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  1. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    I got it:
  2. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    We've been missing some milk bubbles in these game day threads..
  3. KC vs Titans

    Oof smh
  4. Hardest Hitter!

    Also: lol @ "richard" Butkus language filter
  5. Hardest Hitter!

    Can't find a highlight video right now but Thomas Everett (Cowboys/Steelers/Bucs) was a wrecking ball but my all time favorite hitter was Ronnie Lott.
  6. KC vs Titans

    We destroyed em in time of possession.
  7. KC vs Titans

  8. KC vs Titans

    Well that sucked
  9. NFL Week 10 GDT

    That's game
  10. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Wow loo
  11. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Oh my...
  12. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Pat is not human
  13. TNF GDT - Chargers (4-5) @ Raiders (4-4)

    So the strategy is to just put it up high and hope for the flag??
  14. TNF GDT - Chargers (4-5) @ Raiders (4-4)