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  1. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    So you admittedly haven't watch much of Ryan during the regular season. However you have watched him in the playoffs where his play is among the leauges best (statistically the best over his last 7 games) but you'd still rank at least 9 QBs over him? I don't think anyone would bat an eye if you said he wasn't top 5. But to say he's in that 10-15 range especially since your basis comes from watching him (and I'm assuming most other QBs) is in the playoffs, makes no sense whatsoever.
  2. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Your whole post is just so bad. But this part here is hilarious. Ryan has not been considered a "great" fantasy play for most of his career. If you played you'd know that. As for his play in the playoffs: You getting Ryan mixed up with Dalton?
  3. Who are "your guys" this fantasy season?

    Ekler was starting to be used more and more until his injury. I remember being extremely frustrated as I owned a few shares of Gordon. But you cant blame the Chargers for doing so as Ekler looked alot more dangerous with the ball in his hands. I think he takes most of the passing game work from Gordon who imo isn't that great of an RB. Which would scare me off Gordon a bit as he's so volume dependent. However drafting 11th does put you in a tough spot. I would rank Gordon behind Fournette but a head of Cook as it sounds like Murray will have a sizeable role ontop of goaline work.
  4. Who are "your guys" this fantasy season?

    Joe Mixon - Potenial to be this years Gurley. Bengals offense is much improved and Mixon has slimmed down which should make him alot more explosive. Stefon Diggs - Think he blows up this year. His advances metrics are elite. Will finish as a top 5 WR as long as he can stay healthy. Aaron Jones - Forgotten man in Green Bay. Best RB on that team. Perfect 8/9 round target. Jordan Wilkins - Mack cant stay healthy. Banking on Wilkins to win the job. Improved oline + Luck. Big potenial in that offense.
  5. Will Teddy Bridgewater ever be a starting QB again?

    Would love to see him in New England when Brady retires if its in the relative near future.
  6. Browns WR Antonio Callway Cited for Marijuana

    Just a complete moron. Going to squander potenial generational changing money to get high. Smh
  7. McKinnon vs Howard vs Mixon

    I litterally made this exact thread on another site last week haha. I have them ranked Howard, Mckinnon and Mixon. Howard - Ultra safe higher end RB2 with with decent upside. Produced in a bad offense. Surrounding talent is much improved. Will own goaline work. Easy schedule. McKinnon - Hes a great fit in Shannys scheme. Should eat in the passing game and will most likely have the redzone touches on lock. Shanny factor is key here. He made Steve Slaton a very good fantasy RB and gets career seasons out of almost every offense he's worked with. Mixon has huge upside but he comes with alot of risk. He played poorly last season (run blocking aside), oline is a question mark and Gio is a threat to steal some passing work. I initially had him a head of McKinnon. Will see how he looks in the preseason.
  8. 2018 Hall of Fame game - Bears vs Ravens

    That WR can really throw the ball.
  9. 2018 Hall of Fame game - Bears vs Ravens

    This rule is going to be a mess.
  10. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    Vic Beasley
  11. Most underrated player on your team

    Devondre Campbell. He's a really valueable piece to the Falcons defense. Upper echelon athlete at LB who can do it all. He's my breakout pick for the team this season. Honorable mentioned to the real Matty Ice... Matt Bryant. Guy has been absolutely money since joining the Falcons. I can't remember him ever missing a clutch kick.
  12. Colin Cowherd's potential 2018 dumpster fires

    Sig be they'll make the playoffs?
  13. Colin Cowherd's potential 2018 dumpster fires

    Whats wrong with thinking Atlanta is the 2nd best team in the NFC?
  14. Top 10 NFL rookies that will exceed expectations?

    No they really aren't. You won't fine a single Falcons fan here that says we throw to Julio too much. If anything they should throw to Julio more. Just take a look at his targets on a week to week basis and go compare it with the other top WRs in the leauge.