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  1. Yeah today was actually the closest I've gotten haha. I was so sure I had it in the bag.
  2. I think a lot of it has to do with how Watson was viewed pre-accusations. Nobody ever had a bad thing to say about him. Extremely likable. The same reason everyone supported him 100% when he was trying to get out of Houston. For a lot of people, it still seems unfathomable that Watson would do the things he has been accused off. Not to steer this too off-topic, but there are examples like this in real-life too. It took a long, long time for people to accept Bill Cosby for who he is. And a lot of people still haven't. I am pretty sure Watson is guilty. Even if not of everything, he
  3. It's damn near impossible to really talk about potential compensation in a situation like this. Like, even before Watson's off-field troubles, we hadn't really seen a situation like this before where an established, young, borderline-elite quarterback was on the market. Cutler was traded for a starting QB (granted, said QB was Kyle Orton) and 2 1st-round picks. And Watson is miles better than Cutler ever was. Tack on the off-field issues now and really there is no way of knowing what the Texans could reasonably get.
  4. I hate Madden's rating system sooooo much. There should never be multiple 99 overall players in a game. Only the specialist of special players should be a 99. Like even if you agreed Davante Adams is the best WR in football right now, that alone shouldn't make him a 99. Otherwise you are saying he's as good as Calvin Johnson was at his peak.
  5. Still reports Carolina is interested. However, I think it is a lot more likely they would make a strong offer next offseason as opposed to this season. I don't really see Watson getting traded this year. I guess it could happen, but why would a team do so without knowing what his inevitable suspension will be?
  6. In the long-run, nobody gives a crap about his drama with the Packers outside of Packers fans.
  7. I'm disappointed that I let this trick me.
  8. If you are a guy who is on the borderline of making the roster, you surely have to get the vaccine now, right? At least if you want to play this year. Because sure, the Cardinals aren't going to release Hopkins over him not getting the vaccine, but you can be damn sure they would release WR #5 if it came down to it.
  9. Ted Ginn probably could have made multiple Pro Bowls if his hands weren't so bad. His speed was different, but he dropped so many would-be touchdowns here. This being the most memorable. Not everyone can be Larry Fitz, but how his hands remained so bad his entire career is crazy to me. One of the biggest examples of a body-catcher. Still a very good career all things considered. Thank god the Panthers brought him back in 2015. Ginn definitely isn't a #1 WR, but he was easily Cam's best WR target that year and his ability to threaten teams deep allowed us to do more undernea
  10. I'm no doctor so I have no idea if I'm right or wrong, but I don't think Brady would be playing if there was a serious chance of making the injury worse. Probably just had to deal with the pain.
  11. There is more that goes into being a good or a bad person than the decision to speed or the decision to drink and drive, especially without any knowledge of if this is something Sherman makes a habit of. And nobody is making excuses for Sherman. I'm not sure why you keep telling me how bad drinking and driving is. I agree it is a terrible decision to make. I agree he should be punished. But one bad decision does not make someone a bad person. Especially when we are talking about someone who has done plenty of charitable acts. https://www.sportscasting.com/richard-sherman-is-brash
  12. I didn't suggest otherwise. I think my point still stands. Speeding is also an action that is avoidable (and I'd argue someone who is sober and speeding is making more of a conscious decision than someone who is drunk and decides to drive, although I should emphasize before it is miscontrued that yes, drinking and driving is worse) and can have deadly consequences. Would it be fair for me to then ask what good people you know that speed, as if speeding dictates who is good or bad? Drinking and driving is dumb. Nobody in this thread has argued otherwise. But it's also dumb to think
  13. I wonder if they will release single game sack #s. I'm interested in seeing if they had anyone eclipsing Derrick Thomas' 7 sack game, which at this point seems unbreakable. Only 4 other times has anyone gotten 6 in a game, and 1 of those times was by Derrick Thomas.
  14. Life is not that black and white. Drinking and driving isn't a smart choice to make, and it can have deadly consequences. But it, like any other mistake that people sometimes make, doesn't define you.
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