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  1. I seriously think AB might have brain damage from the NFL

    I hate people blaming brain damage for AB’s actions. Maybe he does, but it’s not like he’s the only one in the NFL who has taken bad hits. He is, however, the only one doing the kind of things he’s doing. AB’s problem is a complete lack of self-awareness. Or if he is aware, he simply doesn’t care.
  2. Panthers hire Phil Snow as DC

    Not a fan. However, if this works out, I wonder how or if it changes how teams approach the hiring process. Has any team hired as many college coaches at important spots in one offseason? HC Rhule was at Baylor, OC Brady was at LSU, and DC Snow was at Baylor
  3. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Rodgers lol
  4. Odell had one hell of a night lol
  5. Cam Newton '15 vs Lamar Jackson '19

    Jackson had the better season, but the Ravens lost to the Browns who were just as bad as the Falcons. Not to mention the Panthers actually made a Super Bowl, so it’s odd it’s the one regular season loss you are focused on
  6. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    This freakin’ sucks. He had taken a step back but was still very good and our best leader. Maybe the best coverage MLBer I’ve seen and should be a HOFer
  7. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

  8. NFL potentially moving to 17 game season in new CBA

    It’s to make it balanced. What if a team can dress all 53 players but the other can only do 48 due to injuries? I don’t know about other sports, but the NFL I’m sure has the highest amount of injuries. So the inactive list keeps it balanced. If anything increase roster sizes, but no reason to get rid of the inactive list
  9. NFL potentially moving to 17 game season in new CBA

    It’s insane how football fans, especially on this site, are so against adding one game. Y’all act like it’s gonna cause players to somehow drop like flies. Non-playoff teams would be playing 17 games, the same as any playoff team that A) lost in wildcard or B) had a bye but lost in divisional. I love this. I think some of you are just way too against change. And if it’s really about safety, then why not advocate for the NFL to go back to 14 games?
  10. Matt Rhule to become Carolina Panthers next Head Coach

    We didn’t win a single game after starting 5-3 last year, and have a ton of defensive players either coming off injuries or about to be free agents (Bradberry, Boston although he’s bleh, McCoy, Addison, Poe, Short). It’s certainly possible if we manage to trade some other pieces.
  11. Matt Rhule to become Carolina Panthers next Head Coach

    It sounds like we’re 100% committed to tanking 2020 for Trevor Lawrence. Our owner talking about taking things down and building them back up, and Rhule multiple times referring to a process. I think we let Newton go and go full blast to tank mode.
  12. Is Nick Chubb the best runningback in the NFL?

    CMC just had one of the most ridiculous seasons by a RB all-time, maintains great efficiency despite carrying the load on an often bad offense, and is undoubtedly the best dual threat RB in the game right now. I don’t know how anyone could convince themselves anyone is better currently. Nick Chubb in ‘18-‘19: 490 carries, 2490 rushing yards, 5.1 YPC, 16 rushing TDs, 427 rec yards, 2 rec touchdowns Christian McCaffrey in ‘18-‘19: 506 carries, 2485 rushing yards, 4.9 YPC, 22 rushing TDs, 223 receptions, 1872 rec yards, 10 rec TDs How many guys coming close to 2,000/2,000 in 2 years? Even factoring in for the games Chubb wasn’t used much in early in his rookie season doesn’t account for the 1,440 yards and 14 TDs difference, especially considering C-Mac only had 16 more carries and Chubb isn’t much of a receiving back.
  13. Not as bad of a hire as it may seem to some on the surface. Scott Turner did solid work as a QB Coach in his short time here. Allen was bad yet still better than he had any reason to be and Newton looked as good as he’s ever been mechanically before his shoulder injury. It’s kind of hard to judge him on his play-calling after Rivera’s firing, the QB play was simply too bad. If I’m a betting man, I don’t think this works out, but it has potential. Hopefully for their sake he’s a better redzone playcaller than Norv. I wonder if he gets brought on to the staff too.
  14. Matt Rhule to become Carolina Panthers next Head Coach

    That isn’t necessarily true. Tepper is rich as hell so the Giants likely knew they couldn’t match the offer.
  15. Matt Rhule to become Carolina Panthers next Head Coach

    Can anyone tell me anything about him? Honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about this. I was far more familiar with a McCarthy and McDaniels, obviously, but I’ve heard good things about Rhule Basically is this a smart hire?
  16. Mike McCarthy hired as Head Coach for Cowboys

    I like McDaniels more than others, but still gotta acknowledge the risk that comes with him. Stefanski is going to be the better hire IMO I love what I’ve read about him and seen from the Vikings offense. So I’d prefer we hire him but I wouldn’t be mad at McDaniels either, for the sole fact I think he’s willing to blow it up to get the team he wants and quite frankly the Panthers may need to blow it up. So if we fail with him, at least we’ll probably get a fresh start with a new coach rather than remaining mediocre. Honestly though it’s so hard to predict which coaches will work out and who won’t. So as long as it’s one of those two, I think I will be content until I see the moves they make. Do not want anyone else, the market seems bad past those two
  17. Mike McCarthy hired as Head Coach for Cowboys

    It would not surprise me to see the Panthers and Browns racing to sign McDaniels soon. Whoever doesn’t get him will sign Stefanski McCarthy was my #1 choice
  18. 2019 Panthers Off-Season Thread

    Stefanski is my new #1. Add Stefanski and Fewell to the candidates... although Fewell definitely won’t get it I love what I’ve read about Stefanski and hopefully he’s learned a thing or two from Kubiak. 1. Stefanski 2. McCarthy 3. McDaniels 4. Bieniemy 5. Rhule 6. Fewell I’d be surprised if we don’t get one of the top three.
  19. 2019 Panthers Off-Season Thread

    McCarthy and McDaniels are far and away the best choices based off our candidates so far. I don’t see good things happening with Bieniemy; I don’t really trust hiring an OC who doesn’t call plays. There’s more to the job as a HC than that, I know, but it’s really risky. McCarthy gets far too much hate. People say he rode Rodgers, but Payton had Brees and yet look how inconsistent they were for awhile. Packers consistently fielded 10 win teams even when the talent around Rodgers started to fall off. Like Reid and Philly, ish happens and a team and coach need to separate. Plus he doesn’t get enough credit for why Rodgers is as good as he is anyway - he did a great coaching job there. McDaniels is risky, but I think it’s fair to believe he’s not the same guy as he was in 2009. It isn’t as if the Broncos were in the best spot when he arrived and it hurt him more so to have a first year GM. Patriots have always done an excellent job getting everyone involved on offense and while having Brady helps, McDaniels has over the years helped orchestrate a very consistent, disciplined offense. He’s not a perfect candidate but compared to everyone else? Easily my #2. I think we will end up with whoever the Browns don’t hire Either way I have little hope for 2020 even if Cam is healthy. The defense is BAD. If we don’t re-sign Bradberry or Boston (who is also bad, but thinks he’s good), then we are looking at needing 3 new starters in the secondary. And the defensive line, oh boy. Addison probably isn’t coming back. Poe and Short coming off season ending injuries; Short may recover well but Poe almost certainly won’t. McCoy has no reason to re-sign if he’s looking to win. Burns is the only guy we can be certain on and quite frankly I have a feeling he’s always gonna be dealing with nagging injuries I don’t see how we fix this defense in an off-season.
  20. 2019 All-Pro Team Results

    That still doesn’t make more sense than simply getting rid of Flex, considering McCaffrey was undoubtedly the best RB. Why would the second best RB get first team all pro RB over the best RB? They should just get rid of Flex and call it RB2 so that there aren’t duplicates. But unless we are suggesting we should separate receiving yards from a RB, then McCaffrey absolutely deserved to be RB1. It’s not even debatable. And Henry only finished with 153 more rushing yards, it isn’t like CMac was lacking in that regard.
  21. 2019 All-Pro Team Results

    How would that make any sense? C-Mac was clearly the best RB They should just get rid of the Flex, but it still makes sense why he got it. He had over 1,000 receiving yards.
  22. PFF 2019 All Pro Team

    Chubb over McCaffrey is hilarious
  23. Notable Stats and Observations

    Lol Adam Gase seems like such an easy guy to hate. What an AWFUL answer even if you don’t want him back, it isn’t like Bell has been toxic towards the team.
  24. The 4th quarter was insane. Say what you want about the rest of the game (I thought it was a good tough game between 2 great teams) but the 4th made up for it.