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  1. The only teams the Ravens have beaten with a winning record are the Hundley-led Packers and Lions, who most would consider the weakest of the playoff eligible teams in the NFC. Not trying to hold it against the Ravens, but I don't see why SOS matters and should be used in their defense when they haven't beaten anyone impressive. There are a lot of reasons why some of the teams are dismissed easily. Quarterbacks being one of the top ones. Fair or unfair, a lot of people don't think a team led by Bortles, Flacco, Mariota, Taylor, or Smith stands much of a chance against the Steelers and Patriots. I don't necessarily agree (if it wasn't for the fact the game would probably take place in Foxborough, I would be very tempted to take the Jaguars over the Patriots), but it isn't a stretch to think that way. For me, I see a lot of underwhelming teams. If the playoffs started today, the Bills, Titans, and Chiefs would be in. 2 of those teams have a negative point differential (Bills at -50, which is horrible) and the other team has looked bad for the last month and a half. Does anyone really think those teams have much of a chance to win 3 straight games and make the Super Bowl, much less win it? Chargers are getting a lot of hype and rightfully so. They have a QB capable enough and a defense that could cause teams problems. But a lot of people still see them as the team that started 0-4 with losses to the Broncos and Dolphins. The best team they have beaten so far are the Zeke-less Cowboys. I'm not dismissing them myself because I do think they are a good team, but its another example of why I think it is easy to see why a lot of people don't take the AFC too seriously. They haven't really had a statement win yet, which is an issue for a lot of these teams outside of the Patriots/Steelers/Jaguars.
  2. Call of Duty WW2

    I don't think the gameplay is bad. I just hate the maps, which makes it less enjoyable for me. Especially since I'm mainly a domination player.
  3. Saints. It's clear they have our number and then some. In our last 4 games against them, they have won 3 and scored 31+ points in 3 out of the 4. Only reason I would have any kind of faith is because it's Sean Payton and he will go to a pass frenzy in a heartbeat. I wouldn't want to play the Seahawks either. Wilson always comes up with an insanely lucky play or two against us.
  4. Call of Duty WW2

    Treyarch has always been far and away the best COD developer IMO. They usually have the best (and certainly the most well structured) maps, which is one of the main reasons why I haven't been able to enjoy a lot of the CODs lately. I wasn't a huge BO3 fan, but it's still better than any other COD put out recently. And BO2 might be my favorite. I'm super excited for COD this upcoming year for that reason alone - it is being made by Treyarch. Does anyone think the zombies mode in WW2 is way too easy? I made it to level 20 the other night and don't think I came close to being killed. It got to the point where I had to quit because it was so boring.
  5. Cardinals placing Adrian Peterson on injured reserve

    It's kind of unfortunate how Peterson's career has panned out since the 2,000 yard season. 1 year ended due to suspension. 1 year ended due to injury. This year was filled with underwhelming play and injuries. He'll "only" finish with 7 1,000 yard seasons for his career, which obviously isn't terrible but disappointing when you thought he might make a push to be compared to the near consensus top three (Payton, Sanders, Brown). Still one of the greatest players I have been able to see. Kind of hope he decides to call it quits though. Not much value left and his body seems to be breaking down.
  6. Sashi Brown out in Cleveland

    Not sure what the point in saying this and probably rubbing some players on the team the wrong way is.
  7. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Gotta be rooting for the Falcons (@ Buccaneers) and/or Seahawks (vs LAR) to lose this week. If that happens and we win, we would have a 2 game lead over the field with 2 games left. That would make the Buccaneers game next week a win-and-in scenario.
  8. Rodger Goodell done after 2023

    NFL fans 10 years from now - "Man, I really miss Roger Goodell."
  9. Who Gets #1 Seed in NFC?

    You make it seem like the Patriots are some unstoppable team that has won the Super Bowl each year for the last decade. They can and have been beaten. They will be a tough out, but it can be done. You are underrating the teams in the NFC if you think all it will take is a 75% Brady to get the job done.
  10. Is Antonio Brown a Top 10 WR of All Time?

    I would say so, yeah. Since 2013, his average season is 116 receptions, 1565 yards, and 10 touchdowns. Even when you account for inflation, that is insane. There are only 7 other WRs in the same span that have even had seasons with 1500 yards. There is a good chance he records a 2nd 1800+ yard season. He's mastered the position. He is one of those rare players that you just accept is going to have a big game and there is nothing you can do about it. Considering his style of game and that he's avoided injuries so far, I could see him being able to at least make a push for Rice's yardage mark. Rice was a 9072 yards before age 30. Barring injury, Brown should be able to get to 10,000 this year. He's at 9886 right now. I remember a poll awhile back asking who was better between Brown and Calvin Johnson. I took Johnson at the time, but I'm beginning to change my mind on that.
  11. Who Gets #1 Seed in NFC?

    Not saying we would beat them if it came down to it, but the Panthers beat the Patriots this season already. Not sure how that = a 75% Brady running through us.
  12. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    DPI Flacco about to be in full force.
  13. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    Antonio Brown is one of the best players I have ever seen.
  14. Who Gets #1 Seed in NFC?

    Yep. Should be a great game though. As odd as it sounds, being able to see Rodgers play in person is actually one of the reasons I got tickets for the game before the season.