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  1. Brady would have found a way to win with that GB squad.
  2. Yeah Griffen is out. Trask is not a practice squad player. As for Gabbert, I guess he will bring more in the film room working with Tom than on the field. Tom musts like him
  3. What does he bring that Harris, Michel, White, Burkhead or Stevenson can’t?
  4. For those pf you who say TB did not improve, hence they can’t be winner, it is taking this statement out of context. TB brought back a Super Bowl winning team. This team was clearly trending upward since week 13 last year. The chemistry is and will be better. Bringing back the band makes them strong contenders
  5. Tampa Bay Bucs is the obvious answer. KC Chiefs also had a strong offseason. Adding Brown, Thuney, Long and getting back LDT on the oline is huge. They also added Bolton in the 2nd round.
  6. Would you guys sign Mitch Schwartz for cheap as a swing tackle. Don’t play him until week 8 and get some valuable depth down the line. If no one signs him, why not
  7. I haven’t watched them enough to counter your argument, but I was under the impression that Tua, while not a statue, is not a dual threat QB
  8. I read a lot about Mac Jones this weekend and there’s one thing that jumps to me. Mac is criticized for his lack of mobility and for playing for a stacked team. However, this did not seem to affect Tua’s stock last year and the guy was way more fragile. So, would you guys say that Tua was a better prospect than Jones ?
  9. I am really excited about this team. The Pats only need good (not great) QB play from either Cam or Jones. If so, they will make the playoffs. Outside of WR, this team is strong everywhere. The QBs must show up
  10. For those of you who have seen him played, why does he not get more praised considering his last season at Florida. Many people on the main board seem to have a fairly weak opinion of him.
  11. Brady is living rent free in his head
  12. Not wanting to pay Hopkins, but taking on Johnson and Cooks’ contracts was mindboggling to say the least.
  13. Yeah, the Rams are not afraid to put all their chips at the middle of the table. Definitely the gutsiest team over the last few years. It might be exhausting as a Rams fan, but it’s not a bad attempt. If they win, it’ll be worth it. If not, they will struggle in the future, but it’s better than being stuck in the middle of the pack
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