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  1. NFL will not suspend Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill

    *Calls a fanbase "scummy"* *Asks fanbase to help him use Google* Yup we'll get right on that.
  2. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I tend to lean more so with this. Colts did have the win streak and Chiefs had the crap defense so there was definitely some question but the whole "Chiefs vs Colts" playoff history had me tied in knots moreso than anything else.
  3. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Settle down there Bill Nye lol I don't get into much for predictions but it's not some outlandish statement to say that a guy who just tossed 50 TDS to throw 35 the following year. I don't get why it's so controversial. He could throw 25 for all we know but a VERY optimistic poster saying he thinks 35 is the floor is about a 2 on the homer scale compared to some of the other stuff being flung around here lately.
  4. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Cue the Days Of Our Lives theme: She had the twins. https://www.ksn.com/sports/chiefs/former-fiancee-of-tyreek-hill-files-paternity-case/amp/
  5. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

  6. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Just got to listen to the tape in it's entirety...WOW. I am absolutely disgusted by the selective editing done by KCTV5. That edit job couldn't have been more malicious lf it were Crystal Espinal herself editing it. They need to be reprimanded asap. I now firmly believe Tyreek did not hurt his son and I also am extremely skeptical that Tyreek even hurt her like was reported in 2014. He asked her to "look into my eyes and tell me I hit you" and she skated around the whole conversation like a pro. VERY skeptical. I don't see how he could get any major suspension out of this. Maybe a game or 2 but maybe just a fine for being in such a crazy situation and making Goodel look bad.
  8. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    Some seriously crazy developments are going on. They released the full 11 min audio (I missed it but) and Terez transcribes some of it and it calls into question the "incident" from 2014, even. Really disappointed that the tape was cut down to make Hill look all the worse when if they released it all, it changes the whole dynamic.
  9. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Just finished reading that! IN...SANE! He doesn't know he's being recorded, she does and she won't answer him about 2014....WOWOWOWOWOW my mind is blown
  10. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I'll look for it but if you could link it up I'd much appreciate it. I'd love to hear it and I've also heard some skepticism about the other "incident".
  11. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    Basically speculation but Tim G. IS pretty connected, guess we'll see: Edit: it was stated that if there was any suspension it'd be 4 but reduced to 2.
  12. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    All those swipes you took at @Buckweath about being a homer lol please turn in your "Homer Hall Monitor" vest asap 😁
  13. The Josh Jacobs Story (Incredible read)

    Great.. now how am I supposed to dislike him?? 😒🤔
  14. Who was the Greatest Position Change in NFL History?

    Brian Waters was a TE/FB for the Cowboys freshly cut when Chiefs signed him.