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  1. Didn’t we have Stocker on the squad a few seasons ago?
  2. I would much rather face Eason than the guy the Colts traded high end resources for when all they had on the roster was Eason. Wentz has been a good NFL QB, even if he’s sucked lately. Him to Eason is absolutely a downgrade.
  3. Yeah, just because there’s not a zero on all three downs doesn’t mean that there’s no nose tackle. Most schemes like one interior DL to be further inside than the other or to focus on plugging a couple of gaps in a likely passing scenario.
  4. Rice is a thumper though. If he gets reps right away, that should help in out obvious run downs. I think the strength of the defensive roster is the DB position. We have a deep group of high end prospects and quality vets. It’s helped by the fact that our linebackers, as far as coverage goes, are quality. Brown should be great again, Long looks like he’s developing into a good cover lb too. Rashaan and Rice not as much, but neither is useless. Edge is still the big weakness, and DL is passable unless Tart or Murchison really blow up way past reasonable expectations.
  5. Thanks. If this one settles, I’ll have some breathing room. Trying again tomorrow. You’d think getting a guy facing up to 37 years to take 3 would be easy.
  6. You might be thinking of his cousin, Domata Peko.
  7. Eh, Simon is serviceable depth. Better than we were at edge, but still one of the big weaknesses on the roster.
  8. Sorry, but I missed half my night actions last game already, and my trial might be back on.
  9. Well, some depth is better than no depth.
  10. You did, which is why I say town lost more than yall won. This should have been an easy town slaughter.
  11. I’ll repeat this from the deadchat: town outted every scum player on Day 2, and scum still won. Good job @TheKillerNacho and @squire12. Yall earned the win, but to a much greater degree, town earned that L.
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