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  1. Agreed. I could see adding pecans to the crust of a pumpkin pie, or even pecans on top, but making anything resembling a pecan pie with pumpkin in it is an all around bad idea. Do you live in the 9th circle of Hell? Because that's what it sounds like.
  2. Man, yall better not be starting til after the weekend. It’s the food holiday, you cretins.
  3. Good work MWil. My post history in the game shows you had me thoroughly fooled.
  4. Yeah, I like Watson as a QB. I was hesitant to think he was gonna be such a sure thing too, but he definitely passes the eyeball test.
  5. Peh-cahn. Technically, both common pronunciations are correct, but English borrows the word from French, so the southern pronunciation (peh-cahn) is closer to the original. Those are literally my two favorite pies. One is nutty sweet deliciousness, and the other is just pumpkin flavored custard. Yall are nuts. Also, you do realize that those are two different pies, right?
  6. Lame, town. I didn’t see what happened, but it’s yall’s fault, obviously.
  7. I voted for Homeland because it has fewer votes.
  8. Not yet, but he will be. Drops issue is a flash in the pan problem, and he continues to show how unstoppable he can be with the ball in his hands. I don’t know about top 3, but he’s a top 10 talent now.
  9. Round 1: DL Round 2: WR Round 3: IOL Round 4: LB Round 6: Kicker Rounds 5 & 7: Guys who probably get cut
  10. If we don't spend a Day 3 draft pick on a damn kicker this year....
  11. Honestly, if one twin says the other is scum, I probably believe him. Pickle is a good push if I’m dead. Also super sus of swoosh. Wish Josh helped himself more there at the end.
  12. I feel confident that squire knew Glen was on his team and just gave him up early since he was an inactive to buy some cred. I did the same thing the last time I was scum.
  13. I don't know how yall think scum factions don't know who else is in their scum faction, but whatever.
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