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  1. Alex Smiths future

    I'll throw in my 2 cents: Andy loves Alex, Andy is a players coach, I could see Andy letting Alex go and then Alex can pick his own team. In an ideal world we would get something back from what we gave up but that's not how we usually do things. I could be way off as well but that's how I feel about it.
  2. Chiefs breakout candidates

    The main breakout candidate I always come back to is Kareem Hunt. I really think he will be the #1 before too long and I really think he will be heavily used in the past game as he has great hands. I could see a (depending on when/if he takes over the starting role) a 800 rush, 400 receiving 8td type line. Besides Hunt my main crush is Mitchell, I really wanna see if he can keep that #2 CB spot locked down. The guy balled out last year when he got his chance but now there's film on him and he will have to stretch it out for a full season.
  3. Do we already have a forum mod here?

    Nothing personal to Bigs or Rvm but it might be time to find some other mods that are active. Kc_Guy would be the smart money in my opinion. Edit: and if we're going to roll with 2 mods, gotta go with Jak.
  4. First Depth Chart

    Yessir! Definitely excited about the guy, Friday is his big (a quarter anyway) debut.
  5. First Depth Chart

    Surprised West is listed as the no. 2 RB. Have a feeling they're gonna try and get a late rounder for him. Either way I think he's gone by Week 1.