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  1. TCMD Discussion!!

    @LuckyNumber11 @bcb1213 @SirA1 @NickChowaniec @winitall @sparky151 @cortes02 @Desperado82 @BowserBroncos @IDOG_det @squire12 @jch1911 @Counselor @IrishHooligan00 @samsel23 @ChaRisMa @Fragafootball @mountainpd @PurpleMugen @whodatOL @Deadpulse @KingOfTheDot @daineraider @davidderion @One Punch Man @Trojan @DTMW78 @USC_Fan and my ole buddy @oldman9er Sorry Guys, I did not intend to go MIA on you guys. As Mike knows I had been going to Dr app's at the time of the mocks, well on my to one them I was in a life threatening vehicle accident that nearly taken my life. But i'm here somewhat mental but fair from physically to day with you. So if any of you guys have a PS4 hit me, can't really play right now but can talk your ear off until then. Keep me company while I rehab guys. xBringinDaPainx (PS4)
  2. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    May need to go ahead and Vote on Sabo's pick.
  3. TCMD Discussion!!

  4. TCMD Discussion!!

    20 Detroit Lions [10am-10:40am] 21 Buffalo Bills [10:40am-11:20am] 22 Seattle Seahawks [11:20am-12:00pm] 23 Los Angeles Rams [12:00pm-12:40pm] 24 Carolina Panthers [12:40pm-1:20pm] 25 Tennessee Titans [1:20pm-2:00pm] 26 Atlanta Falcons [2:00pm-2:40pm] 27 Washington Redskins [2:40pm-3:20pm] 28 Chicago Bears [3:30pm-4:00pm] 29 Jacksonville Jaguars [4:00pm-4:40pm] 30 Minnesota Vikings [4:40pm-5:20pm] 31 New England Patriots [5:20pm-6:00pm] 32 Philadelphia Eagles [6:00pm-6:40pm] Round Two 33 Cleveland Browns [6:40pm-7:20pm] 34 New York Giants [8:00pm-8:40pm] 35 Kansas City Chiefs [8:40pm-9:20pm] 36 Indianapolis Colts [9:20pm-10:00pm]
  5. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Please, PM/tag the next GM after making your draft selection. Thanks, BDP 1.29 Jacksonville Jaguars [10pm-11pm] @Its A Sabotage - late 1.30 Minnesota Vikings [9am-10am] @rpmwr19 1.31 New England Patriots [10am-11am] @SirA1 1.32 Pittsburgh Steelers [11am-12am] @wwhickok Round 2 2.33 Cleveland Browns [12:00pm-12:40pm] @BowserBroncos 2.34 New York Giants [12:40pm-1:20pm] @ny92jefferis 2.35 Cleveland Browns [1:20pm-2:00pm] @BowserBroncos 2.36 Indianapolis Colts [2:00pm-2:40pm] @cortes02 2.37 New York Jets [2:40pm-3:20pm] @JetsandI 2.38 Washington Redskins [3:30pm-4:00pm] @MKnight82 2.39 Chicago Bears [4:00pm-4:40pm] @Madmike90 2.40 Denver Broncos [4:40pm-5:20pm] @Counselor 2.41 Cincinnati Bengals [5:20pm-6:00pm] @jonnguy2015 2.42 Miami Dolphins [6:00pm-6:40pm] @mountainpd 2.43 New England Patriots [6:40pm-7:20pm] @SirA1 2.44 Carolina Panthers [8:00pm-8:40pm] @BringinDaPain 2.45 Green Bay Packers [8:40pm-9:20pm] @bkobow05 2.46 Miami Dolphins [9:20pm-10:00pm] @mountainpd
  6. BDP's 2018 Trade Forum

    Draft Picks Updated
  7. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Willing to add Star Lotulelei into some sort of deal.
  8. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Probably 40 mins
  9. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Carolina may be looking to move up to a OTC pick.
  10. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    This pick was made, Thanks 9er
  11. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Draft Thread

    With the 25th pick the Titans select Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville

    Draft Picks Updated
  13. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Posted him and Star Lotulelei on the trade block yesterday after I sent you that link.
  14. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Guys, the Titans GM hasn't been been on since yesterday. May need to go ahead and vote on his pick.
  15. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Draft Thread

    With the 24th pick in the 2018 draft the Carolina Panthers select, Derrius Guice, LSU Tigers