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  1. It takes a lot more than just a respectable career.
  2. I guess if you would have shown me highlights of Tim Tebow throwing in 2011, and told me that same guy would throw for 300+ yards in a winning playoff game, I would have said absolutely no way to that too. So who knows. That stretch had to have been some of the most fun being a football fan. Dude would literally look like the worst player on the field for 3+ quarters, but always found a way to win in the end. I mean he was pretty bad but still in a way surprising to me that he never got another QB start after that season. You would have thought at least one time would be like what the h
  3. I will say this, if Tebow were to make the 53-man roster and turn into a solid contributor (not even a starter, just contribute on special teams or in the run game), then it will definitely be one of the best sports stories in a long time. At least in my opinion. I get how I can come across as if I don't like him. I don't really have an opinion either way about him honestly, I just think this is a really weird move to make. Cause on one end, I get it... he's going to work hard and he's going to be a great guy to have around, and he's absolutely gonna sell a lot of jerseys and/or mercha
  4. Why do you think he deserves the opportunity? Call me a hater if you would like, but I am genuinely curious. What has he done to deserve the opportunity?
  5. This is a weird response. Because it has nothing to do with what I've said. I'm not upset by them signing him, hell I didn't even post in this thread until a couple of pages ago. And the reason why I responded is because people were seriously suggesting that he's got upside. Have I ever said that I hate this signing? I think it's a dumb signing football-wise (again, something that shouldn't be up for debate), but I also get why they did it - publicity, attention, maybe helps out in the locker-room, etc. It is a no-risk, no-reward move. And again, that's okay. I just don't get
  6. Can we stop saying this? Tim Tebow does not offer any upside or a possibility of him being successful in different ways. Do ya'll really think the NFL is that easy?
  7. So then you agree it is a joke signing. Which is 100% okay. Let's just not try and make it seem like anything more than that. When it comes to football though, it is dumb move. They explain it well here too. And he's right. Imagine someone came up to you and said, let's hire this guy who hasn't done this in 8 years, and let's switch is position. Nobody would dare sign him. So I don't get what ya'll are disagreeing with. It is a undeniably bad football signing. It is a good signing for $$ and publicity. I don't think there is any serious long-term downside to it, I jus
  8. So like I said, a good athlete, but not a special athlete, and certainly not to the point where we should be expecting his athleticism to still stick out at age 33 or 34. At that age, it takes knowledge and technique and years of practicing to still be a valuable contributor... which Tebow does not have, obviously. I don't have a problem with this signing. It is clear Urban Meyer just wants to have him around, nothing more. But lets not try and act like he did it because Tebow might have some untapped upside. That's just lunacy, and if Urban Meyer TRULY thinks Tebow is the best player
  9. It isn't even like Tebow was some special athlete back in the day. Decent athlete and good for a QB, but not to the point where we should expect him to still be able to keep up with everyone at 33, soon to be 34. I can say with absolute confidence that while there might not be any "downside," there is absolutely no upside, and I can't believe people are seriously suggesting otherwise. A guy who sucked when he was in the NFL and who hasn't played in 8 years and will be 34 by the start of the regular season is not going to suddenly become a solid contributor. The ONLY reason it is happ
  10. What is this unknown/upside to Tebow that you are talking about? He's going to suck. I mean you don't actually think there is a chance he's any good, right? I don't think this is a big deal or a reflection of Meyer or anything. At the same time though this idea that Tebow is gonna help transform the locker-room or something is silly. He hasn't played in 8 years. No teammate is gonna give a damn about what he has to say. Especially when, in all likelihood, he'll be by far the worst player on the field at any given moment.
  11. Nah they all have different themes. For the most part. Far Cry 3 is easily my favorite to this day (I'd imagine most agree). I have high hopes for 6 though.
  12. Rodgers doesn't want just more money though, he wants security. But the Packers drafted Jordan Love. Unless they are cool with waiting until his 5th-year to see if he can play, then I'm not sure the Rodgers/Packers will come to any solution with his contract. They have different mindsets. I get both sides. Packers didn't know how much longer Rodgers had or how well he would do and they had an opportunity to draft a young QB they really liked. Would I have done the same thing? Nah, I think you go all-in with Rodgers while you have the chance, but I get it. And on the other hand, I d
  13. I'm not saying one game makes someone a bad player. But he was bad. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. And I think it's silly to put more stock in a pro day and use that as evidence he would have absolutely increased his stock had he played, than in the one game he actually did play.
  14. He was awful in the one game he did play. I don't think it is a guarantee how he is perceived would have changed much.
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