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  1. Gonna probably sell GME tomorrow at whatever. Not sure if I have it in me to hold it over the weekend lol
  2. You follow this advice and you're gonna be left holding the bag.
  3. He has no contractual leverage, sure. But I disagree with the idea that he has no leverage at all. He's making the Texans a very undesirable destination for any free agent, especially one looking to win-now, because nobody knows about his future. He's almost certainly going to hurt the locker-room morale. Not saying teammates will dislike him or not take his side but at the end of the day, its your QB, your leader, making it clear he doesn't want to play for your team. He's almost certainly going to hold out OTAs and most, if not all of training camp, making it very difficult to implement
  4. This is how I feel too. I like some of what I see from Mac Jones, but it's hard for me to advocate taking him or even considering him in the top 10 with his kind of skill-set. Not to mention, while I'm usually of the opinion that it is far more important to evaluate the player than the team, I can't ignore the situation he was in allowed him to maximize the kind of player he is. That isn't his fault by any means, but it makes it more difficult for me to project how well I think he can do when things aren't as likely to be as easy. It was reported that one of the major reasons the Panth
  5. I mean, sure it isn't Brady-level, but Wilson has won 10 games in all but 1 season of his career. Not sure why that is even something that needs to be brought up against him. He deserves as much clout and respect as any QB in the league.
  6. Bought back into GME yesterday when it was in the 40s Feels good.
  7. I think its too soon to write off the Steelers' chances next year. I wouldn't consider them SB favorites or anything, but they still finished 12-4. And yeah, it looks bad to have won 11 straight and then drop 5 out of your last 6. Keep in mind though 4 of those 5 losses came against another team that made the playoffs (I admit it is kind of cheating to include WFT in that). Ben's health is the biggest obstacle. I thought he was playing pretty well until about midseason. They need to find a way to incorporate more of a run game. If they can depend less on Ben to get the job done on
  8. I kind of get what you are saying here. I do think, in a way, his stock has risen in a lot of peoples eyes after 2020. But I think that has more to do with people viewing the Texans in such a bad light, and people just respect what he's done more than they used to (warranted or not is aside the point). Even before 2020 though, his name was being thrown around as a top 5 QB. These are rankings by big media prior to 2020: NFL.com had him at #4 NBC had him at #6 PFF had him at #6 and added that the main thing holding him back was the ugly games he would have. I'm not a
  9. And are we going to act like the Texans didn't win 10+ games in both 2018 and 2019, and that Watson has as many playoff wins as Lamar? This isn't me trying to say one is better than the other. But trying to hold winning, or lack thereof, against Watson is just a silly, short-sighted argument. Ravens are rarely ever in a position to be that bad. 2015 is the only year in the Harbaugh era where they had fewer than 8 wins. It is crazy to try and compare them to the 2020 Texans. Texans were bad because they fired their bad HC, who was also their GM, and made a lot of dumb personnel and trad
  10. Packers went 6-10 in 2008 and 6-9-1 in 2018 Colts went 6-10 in 2001 Saints went 7-9 3 consecutive years What is your opinion on Rodgers, Manning, and Brees?
  11. But my certain-ness in Watson improving isn't simply because he's young and talented. It is based off what he has shown on the field thus far. I don't think you should blindly expect a player to improve just because he's young, talented, and was a first-round pick. You consider how they have looked on the field. It just seems like you are trying to prove a point that wasn't there to prove (especially as I have never once suggested Allen, Mayfield and Jackson can't improve). It should be pretty freakin' obvious why people are far less likely to think Darnold will improve than the
  12. That literally doesn’t make any sense. I am not expecting Watson to improve just because he is young. I am expecting him to improve because he’s been great every year of his career so far. My point wasn’t that all young QBs get better... because they don’t. It was that Watson has shown so much that based on other QBs who’ve been this good this early, it is unlikely he’s even had his best year yet. You are absolutely reaching by trying to compare Darnold/Mayfield or pre-2020 Allen. Expectations for them to improve was way lower because they never looked great & certainly not
  13. It is bizarre to you that QBs who up to that point never looked anywhere near as good as Watson weren’t given the same expectations?
  14. There is absolutely no way that you watched Stafford, Cousins, Tua, Murray, and Ryan in 2020, and then watched Watson, and came to the conclusion that he is on the same tier as them. Don't get me wrong, I like some of those guys, but come on. Tua? And does Cousins' best year even match up to Watson's worst? And you keep harping on the arm strength. You seem way too fixated on something like throw speed MPH. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Watson's arm strength. Give me some throws that Watson failed to make because of his arm strength. I've just never at any point watching h
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