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  1. You keep Rojo. He does not have any leverage to leave
  2. Gotta agree with you here. 9 times out of 10, you should go for the high upside LT. They hit the 10% homerun
  3. I’m sure he is a proud guy and does not like this situation, but this is the reason you sign contract with as much guaranteed money as possible. The timing of this signing was good to him
  4. Pound the rock with Lenny and Rojo. Kill the clock and it’s over
  5. Rest Gronk and make sure he’s fully healed before he comes back. Bucs have tons of depth and a soft schedule, the can afford Gronk resting
  6. True. The defense won the Super Bowl and the Saints game. GB was 50-50 and the defense struggle against Washington.
  7. The Patriots have an underwhelming start so far, but Judon is a beast. Uche is playing well also. On offense, I would nominate Meyers who is showing he is not a fluke but an interesting piece to build around moving forward. Good UDFA signing
  8. Chiefs fans are so obnoxious. It’s like their team can’t just lose a game fair and square. But when they pull the crazy comebacks, it’s just the guys cranking up the engine and giving a little extra effort.
  9. NE in the 2018 AFC championship in the first half completely shut down Mahomes. Second half was another story
  10. This year’s Ravens look like the 2020 Niners. No luck at all
  11. The thing is Gilmore wants an extension and the Bucs can’t give it to him. He would have to accept to play the rest of the season in the hope of signing a last contract when he hits the market. He’s a pure rental
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