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  1. MWil walked back to his tent, believing he had the key to victory. In the dark, he heard a sound behind him. ”Who’s there?” No one answered. He ran all the way back. ”Where’s that dumbbell?” ”Whatcha looking for?” ”You?” ”Duh.” ”Let me guess—“ ”Awful meat eater, gonna kill you, yadda yadda yadda.” ”Alright, let’s get this over with,” Mwil said, very plainly. MWil is dead. He was Pete N. Potatoes, No Frills, Crew Aligned. It’s Day 6. With 4 alive, it’s 3 to lynch.
  2. “So everyone left is confirmed scum except me, right?” “Guys, would I lie? I got nothin, I’m the protector! It’s even confirmed.” ”Scum!” ”What about the alignments?” ”Dildos.” Lulz were had. ”Ok, let’s maybe finally notice flavor.” ”Ok, screw it, let’s go back to Naz.” Eventually, the town decided “Screw it, let’s just lynch Orca.” Orca begged for his life through his piggy face. He cried, he railed, his performance was great, but somehow, the town wasn’t moved. Orca is dead. He was Micky Pork, Meathead, Cannibals Aligned. It is Night 5. Send in your PMs.
  3. Orca - 4 - Naz, MWil, Malf, bcb Orca has been lynched! Writeup incoming.
  4. Vote count. 4 to lynch. Naz - 1 - Orca Orca - 3 - Naz, MWil, Malf
  5. Vote count. 4 to lynch. Naz - 1 - Orca Orca - 2 - Naz, MWil
  6. Vote count. 4 to lynch. Naz - 1 - Orca Orca - 1 - Naz BBB - 1 - MWil
  7. Minor mod correction: There are 6 alive and 6 voting. It's still 4 to lynch.
  8. I know. I said I was not a good player.
  9. Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie. And for the record, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie.
  10. I'm not a good chess player, but I have been playing for a couple decades. I feel like en passant is the only way I every capture anything with pawns. Now castling, that's something I never bother with.
  11. Hey, you generally don't win the genetic lottery on two fronts.
  12. Vote Count: Naz - 2 - MWil, Orca It's 4 to lynch.
  13. Nacho walks through the tents, self satisfied on a successful night and a narrow miss. He was surprised to find someone waiting for him in his tent. "Hey, weren't you that one guy in that one movie?" "I was. Nice to meat a fan, heh heh." Nacho didn't laugh, but not because he was in mortal danger, but because he couldn't read the text of the conversation they were having out loud, and the pun was lost on him. "Alright, let's do this then." The man sprang on Nacho, and with his wrestler's build, Nacho didn't stand a chance. He was found the next morning, leg and breast meat missing. Nacho is dead. He was Duck Tracy, Gumshoe, Crew Aligned. _______________ Josh ran from the tent in horror, after seeing such a gruesome sight. Thank god that big guy hadn't seen him. He thought he was safe when he got back to his own tent. But someone else was there, waiting for him. "You." "Yes, me, you bird eating beast!" Josh was not impressed by the reveal. "What's wrong with that? Bird are tasty and they're essentially just feathery lizards. You are not very entertaining." The visitor didn't like that, and pulled a gun on Josh instead. "I thought murder was a bad thing?" "Not when it's you." The man shot Josh, and ran off into the night. Josh is dead. He was Simon Fowl, Judgey, Crew Aligned. It is Day 5. With 7 alive and 7 voting, it's 4 to lynch.
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