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  1. how do you explain Clelin Ferrel to the raiders at 4 in 19 when most had him top 25? what about the CB Arnette last year who went like 19th and most "mock drafters" had him as a 2nd-3rd round pick. same thing with AJ Terrel and even isaiah wilson.. most had them as second round guys and look where they went.. same thing with noah Igbonagame(spelling) CB from auburn last year who went 1st round when he was a late second type guy from "mock drafters"...
  2. Take it for what its worth, but i saw a reporter say that the miami dolphins wont even consider drafting a player who opted out in 2020. cited a "lack of passion" as a reason. Heard also at the beginning of the year, a team say that they would value guys who played this past year over guys who didnt.. i wonder if the titans think that way.. i certainly would prefer guys who played this year versus those who sat out...
  3. how could you possibly know this? did you read what I said? the media guys and what actual gm's are thinking are NOT the same... this is coming from multiple league sources as of this week.. the media almost never has it right outside of the obvious. a lot of the media guys get compensated by agents to push certain players also.. a league (ESPN) reporter told me that personally.
  4. exactly! im not completely out on horn being there at 22. every year players drop. ceedee lamb was a consensus top 8-12 player and feel to 18. if surtain gets pushed down the board and farley, horn could be there. also, please know that how the media guys rank guys and how actual NFL guys rank them are VERY different. Hearing a lot guys in the know say NFL guys have Barmore and zaven collins ranked A LOT higher than the media does and that they both could be top 15 picks... that could push guys you would not expect to us at 22..
  5. I dont think they ever really liked adoree's nonchalant, laid back attitude or approach. I think they thought thats why he was so inconsistent. That, and the fact that many believed he could've come back from that knee injury a lot sooner than he did factored into it. they constantly say they want guys who arent afraid to play banged up.
  6. boy some of yall are missing the point and are so eager to dismiss vrabel and bowen.. i like the move but im not gonna praise schwartz as the savior.. i assume he is coming in to HELP shane.. shane will be the voice of the defense, as he should. the dude is a good play caller. going back and watching the games from last year, its CLEAR the lack of talent was the issue. he was fine from an X'S & O'S standpoint. hopefully schwartz will be in charge of maybe pressure packages, player development or something like that. Going back to his time here, detroit, and philly, he has gotten DOMINATE D
  7. If it isnt a WR in the first, Barmore is my second choice.. dude's a beast.
  8. Novice fans thought AJ was a slot. anybody that did any type of research realized that although he played there during his last year, he was gonna be an outside guy in the league. he was an outside guy the year before his last year.. its like people have so much recency bias that they only project off the last thing they see. Its why i think Toney from FLA is more than a slot even though thats primarily what he played in school.
  9. Toney in the 1st round is my choice.... he effectiveness against 1 on 1's cause of 8/9 man boxes spells big plays for us! Camyrn Bynum from Cal is a player in the 2nd or 3rd i would target. Learned him from Emory Hunt's Draft guide. GREAT source of information thats not from the top media guys. players you havent heard of but are quality players. those round 3-7 guys that the media doesnt cover. Hunt's draft guide is great and doesnt have as many of the top guys ranked where the "media guys" do. Makes me think its more legit. Bynum is one of his highest rated CB's and he has him with pro bowl
  10. Just wanna say im very impressed with Jrob this offseason. folks that doubted him can kick rocks.. we have a roster that can go out and play a game today and feel good about it. on paper, he has taken this defense from what, 26 last year to at least a top 15 unit this year, i think. the challenge is to keep the offense just as explosive and now you're talking about a super bowl team.. i dont think the 1st round pick goes to defense unless Horn falls. Cant see them taking a pass rusher to be the number 3 guy and with harold maybe coming back IF he has a strong year. what i can see is them payin
  11. the only draft guys IMO, that are consistently solid are matt miller, kiper and Jeremiah. everyone else is all over the place and I don't trust them. Any guy that I see that's a 1st rounder here but a 2nd rounder there, I don't want. give me guys that are consensus 1st round pick talents.. Horn, Phillips, Toney, maybe random 1st round OT... think it might come down to those names.. and it should..
  12. smh.. I wish y'all would stop clambering for every FA that comes available.. sheesh.. we are set mane.. we aren't bringing in anymore FA starter caliber guys.. not Watkins, probably not Clowney... please let that ship sail...
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