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  1. 2 picks at CB, WR, and OT, but nothing in the front seven except a backup ILB? That's insanity. So per the draft network, DLs and Edges don't matter, I guess.
  2. I'm surprised that things like this don't happen more often. Say what you want about Fisher, any person who coached in the NFL with any level of success is a big attention getter, and should be a big draw for recruits. Hell, if I'm an 18 year old looking to get on the biggest stage possible, having Jeff Fisher and Eddie George heading a program is probably enough to get me to go. I mean, if I'm not fielding offers from major programs, at least.
  3. I like that movie, but I am still too swamped at work. Hoping things calm down by summer.
  4. Not three weeks out. Rankings always have pretty significant changes in the last couple weeks.
  5. I guess I meant Chase and INSERT ROUND 2 OT. If it’s me, I probably grab Sewell, but both WR and OT are pretty deep in this draft. I don’t think you’re screwing up by making either choice.
  6. Eh, I'll say Lawrence. The Jags' receiving corps is sneaky good, and Burrow is coming off an injury. And the question is who will play better, not who will win more games. Jags can keep alienating all of their good defensive players, but those receivers will put up a lot of TDs in 2021.
  7. I think the drastic implications of whether it’s Sewell or Chase/Pitts are a bit overblown. I mean, is there really that big a difference in Sewell & Rondale Moore and Chase & Carman? There’s talent at both OT and WR in the top of the second range too.
  8. The RBs are pretty meh. Two known quantities and pick your poison. I don't think DT is as bad as some. If you include all the 3-4 DEs, at least. ILB I think is good overall, but there's a big gap after the first six or so and the rest. Interior OLs are pretty weak. Average Cs, way below average OGs, with almost all the early talent being OTs that can play guard. I do think the QB class is average in overall strength, but the quality is weirdly concentrated at the top. But that might be because there's a once in a decade prospect in it.
  9. Just so it's clear, I loooove these two guys. I think Horn is the ideal pick. Farley and Surtain probably go ahead of him, and since everyone killed their pro day, he might still be there at 22. Barmore makes all the sense in the world, I'm just lower on him than others, but he'd be a pick that makes sense. A DL trio of Simmons, Autry, and Barmore looks outstanding. If Horn is there, I think it's a no-brainer, but after that, things get hard to sort out. All the other BPA candidates run into problems: if you take a WR, S, or ILB, you're investing a first in a backup/rotational
  10. Agreed. Even beyond Kelly, there was Sambrailo, who as a backup tackle is outstanding. As a starter, eh. And then Quessenberry, who was fine, and considering he was our fourth tackle, played very well. If you're number four is starting anywhere, it usually becomes a huge liability, but he was aight. Still, it wasn't something that needed immediate attention, even with Kelly getting older. Jenkins might be a great player, and even a good value at 22, but OT is far from the biggest need. I'd say it's below Edge, DL, CB, WR, and TE. So unless he's the best player available at 22 b
  11. See, I'm hoping that if the defense underperforms again, it kills Vrabel's ability to control the defense. Vrabel is a good player coach. He's a good head coach, seemingly. But he is a terrible defensive anything. I don't want to be hunting a new staff so much as I just want Vrabel to stay out of the defense. We kind of saw last year what the Titans' ceiling is with an elite offense and nothing else. Can we make a deep playoff run with no defense? Yes, but it's not likely. We can't afford hiccups. That's the whole strength of a well rounded team. If one part hiccups, the other ca
  12. This is a very goddamn good question. If the dude's numbers are correct, then Jesus Christ, what are they even thinking?
  13. Just take any pass rusher.
  14. Murchison, for now. I assume we're adding another DL in the draft at some point. I liked the Murchison pick, but he didn't really show much yet, so more talent is definitely needed.
  15. I mean, we spend as much time in a 4-3 front as we do a 3-4 front. The defense we actually use the most is a dime defense. But yeah, as bad as we were against the run last year, we should definitely be doing more 4-3.
  16. I think we all remember it fondly in comparison to the Bowen/Vrabel defense. In fairness, his tenure at least saw us having a defense that won in the trenches. I mean, it can't get worse, can it?
  17. I’ll take it all day. Just don’t let him have Simmons stomp on anyone.
  18. So I assume we’re picking the best comedy for what it aired in 2020, right?
  19. Oh yeah, I love Browning. Watching tape of his, it was hard to find him sometimes because of how often they lined him up way off the ball like a DB. But he seemed to hold up in coverage well doing that, and when he came down to tackle RBs, he brought it. Jabril Cox was similar with his pass coverage ability, but he's not a strong tackler. Browning is. He also blew up in the playoff games IIRC. Only thing I'm not sure about is if he can captain a defense like you usually want an off the ball to do. It looked like (in the tape I watched, at least) that Ohio St usually left that to the
  20. Normally I would argue that my rankings are right, but with the weird *** season we've had, and the number of players that sat out and games that were cancelled, I don't really trust mine that much this year. Then there's no combine, and we either have the most athletic class of prospects ever, or liars at pro days. Throw in the fact that some players had covid, and didn't play up to their full potential when healthy, and you have a perfect storm for trying to get quality rankings. So thanks, and yes, these are probably bad.
  21. I told myself I was gonna finish these out, but unfortunately, watching tape on OLs is annoyingly difficult, even in normal years, and the combine is a great equalizer to see how guys move in things like the mirror drill, how quick they are in the cone drills (without bias), and how straight up fast they are if they're tackles, since that actually correlates well to NFL success for some reason. Don't have any of that this year, so this is where it stays. I did a quick top 5 for receivers, because that's about as far as I've gotten, and I did the top 9 CBs I've been able to evaluate a while b
  22. Tufele is gonna be a steal for someone come draft day.
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