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  1. Agreed. He's got Phillip Gaines syndrome, all the physical talent to be a top CB but no awareness at all. Just seems happy to be in the frame of the WR catching the ball
  2. So, say someone hires EB, does that mean we get more 3rd rounders? Or just one more?
  3. And you should be! If not for them playing the Chiefs I'd be pro Bengal all the way 👍
  4. Emotional hangover from Bills game: Bengals: 80 Chiefs: 0
  5. I could write a book on playoff failures lol
  6. I appreciate this more than you know. The success we're experiencing is a BRAND NEW thing for this franchise. Outside of some fringe playoff success we were just another "hey, maybe we can make the playoffs via wildcard" type of team. We went 25(?) years without a playoff win, many many MANY heartbreaks until Andy and Alex beat up on a depleted Texans team. Wasn't until Pat came on in '18 that we finally got to taste that elite-ness that we haven't had in our generation. People may be getting sick of us cuz we're finally getting some success but this is a new feeling for sure, not a 20 year ru
  7. You little weasel, just rereading the thread and you went back and edited your posts long after you posted em 🤣 This is what he said originally: 3 hours ago, NeptunePenguins said: This will end with Mahomes being Manning the choker and Allen the new GOAT
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