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  1. Offseason Thread

    We will need a corner next season.
  2. Relationship Advice Thread

    I would second that. I get the hope, and I've definitely miffed on some girls because I misread excuses as no interest, but from what you're describing, she sounds like she's trying to let you down easy.
  3. Relationship Advice Thread

    I mean, not to be a downer, but seven months seems like a really short relationship to make it through that long of a separation. Trying to keep it going probably won't turn out well, and I don't think very many people actually do well trying to be friends after dating. I'd say just end it when she leaves, and stay facebook friends or whatever to keep tabs. And be open with her about your worries. Knowing the page you're each on will make the next step easier, whatever it is.
  4. Clowney Franchise Tag

    Do you think they'd do this if they had a GM?
  5. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    I thought about taking him, but it's probably jut that there's probably not much from Casey we haven't already seen. I thought it'd be more interesting to take Landry. Now if Wake doesn't drop off from last season and Landry steps up in year two, Casey might have enough Dline support to have a big season.
  6. Clowney Franchise Tag

    Don't worry. We won't have the coin for it.
  7. Clowney Franchise Tag

    He can appeal the designation. Jared Cook did it to the Titans a few years back. He was franchised as a tight end, but over 50% of his snaps were played as a WR, so he appealed it, and I think he was going to win and the Titans released the tag IIRC.
  8. Favorite cover songs

    The OG great covers are Aretha Franklin's cover of "Respect," Jimi's cover of "All Along the Watchtower," and Joe Cocker's cover of "With a Little Help from my Friends." My favorite cover is probably Tool's version of "No Quarter," which has already been mentioned. Different key, some different lyrics, and vocal effects make it sound like a completely different song while also being immediately recognizable. But other than that, a lot of rock musicians covered a good number of Robert Johnson songs (Clapton has some great ones, like "Crossroads"), but my favorite version is a weird, dark, electronic version of "Me and the Devil" by everyone's favorite jazz/soul/funk musician, Gil Scot-Heron.
  9. Derrick Morgan Retires

    I kind of expected him to sign with someone else, but I guess he didn't generate any market interest. Happy retirement to him. Consistent player for a lot of years.
  10. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    I'm still holding out for more gray myself.
  11. Stranger Things

    I saw that. Looks a lot like her mom. Of course, this also makes her Tennessee Williams' great niece.
  12. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    I select Harold Landry, DE/OLB: His development is one of the most interesting things coming up in 2019. @SerenityNow You're on the clock.
  13. The Travel Thread

    My little brother lives in Mexico and went to Oaxaca a few months back. Said it was great, and if you're going to travel to Mexico, Oaxaca is the place to go.
  14. Team Needs

    Well, probably defensive tackle is the biggest immediate need. But Jeffery Simmons should take care of that when he’s healthy. After this season, there will be need at cornerback and running back, and we definitely need better players on the edge.
  15. Is the NFL worth watching anymore?

    No, it's Alabama's turn to win the National Championship. That's the way it goes. Every year, we're all subjected to either a Bama National Championship, or a Pats Super Bowl victory, but luckily it's not both. This year is Bama's turn.