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  1. The overturn was the right call. Exactly what happened to Dez on the infamous non catch vs the Packers. Stupid rule. Ben is a buffon for that last throw. Huge blow to Pittsburgh Superbowl chances. Cant see them winning in New England.
  2. Gronks a monster. Wow.
  3. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    Seattles defense is a joke. How do you not cover Gurley out of the backfield.
  4. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    49ers hit gold with Jimmy G. Great trade. I couldn't believe the Pats only got a 2nd for him.
  5. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    Ouch that hurts so much.
  6. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    Don't tell him AB doesnt care about him. He might lose it..
  7. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    Terrible time managment. This is some Falcons in the superbowl type level of foolery.
  8. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    Terrible call.
  9. Week 14 GDT

    How dumb are the 49ers? Double or triple Hopkins if you have to. Let someone else beat you.
  10. Week 14 GDT

    Josh Gordon is a stud. Hes on that Julio and AB tier.
  11. Ok so you're going to attribute the Sanu TD to Julio for taking Lattimore and the saftey Marcus Williams away opening up an easy TD for Sanu, right?
  12. He does anything to knock down Julio because some people think hes better than AB, which optic can't handle. Its the weirdest thing.
  13. Hes been hating on the Falcons for years. Its really weird.