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  1. Hello all, Don't post much but usually do a mock draft that I thought I would share, I'm going off the Big Board from Drafttek to clarify. Round 1 Pick 30 Traded to Indianapolis with pick 136, 4th round, for picks 44, 2nd round and 75, 3rd round. Trade value Green Bay gives up 658 points and Indianapolis gives up 675 points. Indianapolis trades into the first round after giving up pick 13 for Deforrest Buckner, to Grab a quarterback and get a 5th year option on him. Round 2 Pick 44 Denzel Mims WR Baylor 6'2 206lbs 40 time 4.38 Mims had 66 catche
  2. Haden Hurst is on the trade block, asking price is believed to be a late 2nd or 3rd, still have 2 years on rookie contract with a 5th year option. Trade someone like Josh Jackson or Lane Taylor and a late round pick for Hurst.
  3. Plus Daniels will help mentor Gary and keep his motor running.
  4. NFL Network analysis says he played Center Left Guard and both Tackle positions
  5. Actually only Daniels, the Smiths and Amos are on their 2nd contracts, many are coming up to their 2nd contracts
  6. Was hoping for a trade down, or if a pick was made it would be Simmons or Dillard with the pick, but Gary's versatility is intriguing. Don't hate the pick and wish him all the best with his career
  7. 12 Oliver- 30 Dillard I would love to see this play out on draft day. 44 AJ Brown -75 Savage. 4th round Moreau and an edge
  8. It will be the opponent of the first home preseason game, so that team would not have the added expenses except for a reward days of living expenses.
  9. Yes and a few others, Also Mike Sherman is a Head coach and Jerry Glanfield is a Defensive coordinator.
  10. DL - Lowery on last year of contract TE - Lewis one year deal LB - Martinez on last year of contract
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