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  1. Free Agency

    Didn't know where to really put this but thought it was cool:
  2. Chiefs acquire LB Darron Lee

    Didn't realize that, had to look for myself (by couple weeks):
  3. Miserable Hot Takes

    Not sure I should even put this out there but I was ticked off when the Chiefs drafted Tony G. I thought David Lefleur's 6'7" height was gonna be the difference. Yup.
  4. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    Which would you rather watch: college football or pro? Neither. I didn’t grow up watching football, and I still don’t. Me and Chandler Jones have talked about this since I first got up here. I never watched football. I never thought I’d be here, and I’d rather play video games. I don’t really want to watch it. https://www.improper.com/life-style/going-strong/
  5. Chiefs acquire LB Darron Lee

    A steal imo. I was interested when he was put on the block a few weeks ago but figured he would cost a premium pick. A 6th?! Crazy good value
  6. Gunther Cunningham passed away

    Old school battle-axe, may he RIP
  7. Free Agency

    Chiefs released WR Sammie Coates. Coates was signed in February but didn't make it to minicamp. He appeared in 12 games on special teams with Houston last year. Coates should eventually resurface. *Per roto
  8. Draft Grades and Reactions

    Throw in Khalil McKenzie and the fact Dr Larry will be back at full health.
  9. Hill under investigation for Battery

    One thing I've been thinking about is the fact that when Veach addressed the situation, he said "..Tyreek and Crystal.." he addressed them on first name basis. I wonder of Veach actually knows them that closely that maybe he knows "how she is" type thing and maybe that's another reason we didn't just give him the boot outright. Alot of speculation but it makes ya wonder.
  10. Hill under investigation for Battery

    From a, non-moral, pure football standpoint: if Tyreek is exonerated, I about get goosebumps thinking of Mahomes cannon arm chucking the longball to two sub 4.3 guys in him and Hardman..
  11. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Tyreek was given a "no-contact" order with his son, so he was staying in a hotel. Via cameras in the house he was able to see that the fiance was passed out and the 3 year old was wandering the place alone so he called 911 to do a welfare check. She was taken to the hospital and this eventually led to her being deemed unfit for custody of the child while Tyreek was away. Which leads me to believe that she may have used a "substance" and passed out (7 months pregnant). I have a hard time believing she had a medical emergency and they remove the child from her custody over it. If anything, though the media is on a full blown witch hunt, this might actually work in favor of Tyreek being the sole "bad guy". *If I was mistaken in my summary anywhere, please somebody correct me.
  12. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Once the initial emotion wore off and I listened to that podcast, it started painting another picture. From a human standpoint, this guy isn't a really good guy (or at least has some defect in his head when angry) BUT from the football side, like @Jakuvious said, "eventually nobody cares". If the league were to ban him then good riddance but we ALL know that's not going to happen. Donta Stallworth literally got hammered and ran somebody over, killing them, and got a 1 year suspension. So we know Tyreek at most will get something a little less than that. So from the football perspective, we cut him and he serves his suspension and then signs with the Browns (or somebody; somebody WILL sign him)we still get the flak for it happening on our watch while he kills us everytime he plays us and nobody cares so long as he stays on the straight and narrow moving forward potentially helping them win a 'ship. At this point I think the Chiefs brass is handling this perfectly. No knee-jerk reaction. Let the league sort it out and then we go from there. I think Veach/Hunt/Reid learned a valuable lesson with Kareem. I mean, you don't even hear about that situation anymore. Browns are even going as far as potentially trading Duke Johnson away cuz they wont need him once KH finishes his suspension, no worries, no fear he'd do something dumb again and this is before he will be helping the Browns light up the scoreboard. I understand why we cut KH (the situation, then lying about said situation) but looking back at it I think it was the wrong move and now we're going to potentially do it again at another teams benefit. Such a sticky situation all around.
  13. Hill under investigation for Battery