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  1. For those of you who don't have a subscription to the athletic, one of the reporters sat down with John Robinson after the draft and Jrob explained the reasoning and kind of what was going on in the draft room behind each one of the picks he made for us. Interesting and insightful read.. Check it out. Hope yall enjoy.
  2. Offseason Thread

    i don't think he's "ignoring" it, I think he feels confident in the players we have. and he didn't ignore interior oline last year. he resigned josh kline which at the time, looked like a good deal. no one could have predicted kline would regress like he did. As for the pash rush, I think they're banking on guys steppin up in year 2. mainly Landry and Finch. I don't see how you think he's ignoring the pass rush when they went out and gave a quality pass rusher a 3 yr/23 million dollar deal. ignore his age, the dude is still hella productive.
  3. Offseason Thread

    evans and brown.. wouldn't be suprised either way but before the season is out and maybe even to start it, evans and brown may lead the way with woodyard playing more of a role this year..who knows
  4. 2019 UDFA Thread

    I remember last year Akrum Wadley getting all the udfa talk and he didn't even make it over Dalyn Dawkins, so its clear that the staff likes Dawkins and what he provides. its a new year tho, so we will see.
  5. 2019 UDFA Thread

    yeah flu game is very good for his role and whats expected of him. carrying 4 rb's tho? that's a stretch In my eyes. I think they would carry 6 wr before they would carry 4 rbs. that 4th rb isn't gonna add anything someone else at another position of need aint gone add to special teams, cause "teams" is the only place for a 4th rb on game day. I could be wrong tho. aint like I'm a coach.
  6. 2019 UDFA Thread

    idk about that.. flu game is a good rb3 and is very valuable on special teams. replacing that with a rookie seems very un titan like. the best I see for barnes is MAYBE the practice squad. don't forget dalyn dawkins is here, has been here and has actually played on the 53 if I am not mistaken. he's good also. Barnes is fighting an up hill battle to me to.
  7. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    i feel where you're coming from, honestly I do. I'm still gonna hold out hope though. Maybe this is a wake up call to him because Brown is either his or Sharpe's replacement. I don't see him going down without a fight. I do see Taylor as a high end depth guy as of right now, but I always hold out hope that guys can turn it on and continue to develop.
  8. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    i feel you but how much were people hyped up about Taywan when he was a rookie and how dynamic he was? don't get me wrong, like I said, I'm all for AJ, but miss me with all that understand how to get open, recognizes coverages, etc, type stuff. Until he proves he can do it in the NFL, it don't matter. not saying that he wont, but lets wait and see. remember, every NFL receiver was the guy on his college team. if AJ Brown were a top 10 pick, then maybe ok. I look at a guy like adam Humphries who just had a career year after two pedestrian years to start his career. taywan has his problems, no doubt, but he has talent as well and at the beginning of the season, I'm leaning on the vet versus the rookie. like I said, if aj comes in and beats him out, I would not be surprised or against it. all rookies take time to adjust. aj will be given every opportunity to win the job, I just think taywan is gonna have something to say about it and wont go so easily.
  9. Titans first round pick #19. Titans select Jeffrey Simmons

    great pick.. seems like albert hayneworth all over again except without the laziness tag and motivational issues. all the off the field stuff is media fluff at this point. as far as I'm a concerned, once this acl injury is behind him, he's good to go. I think at the most he plays 10 games, but at the very least, he's on the field for at least 6 games, EASY!
  10. Titans first round pick #19. Titans select Jeffrey Simmons

    yeah I noticed that as well.
  11. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    I like this pic a lot. I am just hesitant to drink some of the koolaid. There are about 4-5 guys I'm a counting on more than AJ Brown this year and that is no knock on him. Corey, Adam, Delanie, Taywan, and Jonnu should all be ahead of him in the pecking order. Specifically taywan. I think he is a pretty good wr who could break out in year 3 with consistent qb play. hell, this entire offense should explode with consistent qb play. Taywan going into his 3rd year as a former 3rd round pick should be good enough to hold off AJ Brown. He has a good skill set himself and 3 years of NFL experience that AJ does not. Jonnu should be stepping up this year if he wants to remain on this team past this year. Bringing AJ along slowly and not having to count on him heavy at the beginning I think would be beneficial. If he comes out and is flat out better than the other guys than so be it. I'm rooting for Taywan this year. he could surprise.
  12. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    this lil mini series was great. Even before we drafted Brown, it was very insightful into the type of person he seems to be. the episode when he trained with jerry rice was awesome. Looking at him in that t-shirt, man he really is a big dude. biggest wr I've seen in a while in two tone blue.
  13. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    he's not a threat because they don't throw it to him not because he's not good. Henry has looked very able on screens and dump offs. its definitely not what I would call a weakness to his game. in a more open offense, I definitely could see Henry work his passing offense similar to how Gurley works his. Very similar skill set. Gurley is just a tad bit more explosive.
  14. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    well per spoctrac.com we're only suppose to have 35 million so I don't know where you're getting 55-60 million from... with the salaries we already have on this team, that sounds wrong.
  15. Hey guys. I wanted to start a thread and openly converse on some up coming contracts for some good players on the roster and how we see them shaking out. This team is going from being a bad team that had boat loads of money to spend because we didn't have many good players to a team directly on the opposite end of that spectrum. Its a good problem to have but one that will cause some good players and fan favorites to leave because, as we all know, you simply cant pay everyone. With that said, here are some players and situations in question. 1. Kevin Byard- I think we could see him get a new contract before this season starts. He def deserves to NOT go into this season on a one year contract. 5yrs/80-85 million should secure his services. He should be a top priority. 2. Derrick Henry- I am a DHEN fan. If he has the year and consistency that we think he can have (1200-1500 yards rushing) I don't see why we just cant cut Dion Lewis after this year and use some of his money to offer Henry a 5 yr/40-45 million dollar contract with about half of it guaranteed and incentives to cover more potential breakout seasons. 8-9 million per seems fair for him. draft or sign a cheap late round back to spell him and he's your bell cow of the future. 3. I just don't see Daquan Jones and his 6 million dollar salary being on this team after this year. We are getting to a point were we are gonna have to continue to hit on our draft picks because this roster is gonna get expensive real soon assuming guys pan out and this team goes from good to great. 4. I think this is Logan Ryan's last year in two tone blue as well. With so much money tied up in the safety positions and adoree coming up soon as well as Corey Davis, a near 30 year old slot corner is probably out the door, regardless if he takes a pay cut or not. 5. Mariota is a obviously a big decision to be made. For the sake of this thread, lets assume he shows out and gets a 3 year/66 million dollar deal or 4 years/88 million. I think those are fair numbers for a quarterback who has shown to be inconsistent and would potentially be coming off one solid year in his last 3 if he performs well this year. 6. Jack Conklin- This is very much up in the air for me as with all of us and the organization I would assume. Even if he performs well and warrants a new contract, how much would that be and could we afford it? I am gonna do some weird math here so see if you guys can follow what I'm saying. We have about 31 million in cap space right now. Cutting Jones and Lewis next year could potentially free up the money we need to sign Henry, so the cap may not be affected in that regard. Resigning Mariota to a deal similar to the one I listed should not hurt either because that's about were is on the cap right now. Roughly 20-22 million dollars. The big number will come from Kevin Byard going from a 2 million per player to a 15 million per year player, but that could be offset by using the 10 million we are paying Logan Ryan and sending it Kevin Byard's way since I'm assuming Ryan wont be back after this year. That's a net cap loss of only about 3 million bucks. That 3 million should be recouped because Wesley Woodyard is coming off the books next year and guess what his salary is? 3 million bucks. That would/should leave our cap number around what it is now, with jack Conklin being the only high end player that needs to be resigned. This team is gonna have to take the LA Rams approach and start really hitting on draft picks to become fast starters because the free agency frenzy we have seen the last couple years is about to come to an end. Hopefully this all makes sense. Please let me know what you guys think.