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  1. Love me some Lawson. Unheralded player who just does his job. I hope we can keep him around.
  2. I find it pretty interesting that our 'Depreciation Thread' has more posts than our 'Appreciation Thread' lol
  3. I honestly expect us to score at least 24 points and anything less will be a disappointment . CAR's defense is horrid and we have our entire offense essentially returning and shouldn't miss a beat. We just have to not let CMC run wild (obviously).
  4. Mayock is barely into year 2 and now he's horrible? It's fair to criticize, but there's a lot of hyperbole out there (some of it here too), but let's see how this season plays out.
  5. I think CEH will make big plays in the passing game. Do you think Ruggs will be a viable starter in FF at some point this year?
  6. Let's do a 12 man league. Makes it a little more competitive.
  7. I don’t think that’s a valid comparison. Once the ball is snapped, you still need to the same technique as you would on the other side.
  8. My guy, I'm not even excusing him for that season even with Todd Downing wrecking the offense and recovering from a fractured vertebra. But people are genuinely pinning that W/L record of Carr's like it's actually all on him. Especially with the two seasons I highlighted.
  9. Context His rookie year and 2018, where he had absolutely nothing to work with, accounted for 25 of his losses. The stats are obviously skewed. W/L is a team record.
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