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  1. ECF: Boston vs Cleveland, the actual NBA finals

    A little grab of the Jersey after getting blasted with an elbow?? Lol ok
  2. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Roto: Colts claimed DL Rakeem Nunez-Roches off waivers from the Chiefs. Nunez-Roches was a surprise cut after being tendered by Kansas City. He doesn't have much in front of him in Indy, but isn't a great fit for their Tampa-2 scheme. The Colts will assume Nunez-Roches' entire $1.9 million salary. May 11 - 5:36 PM
  3. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Hate to say it, even though Raiders fans are happy it seems, but this was DJ a LOT last year. I seen him take tons of plays off on top of it and that was NEVER DJ.
  4. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Hmmm... Browns waived TE Randall Telfer. Cleveland traded Telfer to Kansas City for LB Dadi Nicolas, but the move never went through. Now that he's been cut, Telfer figures to resurface with the Chiefs. Source: Field Yates on Twitter May 4 - 4:41 PM
  5. KC FA tracker

    Free agent LB Derrick Johnson is visiting the Raiders on Thursday. Johnson would certainly fit the Raiders' apparent plan to get older this offseason, but that does not mean he would be a bad signing. Despite coming back from another Achilles tear, Johnson was reasonably effective for the Chiefs last year. The 13-year pro will turn 36 during the season. Related: Raiders Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
  6. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Chiefs acquired TE Randall Telfer from the Browns in exchange for LB Dadi Nicolas. Former sixth-rounder Telfer played 300 snaps last season and was asked to block on 235 of them. He has just five career catches. Nicolas was a sixth-round pick last year who didn't play a snap as a rookie. Related: Browns Source: Field Yates on Twitter
  7. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    Elliot gone to Ravens 
  8. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    I'm holding out hope that we trade up.
  9. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    My favorite prospects are still there: Holton Hill Deshon Elliot
  10. 2018 NFL DRAFT

  11. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    There's our Hybrid LBer/Safety that Sutton's scheme is predicated on. If nothing else I think we really upgraded our run defense.
  12. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    Did we trade into the back of R3?
  13. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    Good run stuffer, I wanted BJ Hill in my mock but Nnadi was needed
  14. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    I want Deson Elliot!
  15. 2018 NFL DRAFT

    I've read he was moving up on a bunch of teams boards but I would think we didn't have to pull a trade at all unless they thought the Chargers we're gonna grab him. Big Red also said Veach had his eye on Speaks the whole time, really coveted the guy. I guess we'll see.