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  1. 8/1 Roster and draft status: qb (3) Jimmy G SF, Jarrett Stidham NE, Chris Streveler Az RB (6) Joe Mixon Cin, Jordan Howard Mia, Kareem Hunt Cle, Brian Hill Atl, Bo Scarbrough Det, Ryan Nall Chi WR (8) Anthony Miller Chi, Dede Westbrook Jax, Robert Foster Buf, Vyncint Smith NYJ, Josh Doctson NYJ (Opted Out), Quincy Adeboyejo NE, Cyril Grayson TB, Antonio Gandy-Golden Was TE (4) George Kittle SF, Logan Thomas Was, Jake Butt Den, Harrison Bryant Cle OT (4) Trent Williams SF, Marcus Cannon NE (Opted Out), Bobby Massie Chi, Josh Jones Az, Prince Tega Wanogho Phi OG (4) Quenton Nelson Ind, James Daniels Chi, Eric Kush LV, Anthony Fabiano TB C (2) Cody Whitehair Chi, Jake Brendel SF (Opted Out) DE (6) Nick Bosa SF, Myles Garrett Cle, Dean Lowry GB, Roy Robertson-Harris Chi, Joe Ostman Phi, Mike Love Buf DT (4) Javon Hargrave Phi, Jurrell Casey Den, DJ Jones SF, Andrew Billings Cle (Opted Out) LB (10) Fred Warner SF, Danny Trevathan Chi, De'Vondre Campbell Az, Shilique Calhoun NE, Chase Winovich NE, Kamu Grugier-Hill Mia, Emeke Egbule LAC, Jordan Evans Cin, Shaquem Griffin Sea, Emmanuel Ellerbee Sea S (6) Tashaun Gipson Hou, Jalen Mills Phi, Chauncey Gardner NO, Jalen Thompson Az, Deionte Thompson Az, Bradley McDougald NYJ CB (5) Rock Ya-Sin Ind, Greedy Williams Cle, Mackensie Alexander Cin, Josh Jackson GB, Jimmy Moreland Was, PK Eddy Piniero Chi P Matt Haack Mia DS Trent Sieg LV 2021 Draft Picks: 1 1 (SEA) 2 3 (SEA) 4 5 6 6 (SEA) 7 2022 Draft Picks: 1 1 (SEA) 2 3 5 6 7
  2. Congrats to the NFL Top 100 Kamikazes! 80 Myles Garrett de 71 Jurrell Casey dt 70 Fred Warner lb 43 Jimmy Marcopolo qb 29 Quenton Nelson og 17 Nick Bosa de 7 George Kittle te Honorable Mention to outgoing Kami 27 Jamal Adams s
  3. Sam Hinkie: We may have to trade Jamal Adams. Evil Techbert: No! Jamal is awesome! And he runs at the mouth! Sign him. Sam: We just signed Myles Garrett for every dollar in the world. ET: Good! Sam: Should we sign Joe Mixon? ET: Mixon! Mixonmixonmixon! Sign him! Sam: should we sign George Kittle? ET: Of course! George is awesome and is the third weirdest person in the organization. Sam: Salary cap is probably going to drop next year due to COVID-19. ET: Hmmm. Okey. Cut Ben Braunecker and trade Jamal Adams. TRADE! Kamis trade: Jamal Adams s Sea 4th round 2022 pick Kamis receive: 1st round 2021 SEA pick 1st round 2022 SEA pick 3rd round 2021 SEA pick Bradley McDougald s NYJ Pending physicals
  4. 1. You can do a lot on defense with Jamal Adams on your team. 2. You can do a lot for your team with 2 bonus 1st's and a 3rd. Jets obvi won the trade. Why? He wasn't going to resign with them, so he had a year (if you can call 2020 a year) plus however long they could afford to franchise him, all the while with him stirring the pot. I expect the Jets to stay in the mire, and a coupla picks won't change much long-term, but they may wake up and change their culture before April 2021. It's possible. Otherwise they can stay in the mire in peace, which has benefit to their office. Hawks get a year of cheep play, if you call 2020 a year. Hawks have to then pay JA one way or the other or let him walk. If the salary cap number craters next year, and it just might, it's the wrong year to a) have to pay someone, and b) try to get a premium long-term contract. I expect a number of 1 and 2 year relatively modest deals, but a relatively modest deal for JA is not going to be cheep. If they don't hoist the silver football tower this or next year, peeps will look back at this trade as the beginning of the end for Carroll.
  5. It happens a lot more than 1% for the top quarterbacks. The Jacoby Brissetts and Mason Rudolphs do not have the leverage to matter. But the Elways, Mannings, and Kosars do or did have the leverage to make their attitudes matter. And these are just the ones that caused dramatic changes to the draft; I'm sure others influenced events behind the scenes. Like Burrow. I don't care what the SAS's of the world do, cuz I don't care what ever comes out of their loud mouths. But the teams care what these quarterbacks do or say. Ron Meyer is long gone.
  6. Taylor could cover, but his pass effectiveness was in order... 1. Sacking 2. Arms up in pass rush and batting down passes 3. Dropping running backs on swing passes 4. Disrupting tight end routes by knocking the hell out of them 5. Staying with a receiver
  7. Depends on your tolerance for sand gnats. Bugs vs. blizzards....
  8. It's not the norm, but it could be "Pull an Elway" or "Pull a Kosar." Even if it only happens 5% or 10% of the time, that is significant, cuz quarterback. I would not obsess over it, but it is a calculation. Cincy blew a wad of free agent money, not all of it wise spending IMHO, cuz they wanted to show Joe Burrow that they were "committed to winning." I dunno. Mebbe if they had not done so, we'd be talking about "pulling a Burrow" for the next decade or two.
  9. Wills is comfortably my top tackle, both in short term, long term, and bust potential. And LOT is very far ahead of safety in positional importance, so Wills/Delpit. I think with the safeties it depends on what you will ask them to do and what you need. Different teams could easily have each of the three ahead of the others depending on scheme. All need some work on their angles.
  10. I'd like to elaborate three things Thomas said. 1. Recovery. To me, stopping a pass rusher is like riding a rodeo bronco. You keep you balance as long as you can. You keep the bronco frustrated as long as you can. Eventually the bronco/rusher throws you/gets past you. Or he gives up or the play ends. But in the main, a pass protector spends his time correcting his over-adjustment or under-adjustment of what the rusher is doing, and the more he corrects his balance the harder it is to keep it. And it does not take much being out of position/balance for a good pass rusher to defeat you and be on his way toward the quarterback. Wills has great recognition of where he is on the battle, and in real time. I don't think this is coachable. Whenever the rusher is starting to gain an advantage, Wills understands it and instantly pops out a hard punch that resets the situation. He's back in control of the rush when most (virtually all) college linemen don't know they were in trouble yet. You don't see Alabama chip Wills' man with a back or tight end. They do that on the other side of the line. Wills has this. Tua just didn't drift away from Wills' side of the pocket, even when the rusher got really close. They had amazing confidence in Wills' ability to shut down one man and keep him shut down. 2. Ability to improve. I think if you are good at advanced technique it is a lot easier to learn and improve than if you need to learn the basics. You can make the small changes in weight distribution to gain power, in Joe's example. You can modify what you do, since your hands and feet are already in synch, without those changes leaving you a hot mess. Most importantly, the game is already slow for you, and you can adjust to the faster NFL game. You can actually take the coaching points, because it is all not just a blur. And your coach won't have to just let you do what you can already do cuz he can't change it fast enough going into the season. 3. Muscle memory. Yeah, JW has played ROT his entire college career and high school. But he has played it differently every single year. Look at his snaps as a true freshman and they are different from true soph and they are very different from true junior. He doesn't have anything calcified yet. His game was still evolving. He really only has a single year under his belt of top tier OL play. So I don't see him having trouble adjusting to the other side of the line.
  11. Coupla things. 1. Writer was wrong about his comment about feet defilade with the rusher and shoulders defilade with the LOS. It was not a mistake. It was an advanced technique. I am sure Brent Key taught it and Wills learned it... very well. It takes the outside away and if rusher does try to set up an inside move and allows the blocker to slam that inside door shut. Wills does not have a single go-to technique in pass pro. He varies it, like a baseball pitcher with a plus fastball, curve, slider, and change. This is just one example. You can't just watch some footage and figure out how to beat Wills that day. 2. You should not worry about JW's height, and don't put too much stock in his arm length. At 34.25", his arm length is superior but microscopically. You should look at his wingspan of 83.5". Wirfs, for example only loses a quarter inch of arm length to Wills, but his wingspan is only 80.25". Becton has really long arms, but his wingspan is shockingly less than Wills' is. Frankly, losing 2" of height only improves his chance of winning the running game leverage battle. Arm length is by itself overrated cuz not only does the low man win on run blocking, but the inside arms man wins on pass pro/pass rush. But the wingspan is what matters in space, which is where the tackle lives.
  12. The draftability of a quarterback depends on how quickly they get away from Kirby Smart. Prove me wrong.
  13. I feel I offered everybody on the planet. UDFA Signees/Invites qb Case Cookus NAz NYG qb Riley Neal Vandy Den rb Jamycal Hasty Bay SF rb Michael Warren Cin Phi rb James Robinson IllSt Jax rb Nathan Cottrell GT Jax wr Trishton Jackson Syr LAR wr Isaiah Wright Tem Wash wr Omar Bayless Ark St Car te Jared Pinkney Vandy Atl te Thaddeus Moss LSU Wash ol Calvin Throckmorton Ore NO ol Terence Steele TT Dal ol Cohl Cabral AzSt LAR ol Luke Juriga WMi Phi dl Kobe Smith SC Tenn dl Marcus Webb Troy St Sea dl Tyson Render MTSU Mia lb Joe Bachie MiSt NO lb Jordan Mack Va Car lb Bryson Young Ore Atl db Nevelle Clarke UCF Min db Jared Mayden Ala SF dbJovante Moffatt MTSU Cle db Myles Dorn UNC Min db Chris Miller Bay Sea p/k Brandon Wright GStJax p/k Tucker McCann Mo Ten p Corliss Waitman SAla Pit ds Ross Matscik Bay Jax ds Liam McCullough OSU LV
  14. Evil Techbert explains his draft strategy. Every comic book superhero has first and last names that start with the same letter. Peter Parker. Bruce Banner. Klark Kent. Millie the Model. So Josh Jones is destined to be a football superhero. George Kittle and Harrison Bryant sounds like George Harrison when you put them together, and he was my favorite Beatle. Antonio Dandy Golden just had a cool name. Prince Wakanda has access to vibranium and imagine our team if we make our helmets from that stuff! I got bored so I traded my last pick so I could hit the beaches early.
  15. You can use a coin or dice. I personally use @rand() in an Excel sheet, since my chances are different for different stages.The key is your integrity, and that is yours. In real life you won't get everyone but you will get your share, and with an expansion club a lot of udfa will see opportunity with you. There will be some you recruit hard and get and some you will be in their top 2 or top 3 or top 10.
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