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  1. Henry 200 yards confirmed.
  2. Will cheat codes still be in the game?
  3. Just make sure you read the journal entries on the characters. It isn't necessary, but it explains things so well that it won't even matter that you didn't play the first two. Probably the only game where I cared to read every single thing.
  4. I hope they let customers know ahead of time if the soundtracks will be mostly the same. I'd be ticked if I bought Vice City or San Andreas and the music was completely different. They already had to remove some songs as is. And the music is what really helped make the experience.
  5. I envy you You are in for a treat. I'll probably replay it again soon too.
  6. I’m not against a special teamer making the HOF, but what special or memorable plays does he have?
  7. I don't think we trade for him before the deadline, but what Matt Rhule says in public should be taken with a grain of salt.
  8. I don't get this. Should we not discuss MVP until the end of the season then? Because all we have to judge who we think the MVP is are the 6 or so games these guys have played. Every single candidate could have a bad game that takes them out of the running temporarily.
  9. Dying Light 2 comes out soon. Not sure if you played the first one or not, but it's really fun! I think that would be a good single player game to get into when it drops.
  10. iknowcool


    I think Goff has a much higher floor. Darnold has the higher upside, but I just don't know if we'll ever see it. I don't mind the turnovers tbh, but he just doesn't see the field well a lot of the time and despite his big arm, has not done a good job of pushing the ball downfield. Anderson has to play better and gotta stop dropping the ball, but at the same time... he didn't just suddenly become a bad receiver overnight. But we'll see. I question his football IQ (ie calling back-to-back timeouts... I'd expect my HS QB to know he isn't allowed to do that), but the ability is there.
  11. Impressive, but awfully specific lol
  12. iknowcool


    If we miss out on Deshaun Watson, and Sam Darnold doesn't turn it around, then I'd like to see him in Carolina vs drafting a guy in the 1st round. Not a big fan of the QB class and I think Goff, if we retooled the OL, could have success here.
  13. How is it any different than a QB making a great throw to a wide receiver who gets separation? Or a QB making a great throw to a WR who still needs to make a great catch in traffic? Everyone benefits from someone else on the team. You could argue that Henry wouldn't be doing this same kind of stuff on a bad team like the Jets, but you could also argue Kyler Murray wouldn't be doing the things he is doing on a bad team like the Lions. I don't see why it is an argument that should be held more against Henry than it is other QBs putting up big numbers this year.
  14. Panthers made the decision to trade for Sam Darnold after watching Justin Fields at his Pro Day. So they were likely just not a big fan of his. And I don't think it would have been good for Fields anyway. He would have had a lot of weapons, but the Panthers OL is the most talent-depleted in the NFL. This is not me making an excuse for Darnold - his play has dropped off the last two weeks and he has got to play better. But the OL is that bad.
  15. Derrick Henry breaks FAR too many big runs for people to keep saying it all has to do with the OL. I could get it if it was a one or two time a season kind of thing. But he has done this every single season, and done it a lot more than any other back. I think the only RBs in NFL history with more 50+ yard TD runs are Barry Sanders and Jim Brown. And he ain't too far behind. I think he's at 12, Sanders holds the record at 15. His OL is good, yes. But Henry is a special back. He breaks those runs because he's got the size to break any tackle and the speed to out-run anyone on the fie
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