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  1. The packers finally made a remark about rodgers, something I think they really had to do. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/26/mark-murphy-were-not-idiots-aaron-rodgers-will-be-back/
  2. never saw them as favorites don't know where you are looking or getting this information. the line opened at colts -1 and now is -2.5
  3. Head to head trumps conference record, that's why Bucs were ahead of packers going into yesterday.
  4. Not trying to be mean to you man , but then why just not watch the games then.
  5. Not trying to be mean to you man , but then why just not watch the games then.
  6. Not trying to be mean to you man , but then why just not watch the games then.
  7. Not trying to be mean to you man , but then why just not watch the games then.
  8. I agree with you the defense is awful. There is nothing that can be done at this point or will be done. I just kind of accepted that they aren't probably going to win super bowl and just going too enjoy every packer win and watching my favorite player which is Rodgers for as long as we have him.
  9. The 49ers had a total of 55 rushing yards would consider that a win
  10. The packers schedule is so soft the rest of the way I would be shocked if they dont win 12+ games . The only 2 games that look really challenging is @colts and home against titans other then that they should win every other game pretty confident that will happen.
  11. Honestly what do you have to complain about right now? that the 49ers scored 2 really late touchdowns the game was over by the 4th quarter. the one touchdown the 9ers scored was with 4 seconds and meant nothing, other then having a closer score.
  12. Dude just stop, every freaking post you Make is either just condescending or annoying af.
  13. Lol what does this have to do with anything I said and Aaron Rodgers was projected by many places as the #1 overall pick in the draft. Jordan Love never had any of that.
  14. there are different tiers to a prospect lol. What do you think makes Love Elite ? his arm or just based of that he was a 1st round pick. we have no idea what he is until he plays a in a preseason game or real game. there is no eye test. you just calling him elite doesn't make him a elite prospect .
  15. Think its a big stretch to call Jordan Love a "elite" prospect my man. Have you seen him practice yet? no so you have nothing to go on other the college tape . Theyre have been too many good measurable based prospects that never turn into anything better then a back up qb. I could see the same happening for Love.
  16. If Aaron Rodgers played for Bellichek, how many Super Bowls would he have ? at least 4 ?
  17. Thank you this thinking is exactly where I am coming from and agree with everything you said.
  18. Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL ยท 5h Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair in 610 interview when asked about trade deadline: 'No big moves. You'll see some little things. We like our players. We have a lot to play for. I am extremely optimistic. I don't believe in giving up.'
  19. a 1st round pick that nobody has seen play lol, who knows if he is going to be good or a bust, more then often then not 1st round qbs are busts. im not holding my breathe that he is going to turn into a pro bowl level qb because chances of that are slimmer then that he does.
  20. Also while other teams that think themselves contenders are making trades, the packers are doing nothing other then sitting on their hands. if they dont make a move by tomorrow that improves this team im going to lose my mind, because the titans and steelers just made moves that help them this year and the packers have done nothing then sign Seth Roberts to the PS.
  21. What is there to make you feel content abut this team? The franchise player that has been carrying them for the last decade is 36 years old and will be 37 in a month. I guess you dont see or feel the urgency for them to win another super bowl with him as the qb then
  22. Im 31 years old and have been a packer fan for my entire life and currently right now is the most frustrated I ever been with this team.
  23. None of the Packers picks EVER turn into the best at their positions and they hoard theyre picks like they are going to make smart good picks and that is rarely the case
  24. I am so f'n frustrated with this team now, that makes me think how frustrated rodgers must be and he is still saying the right things right now and his body language has been a big plus. The defense is awful, it really boggles my mind that they can't even do basic football things like tackle correctly. I have been one the Gary bandwagon since he was drafted but now thinking he is going to be a bust and savage is turning into a bust too. that makes me think that Gutenkunst isn't as smart as he think he is. The had one of the worst drafts I ever seen in April and I dont think they will ever re
  25. whenever Rodgers leaves this team is going to go down the ****ter. Its going to be the 70's and 80s all over again. I have zero faith in this team right now in making any good decisions and coming to the realization that having a hall of fame qb playing at a mvp level is the only reason this team is 5-2 currently. if you replace him with any other quarterback other then Mahomes, or Wilson, this team would be awful.
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