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  1. Oh no you don't! Ravens are gonna play with their back against the wall and beat KC
  2. I saw Lamar hit a bunch of people, I think he could use a 1 game suspension (starting week 2) just so he can think about what he did.....
  3. The money has to be reasonable otherwise there's just no way.
  4. 4th n 15? Let's throw an 11 yard bomb to a wr almost out of bounds ūüĎć
  5. It's definitely gonna take some time for not only them to gel but Patty is gonna have to start trusting the interior and start stepping into some of those pockets.
  6. I feel like we should say this like "It's the Catalina wine mixer" "Dirty Dan"
  7. Unless I'm off but I was thinking if Cleveland scored, we could win it off a fg now if they were to score we could only tie with a fg
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