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  1. Damn it, I knew it by heart but have no clue where the Texas A&M came from.
  2. Carolina Panther selects Ernest Jones, ILB/OLB, South Carolina @D82 otc
  3. Carolina Panthers select Tre McKitty, TE, Georgia @bcb1213 otc
  4. After watching Rusty Hardin's presser, I have a doubt in my doubt in my mind that DW will lose. #watchoutbuzbee
  5. Carolina Panthers select Dan Moore Jr, G/T, Texas A&M @Forge
  6. Carolina takes Josh Ball, OT, Marshall
  7. sshh, don't let everyone know i'm Tepper.
  8. Teddy's cap hit is way lower than Jimmy G's and would cost tons less in a trade.
  9. My guess is Darnold will start if we do land one of either Lance or Fields and Teddy will be traded at the draft.
  10. I wouldn't say that Carolina is out yet, it really depends on the next week or so (not because of the Darnold trade)
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