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  1. yall need to get ready for a whole lotta practice squad call ups before any of the above even sniff being here..
  2. big facts about Jackson. Byard's been singing his praises since his rookie year.. I never understood the replace bowen thing.. I try and tell people man, its results on the field are 90% players and 10 % coaching. coaches largely know all the same stuff at the NFL level. nobodies running anything different or out there scheming other teams to death... its largely about who you have playing for you. you can tell Bowen has a feel for it because what he runs, actually works well when its executed... I am however still concerned about how at least once a game, theres a coverage bust where the anno
  3. huh? so dupree, autry, julio, have all been here before?
  4. I honestly still have no clue why folks still criticize Bowen. HIs game plans have largely been very good. Given the injuries we've had, his situational defense and overall unit is much improved over last year... funny how that happens when you have better players or the players you have actually play well compared to last year (byard, landry, autry, long,fulton, etc)
  5. I am eager to see the defense sunday.. I think it will be much of the same in regards to how we approached the bills.. a bunch of zone and "easy" completions that will allow them to get yards and convert 3rd downs MAYBE at a higher rate than normal, but it should eliminate the big plays down the field. Mahomes has been sloppy this year and trying to do to much. Making him be patient the entire game and work his way down the field with 10 plus play drives all game, might play into our hands. No run game (just liek the bills) and with a consistent 4 man pass rush, we should be fine.. this aint t
  6. yeah.. hes just the one d lineman literally not doing anything.. maybe if he would, the qb wouldnt have time to see those receivers.. entire defense played bad but im calling out the big time players who are suppose to be leaders on D. he suppose to be our best player on defense and he hasnt made a play or had a good game since seattle... he deserves blame.. much of it if you asked me.. he isnt just some guy.. again, he SUPPOSE to be the guy..
  7. Im stilll waiting on that all pro/pro bowl next great DT named jeffrey simmons to show up.. that mane has so many titans fans fooled.. he is NOT what yall think he is or hyped to be... dude was invisible YET AGAIN for that entire game.. against the jet o line with a rookie blocking him... literally everyone on that d line is playing well. they call landry's name at least 4-5 times in every game this season.. tart is playing well eating up blocks in the run game.. autry has his name called at least 3-4 times a game.. simmons? the captain? the guy who was a "steal"? doesnt have his name mentione
  8. just give up bro... it really is like talking to a wall in here somtimes..
  9. " on pace" is so overrated.. he was "on pace" for alot of sacks last year and guess what? he tailed off and ended up with what? 3.5? its not just the stats.. its watching the games and outside of him being very good as a run defender, he largely is just a guy out there for large portions of the game... JUST LIKE LAST YEAR..
  10. no we are not.. you're assuming that.. im just saying, since they day he fell to us at 19 in 2019, all we have been told is that he was suppose to go top 10 maybe top5, he's a future pro bowler/all pro and i just havent seen that. going into year 3, i expect to.. hell, wasnt he ranked as the 8th best interior DL by ESPN's GM/COACHES poll with one GM saying, "theres aaron donald, and then theres a line.. after the line, he's (simmons) is the next best." I havent seen it yet.
  11. blasingame had 6 last week in seatle. looks like they are phasing the FB out of the offense
  12. exactly!!! thank yoU!! folks act like great players all over the field arent doubled team.. that is not an excuse for him.. if he's as good as they told us he would be, he should over come that.. great rb's still thrive with stack boxes (derrick) great WR's still thrive when they get doubled teamed (AJ/JULIO), etc...
  13. so what? great players get double teamed and still make plays.. thats not an excuse for how good he's SUPPOSE to be..
  14. yeah the stats look nice but his impact is minimal.. great players get double teamed and still make plays.. thats not an excuse.. for him to be as hyped as he is and the "next great DT", getting doubled team is not gonna cut it.. chris jones, aarond donald, grady jarret and every other great defensive lineman and pass rusher get doubled and still make plays.. the fact is that he, like landry, hasnt developed more as a pass rusher.. he needs to step up. the only play he made yesterday was a tip pass. he's great in the run game, but thats not what he was or is billed as. still waiting....
  15. THIS!!! everyone keeps telling me what a steal he was and how he's a future pro bowler/all pro, and the next great DT and i'm still waiting.. he's good, but he hardly impacts games the way "he's suppose to". he fantasy of jeffrey simmons is still greater than the actual jeff simmons so far.
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