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  1. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    A 16 was going to beat a 1 eventually, but I didn't imagine it would ever be a beat-down like this.
  2. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Lyles from UMBC is channeling his inner MJ. He's killing UVA.
  3. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Virginia getting waxed.
  4. CB Bashaud Breeland to Panthers

    Damn. This sucks. I was really excited to see him with us. I wonder which of the free agent DBs we target now.
  5. Seahawks sign Ed Dickson

    He's good for multiple infuriating drops throughout the season but he performed well when Olsen was out last year. Not sure I'd want to rely on him as my #1 TE though.
  6. Offseason Rumor Thread

    I was about to ask what was up with Sharrif Floyd, but saw he's a free agent now. Is he any good? I liked him a bit coming out of college.
  7. Panthers sign Poe DT

    Panthers view him as more of a 3-tech in the mold of Short. Butler made some nice plays last year when given the opportunity, but between Short, Star, and Love, it was difficult to get on the field. I haven't heard anything indicating we'll move on from him, but he would make sense as trade bait for a team in need of an interior tackle. I was a fan of Gettleman, but his first round track record here is beginning to disappoint. I know we were picking later in the draft more often than not but Lotulelei, Benjamin, Thompson, and Butler have all been underwhelming or average players. Butler more-so because of opportunity - I can only imagine we drafted him with the idea of not re-signing Short, but alas. What makes it worse is Thompson and Butler were luxury/BPA picks. We didn't need an outside linebacker and we didn't need another defensive tackle. Anyway, I like this signing. Maybe a bit more pricey than I would like but our run defense was shaky at times in the second half of the season (gave up less than 100 in 7 of the first 9; gave up more than 100 in 5 of the last 8, including postseason). It should help give Short more 1v1 looks too.
  8. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    Well, yeah. They were 15-1. But they still went 11-5 last year, the same record as the Rams and did it against a tougher schedule. So I don't get the argument that they are in another level than the Panthers talent wise, especially when I don't think anyone is going to say the Panthers coaching staff > Rams coaching staff. Panthers have the better DL and LBs. Rams have the better DBs. Not too familiar with the Rams OL to give judgment there. Rams have better WRs, although not by a huge margin. Panthers have the better TE. Rams have the better RB. I won't bother creating a Newton/Goff discussion.
  9. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    Rams and Panthers had the same record last year, with the latter having a tougher schedule. One of those teams was far more competitive in their playoff appearance than the other. Rams are good, but this forum is jumping the gun on them similar to the way they did the Raiders last year. I don't think they are going to regress like the Raiders did (however, I would bet that their offense isn't as good this year as it was in '17), but they aren't in a whole different category than the Panthers either.
  10. Giants sign Nate Solder

    Nah, completely serious. Kalil sucks. Even if Solder were to underwhelm, I doubt he'd be anywhere nearly as bad. I think it's a good deal for the Giants - you almost have to "overpay" for OL nowadays. It just shows you how valuable they are when one of the most lax GMs when it comes to FA has been willing to spend big bucks in back-to-back years on them is all I was saying.
  11. Giants sign Nate Solder

    Amazing how frugal Gettleman is in free agency until it comes to offensive lineman. I'm sure this will work out much better for the Giants than Kalil did for us, though.
  12. Raiders sign Derek Carrier

    I hope this works out if only because his name resembles Derek Carr
  13. Packers are cutting Jordy Nelson

    I'd love him on the Panthers. It'd more than likely be a one year rental but... Nelson-Funchess-Smith Byrd-Samuel Olsen at tight end and McCaffrey at RB. It would easily be the best group of receivers we have put around Cam in the time he's been here.
  14. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    No, but it's March and there haven't been any signs towards or against signing with us. At this point seems like a 50/50 kind of thing.
  15. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Depending on how active we are the rest of the way, it is setting up nicely for us to have 2 good comp picks next year. Unless we go crazy, we will at least either get a 4th round (Star) or 3rd round (Norwell) pick. Plus it looks like Peppers might not return.