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  1. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I think this all but guarantees Barkley will be there at 4. No way Giants pass up on the haul they'll receive for the 2nd overall pick so they can take a RB. First 3 picks will be QBs imo.
  2. Falcons sign Fusco G

    Big fan of this signing if the money isnt anything to crazy. Fusco will replace Wes Schweitzer at RG, who was by far our worst offensive lineman. Levitre has actually been really solid for us since we traded for him.
  3. Rex Burkhead resigns with Patriots

    Fantasy football leauge winner next year.
  4. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    Exactly why you franchise him. Its pretty rare for a player to be significantly affected by an ACL injury in this day and age anyways. Not to mention Moncrief is pretty injury prone and big downgrade from ARob.
  5. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    Why would you not just franchise ARob whos alot better?
  6. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    This is just stupid. Why let ARob walk and then over pay Moncrief? I swear its like these GMs don't have a plan.
  7. Brown + Grant = 12.5/y ARob = 14.5/y What is Ozzie thinking?
  8. Consensus Mock - 32. Philadelphia Eagles

    I went with Alexander and Jackson. BPA.
  9. Wide Receivers Best Route/Best Catch

    Julio - Curl. Hes awesome at breaking back at the top of the route. Nearly impossible to stop due to having to respect his speed. - Sideline. Hes made some unbelievable sidelines taps. https://youtu.be/FSirjCbbP1c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCi9DGF9ye0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ0BZzBifVE #4 and 5 on this compilation.
  10. OBJ videotaped smoking weed

  11. Consensus Mock - 26. Atlanta Falcons

    So hold up Poole is one of the worst corners in the leauge and terrible in coverage yet the staff wasnt willing to at least try out anyone else? Not single time was he benched this year. On top of that in all the press conferences that DQ and TD have held not a single mention of looking at or upgrading the NB spot has been mentioned. Kind of weird considering we're in nickle 60% of the time and they've talked about other positons like G and DT. This discussion is pointless as TD and Quinn will answer our debate by Poole role on the team next season.
  12. Consensus Mock - 26. Atlanta Falcons

    Nice you post 1 person saying Bennett is not worth that contract. I asked for two since mulitple people have said hes overpaid. **** even if theres is someone else saying his overpaid its just straight up false. Any little bit of research comparing salaries around the leauge woule prove it pretty quickly. Explain to me this, why wasnt Poole benched if he was one of the worst cover corners in the leauge?
  13. Consensus Mock - 26. Atlanta Falcons

    Oh really? Look in the mirror. Its ridiculous how things need to be constantly explained to you like a little child. Your reading comprehension needs serious help. If you cant understand what post a link means than I cant help you. You said Poole was one of the worst corners in the leauge, you've yet to post anything to back it up. I like how you've now moved the goal post to Poole is the worst corner in the leauge to now he isnt good in coverage. Multiple people have said Bennett was overpaid. Lol, really? Show me two people saying that? That should be easy. And don't run from this.
  14. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Antonio Callaway might just be the best WR in the draft, but I just checked out some of his interviews on YouTube and yeah, there is something off with this guy. I cannot see him performing well in team interviews at all, and personally, I'd have a tough time trusting him. He just gives off a really bad vibe. Sucks because hes extremley talented. This was a comment left by someone on one of the interviews: "This dudes not all there, you can tell. He has that nutcase look in his eyes and his actions off the field prove such". Seems like I'm not the only one who sees it lol.
  15. Consensus Mock - 26. Atlanta Falcons

    3 Falcon fans in this thread, 4 writers on falcohloic, BR, PFF all refuting what you're saying. Oh yeah the guy who did the rankings on BR is Ian Wharton whos job is to film study and create the ranking for secondary players. How much film have you watched on other slot corners in order to give a valid opinion? Now you spout two stats that you haven't even proven and say based off them Poole sucks. Kind of weird how you're literally the only person whos saying Poole is one of the worst corners in the leauge. Just like Michael Bennett being overpaid everyone else is wrong, right?