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  1. If only. I doubt it happens, because it seemed like that bridge was burned when they traded him for peanuts to free up the space for Clowney without any notice. Titans have to free up a lot of cap space before they can make any moves, which they can do, but it involves renegotiating a whole bunch of contracts. But yeah, if maybe my all time favorite Titans player comes back to help fix a historically bad front seven, yes please.
  2. OK, yeah. Titans DL this season (before FA and the draft) is Jeffery Simmons, Larrell Murchison, and UDFAs. So kind of the exact opposite situation.
  3. Game of Thrones is probably not getting another vote from me the rest of this tournament. Only really stuff left.
  4. Of course. Top 5 Bottom 5 is how I'd do it. Grading all 32 might be a little intensive for a large number of votes.
  5. I’m still on break, but TCMD is almost over, so I might sign up by the time this starts.
  6. That might be part of what’s making it so smooth. Everyone’s rankings are very different, so there’s less mess trying to get in front of others and crap. Combine is the great equalizer. Everyone wants an ideal h/w/speed guy.
  7. With the 53rd pick, the Titans drafted Joe Tyron, Edge, Washington The Titans liked his scheme versatility, play strength, and natural bend. He was believed to be an ascending player before opting out of 2020. His pro comp was DeMarcus Lawrence. The Titans also re-signed DT Daquan Jones.
  8. Wanted to trade down a little to recoup value, but I have a first round grade on Tryon, and didn’t want to risk missing him.
  9. With pick 53, the Tennessee Titans select: Joe Tryon, Edge, Washington. @Counselor
  10. Waiting like 10 minute so to hear back from @FinneasGage and then I’ll pick.
  11. Patrick Jones going off the board makes deciding my next pick a lot easier.
  12. That's kind of what I'm thinking. Tons of players that are really good will be unsigned if things go normally. It's hard for me to imagine those players (being the majority) won't push the NFLPA to take actions to get them signed. And as you point out, since the NFL still made a crap ton of profit, even in 2020 craziness, it's hard for me to imagine everyone holding out and just leaving those difference making players unsigned. I mean, even a good number of teams would be pushing to just bump up the cap a little if they thought it meant that they'd be competing for a championship. And
  13. So the Titans' 2020 regular season strategy.
  14. Same. Parks and Rec was a copy/paste of The Office's format, just with different characters and plot. Both are stellar, but The Office is a little better IMO.
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