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  1. So glad you predicted that, now I can expect the exact opposite, whew! 🤣
  2. Nothing like painting an entire fan base with a single brush stroke lol. If I had to guess every single fan base has 1 or 2 of those cocky posters on this site alone but the Chiefs fans are who you decided to swing your purse at. Probably says more about your sensitivity than about "cockiness". 👍
  3. Only thing I'm gonna really add to this is: The game prior the oline was : LT- Fish LG-Algretti C-Reiter RG-Wylie RT-Remmers Super Bowl line was: LT-Remmers LG-Algretti C-Reiter RG-Wisnewski RT-Wylie There was definitely more than just losing the LT. I agree this was no world beater line with Fish but his injury set off a chain reaction and the players, prior to moving, were pretty much maxed out on where they were already. I sure hope we address this, this off-season.
  4. Wait, what?! That's wayyyyyy too stinking young 😲😥 Any word on what happened?? Geez in reading about Terez I see that Pedro Gomez kicked the bucket as well 😲
  5. Yessir. I miss those days of "smoke" not being manufactured.
  6. Opinion from a far: I really agree with the lady on the right side of the screen. Seems like they've been adding pieces to that oline every year and Russ' style of play does tend to add to his being hit. As for Orlovsky saying he's sick of playing for a defensive HC is on Russ as he signed on the dotted line to play for that coach. Just my 2 pennies
  7. As opposed to insinuating I was crying about the refs, nice try. Nice insults too, settle down bud, we're all pals here. 😊 Ps I heart Joe Montana Pps Can we just scoot passed this game of snark. I respect y'all and your team. Just got tired of hearing about the holding thing from LAST year's bowl. Maybe im just grumpy from getting our *** kicked sunday and took your post too personal. ✌️
  8. I'm gonna say this as someone who would like to see EB succeed in the league and eventually getting a HC job BUT EB is just the middle man between Andy and Patty in game. I really don't think he has much input at all during the games.
  9. Marty passes away on Feb 8th which is 21 years to the day Derrick Thomas passed away. Kinda crazy considering how much Marty loved DT. 🙏
  10. Passes away Feb 8th. Derrick Thomas also passed away Feb 8th 21 years prior. Kinda crazy coincidence considering Marty loved DT 🙏
  11. Cool to see the thread turn from full troll mode to good discussion about the game finally. 👏 2 things really stand out for me (from the Chiefs perspective) is 1. 92% of the time having the 5 lineman with no extra help, that's just bad adjustment (no adjustment), Wylie (RT) especially, was getting absolutely wrecked the second the ball was snapped. 2. I don't recall much motion at all, I don't remember a single Jet sweep, I think only one designed rollout which we used against Buffalo often that had some very good success, maybe with his turf toe they didn't want that in but he ran
  12. I'm not blaming refs for losing, you should give it a try. 👍
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