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  1. Actually wouldn't mind another OL pick, but yea, we need a defensive player.
  2. That would seriously cause so much mayhem on this forum lol
  3. So who's a realistic WTF pick for us today?
  4. Something I'm wondering is that it's pretty easy to say "I would have taken this player here" or "this guy is a reach there". Not that I am necessarily defending Grudock, but they, as well as the rest of the league have so much more access to information than we do including the most avid amateur draft analysts. Given the same access to information as NFL personnel do, would we arrive to the same conclusions on players as we do as armchair analysts?
  5. I'm assuming you're not counting Miller since Mayock wasn't on the staff for that one, but yea. It's brutal.
  6. Yea if the OL holds up, the defense makes a modest improvement, and a couple breaks go our way, sneaking into the playoffs is realistic. This isn't what you want going into year 4 with Gruden tho.
  7. Carr and whatever else they want.
  8. We've done worse things with 3rd round picks in recent years.
  9. Yea everyone was drooling over his arm strength and his performance in the bowl game. I think CLE was going to draft him if he had made it #3, but luckily for them, they ended up with Joe Thomas.
  10. I can totally relate. I was so nervous about sending out some valuable cards in the mail. I was so happy when I got the email saying they received it lol Oh man, you got some good ones! Try not to think about it. It will come soon enough LOL
  11. Do you collect now? It probably hurts more to know you had some great stuff back then if you do currently collect lol
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