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  1. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Clowney signing notwithstanding, I expect they might add another name once roster cuts start going down.
  2. Seven Samurai Throne of Blood Bridge on the River Kwai Moby ****
  3. Dang. I forgot to get in my nom for a James Bond movie. Sorry yall. I'm not voting for any of these.
  4. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    If they don't sign Clowney, they'll have a good bit of space to use after cuts start getting made, and will probably be able to land some more role players. Certainly wouldn't hurt to shore up the interior a bit more, or sign a vet receiver.
  5. Unpopular culinary opinions

    GOAT is crawfish.
  6. Critical Weakness to Pillar of Strength & Vice Versa

    If we're just doing this season, the Titans may have done both. Unless one of the young guys breaks out to an unpredictable degree (Isaiah Mack or Larrell Murchison being the candidates), they went from having one of the best interior DLs to a lacking one by trading away Jurrell Casey. He wasn't the player he used to be, but he's still an above average DT, and a veteran in a group that suddenly is very, very young. Jeff Simmons should be a stud this year, but after him, it's just Daquan Jones and a bunch of unproven guys. I like Mack, and I expect him to be better this season, and Murchison has a great first step, but I don't think they will replace Jurrell Casey. Not even close. Especially without a perennial pro bowl vet to learn from. On the flip side, if they sign Clowney, they suddenly have a stellar EDGE group. It was the only real weakness on defense last season, and with Clowney, it would go from (2019 sacks in parentheses): Harold Landry (9), Kamalei Correa (5), Derrick Roberson (3), Cameron Wake (2.5), Sharif Finch (2), Reggie Gilbert (1) Jadeveon Clowney (3), Harold Landry (9), Vic Beasley (8), Kamalei Correa (5), Derrick Roberson (3), DeAndre Walker (first season) Clowney's sack numbers aren't impressive, but he's one of the best run defending EDGEs in the league, and he'll be reunited with the DC that got the most out of him. Also, pretty much every other EDGE the Titans have are the lean, twitchy type, and they need a bigger guy to set the edge against the run, like Clowney.
  7. And I'm bad at counting.
  8. What are you reading? V1

    I haven't read the books, but I have been forced to watch all the movies, and yeah. It seems like he just kinda tags along while Hermione does everything while still sucking up to him about how great a wizard he is. Pretty sure he only knows the one spell, except the one time in the third movie.
  9. So far, Thunderball and Dr. No each have two, From Russia With Love has one. I could swap from Thunderball to Dr. No and end it. If no one else hops on or no other consensus is reached, I'm OK with that one being the one that goes through. I'll come back on before three.
  10. I might change my vote from Thunderball if another Bond movie is one away, but Thunderball is the best option.
  11. Apocalypse Now is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. Doesn't hurt that I also really like Joseph Conrad.
  12. Oh yeah. I get the opinion of either one, my problem with A Few Dollars More was the villain being the same actor again. Yeah, he looked kinda different, but it was still hard to get around. TGTBATU is just too long. It's a classic for a lot of reasons, but I am just not going to often spend 3 hours watching a movie that's not Lord of the Rings. I almost nominated Magnificent Seven myself. Never got around to seeing High Plains Drifter. Django Unchained could have been a great spaghetti western with some heavy editing.
  13. Yeah, I would have been happy with any of the other three winning, but whatever. I guess people dig martial arts movies over three classics of cinema history.
  14. Great movie. That said, I ******* love westerns. But I own OUATITW on dvd. Yeah, that's Magnificent Seven, which is also great. The lead from OUATITW is one of the main characters there too. Eh. Best ever made, I don't know. I definitely like it more than The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, which is a good movie, but far from a great one. Tombstone is good. But if we're doing the best western ever list, the big one that sticks out for me is Unforgiven. The Searchers would be up there too. Anyway, noms: 2001 For a Fistful of Dollars (this is the Dollars movie to nom) Once Upon a Time in the West Spartacus (you should all be ashamed) Thunderball
  15. Ranking The Roster - #8

    I always forget Kern when this thing starts.
  16. Apocalypse Now easily.
  17. Hey now. I gave you a nom for The Thing in romance.
  18. Man, I threw the Aguirre nom out there assuming it had no chance, but baller! Now we need one more for Apocalypse Now. Come on, somebody.
  19. Ranking The Roster - #7

    I voted Evans. Jayon is better in coverage by a mile than Evans, but Evans is better at run defense and pass rushing. Plus, he seems to be getting better every season. I expect that in 2020 he'll be even better. I think Vacarro is the odd man out on that list. He's good but not great.
  20. Deliverance Aguirre Apocalypse Now
  21. Did Full Metal Jacket not get three noms?
  22. What are the winters like in Tennessee?

    Fall Creek Falls is overrated. The best thing about it is dumb out of state teenagers who get caught smoking weed there and then have their parents give me money to get them out of it.
  23. He probably wouldn't care. He fell asleep outside at our wedding, because his mother was drunk and is kinda negligent. Which is one reason we keep him from time to time. The other is so my wife can rally against what her hormones are screaming at her to do, and a few days of her cousin keeps that biological clock in check. So, I mean, if he was an easy child, it would actually make things worse.
  24. Any bad Encounters with Critters?

    My fear from the Japanese Giant Hornets is for the bee population, which is already low af. Found the hole that bugs were getting into the house through, and sealed it up with Great Stuff. Haven't seen an ant or cockroach in days. Fingers crossed that took care of it.
  25. Saving Private Ryan being beaten out by T2 and Jurassic Park is actually a pretty good 1 2 3 for this category.