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  1. In a way similar to how we acquired Alex Smith. We needed a capable QB in the worst way and might've overpaid (trade comp/contract) but it paid dividends to get out of the cellar we were stuck in.
  2. The Parade

    Everyone behave themselves? Lol
  3. Team needs.

    Fa sho. Not use to our football season playing out this long kinda makes me wanna take a nap
  4. Team needs.

    Boom. ✌️😊
  5. Love that PM is a great player but gotta love that he's a good dude too ✌️
  6. Lol how are you being "attacked"? You're being called out on something you said was "clearly" "non debatable".
  7. It's the same damn moment/different angle look at Wards arms and Sherman's legs. You're talking out of your hind end again. "ThEy PuRpOsElY fRoZe iT" there's NOTHING clear about it. Ps even the shadow of DW arms are clearly in the same position on both frames.
  8. "This is not debatable" "Clearly"
  9. "The above is obviously debatable, but they also agree Williams was out of bounds at the 1 and it should of been 4th and Goal. That is not debatable. It shouldn’t of even been something that’s inconclusive. Frame by frame his foot is clearly out of bounds before touching. " You said "clearly". I watched the game and it was too close to tell every angle they showed, many 9er fans were even saying it was too close to switch but you saw it clearly..?
  10. Let's see the evidence.
  11. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    After Honey Badger was chewing some *** on the sideline I don't think the 9ers scored another point