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  1. Abram won't change a thing. He'll always be looking for that highlight hit even if it means taking himself or other teammates out. Doubt he becomes this mentally discipline player just because Bradley is here.
  2. who is Andre James and why did he get an extension before proving anything?
  3. He's got more suspensions than actual good games
  4. He hasn't proved himself to be good in real games... such a weird move.
  5. Is he at least average? I'd gladly take that at this point.
  6. This is cheaper than what Collins and Mckinley got. Really like the value we got here.
  7. Andre James is Tom Cables Dalen Levitt. Except James has a chance at being a serviceable player unlike Levitt.
  8. Farewell Mariota, thank you for entertaining me more in that one game than in 3+ years of this Carr/Gruden thing.
  9. Good. The less picks Jon has to screw up the better.
  10. I need to stop thinking about this happening, I don't need the let down. Had too much of that with this franchise as is.
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