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  1. They have a lot of WRs that need to be covered and a QB that gets rid of the ball quickly. Gonna need Sneed big-time and Honey Badger to step his game up. The raider game might have been the worst game I've seen him play in Red. He kept trying to go for the strip and just let Waller walk for the first down. Reminded me of what Peters does.
  2. Was there an injury to kupp or no? I didn't see him in on those couple plays
  3. #beast And his backup is no slouch either 😏
  4. At this point I notice he's not getting the crazy reactions he used to so I'll just assume everyone is catching on haha
  5. Pretty much single handedly keeping me afloat in FF. He runs his arse off, definitely a good find
  6. Hooray! Here I thought it was bias by the league but thanks for clearing that up! I was also the second gunman on the grassy knoll!
  7. Ohhhhh so now it's bias on MY part to make you feel better 😂 I take it you didn't read the tweet by a 9ers twitter I put there either?
  8. Not when Bosa lined up in front of him lmfao lol lmao giggity giggity or whatever
  9. What's about the facemask on Pringle on the one yard line? Or what about CJ95 getting tackled from behind on Jacobs TD run? Or how about Carr's Intentional Grounding that wasn't called? Are we going to rewatch the game looking for everything or just things you feel salty about from KCs angle?
  10. You do realize that's OUR LEFT TACKLE? Bosa tried to swim inside and Fischer rode his momentum across the way (they are at Mahomes right side) so he's at his side. Freeze frames are fun but watch the clip from more than one angle. https://twitter.com/zachzink_/status/1225930188552310784?s=20
  11. So umm there's that Dan Sorenson play we'd chatted about earlier lol, I hate/love that guy
  12. Good game Raider fans, what a game! respect.gif
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