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  1. players come and players go.. Im just glad it will be a good transition. normally when a franchise loses so many stalwarts in one offseason, it comes with a rebuild. that's not the case with us. we already have the new players on our roster and they are playing at a high level.
  2. if he was so good, then why did they cut him? why has he been on 3 teams in 3 years.. forget the stats.. dude such..
  3. i think there may be something to this as far as the connection goes. at the very least, clowney most def has paid attention to this signing.
  4. no deal on both of those guys especially charlton.. that dude SUCKS! id rather see what we have in deandre walker than take a flier on that bum.. dude was a 1st round pick three years ago and already has been cut by the cowboys and the dolphins.. no bueno
  5. for those of you looking for more film to study Wilson on YouTube, search Deandre swift and Jake from game film.. obviously swift's highlights will be all running plays and from's passing plays, but it overs more than what you can find by searching just for Wilson's or Georgia's o line highlights..
  6. we actually had two guys ahead of Davis at first. Pamphile who couldnt stay healthy and Douglass who flat out sucked. I think he is better than Kelly right now.. all this sit him for a year talk is premature and mostly conjured up by fans... I think its gonna be a legit battle between the two and I think Wilson is gonna come out on top.. the guy is GOOOOOOOD
  7. im kind of "meh" so far with him. need to see him with us.. don't like that he doesn't have much wiggle to him to be a small back. its all one cut and go, which maybe a good thing behind our o line and the holes they open up. he doesn't create to many of his own yards, meaning he takes what ever the open hole gives him and once he's hit, for the most part, he's hit right there and the play is over. he does fight hard tho..
  8. I think this kid will be starting at some point this year.. Look at how we Brought Nate Davis along and I think he was thought to be more "developmental" than this kid is.. I understand he needs to improve but guess what? EVERY ROOKIE DRATED NEEDS TO. I think this kid is better than Dennis Kelly is RIGHT NOW.. He's too good not to start.. wouldn't surprise me if he's the week one guy once training camp sorts itself out.
  9. regardless if kelly works out, he's 30. when wilson is up to speed, he will be the better player. wilson with his traits at 22 years old will be much better than dennis kelly at 31 years old.
  10. eont know what games you were watching my guy, but wilson lined up at tackle. literally played every snap last year at OT.
  11. in the future, instead of watching highlights watch game film. just search "Jeff Gladney vs" and it'll bring up the games and go play by play the entire game for the defensive snaps he was on the field for and highlight him before every play. also, there's a compilation of him and every other top corner that shows every target they received this year which is even better.
  12. the more i study his film, i like aj epenesa.. if we pass on him if he's there, i think that would signal in a big way that clowney is on his way..
  13. same, logan is not coming back here i dont think. if he was, he'd be back already.. i hate to see this happen to him. He played well last year and should have been signed by now. he's not a washed up vet like most of the remaining FA. i would hope he signs before the draft cause if he doesnt, he may not have many chances out there afterwards. teams are gonna draft cb's to play and play early.
  14. great point! you hit it right on the head!
  15. this coming year will be big for everyone.. the league will have tape on all these guys under this system and will scheme to stop them. how Arthur adjust will tell a lot about him and his players
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