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  1. Might be to early but if I had to take one QB to start a team with (all time) it would be him.
  2. That was way to obvious of a hold not to call. Horrible play by King. Even worse coaching by Lafluer.
  3. If the staff feels like a franchise QB is available at 4 they take him and would be insane not to. QB is by far the hardest and most important position to lock down. If they hit on a QB the window opens from just a few years with Ryan to nearly two decades with the new guy. It's not like ATL is knocking on the door of a Superbowl. Team has quite a few holes, especially on defense. Start building for the future and have a plan in place to move on from Matt.
  4. Parsons isnt a good enough pass rusher to play SLB in a 3-4. He's an ILB all day. Grady isn't a good fit playing end 3-4 and we'd have to find a NT. So you're essentially compounding our biggest (arguably) problem on defense making a switch to a 3-4. I don't know how you consider Marlon Davidson a good rotational piece considering he barely played this year. Why would the QB you draft sit for 2 years? You could trade Ryan this year as a post June 1st move and save cap space.
  5. When your QB is 36, you don't pass on a franchise QB if one is available. Hitting on that QB opens your window to win from 2-4 years with Ryan to 15+ with the new guy. This team isn't winning the Superbowl next year. Smarter to build from the long run.
  6. JJ6

    Week 17 GDT

    Someone is really going to jump ATL and take Fields at 3 aren't they?
  7. JJ6

    Week 17 GDT

    Houston defense make a play!
  8. JJ6

    Week 17 GDT

    Falcons actually came through with a clutch performance. Wow. Top 4 pick... Let's goooo Texans
  9. Firstly you wouldn't have to bench Becton or Mims. Keep your young guys in if you really want to and bench other starters. Just find a way to put yourself in an even worse position to win that game. If it meant firing your coaching staff a few games earlier do whatever it takes to not win a game. It's simple. Hypothetically even if they did bench guys like Becton and Mims the bolded parts are just absolutely hilarious. Complete fantasy land you live in. Yes I'm sure Mims and Becton are going to demand a trade if they got benched for a game of two at the end of the year for an absol
  10. Did you not read my post? I clearly said that the Jets organization should have made moves to ensure that the worst talent is on the field. That could come from the top. It has nothing to do with the players.
  11. Easily the worst "win"" in NFL history. At this point in the year it's completely unacceptable to win that game. Obviously the players will not throw the game so bench you starters so the backups can get "experience". Do you whatever you have to do to put yourself in the worst position to win that game. To let yourself lose out on an ELITE QB prospect win an absolute meaningless game is just sad and pathetic. I could not imagine being a JETS fan. Just pure incompetence by a trash organization.
  12. Jets what are you doing? This is some ATL level choking.
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