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  1. I probably couldn't find time for it right now, but later in the summer, yeah.
  2. ...I forgot that little detail. Rephrase that to "not just a promoted TEs coach."
  3. I think that's the plan. Fitzpatrick probably has the tools to be a better WR3 than we've had by the season's end, at least. But then we still need a contributing WR4, and McMath ain't it.
  4. Mostly, I expect that to change since our new OC wasn't a promoted TE coach. I think they're likely to sign another contributor FA, probably at receiver. Realistically, last year, we had nothing at WR after Davis. Reynolds probably isn't up to Davis's level, but I trust that our WR3 will be an upgrade, at least by the late season when we're pushing for the playoffs. And if we sign another WR in FA, we'll be upgrading our WR4 too. In that case, we run more 3 WR sets. As for when we do 12 personnel, I hope it's Firkser and someone other than Swaim. Whether they're on our roster now
  5. I haven't been up on all these non-Marvel superhero shows. The Boys was ok, not interested in Jupiter's Legacy, Preacher had some good moments and a lot of meh moments. But holy crap, Invincible. That last episode really carried it.
  6. For a TE2 that doesn't cost future draft picks? Sure. I don't see someone cheaper, or significantly better in free agency right now. I am assuming he's closer to 1 mil than 2. That's like vet minimum. Not necessarily. Jonnu pass blocked a lot on the left side IIRC last year. It's not ideal, and I hope they add some more. I'm just saying it's not like we're losing a huge part of our offense there. That's all.
  7. Yeah, beyond the waste of a roster spot, creating publicity stunt distractions doesn't seem like a great way to go about it. This is giving me hope that the Jags will find a way to ruin Lawrence the way the Colts ruined Luck. Yep. Doesn't make Meyer look good IMO.
  8. Seeing Meyer immediately bring in Tebow gives me hope that the Jags will find a way to ruin Lawrence.
  9. We were also a team that ran the football more than any other team, and as many have pointed out, a lot of those TE snaps were just Jonnu blocking. Blocking TEs are easy to find, and Swaim is solid, so I'm not super worried about that aspect. Of course, we don't really know what the new OC is gonna want to do with the offense either. Obviously going TE heavy isn't in the cards, or they would have made more of a move to get one in the draft. I expect we'll see a similar offense to last year in a lot of respects: lots of running, lots of play action, but with more underneath stuff t
  10. In defense of the highly graded late round picks: Sixth and seventh rounders rarely net you much of anything. If they make the roster, they're an average pick already. If they contribute at all, they're better than average, and if they ever see starting time, even if they aren't great, they're an excellent value. I'd argue that it's tough for a late rounder to ever be an F, because it's hard to be that far below average.
  11. Yeah. Even if he misses some time for future injuries, or if he’s not at 100 percent, it’s still a good pick. Farley at 80-90 percent is a good value at 22. Ditto if he misses just a little time here and there.
  12. Same. I'm hoping the best pick is Farley, because if it's anyone else, that almost certainly means we didn't get the Farley that could have been a top 10 pick. But I get it. Get RT locked down, have some leverage when it's time to re-sign Lewan. Having a good OL makes it easier to pass and easier to run. I just didn't feel a pick this high was necessary for where the team is now.
  13. Well then I guess that technically means the Titans 2020 offense vs....maybe 2008? One of the early 2000s squads? Either way, Titans had fantastic run defenses at those times, and at least a couple very good DBs in each instance. Be hard to just rely on Derrick Henry in that situation. Just matchup issues.
  14. Same. And he's young enough that a change of scenery might benefit him. I'm mostly hoping for TE cuts to start though.
  15. Daniel


    What kind you getting? Our puppy has left behind the “being perfect in every way” phase, and realized she can do things like carry off and chew everything not nailed down and yip at us til she gets what she wants. It’s the price you pay for the cuteness.
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