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  1. Greg Olsen TE signs with Seahawks

    Olsen is still solid, but he’s definitely not a top 5 TE anymore. Good pickup though. Great leader as well, gonna miss him.
  2. Better Call Saul, Season 5

    I've been waiting so long for this show to return. Every season has been terrific so I would expect nothing less from here, especially since it seems like a lot of the major stories are beginning to reach their climax (Fring's lab being built, Lalo Salamanca and Nacho, Jimmy getting accepted back into law and his relationship with Kim). Plus a nice little treat in the trailer.
  3. Browns add former GM Grigson as consultant.

    Woah now
  4. Yeah, except 71 of Moss' 101 touchdowns in his first 9 years were outside of the redzone. Which means if you eliminate all of his touchdowns that were from being "forced the ball in the red zone", he still scored more touchdowns than Julio. Source
  5. You don't think the Vikings did that with Moss? Or the Lions with Johnson? Or the Steelers with AB? Every elite WR gets used as a decoy at some point. Damn near every elite WR sees extra coverage in the red-zone. It isn't like Jones has been playing for incompetent offenses - he's had plenty of other very good players and solid role players to help take pressure off of him. I'm not suggesting Jones is a bad red-zone receiver or that it's all on him. But when you are comparing him to other all-time wide receivers, it definitely deserves to be brought up. Calvin played for generally worse offenses and was doubled just as much, if not more so (probably more so), than Jones and yet at the same point in their careers, had 26 more touchdowns. Even the 10 extra games Johnson played doesn't account for that.
  6. Redskins Release Josh Norman

    Norman's biggest problem from what I remember is he absolutely can't handle speed WRs. He just doesn't have the athleticism. Even in his best season in 2015, he could get burned relatively easy. Colts game from that season is a good example - Hilton, albeit a very good to great receiver, was cooking him. And I can't imagine it has gotten better with age. I think he tends to overestimate his speed and tries to bait QBs into a mistake, which sometimes work and often did in 2015. But he's just lost too much athleticism and hasn't adjusted. Ya'll would be better off getting a younger corner who can keep up with today's receivers. Norman is just too big of a risk if your a team that places an emphasis on not giving up a big play, which should be every team.
  7. Yea, kind of misleading. If you go back to 1978 when the Mel Blount rule was created, which is only 41 years ago, he's still only 36th in receiving touchdowns in one's first 9 years. If you strictly look at the 2000s, then he's 21st, 10 touchdowns less than #10 (Colston). TDs can be situational, but even when accounting for that his numbers in that regard are underwhelming (for a great WR).
  8. Redskins Release Josh Norman

    Panthers should have kept Norman in 2016 or at least found a trade partner instead of rescinding the tag, which was dumb. However, Gettleman was smart in not giving him a big deal. Norman was great but he wasn’t the kind of CB who was gonna play at a high level in his 30s and he was older older by the time he got his 2nd deal. Great guy though. I wonder how he would do as a safety for a zone team
  9. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    It’s just confirmation bias. Cam literally has the same or better career numbers than Luck with more postseason success and similar offensive talent and yet nobody is debating Luck’s inclusion
  10. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    It was a question. And I even said a Newton might just be top 12, I gave room for someone to argue someone else. Youre just putting words in my mouth. I never said he was better than Romo, and there’s a reason nobody has really listed him - he played 4 years. And no, eliminating someone’s best year to prove a point isn’t a sound argument. It literally makes no sense not to consider his 2015 season. So not sure why him not having that year would matter.
  11. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Just because your football takes are bad doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Saying Newton sucked is a terrible take. There’s a difference between being average and sucking.
  12. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    He only played 4 full seasons in the 2010s, but yes I agree he was a better overall QB. Where did I suggest otherwise?
  13. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    He doesn’t have anything. He’s just saying stuff
  14. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    How you just gonna completely omit a year in a debate about who was better in the 2010s lol What I make of those stats is you trying to slant them more favorably towards Luck. What other reason would there be to not include that year? There is none. Especially when that year conveniently leaves out a season Newton scored 35 touchdowns.
  15. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Not to the extent of suggesting one of the better QBs of the 2010s, in one of the best eras all-time for QB play, also sucked. It's a ridiculous assertion.