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  1. Top 10 WR

    1) Julio 2) AB 3) OBJ 4) DHop 5) Green 6) Evans 7) Allen 8) M Thomas 9) TY Hilton 10) J Gordon
  2. Kenyan Drake

    Big fan of Drake coming out. Had him on my fantasy team last year so I tried watching him whenever I could. He really impressed me. Great burst, speed, dynamic, elusive and receiving abilities. It was so frustrating watching Damien Williams split carries with him. Loved the Ballage pick as well. They're going to make a really good tandem.
  3. How good is Jadeveon Clowney?

    Can't help and wonder how much better he would be if not for sustaining that horrific knee injury.
  4. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    For Atlanta it has to be Philly. We always struggle there lol.
  5. Bold Predictions Thread

    Allen Robinson and Doug Baldwin both score 10 or more TDs. Jerrick Mckinnon rushes for over 1000 yards Jimmy G solidifies himself as a top 8 QB Deion Jones cements himself as a top 3 ILB.
  6. Atlanta Falcons 2018 Draft Class Review

    1. Calvin Ridley: When Bryan fell to us I thought forsure he'd be the pick. Hes the guy I wanted all along and felt was an absolute perfect fit. So when Ridleys name was announced it kind of caught me off guard. Taking a few minutes to digest the pick I really liked it. Ridley gives us another explosive option in the passing game who can abuse man coverage and gives us an insurance policy for Julio and his injuries. We've effectively locked down our WR1 for the next 8 years. I think another big factor in this pick was the flexibility it gives us with Sanu next season. With cap room needed I think this move all but guarantees this will be Sanus last year in Atlanta..... *Could you imagine Shanny with these weapons* 2. Isaiah Oliver: My favorite pick. Would have been completely fine with taking him in the 1st. Perfect DQ corner. Finally gives us someone to matchup against the bigger WRs in the divison who always abuse us. Still shocked he fell to us. 3. Deadrin Senat: Love this pick. Going into the draft Senat was someone I felt like we'd target if we skipped taking a DT in the first two rounds. Senat is a Javon Hargrave clone who I was a big fan of coming out a few years ago. Stout at the POA with sneaky pass rushing upside. Great pick. 4. Ito Smith: This was the first pick I was indifferent about. Im a fan of Smith but I didn't feel an RB was a huge need at least this season. I also feel like he's extremley similar to Devonta and would have like a back with more power to his game like Kalen Ballage if going RB was a must. Personally I would have gone Maurice Hurst or Tyrell Crosby here. I thought and still think an interior rusher on 3rd downs beside Grady is a need. Hurst would have been perfect in that role. 6. Russell Gage: Don't know much about Gage. Seems like hes going to be a special teams standout in the mold of Matthew Slater. Mayock had him in his top 100. Bethel and Gage should really get our speical teams until turned around. 6. Foyesade Oluokun: Great pick. Oluokun plays like a heat seeking missle. Prototypical DQ LB. Alot of potenial here and thats all you can ask of out of your late round pick. Overall I'd give this draft a B+. Well done.
  7. Your reading comprehension is horrendous.
  8. Did you miss the part where I said Also nobody is putting Ryan on Rodgers or Bradys level so comparing him with those guys makes no sense. He's probably on that next tier. The QBs id take over Ryan? Rodgers, Brady, Wentz, Big Ben, Wentz, Wilson and Brees. Also a healthy Luck. But you can put him on the same tier as everyone sans Brady and Rodgers. Funny how you say they don't take sacks when it'll lose them games. Yet Brady just took a sack that led to a fumble and pretty much iced the games in the Superbowl. As for the pre snap adjustments. You're overrating ARod in that regard. For example Atlanta has beat him up the last couple meeting because they've been able to pressure him. DQ has got him a few times with nicely timed blitz designs. Rodgers was fooled a bunch in that NFCCG.
  9. Rich getting richer

    Not to be a homer but adding Isahia Oliver to Trufant, Alford and Poole makes our CB group pretty awesome. Also Dallas Goedert = Eagles Antonio Callaway = Browns
  10. Ryan is making under 2 million more than Jimmy G, Stafford and Cousins. 8 mil more than Keenum and 10 mil more than Bortles. He signed a very fair deal for what he brings to the table. Also nobody is putting Ryan on Rodgers or Bradys level so comparing him with those guys makes no sense. He's probably on that next tier. The hate Ryan gets for the Superbowl is ridiculous. Look at how quickly the pressure up the middle gets to him. There was litterally no where to go with the ball. He throws it out of bounds and its penalty. What about the throw that should have pretty much ended the game? Thats one of the GOAT throws in Superbowl history. Run, run, run and kick a FG in a range Matt Bryant was 96% on the year and Matt Ryan is almost assuredly a Superbowl Champion. But what does Shanny do? Even with the pass rush killing us all game and Jake Matthews playing on a sprained ankle, Alex Mack on a fractured leg and Ryan Schrader our RT leaving the game on that series, he decides to call a deep shot to Julio who is guaranteed to be doubled. Its play calling that is just so dumb that it gives people who thinks the NFL is rigged some ammo (Obviously it isnt). Thats not even including Devonta Freeman whiffing on a block that resulted in a strip sack. A play where Ryan was loading up to throw to a WIDE open Aldrick Robinson deep down field earlier in the 4th Q. But yet Ryan choked. Smh
  11. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    Zeke + Bell + Fournette teams all had minimal if any decline with them in the line up. Theres enough of a sample size to see elite RBs dont have a HUGE effect on a teams success like other positons. Really Jerrick McKinnon? Hahaha. Hes getting paid 7.5 mil a year. DJ frickin Hayden is getting paid basically a million dollars less. RBs rarely get "PAID". If you want to see how undervalued RBs are get the avg of the #1 RB on each team compared to the #1 at another position (CB, T, WR etc) The Giants aren't in the same spot Atlanta was. They arent coming off a playoff apperance and sure as hell dont have a young QB. They're essentially trying to open a window for the next 2-3 years with a slighty above average team. Pretty stupid decision. Especially when you consider a RBs shelf life isnt long like you pointed out. Drafting Barkley at #2 was a dumb decision for the Giants. Simple as that. You can agree to disagree but it is what it is. We'll see how it plays out in the years to come.
  12. Ryan was good last season. Falcons led the leauges in drops and he had like 7-8 INTs caused by drops. It was really crazy.
  13. As long as Ryan has had an adequate oline hes been good. Solid deal.
  14. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    Totally agree. If I was in charge I would have made it a point get a QB (Rosen or Jackson). Imagine the Giants walked away with the same class but instead of Barkley they added Rosen, Oliver/Daniels, Guice and a 2019 2nd. The future of the Giants would look awesome. Instead they punted it so they can attempt a Superbowl run with a slighty above average (debateable) team led by a declining 37 year old QB who isn't even that good. Not smart. *** Just adding to this. The Giants could have traded down with the Colts and then with the Bills and then with the Saints if they wanted tomove down that far and still walk away with Lamar Jackson. Imagine having all those assets. Compare that just Saquan and the decision to draft him looks even worse.
  15. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    The writer stated multiple times that you can't just look at the stat as is. There is alot of grey area.Its just one piece of the puzzle. But it does have its use. So Im not sure why you're trying to say anyones looking at it in a vaccum. The other things the article points out nicely is - PA isn't effected that much by team rushing success - Teams arent signicantly effected if at all by losing their star running backs. - RB is a devalued position by the NFL and you can acquire good RB talent via FA or the draft for relatively cheap. You start piecing together enough research (not just from this article) and follow the success of the leauges best teams and it becomes clear - Investing a high pick or alot of cap space into the RB position is just not smart or needed to win in this leauge. The Giants had two options at 2. Take a QB or trade down. They made a horrible mistake imo. They would have been much smarter to do the trade the Jets did with the Colts. They could have walked away with something like this: Nelson, Oliver, Guice and a 2019 2nd I'll take that over Barkely and it isnt even close.