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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Why sprint? You have like 7 minutes to walk up there and hand in your pick lol
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    You are overblowing his sensitivity thing. You don’t get to the NFL and experience success by being this “beta male” you’re so obsessed about.
  3. Around The League V.2

    And he has better WRs in TB.
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    Jay Ratliff
  5. FA 2020

    Yup. I was at that game vs DEN
  6. Should these players go to Vegas?

    If we keep Joyner at NCB, then I'd bring back Karl Joseph.
  7. Las Vegas Stadium News

    People hate on baseball because they can’t hit off-speed pitches 🤦‍♂️ How is it boring???
  8. Around The League V.2

    Why do you care so much about this?
  9. Mock Offseason Thread:

    I think a potential trade down from 19 to either 21 or 22 is a possibility depending on which WR is sitting there. PHI at 21 and BUF at 22 have a need for a WR1 (Philly moreso) and they might want to move up to secure their guy.
  10. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Brady admitting it was a fumble makes this easier for me to accept.
  11. FA 2020

    Williams salary is guaranteed at some point in March but they can dump him with no dead money before that day.
  12. FA 2020

    Salary is too high for the little production he put out there. Maybe a late round pick? But since they are similar players, the theoretical team that acquires him could instead just sign Robby Anderson and not have to give up anything.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Agreed Need some speed at LB and at CB
  14. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 19 - Las Vegas Raiders]

    Yea he's definitely a veteran QB kind of coach. However, I think this offseason will be telling on the QB position. He's had Carr for 2 years now so we'll see if he likes enough to keep him long term. It's pretty easy to cut bait with him now, plus as much I defend Carr on the Raider board, there are legitimate questions as to whether or not he can be the guy for us. With Gruden locked in with a long term contract, plus Mark Davis adores him, I think now would be the time for Gruden to take a flier on a QB prospect considering the draft capital he has.
  15. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 19 - Las Vegas Raiders]

    Patrick Queen intrigues me here. Although a stud CB to pair with Trayvon Mullen would be another great option. Not really high on Jordan Love at the moment, but I think after the process plays out, the Raiders are more likely going to have to debate whether or not to take him at #12 as opposed to here at #19.