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  1. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    From a strict Maddenesque reasoning I think it would be awesome to acquire Ramsey but for what it would cost I'd rather not considering Mahomes is due and CJ95 is due. One thing that has me wondering if Veach is up to no good is last year we had Earl locked up and it would've been a premium pick for a, basically, one year rental. Veach has 80lbs balls as far as aggression but he also has made it a point to hand out smarter contracts than his predecessor so that leads me to believe that he won't do this unless he thinks CJ95 isn't gonna re-sign. "Like sands through the hourglass...."
  2. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    Running out of little footballs in this thread..
  3. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    Lol ok. If you can't see that we took our foot off the gas I dunno what to tell you. You also said that "best case scenario Chiefs are going 7-9", "Mahomes season was a fluke" yada yada yada, the bias runs strong in you.
  4. Week 2 GDT

    https://www.footballdb.com/teams/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/stats?type=pre None more than average and a lot of starters didn't play much at all. Especially the 4th game where none played.
  5. Week 2 GDT

    KC didn't "play more starters" during preseason.
  6. Week 2 GDT

    Didn't look like it but I sure they called the play done asap
  7. Week 2 GDT

    Feels like Burfict should be 33-34 years old, didn't realize he's only 28