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  1. I really think Burns could be had in the 15-21 area and if he is gone could pick up one of the 2 Iowa TEs or look at an OT.
  2. Wouldn't rule out a trade down, kind of cooled on Devin White, been hearing the Giants aren't that high on Haskins not being mobile. But if I had to make the pick looking at the size of the edge rushers just signed looks like the pick would be Ferrell, but I think Burns may become the better player in the long run if he keeps the weight. So my pick would be Burns from the list, but really hope for a trade down to 15-21 and pick up an extra 2nd.
  3. Jordy cut

    And reciever is hard to get in the Hall of Fame, and Driver is not Hall of Fame worthy. OK would you put Charles Woodson in the Ring of Fame when he goes in the HOF?
  4. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Since Miami let go fo Tanneyhill, Colin Kaepernick said he is willing to start for Miami, thinking he is still starting material.
  5. Jordy cut

    Your absolute right, was the biggest snub in the history of the Hall, just because he pissed of the writers who vote and they were unforgiving. Glad he got in now. Other Packers deserving are Verne Lewellen, Sterling Sharpe, and LeRoy Butler in that order.
  6. Depth Chartin'

    Madison is dealing with the suicide of his college QB/friend who shot himself due to CTE symptoms. It was before the draft and he attended OTA's but after finding out about the CTE he is questioning his desire to play. Agent said last year plan was to still play, but still no new news on the situation.
  7. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I fully agree, on Lowery, he is a good rotational guy, but could be replaced and wouldn't break the bank to keep him. and maybe this new system will fit Spriggs better. I don't expect every player to come in and be great, heck the first couple of seasons of Rodgers I thought he was a wasted pick.
  8. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    The 2016 draft has Kenny Clark, which the Packers can activate his 5th year option for about 8.8 million. Other than Blake Martinez don't see any must signs, Spriggs, Fackerell, Lowery, and Davis aren't big payday guys. Plus Mike Daniels, Bulaga, Graham and Lane Taylor could be cut targets or not resigned if the Packers draft to replace these older or non productive players this year with better talent to take over next year they won't have to spend the money and have as many holes to fill.
  9. Packers Expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    Yes I realize that, that's why I said it was a bad joke, been watching the Packers since the 70's.
  10. Packers Expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    Yes, I know that's why I said it was a bad joke, been watching the Packers since the 70's.
  11. Hello all, Was going to play a poker tournament tonight, but got caught up in all the free agency articles. Haven't done one of these for years, I won't go into free agency because I think the Packers are done except for some minor signings (ie... Lewis) This is a straight up mock and no trades and some wishful thinking. Round 1 Pick 12: Devin White LB LSU 6'0" 237, Best inside LB in draft, immediate starter and 3 down player with pro bowl potential. Also gives protection if Blake Martinez leaves in free agency next year. Round 1 Pick 30: Jeffery Simmons DL Miss St 6'4" 300, Top 10 pick that slides due to injury and background concerns, extremely talented athletically and possesses a ton of upside. Possible replacement for Mike Daniels next year. Round 2 Pick 44: Dalton Risner OL Kansas St 6'5" 312, Played right tackle, had a good week at Senior Bowl, But had trouble with Monte Sweat and the Texas Longhorns edge players. Good run blocker and would be ideal for Risner to start as a backup to Bulaga to improve his ability to handle fast edge rushers, could also start at right quard and have Billy Turner take over left guard for Lane Taylor. Also has experience at center. Round 3 Pick 75: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson FS Florida 6'0" 208, Played slot corner for the Gators, solid tackler and aggressive run defender. Round 4 Pick 114: Anthony Nelson DL Iowa 6'7" 271, Solid edge rusher, contributed to a tough defensive line for Iowa. Round 4 Pick 118: Foster Moreau TE LSU 6'4" 253, Decent week at Senior Bowl as a blocking TE, could be a Y-TE who helps in ground game and short yardage-goal line situations. Round 5 Pick 150: Brice Love RB Stanford 5'11" 213, The speedster was banged up in 2018 and defenses sold out to stop him, resulting to a down year. Sources say Love is better than smaller backs who have gone in round one, saying he is on par with Chris Johnson. L over isn't as straight line fast, but possesses more elusiveness and moves in the open field than Johnson. Love is extremely fast, tough runner and has great vision. Round 6 Pick 185: Olisaemeka Udoh OL Elon 6'5" 323, One of the most impressive players in the one-on-ones at the East-West Shrine game. Has good size for a tackle or guard, needs to work on his feet and improve his ability to handle speed rushers. Round 6 pick 194: Preston Williams WR Colorado St 6'4" 210, Started out in Tennessee before moving to Colorado St, didn't get much playing time in Tennessee, but had 96 catches for 1,345 yards and 14 TDs at Colorado St. Has some background concerns, but his WR coach at Colorado is now the Packers WR coach. Round 7 Pick 226: Kendall Blanton TE Missouri 6'6" 260, Was solid but unimpressive at the East-West Shrine game. Should be a Y blocking TE who can contribute as a reciever. Blanton goes under the radar because Albert Okwuegbunam is such a dynamic reciever, but Blanton is said to be a good reciever in his own right. Would really like to see the first 3 rounds to unfold like this as it solidifies some of the holes we may have next year as free agency comes around and can fill the holes we may have as they can step in for the people who may not have much left to give us or may be too expensive to keep, Kenny Clark's 5th year tender will be around 8.8 million, leaving the Packers with around 17 million next year. Playing around with the roster manager on Spotrac, and with cutting Lane Taylor and Jimmy Graham the Packers could have another 12.5 million.
  12. Your life Username: Packer Dave Age: 54 State you were born in: Milwaukee, Wisconsin State you live in now: Las Vegas, Nevada Something unique about you: Poker Dealer by trade. Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: Family Tradition, born into it. What made you become a fan: Going to games in Milwaukee County Stadium, sports family. Favorite current Packers: Clay Matthews, Jaire Alexander All-time favorite Packers: Bart Starr, John Brockington, Paul Coffman, Sterling Sharpe, Reggie White, Jordy Nelson. Favorite moment in team history: Winning Super Bowl 31, first one I watched live. Your interests Other favorite teams: Brewers, Bucks, Golden Knights Hobbies outside of football: Poker, Going to sporting events, have season tickets to the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020. Favorite movie: 13th Warrior Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones Favorite band: Van Halen
  13. Packers Expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    Well Preston's number in Washington was 94 and Za'Darius' was 90 so just split the difference and get a jersey with 92, I know bad joke for a first post, was on this site many years ago and found it again after all this time. And while you have the Smiths on the field, you also have Mike Smith coaching them, something to think about.