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  1. The 90 Man Roster

    https://247sports.com/Article/Shea-Patterson-released-Kansas-City-Chiefs-Michigan-football-149033825/ Shea Patterson gets the axe.
  2. The 90 Man Roster

    Matt Moore re-ups. I think that makes 5 QBs. 🤔
  3. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    At this point I dunno how Veach wears pants with such enormous balls.. Whatever the $$ it's sure nice to know that our franchise QB is locked in for the majority of his career. Bravo Veach, Bravo!
  4. Hall of Fame Game Canceled

    Got a bad feeling we're going to get 4-6 weeks into the season and Joe Shmoh will test positive and they'll suspend the season until the all clear, which probably won't come. Stupid covid 😒
  5. Greatest displays of individual toughness

    Even though, overall, I think he's a putz... Rivers playing on a torn acl (?) was pretty tough.
  6. Your favorite all-time journeymen QBs.

    Always liked Vince Evans for whatever reason. Seemed like whenever I caught him playing he looked legit but just wasn't starter material in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Stat Predictions?

    My Stats Predictions for the season (didn't put much thought into it but I'm bored lol): PMii: 4700 yards 38 tds 10 ints DWill: 550 yards 225 rec yards 7 total tds CEH: 845 yards 300 rec yards9 total tds T.Hill: 88 rec for 1400 yards 11 tds Hardman: 45 rec for 900 yards 4 tds Watkins: 45 rec for 700 yards 4 tds Kelce: 80 rec for 1100 yards 12 tds Mostly just thinking offense but here's a few on Defense: Clark: 12 sacks CJ95: 12 sacks 7 PD Gay: 65 tackles 3 sacks 2int HB: 3 ints 1td Juan: 4 ints
  8. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    So which is it, "good playoffs" or "mediocre"? Vs Houston: 23/35 321 9.2 5 0 0-0 91.5 134.6 Leading rusher for is that game too (7-53) Vs Tenn: 23/35 294 8.4 3 0 2-2 97.5 120.4 Leading rusher for that game as well (8-53-1td) with one of the nicest td runs in KC history to change the full momentum of that game. And he didn't exactly stink it up in the SB, he had a game well below his standards but he was also going up against a great defense. And we probably don't win that game if he didn't suggest running Wasp. He was clutch when it really mattered.
  9. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    At this point this seems to be the most logical reasoning, to me. And, if true, does he really think that Dallas is going to hand over a boatload of cash?
  10. Draft Discussion

  11. Alternate logo concepts?

    Kinda like a couple of these: But I'll forever like the Arrowhead logo most of all.
  12. Mahomes will surpass Brady as the Goat. True or False?

    Good point 💡
  13. Mahomes will surpass Brady as the Goat. True or False?

    I don't care if PMii is the goat, the horse or any other farm animal. Dude just brought us our first chip in 50 years with the ability, motivation and desire to keep us in the hunt for more, I'm good with that. Brady is 43 and still going, it's impossible, without a time machine, to know if PMii even plays to 40. Brady has had an unparalleled/ridiculous amount of success that I don't think we'll ever see again, so I'm just gonna enjoy the ride for what it is.
  14. NFL's biggest individual choke job

    It's been a while since that one but I always thought it was a closer fg than 47. Yeah 47 is/was no chip shot, that's for sure.
  15. NFL's biggest individual choke job

    Dang, forgot about the other 2. Felt sick to my stomach when the flag came out. Definitely can relate to those types of situations, we shot ourselves in the foot so many stinkin' times similarly.