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  1. Farewell Mariota, thank you for entertaining me more in that one game than in 3+ years of this Carr/Gruden thing.
  2. Good. The less picks Jon has to screw up the better.
  3. I need to stop thinking about this happening, I don't need the let down. Had too much of that with this franchise as is.
  4. Can we trade Ferrell and Abram away while we're at it?
  5. The good - Getting the ball to or near the RZ. The Bad - Whatever happens near or within RZ. Jon's patented FG offense isn't cutting it.
  6. Great looking drive just to take a giant dump in the RZ, again.
  7. He ran through Whites tackle like it was nothing.
  8. Our Field goal offense looking good. Carr took that sack which prevented another FG but hey we made up for it with another FG to close the half.
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