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  1. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    For as much criticism as Kirk Cousins gets, I’m surprised Stafford doesn’t get more heat. Not that all the Lions issues fall on him, but he’s accomplished so little in a decade. Only 2 10+ win seasons. I’m not even sure if they have a playoff win. I’m sure the Lions are OK with him, but you’d think they have built a good team around him by now.
  2. Persistent OBJ trade rumors

    I guess if they really need the extra money/picks... but Beckham is a probable future Hall of Famer at only 26 years old and legit a game changing talent. Would it really be worth it?
  3. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    Lol AB funny as hell. Seems like he’s just trolling at this point.
  4. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    How does getting rid of a Hall of Fame receiver make the Steelers better?
  5. Is the HOF criteria simply to play for the Patriots?
  6. Because he isn’t as good as Zeke, Bell, Barkley, or Gurley. It’s not like being in tier 3 means you’re bad. Everyone above him is great. If you want to put him on the level of the guys in tier 2, then I can see the argument. But I don’t see how he’s as good as the aforementioned players. Those are elite backs. Gordon isn’t elite.
  7. NFC next year, early predictions

    Bears seem like the most likely team to regress next year. Even if we assume their defense still plays at about the same level without Fangio (although even with Fangio, it's unlikely they would be as dominant against both the run and the pass as they were this year just because of how much changes year-to-year), their scoring is probably going to go down. They were 21st in yards with a relatively inefficient passing and running game, but finished 9th in points - mainly because they led the league in turnovers. They are still a really talented team, but I see them barely missing out ala Vikings this year. Plus, Vikings should be better and it seems like a given the Packers will find their way back into the playoffs. At the very least, I wouldn't expect them to finish with a losing record again.
  8. Tier 1: Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley, Le'Veon Bell Tier 2: Christian McCaffrey, Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara, David Johnson Tier 3: Joe Mixon, Nick Chubb, Melvin Gordon, Mark Ingram, a bunch of other RBs I'm pretty confident in the first two tiers. After that, you have a mixture of a lot of guys. Chubb's a great runner, but I'm not sure he offers enough as a receiver to touch some of the guys above him. My gut tells me Barkley is the best RB in the NFL, but Gurley and Zeke have the proven, consistent success. I'm confident Bell is going to prove the people wrong who think he's not that good simply because Conner performed well in his place.
  9. Random Game Talk

    Yeah but you don’t need Xbox Live to connect to the Internet, right? I’d reckon most of that 30% can still connect and probably do to use things like Netflix and Hulu. I know a lot of people who use it for that reason.
  10. Random Game Talk

    And what percentage of that 60% is/was upgrading to an Xbox? I'm aware that there is a large portion of America without reliable internet, if access at all. But that same portion aren't the ones spending $499 on a new Xbox (at the time), along with purchasing the games, additional controllers, headsets, or whatever other accessories they want. This could be my ignorance speaking on the situation because I don't know the numbers, but I feel confident that a very large majority of gamers who were looking at an X1 or PS4 at the time had a stable enough connection to connect once every 24 hours. It isn't like you had to stay connected (to my knowledge). And if you couldn't, then there was always the Playstation. I don't know. I mean, I definitely understood the frustration to an extent. But it just felt overblown. For most people upgrading to an Xbox One in 2014, I doubt internet was a hindrance. And for the people who it was, then there was another easily accessible and less expensive option. I mean unless someone was that big of a fan of Halo and Gears campaigns (since w/o internet, they aren't playing multiplayer anyway), then switching to a PS4 (at the time) shouldn't have made a difference.
  11. Random Game Talk

    Define "shady"? How is requiring someone to connect to the internet once every 24 hours, and making that fact well-known prior to the launch of the Xbox, shady? I get the frustration from those who don't have access to the internet. But there is nothing shady about it. If you don't have internet, then it isn't like Microsoft withheld information and you could just as easily get a Playstation. And if you do have internet, then what is the problem?
  12. Random Game Talk

    The whole "need Internet" to play thing was always overblown to me IMO. What % of people are using a gaming console in 2019 (or even in 2014 or whenever the X1 dropped) without an internet connection for 24 hours?
  13. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    For a Super Bowl? 100% I'm a fan of defensive, low-scoring games. But the game, especially the biggest game of the year, should still feel competitive. It felt like the Rams really had no chance of winning and that took a ton out of the game for me. It never felt like the Rams were in the game even when the score was tied.
  14. Mike Evans maybe on a HOF pace?

    I'm not seeing it. I expect down the road, we'll see a lot more WRs with great numbers being passed on if they aren't bringing anything else with it. Evans is obviously good, and the numbers are there, but he's simply not on the level of Beckham, Brown, Julio, etc. I'd say his situation is similar to Chad Johnson. Johnson had a 6 year stretch where he averaged 1330 yards and 8 touchdowns. But like Evans isn't on the level of the aforementioned names, Johnson was a step (or five) behind guys like Moss, Owens, Harrison, etc. Considering Johnson was/is a lot more memorable than Evans, albeit for his antics (which I loved but I guess isn't for everypne), and doesn't get any Hall of Fame talk, I don't see why Evans would. Only difference is at Evans age, he will probably finish with even better career numbers but that's gonna be the case for a lot of WRs soon.
  15. The offseason hasn't even started yet, so it's too early to tell. I'm not sure why they would be the favorites over the Rams though - all things equal across the board talent-wise, I'd put more trust in Goff continuing to trend upward than I would Brees not regressing. 49ers and Cardinals could be better next year, but the NFC South will probably be the tougher division again too. Falcons probably won't encounter the same # of injuries to starters again, Newton should (ideally) not have his arm fall off again to the extent that it did, and Bucs have a great head coach with a QB who has a ton of upside and a plethora of offensive talent.