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  1. Week 4 GDT: No Anthem Version

    Terrible call in the Falcons game. Ryan still had control as his arm was coming foward. No idea how you call that a fumble even when the ref who had the clearest view was waving it off as an incompletion.
  2. Clemson has chips that they put into a bucket before the game to signify going all in. Smh. So lame.
  3. TNF: Bears @ Packers

    Glennon is terrible. No Cohen. Go home bears you're drunk.
  4. TNF: Bears @ Packers

    The lack of Cohen by the bears is so stupid. He's your most dynamic offensive player. Try using him.
  5. Monday Night Football - Dallas @ Arizona

    That national anthem was so cringy.
  6. Game was way closer than it should have been. We were easily the better team. Defense played great. When is the last time our defense won us a game? Takk is relentless. Hes going to be a force. Offense was unlucky with the two ints. Quinn made a great play on the other one. Really impressed with Sark. Called a great game. Honestly this offense looks just as good as it did last season. All in all ugly game but I'm really liking what I've seen so far.
  7. Week 3 GDT

    True. What a bust he's been.
  8. Week 3 GDT

    Atlantas defense has been outstanding. Will be a top 10 unit sooner than later.
  9. Week 3 GDT

    Wasn't his fault. Actually 2/3 were just unlucky passes bounces off his WRs hands.
  10. Week 3 GDT

    Takk Mckinley is going to be a monster.
  11. Steelers vs Falcons Big 4 on Offense

    Pretty funny how almost everything I said was clearly visible on Sunday night. Ryan missed Julio open deep which would have went for a long gain or a TD. Lack of redzone targets ( one uncatchable target) but the offense was still efficient in the redzone. Still went for an easy 106. If he played in Pittsburgh where they make it more of a point to get it to AB he'd put up even more ridiculous numbers.
  12. TNF Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    What else are you supposed to do on that hit? The WR lowered his head. He was aiming for the chest.
  13. TNF Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    Now this goof is calling running plays to set up an easier FG. Smh. Could have used that in the superbowl.
  14. Vic Beasley out with slight hamstring tear

    It'll obviously sting but Atlanta has more that enough depth on the Dline to continue to thrive. They lead the NFL in QB hits.
  15. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Why wouldn't you challenge the spot instead of calling a timeout. It looked like his forearm came down before the spot. Smh