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  1. FA 2020

    I don’t think that’s a valid comparison. Once the ball is snapped, you still need to the same technique as you would on the other side.
  2. ESPN going with new MNF crew

    GTFO lol
  3. Raiders sign CB Prince Amukamara

    Interesting 🤔 Guess it cant hurt
  4. The QB Thread: Everything Carr, Mariota and beyond

    My guy, I'm not even excusing him for that season even with Todd Downing wrecking the offense and recovering from a fractured vertebra. But people are genuinely pinning that W/L record of Carr's like it's actually all on him. Especially with the two seasons I highlighted.
  5. The QB Thread: Everything Carr, Mariota and beyond

    Context His rookie year and 2018, where he had absolutely nothing to work with, accounted for 25 of his losses. The stats are obviously skewed. W/L is a team record.
  6. 2020 Raider Schedule Reveal

    Another step back?
  7. Pick #19 is in: CB Damon Arnette, Ohio State

    For those interested in the Athletic, it’s totally worth it. Really well-written articles and great Raiders content (articles and the podcast). Also, it’s great for other sports too and they have awesome fantasy football content as well.
  8. Raiders Defense

    Yikes 2018 👀
  9. Pick # 139 is in: CB, Amik Robertson, Louisana Tech

    keisean nixon better be ready for camp
  10. Draft Day Thread: Day 3

    I love the Panthers draft so far
  11. Pick #109 is in: G, John Simpson, Clemson

    Love this pick
  12. Who should we target on day three?

    I’m expecting at least one more trade down.
  13. Pick #81 is in: WR, Bryan Edwards, South Carolina

    Easily my favorite pick so far
  14. Pick #100 is in: LB, Tanner Muse, Clemson

    Could be worse. We could have taken him at 91. At least we got another pick out of it
  15. Draft Day Thread: Day 2

    Curious about whether or not Bowden can return kicks as I finish typing this, I realize I could have just googled it 🍺