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  1. Titans release Josh Kline

    I think you're reaching with that one bruh
  2. Titans release Josh Kline

    or maybe it shows how much he cares about the team and wants to get back to help his brothers....
  3. Titans release Josh Kline

    yeah I'm wondering why he thinks that also? Conk has never seems like that type of guy, not from what ive seen or read from him at least... like its been mentioned tho, where they go early in the draft will determine how they feel. I personally think we have a good crop of o linemen on the roster right now to put out a pro bowl type line right now
  4. Titans release Josh Kline

    yeah that's true.. he said they view they "primarily as tackles", so that does cause some hesitation... its early tho.. we will see what happens in the summer time.. how they draft will be telling to how they feel
  5. Titans release Josh Kline

    exactly.. if that's the case, derrick henry might run for 1500 yards of more! we could be about to witness the best Oline in Titans era history
  6. Titans release Josh Kline

    i really think this opens up the avenue for a lewan, scaffold, jones, Conklin, Kelly, with pamphile as the swing G/T like many of us have predicted. Kelly was too good last year not to be apart of this o-line given how he played and how professional he showed he was. Conklin, especially with his knee history and slight inconsistent play might be better as a guard anyway, not to mention, that route saves us from having to go O-line really early in the draft. we have our o-line already, just hope the FO see's it how many of us have
  7. Titans Resign Fluellen

  8. Offseason Thread

    whole heartedly agreed
  9. Offseason Thread

    I feel you, but they dont really stop the run all that well to me.. Daquan had the type of season last year, that if he has the same type of season THIS year, he's gonna get cut. Cant be paying a guy 6 milli for 35 tackles and 0 sacks.. Johnson is a bust to me for where he was picked. back up NT/DT at this point in his career IMO
  10. Offseason Thread

    good point
  11. Offseason Thread

    I know each of the last two years Jrob has tried to fill the void at NT/DT.... How would yall feel about Danny Shelton on a 1 or two year deal? Kid is 26 and a proven run stuffer.. 1st round pedigree and could come cheap for what we'd need him to do....
  12. Offseason Thread

  13. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    knowing that Killa Cam got 6 sacks while playing 47% of the snaps is encouraging and likely about what he'd do here. First round pick def has to be a pass rusher or Christian Wilkins if he's there.. Jrob is pretty good at getting stop gap guys while giving the rookie of the future a year to adapt.
  14. Titans Resign Pamphile

    Like it has been said here before... I think an O-LINE of Lewan, Saffold, Jones, Conklin, Kelly is our best bet. Pamphile serving as a swing g/t is a great move. Only thing is if the FO see's it that way. those 5 our clearly our best linemen. I THINK they will give kline a chance to prove himself in training camp and if he cant cut it, maybe they move on as a post June 1 cut? maybe not since they owe him so much money, but its just a thought.