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    Steven Nelson 😎
  2. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    We've basically traded Berry for Houston as our center fielder thus negating any amount of pass rush until (usually) later on in the game. Our replacement Safeties are learning on the fly, Sorenson knows the gig but is limited physically, Murray is green but has some of the athletic ability. Parker is still Parker but a step slower it seems. Philip Gaines should've been gone long ago and imo teams build confidence when he's on the field. Steven Nelson can't come back soon enough. TMitch is a scrapper but gets targeted a ton having MP22 on the other side. Wins some, loses some. Speaking of MP22, he's not tackling anymore, he just goes for the strip. Don't even wanna talk about his giant cushions. Sometimes warranted but not as much as he does it. Still our best CB although there is a tad bit of resting on his laurels. He's been very emotional a lot this year too. The "other" stuff going on in the NFL has made for some tension between him and fans at times. DJ shows flashes and then just disappears (age coupled with still being pretty fresh off of Achilles tear). Dee Ford will make a great play and then be invisible. Ragland is being worked in but, to me, he seems hesitant/unsure. DLine has all the talent on paper. Logan can occupy blockers but doesn't really seem to be at the right place at the right time in the run game. CJ95 looks excellent at times, other times meh. Bailey is Bailey but isn't having the impact like he has before. Starts at the top with Sutton. Bend but don't break is all cool and all when you have players like Berry QBing the D and being the emotional leader but I think Sutton has peaked. He doesn't make much for adjustments until halftime it seems. Nickle n dime the whole game is costing us vs the run but as long as we gotta trot Gaines out we don't having a ton of choice. Having said all that I really think we still just don't have an identity on D since Berry and as much as missing one player shouldn't be THAT drastic I feel it is. Especially when it takes our #2 D player out of his comfort zone to fill in.
  3. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    How many flags was that at the end?! And the TD was yet another push off... ridiculous. If you're gonna call em, call em all
  4. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

  5. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Oh wow
  6. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Gotta feed Kareem!
  7. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Oh Murray...
  8. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Buttkicker is automatic!
  9. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Hill caught that
  10. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Another bad spot by the zebras
  11. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Looked like a facemask!
  12. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Finally on the receiving end of one of those!!! Haha
  13. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Austin Safarian Jenkings play?? Looked like it was bobbled as he crossed the goal line.
  14. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    DJ showing flashes of old