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  1. I had questions about how much BB truly values the QB position and this offseason hasn't really answered those questions (or given me the answers I wanted anyway). Whether or not that particular nugget is true, you also hear from others that we had the chance to move into the top 10 and said "we're good", allowed Chicago to trade above us, and had they picked Jones and Fields went to the Vikings, or another team traded up to get Jones like the Saints or WTF, we'd have shrugged, took a defensive player and moved onto Mills. I firmly believe that. Whether or not you were pro Fields or
  2. Just caught up, man when Fields kept sliding I was thinking it's actually happening. Didn't expect the Bears of all teams to trade up given their GM/HC status but for the sake of next years #1 I wonder if it would have been worth the trade up for us, I guess time will tell. A lot of reporters saying Fields was never in play for NE even he fell to #15, I guess we'll never know. I wanted Jones initially, more so than Lance, Trask or any of the other day 2 guys. It was only the last few weeks when it looked like Fields was a possibility that my QB wish list changed. Just need to remembe
  3. I live in the UK, doesn't start til 1am here. I'm recording it and plan on watching at least until our pick in the morning though, so I can be just as disappointed in real time as you guys are live.
  4. I'm going to be so disappointed waking up tomorrow expecting Justin Fields and having to settle for Jimmy Glassapolo.
  5. It's nowhere near as big an upgrade as you're making out
  6. I mean, he also threw 2 INTs which is actually a bit of a concern for him that seems to fly under the radar. People like to mention his 22-8 record but in that time he has 26 interceptions(!!) and five lost fumbles. That's not to mention the general eye test on his wobbly passes. I just think we should be aiming higher. Yes the draft is a crapshoot but Lance/Fields at least have upside, potential. Right now Jimmy G is a known quantity - mid-lower tier game manager (when healthy). SF decided "enough of this, lets go find our QBoTF" and I think that should be our mindset too.
  7. I agree, but I don't think you can trust anything right now. BB most likely wants him back, just trying to angle the best deal possible. Whilst I hate the idea of him returning, if its a 3rd rd pick or below I don't hate the value.
  8. Man am I disappointed. The Jimmy G option was one I wanted the least. I just don’t see what BB sees here, whether blind love or arrogance and wanting to prove a point but as others have said here already he isn’t a great long term franchise QB. I’ve seen some shocking takes on Twitter and PatsFans with people seriously suggesting we trade our 1st to “bring him home”, I guess I just don’t get it. SF get their shiny new toy (an overpay for the 3rd best option sure but still), and we get their broken castoff. Anything above a 3rd rounder to bring him back (on a seriously negotiated lower con
  9. This is my fear, has been all offseason. I don't see what BB has seen in Jimmy's 3 years in SF to think he's the guy for us. Is it blind love for a guy you drafted and nurtured? Or just plain arrogance in ignoring the statistics? Even if we ignore his injury record (which should be the biggest of big red flags for any team looking at him), has his QB play been that good when healthy? People will point to the SB run but he was hardly a key component of what made that team special. He only completed 17 passes in the playoffs for crying out loud. When they needed him most in the SB he fell
  10. You'd take Trask? All of the criticisms that are thrown at Jones are 10x more relevant with Trask, the guy is a statue that throws paper planes to his receivers. I'd take Mills day 2 and Mond over Newman (though i'm not sure I could spend the next 20 years watching that tucked up throwing motion lol).
  11. I agree with the majority of your post but I'm not sure why you're so convinced the Eagles are going QB? If anything, the Flacco signing makes it seem like they are going all in on Hurts with a reliable if not spectacular backup just in case. I'd be utterly amazed if they voluntarily got themselves into another messy QB debate next year, especially when Hurts showed promise and they have so many other roster holes to fill. For me we have potential trade partners from 4th-7th, but as you say if Watson isn't available we can expect the Panthers to be aggressive in the draft with Denver and
  12. Good post, but this bit is key for me. We hear how they "like" a top QB pretty much each year (didn't they even interview Baker?), but we've near enough been picking in the 30s for most of the last decade and had TB12. It makes SO much sense that we'd do something at QB in this draft given how unusually high up in the draft we are and no longer have QB stability. Not gonna lie, it also makes me a little worried that it makes too much sense and in typical BB fashion we're gonna be left shocked for the wrong reasons lol, but you have to imagine that there's been serious homework done on all the
  13. Honestly, between the 3 QBs that we "might" have a shot with (Fields, Lance, Jones) i'd happily take any of them. They all have strengths and weaknesses but with our gold standard coaching and rookie-friendly offense we've managed to assemble in FA I think we'd give any of those guys the best chance of flourishing.
  14. This is where i'm at with this move. Happy to get him back to shore up the QB room ahead of trying to persuade FAs to join us, but only really satisfied if we add Jones/Lance to the equation too.
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