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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Yet again Whick, mind your own business.. You can't even run a mock a full season in any given mock, not mine not Mike's, not Wizard's do I need to go on?
  2. BDL 2019 FA Week 1 - QB/OL

    Carolina Intimidators QB Cam Newton 3 years $15,000 (5k/year) OT Trenton Brown 3 years $3,000 (1k/year)
  3. BDL 2019 FA Week 1 - QB/OL

    Carolina C Austin Reiter 3 years $4,500 (1,500 per)
  4. Vikings: War of Clans

    If you are like me, you grind your tail off but there are others that will spend a few bucks to keep for doing it.
  5. Vikings: War of Clans

    Been playing for nearly 3 months now, having a blast..
  6. Vikings: War of Clans

    Guys, most of you know me as a die hard football junkie.. While studying some of this years college prospects, the Vikings app kept popping up. So I gave it a try, it is a fun and cool site. Was wondering if anyone else out there was playing the game too? I am in Kingdom Sabdardell (798) Elder - 2nd in Command
  7. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Barring any major injuries, I see a 10-2 season for Carolina..
  8. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Hi Ladies
  9. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Doing great, loving life my friend.
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    @WFLukic you're OTC
  11. BDL - 2019 Draft Thread - PICKS ONLY

    Carolina Intimidators selects Renell Wren, IDL, Arizona State
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    wwhick, piss off.
  13. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Carolina looking to trade our PFA pick coming up.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Carolina Intimidators Trade Block WR- Chad Williams - player swap/2020 5/6th pick WR- Josh Reynolds - player swap/2020 4/5th pick C- Mike Pouncey - 2020 5/6th pick RG- Forrest Lamp - 2020 3/4th pick Edge- Tanoh Kpassagnon - player swap/2020 6/7th pick EDGE- Carl Lawson - 2020 3/4th pick CB- David Amerson - player swap/2020 6/7th pick
  15. BDL 2019 Contract Negotiations/Transactions

    Carolina Intimidators will use our last 3D #3 S- Barry Church