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  1. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    Give us our picks back dammit
  2. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    With the options around him, I want Darren Waller to give their defense more than they can handle.
  3. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    The hype behind our 4th overall pick heading into this feels so damn non existent
  4. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    I hope Jacobs runs wild and through some people.
  5. Roster cut downs

    https://[LINK ERROR]/5qqkf
  6. Roster cut downs

  7. Roster cut downs

    Looks like they're bringing Mauro back. I was worried there for a sec....
  8. Roster cut downs

  9. Roster cut downs

    https://twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status ... 26432?s=19
  10. Roster cut downs

    Peterman to the PS I guess then. We could have claimed a position of need though...
  11. Roster cut downs

    There's one. We signed Cotton to the PS. Wonder if Rush/Doss went unclaimed.
  12. Roster cut downs

    WTH they cut Doss