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  1. Do Tua Tagovailoa's Comments Raise a Red Flag?

    There's some old school vs new school undercurrent here. My advice is that old schoolers have to understand the world has changed and new schoolers should understand there is value in going old school. Thumbrules of behavior and attitude are different now, and they are also subject to change. At the end of the day you have to drill down into the individual player and not work in generalities.
  2. I think he will sit one year, a la Pat Mahomes, and then come in and give mixed results. On balance, he'll do fine, but he will leave the faithful wanting more. Allen vs. Rosen will depend on when you measure. Rosen will be better out of the gate. The question is Rosen's health and interest level. I am not worried about his commitment, but I think it is a real chance he will be out of the league by his second contract due to health. Also, Buffalonians will argue tooth and nail that Buffalo is a special place requiring superhuman arm strength, cuz cold. So Rosen in the desert =/= Rosen by the lake. I dunno. Techbert, thinks the best quarterback Buffalo got this draft will quarterback their defense
  3. Top 10 NFL rookies that will exceed expectations?

    I'm not Van, but I saw a modern, cover linebacker. Won't get all the press of the guys who get to the quarterback, but vital to a defense. And he might get to the quarterback some. Smart. Good range and burst. Can shed. Has instincts. Just needs to get stronger and work on his angles some. I think he will be able to learn the pro game faster than some think and contribute quickly.
  4. 2018 Kamakura Kamikazes - 3rd Season

    Norm Arey, world's laziest Public Affairs Director, asked "Who's that?" Andi Anderson looked at the large man moving into the apartment next door. "That's Antonio Garcia ot NYJ. The Kamis claimed him on waivers." "Oh." He took a drink. "Sweetie, can you put together a list of Kami undrafted free agents? For me?" "Sure thing, hon."
  5. Some comments on some players that affect me: 1. Tremaine Edmunds, although he can play all 4 LB spots (and prolly SS, but I digress), quarterbacked VPI's challenging 46 defense effectively. Sean McDermott's defense needs such a defensive quarterback to be truly effective. Edmunds is effective in pass defense and has unlimited range. To say this is a position that is not worth a mid-first round pick is saying Luke Kuechly was not good value when he was picked. Not saying Edmunds is Luke Kuechly, as he is Tremaine Edmunds, but speaking about your comment about positional value. I also believe that if Edmunds was more valuable outside, such as under his next coach, he could effectively pass rush. He shows great closing speed and I saw good bend on the one or two plays it was appropriate. 2. The Bears better hope James Daniels can be effective at og, since that appears to be where they are putting him. Whitehair is the center. But with the ease that Daniels moves, he should be a superior pass pro guard. 3. I don't get the skepticism of Anthony Miller's ability to play outside. Memphis moved him around a lot to keep other teams from focusing on him, but I expect him to be okay inside or outside once he settles into one role in the pros and can focus on the fine points of either inside or outside. His long speed is good but not great, but it is pro level good. PFF did a graphic of the qb efficiency rating when thrown to when running the different routes and Miller won them all: post. hitch, comeback, out, and screen. The QBR was 139.6 on posts, which tells me he can play outside. (And other posters have properly defended the draft trade.) 4. I expect Ogbo Okoronkwo to be a strong special teams player and fill-in at olb, which is a typical expectation of a 5th round pick. So I do not see this pick as a "gamble." He may work himself into a productive starter someday, which is again a typical ceiling of a 5th rounder. Bonus: "indepthly" is totally a bigly word and is worthy of your draft covfefe.
  6. 2018 LA Bull - 5th Season

    CJ Anderson rb Car is now a Bull! After past attempts to acquire him, the team inks Anderson to a 1-year prove-it deal. The team also added Matt Jones rb Phi They are expected to join the committee of Jay Ajayi, Isaiah Crowell, and Kenneth Dixon to share carries.
  7. Grade Your Draft

    I'm just curious. Were you born the last time the Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl? Techbert, only problem I had with Akers is his tie was too long
  8. Do we overuse the phrase "Could have drafted him later" ?

    Using it once is overusing it.
  9. DEN - BUF Trade Offer - What Would You Have Done?

    Even if Chubb was gone, I would have stayed and taken Quenton Nelson.
  10. 2018 LA Bull - 5th Season

    My UDFA list. When reviewing, remember that I missed out on a lot of guys. Also, I was bumping the 90-man limit, so 7 to 9 was my ceiling unless I started cutting people. rb Darrel Williams LSU KC - backup to some great backs in college. Teammates like him. Tests slow. rb Mike Boone Cin Min - battled injuries. Tests very well but needs a position. wr Ricky Jeune GT LAR - played in a heavy-run offense, but I think he has some skill wr/cb Jonah Trinnaman BYU Az - great athlete but dunno where to play him te Nick Keizer Grand V St Bal - so-so athlete who still needs to learn. Tryout, not signing. edge Antonio Simmons GT TB - tweener. lb Emmanuel Ellerbee Rice Atl - good springs, but not nimble. Small. Possible s. s Joshua Kalu Neb Tenn - Classic "needs to work on angles so put him on special teams for a while" signing. Never matched his potential in college.
  11. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    Ironically, with my GM Mock Draft team, I did exactly that today.
  12. I really like this pick.
  13. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    True for most 7th rounders, but ya gotta pick someone.
  14. Ya know, you could've traded this pick for Tavon Austin, ya know. (Sorry. I'll stand in the corner.)