most good receivers need to have to succeed. That's why Metcalf fell as far as he did
  4. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    Going into year 4. At best he is a WR2, more likely a wr3. You don't pay those types of players 10+ million. Let him battle it out in camp and see where it pans out. If he is closer to wr3 then I believe it would be best to move on and develop these younger guys. Doctson is older than he should be on a rookie contract anyways. He was already 23 or something close when he came out. Its time to acknowledge that it was just a bad pick
  5. Just saw this on YouTube and I'm not going to debate if it matters or not when it comes to playing football. I watched draft on NFL Network and this clip is from ESPN. It's not hard to connect the dots with this, but I will say the heart issue may have been fabricated to an extent to give teams a reason to pass on him other than the reason they did. Watch this clip, connect the dots and you will see why he fell to us in the back half of the first round.
  6. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    Haskins will start most likely. The only way he wouldn't is if he shows he is nowhere near ready. Don't see that happening though, we will most likely run a simpler scheme until he shows he is ready for more
  7. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    I would like to see our starting wrs be Richardson, Mclaurin, and Quinn. Have Simms and Harmon round out the top 5. I could care less if Doctson makes it out of camp to be honest. I wish Robert Davis would have not been hurt. I always thought he had potential. If Richardson gets hurt Simms or Harmon could step in when needed to or at least come in near the Red Zone to give us some size.
  8. Holcombe will not be a practice squad player. He's fast. Name the one slow player on the Skins on defense that is slow? If you guessed Mason Foster you are right. He is as good as gone. 4 ILB'S: Reuben, Hamilton, Clemmons, and Holcombe. I think we can bank on that one. Bye, Bye Mason aka: the Shawn Luvao of the defense
  9. Let’s talk secondary

    John Keim says the Skins don't have any plans to use our corners as free safety. Kind of a head scratcher to me. This corner battle is going to be very interesting, the winner will be us in the end. Only way I can see Norman gone is if Alexander or another young guy steps up to show they can take over this year. Have to be really careful of sending any of these guys to practice squad, I don't think they will be there long before another team snatches them up

    TJ Rahming is an interesting pickup. Saw alot of him when I was looking up Daniel Jones a while ago. Seems to be a good route runner with descent hands. It will give Quinn some competition in the slot. Real Competition in these position groups will make our team better by default
  11. I’m gunna say it

    After the draft has come and gone I can't help but to think that our defense is going to be top shelf this season. I realize Sweat will probably be the only draft pick to make a substantial impact this year but when you think about getting Foster and Collins in free agency to add to it it gets pretty exciting. Free safety is the only position with a big question mark and to be honest I have no clue who will start there. It could be Troy Apke for all I know. Our team speed on defense is now legit. If Dion Hamilton can take the second year leap watch out! And I would put our D line up against anybody, they're studs.
  12. Draft Day Thread - Day 3

    If Doctson stays on the roster this season, it's more than likely his last. Norman is more than likely playing his last season here also. In Doctsons case to outperform him..... well, ain't gonna take much. Our wr core was a joke last season, the whole damn league knows that. Ain't some big secret, play these young guys and see what they have. We're supposed to struggle this season anyway.
  13. Draft Day Thread - Day 3

    Robert Davis had a horrible knee injury in practice last year at training camp. He may not even be ready by the start of the season. Doctson is in trouble Turtle. You don't keep a guy just to do it. They didn't draft two receivers for the hell of it. You cant put Mclaurin or Harmon on the practice squad, you would lose them in a second. Cutting Richardson would hurt the cap too much. The 5th wr is coming down to Doctson vs Simms. My money is on Simms
  14. Draft Day Thread - Day 3

    I actually think Mclaurin, Quinn, Richardson, Harmon, and Simms. Richardson is safe because of the contract. I actually just got done telling my son I don't think Doctson makes it to the regular season. The lazy route running has caught up to him, have yet to give the 5th year option also. What a waste of talent
  15. Draft Day Thread - Day 3

    To know about this kid the way you do, you must be local too. I live 45 minutes from JMU. I actually get to coach a game in that stadium this year. Pretty excited about it