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  1. Shanny playing like he's up big in the 4th Q of the supebowl. Run the damn ball.
  2. Maybe the worst roughing the passer call I've ever seen
  3. Ravens are idiots for scratching Ty'son Williams. By far the best healthy RB on that team. Murray is just a plodder.
  4. Why are they playing the silicon valley intro song
  5. Adams back in the game lol
  6. Daniel Jones is trash. Gettelman is such a bad GM.
  7. The rookie QBs looked great this preseason. Shaping up to be a legendary class. Still can't believe my idiot Falcons passed on Fields.
  8. It's bad deal for ATL after deciding to keep Ryan. Although even with Julio they had a small chance to win the Superbowl this move puts the nail in the coffin. You're now essentially wasting one year of your 36 year old QB career. Looking into the future it's not like this team is set up for tons of cap space next year. Next couple years don't look promising at all. The franchise is spinning tires.
  9. Titans offense is going to be scary as hell. How is Tannehills deep ball?
  10. I wonder if San Fran would pull the trigger on something like Deebo + pick for Julio. Win/win for all parties involved imo if Julio is adamant on not coming back.
  11. Slipping down fast? He was dominant as ever last year when healthy. His per game stats are kind of missing leading because he played a few games on one leg (Dallas for example) and he was still on pace for 1300 yards and 5 TDs. He's been pretty healthy since 2013 with last year being the only year missing significant time. Julio could easily put up a league best season, just needs to stay healthy.
  12. It's supposed to go up your nose amateur
  13. Was and still am disgusted to see Lance go one pick a head of us. Think he was the guy we wanted. Pitts is a monster prospect but really dislike the direction this team is headed in. Feel like we're trying to fix a decaying Ferrari with engine and break issues on a $35 000 budget. Now we just spent a portion of it to upgrade an already really good exhaust. Agree with @GSUeagles14. Drafting Pitts means you're going all in to win with Matt. Trading Julio makes us much worse. Need to go all in with this offensive core now. Some solid prospects guys left, really need to address t
  14. Great picks for the Phins. Top 10 player if no injury concerns.
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