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  1. Is Julio still the #2 WR in the league?

    Julio is the best WR in the leauge imo. People don't realize how much he is held back because of Ryan's lack of arm strength. He's been open deep for a TD every game this season (twice in the Panthers game) and Ryan hasn't been able to hit him. Some examples below. ^^^4:35 of this video. In this interview (about 4 mins in) when asked about what QB he'd love to play with he says something along the lines of Culpepper... a QB with a big arm who can throw it and I can go it. Also I'm not sure why people unanimously put AB #1. Of all the top WRs he plays in the most advantageous situation by far. He gets to play with a who QB routinely extends plays, feeds him targets on a consistent weekly basis, has the arm strength to make every throw, will force AB the ball when hes double covered, and will pad his stats (ie instead of attempting a hail mary at the end of the half Ben will throw it short to AB). What do you think his numbers would look like if he swapped teams with the other elite WRs and vice versa? His stats with Landry Jones leave alot to be desired. With that being said Julio, AB, Dhop and OBJ all have an argument to be #1. This era of WRs is elite.
  2. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    Lol second week in a row he attempts a 50+ FG in a one score game with less than two minutes left.
  3. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    What are you doing DQ? Go for it.
  4. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    Wth are you doing Giants?
  5. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    Run blocking has been atrocious this year.
  6. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    Chill Booger Ryan is good but not elite.
  7. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    Lmao classic Ryan deep ball to Julio.
  8. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    Ryan just can't hit him. Not much Julio can do when he's open and Ryan underthrows him.
  9. Week 7 MNF Giants @ Falcons

    Kazee has been a stud this year.
  10. Week 7 GDT

    Winston has to be the dumbest QB in the leauge.
  11. Week 7 GDT

    Trubisky is so inaccurate. He aint the guy.
  12. Why does McCarthey hate Aaron Jones so much? By far the best runner on the team and yet he's adamant on getting touches for arguably the worst runner in the leauge in Williams.
  13. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    Because as good as Barkley is the Giants aren't doing anything without a QB. You had a chance at a great prospect in Darnold and passed for one of the easist positions to find which also carries the highest injury risk while paying a premium in draft and cap capital.
  14. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    Can't believe there were people who wanted the Giants to draft Barkley over a QB. Gettelman is an idiot.
  15. The NFL is basically unwatchable as of now

    The NFL won't be changing anytime soon. High scoring games are amazing for fantasy which keep the average fan engaged.