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  1. How draft classes is Mahomes worth?

    A QB that has GOAT potential isn't worth 1 draft class? Such a ridiculous take.
  2. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    What are the Packers doing.
  3. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Really like the Akers pick.
  4. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    As Dallas is on the clock lets cut to Jerry Jones on how we can defeat Parkinsons.
  5. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Jags having a really good draft.
  6. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Damn thats a good pick for the Panthers.
  7. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    You have Kerryon tho
  8. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Trade down if not F it take Lamb. Julio, Ridley and Lamb. Let's go.
  9. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Come on ATL trade up for Simmons.
  10. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Shouldn't be surprising. Guy took a RB #2 overall.
  11. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Tua is a massive steal at this point. Should have went #2.
  12. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Let you guys speak from the heart. Whatever comes out, comes out.
  13. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    You could see the doctors and nurses reading off a script. Everything is so manufactured nowadays.