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  1. I want to sub out butternut squash with moon pie. Officially then pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, fried/fried apple, and moon pies.
  2. I assume we’re assuming everything is a homemade version. If not, key lime would take it’s place, but key lime is clearly gonna be nominated. Fried apple at least deserves some love.
  3. Pumpkin Pie Sweet Potato Pie Butternut Squash Pie Pecan Pie Fried Fruit Pies
  4. Calling it dressing might also be a southern thing. Do yall call it that in Texas?
  5. Nah, it's only stuffing if it's stuffed in something. Dressing is stuffing that isn't ruining a turkey.
  6. People eat canned pumpkin pies their whole lives, and that's why they think sweet potato is better. But they're both vitamin A heavy, starchy vegetables. They taste pretty similar. Once you load the pies with the requisite cream, brown sugar, spices, and vanilla, they taste the same. I've passed off butternut squash pie as both. That's why I include all three in the same tier. But there's a varietal of pumpkin I get from a South American market that makes the best pie I've tried.
  7. Excluding sweet potato pie and buttenut squash pie (which are very similar to pumpkin pie in flavor, and therefore on a similar tier), the only one that gives pumpkin pie a run for its money is pecan pie. And those are easy to mess up and be awful.
  8. Just tag the mafia lists in the initial post. That'll get voters. And Pumpkin is the greatest pie. Dressing is the best side dish (for Thanksgiving, at least).
  9. We don't really have elk, so it just refers to deer meat here. When I've talked to people who go hunt elk elsewhere, they usually just call it elk meat.
  10. Venison is the GOAT of meats. Goat, strangely enough, isn't the GOAT, but it's aight too.
  11. And Watt should have won that year. I've been on the MVP should be best overall player, not "the rules have been rewritten so that the game is QB-centric now." If we take it literally, then the MVP could be a good QB on a bad team keeping them barely afloat. But we don't put them in the conversation, because that's dumb.
  12. See, this is the problem. Because even saying "Oh, he's a great running back" is coming waaaay short. He's literally on pace to do like five historic things in the same season and immediately put himself among the greatest--ever--at his position. For what he's on pace for, he's going to break the all time rushing record, break the all time yardage record, break the all time TD record, be the only player ever to have two 2000 yard seasons, be the first player since 1993 to lead the NFL in rushing three years straight (and the fourth ever), and last but not least, have more yards after first
  13. MVP is a dumb award if only QBs are eligible. And if Henry gets 2000 yards again (not to mention potentially breaking the season rushing record), he's had the best two years of any RB in the history of the position. If back to back years of the best season performances by a player in the position, ever, isn't MVP worthy, then just rename the award to MVQ.
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