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  1. Randall Cobb 1 year 5 mil to the cowboys

    He's from Maryville, Tennessee.

    I planned on just kinda going and standing as close as I can to what's happening on Day 2 without paying anything.
  3. Offseason Thread

    That's a reasonable argument, but I'm more of the opinion that we build a team that can win when Marcus either isn't playing, or isn't playing at 100%. You can only have an O-line be so good, and even then, he's still gonna get hit some, especially if he runs it ever. I'd rather develop a great defense that won't demand a lot from him so when the pocket isn't there, we can just run it or allow him to throw away the ball more often. Of course, another part of protecting him is giving him better dumpoff options for quick passes, which I think was what they were shooting for with Humphries.
  4. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Well, color me surprised. I retract my statement then. But he still sucks.
  5. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Steroids! Ahem, I mean, "an NFL strength and fitness routine." But really, it probably won't.
  6. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Just for clarification, are you saying you did see him mocked in the first round pre-combine, or didn't see him mocked in top 10s after?
  7. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    I feel like actually tanking is pretty difficult. None of the players or coaches have much of a motivation to not win games, really. If the team is really bad enough though, I guess it could work. They better hope the 2020 crop of QBs actually turns out well.
  8. And probably only two or three years from Winds of Winter.
  9. Prospect Meetings, Visits, and workouts

    Sweeeet. Deebo is my draft crush this season, at least among the skills. Hard for me to figure out a good draft where we get him though.
  10. Offseason Thread

    I would tend to agree with KingTitan. Between Conklin sliding over, Pamphile taking over, or a mid-round pick being able to come in and play quickly, I think you have quite a few options. Interior D-line would be my pick for biggest need. IIRC, Jurrell Casey was the only interior player with a sack last season, and you can't fix the outside pass rush with draft picks, period. What you can do is bolster the interior to take pressure off the edge, and let the combo of Landry, Wake, Rookie, Correa and Finch do what it can. In my mind, fixing the interior D-line helps with two weak spots, whereas right guard is literally the least important position on the Oline IMO and we have some options for it.

    Good. Glad Rags sent me this way. I had no one to talk football with any more! How've you been?
  12. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    So do I, tape is god, but we ought to know how badly people get caught up in Combine numbers. I think Metcalf is just the best example because he wasn't sniffing the first round in any mock I saw until after the Combine, when suddenly he's being put in the top 10. And his tape sucks, other than yes he's fast. He didn't even drill well, but people just looked at those numbers and said "Holy crap, let's 90's Raiders the hell out of this thing TOP 10 OMG!!" I think Gary is the same. He was in a lot of first round mocks, then blew up measurables, and elite athleticism oversells every year. I think Gary's athleticism translates to the tape as well, which is a bit of a problem. It seems like when he gets behind the line, he does it with either a straight bull rush or beats them with speed on the edge. Either way, he wins with athleticism, which he can't do at the next level. I'd still take him at 19 all day though.

    He's the best QB prospect in this class. They ought to.
  14. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    It's the 40 time. We all know it's the 40 time. I mean, I saw plenty of mocks with him in the first before the combine, but freaky athletes always get a crazy boost right after the Combine til stuff calms back down. Just look how many mocks had DK Metcalf going in the top half the week after the combine, and he's terrible.
  15. Randall Cobb 1 year 5 mil to the cowboys

    Witten unretires, they're talking to Berry, and now they sign Cobb. The Cowboys are making it an all-Tennessean FA class.