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  1. that nose tackle narrative with him is overblown. hes a good young DT and could be the DT of the future next to simmons.. titans only played base defense/used a NT about 30% of the time last year. Im not really looking at him as just a NT.. he's a more complete player than that and likely will be used more than just that also.
  2. this guy gives me kamalei Correa vibes, which i aint mad at.. good player with experience and a knack for making plays.. solid depth.. good move..
  3. NOPE! i said they likely werent gonna sign Ingram nor Houston, two washed up guys.. and you never know, the fact that they waited RIGHT before camp starts to do this gives me, Tuzer Skipper may not have gotten vaccinated vibes, and they replaced him with someone who was..
  4. ESPN's Titans report, Turron Davenport confirmed today on his hour segment, via the radio show "Stillman and company" that Caleb Farley will be GO for the beginning of training camp.
  5. bro kelly was a liability for this scheme. he's stiff and unatheletic. he struggles getting to the second level and getting those blocks. thats why they got more athletic tackles.. thats why lewan is so good here.. kelly was best as a swing guy/emergency guy, but as a 16 game starter in this system, no way is he what is needed. he did his job, but he left alot of blocks on the field that he could not make due to him lacking the require athleticism. check out "no flags film" on youtube and watch dillon radunz's rookie breakdown. within the first minute of the film, the guy breaks down why Radun
  6. also, yall keep an eye on UDFA FB Tory Carter from LSU. they guy is like wolverine when it comes to blocking and is considered a special teams ACE.. we lost bates, compton, and dizubna, key special teams guys.. we only brought in the guy from the steelers as the only certified special teams ace.. everything i've read about the guy and film i've watched make me think he's a lock to be on the roster as long as he's who people think he is.. may even be the FB of the future, but we will take it one day at a time.. he exciting tho.
  7. 1 more week til camp gets here fellas! who are y'all keeping an eye on?? me? Im looking at guys who aren't really getting attention but will be key role players.. can cruishank stay healthy and be a consistent 3rd safety? can Harold Landry develop more than two pass rush moves? can chris Jackson step up and suprise as more than a depth corner? I think Haubeil will be the kicker... we also brought in one of the best punters in the nation last year in James Smith from Cincinnati.. can he show enough to be the punter of the future? nobody talks about that.. especially with kern being 35 years old
  8. BOLD PREDICTION... Shane Bowen will be on the short list for HC candidates after the season.. may not get it, but his name will be floated out there. dude's about to have this defense rock solid..
  9. we legit have a chance to have the best record in football this year.. with one of the toughest schedules..
  10. this is a big training camp for rashad weaver.. he's a guy thats very pro ready. His development this year could be directly related to bud dupree's.. if weaver can show to be a viable pass rusher/run defender, that would naturally allow them to bring dupree along slower. we likely wont see the dupree we expect until the mid season push/playoffs anyway.
  11. 1. why cant you get it through your head dude.. yall just talk yourselves into believing BS.. what makes you think they are waiting on roster cuts? to sign who? for what? where? why cant you just believe that they have the players they want? they have the young guys and the vets they want.. i dont see how yall dont understand that.. again.. this aint madden dude.. outside of signing kenny vaccaro in 2018 due to an injury to Cyprien in training camp, when have we signed a guy from "roster cuts"? Robinson 99% of the time has the guys he wants on the roster BEFORE TRAINING CAMP! just deal with t
  12. i got the Julio info wrong... thats it... yall still clamoring for washed up OLB's and still think we need a TE huh? told yall from jump they didnt and werent gonna get a TE and if they did, ERTZ was more likely.. didnt happen with ERTZ (like i said) told yall we werent gonna sign washed up OLB's, they didnt, im telling yall now, Farley is gonna be out there week 1 of camp and Lewan will follow shortly there after.. yall dont gotta believe me tho.. I'll just come back in here and gloat once it happens.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... TITAN UP "tITans fAnS"
  13. we have depth at NT.. we brought in two DT'S/NT'S about a month ago.. guys who have played in the league..
  14. yet you still likely havent watched one, cuz if you did, you wouldnt say have the ridiculous stuff you do.. LOL!!!
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