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  1. 2019 Draft - Statistical Big Board / Draft Review

    The Drop stat is terribly important for wr's.
  2. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    Rookie Report: Week 1: Nick played a bit more than half the snaps, and got a sack. All 3 corners started. The 3 safeties played, as did Egbule. Winovich got in DeCastro's skull. Stidham DNP, even though blowout. Everyone was active.
  3. Without judging, I'd like to point out how the world has changed. In a prior time, there were more outbursts but they were all handled quietly and on the practice field. So the players learned not to do it. I'm trying to imagine if a player of AB's talent had hurled a racial slur at Al "Just win, baby" Davis back in the day. My guess is he would have snarled a comment back in order to maintain control, given extra field work to the player to punish him, and put him out there on Sunday. But I can't imagine Davis cutting him and I can't imagine the press ever finding out about it. And the bad boy Raiders was the team the malcontents were traded to, not traded or released from. Bill Romanowski was released, but he had to rip a guy's face off to do it... and he was on steroids... and he was 37. '
  4. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    Signed Antonio Brown wr NE for 30% more than NE paid. Waived Brandon Wilson s Cin. Wilson was claimed and is gone from the Kami pool. Doctson to IR, Signed Jordan Willis de NYJ Promoted Vyncint Smith wr along the way. Put in a waiver claim on Josh Gordon wr. I am evaluating our records as both 5-2, so I get him. He's got Kamikaze written all over him! Willis de is out, and claimed by Jets. Getting Hunt rb back from suspension. Signed Scarbrough. Doctson and Callaway are cut.
  5. Cody Whitehair 5 Year Extension

    Coupla things. 1. I dunno why Hunter21 hatez the interwebz, cuz if we did not post inane meaningless drivel the net would shrink to one tenth of its current size. Mebbe smaller than that... certainly smaller than that. 2. For interior offensive linemen, I have Zack Martin and Quenton Nelson as the top two, with Nick better. Nelson, being younger, can conceivably pass Martin's peak. As a hater of all things Notre Dame since 1978, when they played the dirtiest game ever in the history of the sport, this makes me a sad panda. 3. I like Daniels' potential a lot. I think the money is a bit too rich for Whitehair, but he was paid it by the people who see a lot more of him than I do. So I defer. 4. Glad Whitehair is playing his natural position of guard. He played too much tackle in college and too much center in the pros. 5. Can't say Tru has proven anything yet. Hopefully for him he was just shaking some rust off and will start slinging the ball downfield. Otherwise he could go down the Sam Bradford 2.0 glide path.
  6. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    Active Roster/Updating QB Garoppolo Stidham RB Mixon Howard Hill Scarbrough WR Miller Westbrook Foster Smith Gordon TE Kittle Braunecker Thomas OL Penn Massie Cannon Nelson Whitehair Kush Kalil Daniels DE Garrett Bosa Lowry Robertson-Harris DT Hargrave Billings Jernigan DJ Jones LB Warner Trevathan Collins Grugier-Hill Evans Winovich Calhoun Griffin Egbule S Adams Gipson CGJ JThompson DThompson CB Worley Ya-Sin Williams Jackson Alexander Moreland ST Piniero Haack Sieg
  7. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    Contract adjustments: Cody Whitehair c Chi 5y ext $52.5m with $27.5m guar
  8. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    Post Cut Day Roster Adjustments Kalu to IR. Signed Josh Doctson wr Min (I dunno why he went to Minny, nor why Minny wanted him, but IIWII.)
  9. I will point out that Hoyer, Rypien, Zenner, Morgan, and Nauta do not have jobs right now, or did not have jobs when you wrote above. That does not mean you are wrong about them; it means we cannot prove you are right about them, at least not until something happens. (I do agree you are accurate in at least a couple of the above, but I can't prove it either.) I'm not a fan of Demby, and think Tretter/Whitehair are your top 2 centers. That's enough. It appears Lamp can play at the Dan Feeney level right now, or very close. So inside you probably have 4 acceptable players at 3 positions. At tackle, I see Fleming as "acceptable" rather than "top." Difference of opinion. I like what Edoga can be, but am not sure of where he is right now. Certainly reasonable tackle depth. So that is 3 acceptable bench players so you are fine there. You carry 4, and I might have done the same. My biggest line question is about your starting tackles, and the season will affirm or disprove that quickly enough. Anyway, good job on your offense so far. We are talking about it as a team, rather than as a collection of disjointed players, and that is a main waypoint of these simulations.
  10. I don't think you need to. I think you could just announce you are adjusting the amount each team pays Clowney this season, which is variable and does not affect what we do, unless you are bumping the cap. The main reason I brought it up is that it is hard for outsiders to evaluate players in a trade rather than draft picks, and BO'B definitely wanted win now players over draft picks. Florio thinks this guy is the problem in Houston, and I can't dispute that.
  11. Defensive look: I'll edit this, but just wanted to ask one question. Still nagged by the Clowney trade. The question is whether the spare parts Houston received are worth the 3rd round pick going to a mid-to-late 2 with no spare part players.
  12. Instant Analysis: (Bold are shared players. Ital are players I have had in the past. I am looking with the same lens that I use on my own players, which is sometimes harsh.) qb - better keep Goff healthy! Kessler has concussion stuff going on, and that is hard for fans to gauge from a distance. Rypien has some promise but was a cut. May want to make another roster move. rb - Kamara is a talent, and I think will get a ton of receptions this year as Brees' arm shows failure due to age. Hunt will be back after 8 games, but will miss all team activities. You have to think there will be opportunity for major carries when he gets there. We both hope CJ Anderson has another year in him. Zenner is plus in special teams and can run tough, but pass pro is his weakness. Need more depth. Might run shy on carries. te - Strong top 2, but needs a 3rd te. Love Kittle. Like Goedert. wr - Allen Robinson needs to prove his big contract, and Tyler Boyd needs to show he can shoulder WR1 with Green out. I would think Beebe will be the slot for Minny, but who really knows what they will really do for a full season? Wrong Mike Thomas lol. Needs depth. Would run short of catches, but you have the TEs and Kamara. ol - Work has been done. Still needs more. Nsekhe is a journeyman getting old, and Brown needs to step up from what he did last year. Edoga looks like he might have a future. Osemele has not taken many snaps for the NYJ this year due to health, so he still needs to integrate. I think you want to swap Tretter and Whitehair. I've been rooting for Lamp for some time, but we need to find out what is left after injuries. Offensive summary: Great skill position starters, with major depth issues everywhere. OL improved but unlikely to take you as far as Goff and the RB's would expect to go. (Defensive look tomorrow, or at least soon.)
  13. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    Cut-Day Commentary I obviously need wide receivers, and will get some (back) in the next coupla days. Smith was a Texan for a few seconds before a trade finalized, so he'll be back. I'd like to bring Doctson back for less money. Looking at Ray-Ray McCloud and a few others. I'll probably shed a linebacker or two in the next few days. Callaway's return at the latest. No real shocks. I had more of my 90-man roster make teams than the people I could keep, so the following are gone forever (or gone until released by someone else): Conor McDermott ot Ken Crawley cb
  14. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    Props to the following NFL Top100 players George Kittle 29 Jamal Adams 37 Myles Garrett 49 Quenton Nelson got the shaft.
  15. 2019 Kamikura Kamikazes - 4th Season

    53-Man Roster Publication: QB Garoppolo Stidham RB Mixon Howard Anderson Hill (Sus Hunt) WR Miller Westbrook Foster (Sus Callaway) (IR Meredith) TE Kittle Braunecker Thomas (IR Butt) OL Penn Massie Cannon Nelson Whitehair Kush Kalil Daniels DE Garrett Bosa Lowry Robertson-Harris DT Hargrave Billings Jernigan DJ Jones LB Warner Trevathan Collins Grugier-Hill Evans Winovich Calhoun Griffin Egbule S Adams Gipson CGJ JThompson DThompson Wilson Kalu CB Worley Ya-Sin Williams Jackson Alexander Moreland (IR Mills) ST Piniero Haack Sieg Your comments are welcome.