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  1. I just can't envision him being able to play the first quarter of the season.
  2. No sweat. Made me check, thought maybe I missed his age
  3. He's gonna turn 22 at the end of June.
  4. https://sports.theonion.com/it-s-him-or-me-says-unhinged-aaron-rodgers-demanding-1846829102
  5. Dude is a monster, just hope he stays healthy for his life not just from a football perspective.
  6. The one thing that stands out to me is excellent body control and some seriously sticky hands:
  7. Seems like he knows how to find spots to squat into and has pretty good hands. That's about all I got:
  8. I think that got flipped in the trade up for Noah Gray
  9. Barring another trade we have 181 and 226 and that's it, I believe
  10. Yeah, can't really hop on board with that one but it was almost a 5th rounder, I guess. Project pass rusher with a high motor, I guess I see the reasoning but probably later would've been better. There were some options I would've liked better
  11. Outside of the top couple TEs I can't remember seeing another being taken since.
  12. Dang it, Amon-Ra just went. My main guys from a personal standpoint are Patrick Johnson from Tulane and Shakur Brown from Michigan State
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