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  1. My expectations are a better defense at very least. I believe in Grunther as a coach as he was successful in Cinncy and they wanted to retain him. There isn’t as much talent on defense but i think that they should be better because they have a coach who can scheme it looks like. The offense is suspect. After taking the NFL by storm in 2016 they fell on their face in 2017. Sure downing was in over his head but Gruden hasn’t coached a top offense in about 15 years. Special teams is is almost completely new across the board but the ST coach seems pretty good and familiarity with Switzer could pay dividends. Overall because of the strength of the West I project a 3rd place finish at either 9-7 or 6-10.
  2. OTA's

    As much as I like this post, I’d like to point out it’s still may. Last year reports where fairly positive especially coming off of a playoff appearance. Could be hype because of who Gruden is or this could be the real thing. All I know is that we won’t know anything until that first Monday night in LA.
  3. I expect anywhere between 7-10 wins this season. I’m not confident on giving a specific number because honestly i have no idea. Lots of ifs going around, “if” Gruden can get this offense fixed it’ll look good. I mean none of us know what his new look offense will be if it’ll be new at all. It could be great or it could be BB2.0. “If” the rookies contribute they could be good or the could be bad. Potential should be the name of this draft with few sure things. Also “if” guenther can be a good DC the Raiders could have an average defense. Big question is how much of CINs defense can be attributed to him and not Lewis? We will see come September we will see. If nothing else it will be interesting.
  4. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    I highly doubt that Knapp had anything to do with the run game’s success. Cable also had a lot of success in atl prior to coming to Oakland. It could be argued that he only had failure in SEA.
  5. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    I think we are missing on supply and demand. The demand for Rosen wasn’t as high as say the Jets or the Bills moving up. The Cards have Bradford whose a much better QB than what NY or Buff have. There’s a lot of pressure on those teams by their fanbases to get a QB so of course they’d over pay to ensure they get their guy. From what I’ve seen this offseason there aren’t many teams high on Rosen, to me it sounds like the Cards valued him with a 3rd and 5th. who knows if the deal would have gotten done if the Raiders countered with asking for a second. Also Kiem just got a contract extension and I think the owner likes him quite a bit.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    You don’t fire guys you just gave extensions to. My theory has always been that Reggie has picked guys that fit with what coaches want to do. Gruden shouldn’t be any different.
  7. First of all...this dude is huge! 6’9?? I had no idea we had Sir Gregor as the LTotF. Secondly i agree that the Raiders reached. I personally liked James but i get it, there’s a lot of bodies in the secondary that have high picks already. No one really knows what they have in Obi Joseph and Conely. James would have been a great alpha dog. But then i remembered that the Raiders play against some of the best pass rushers in the NFL 6x a year. The Raiders know what life without Carr looks like. It’s terrifying and as many say “The Raiders will go as goat as Carr takes them”. Miller may not be worth his spot now but if he pans out then Raiders won’t need to worry too much at who is rushing them. To quote the legendary Tarken, “We are taking a great risk, you’d better be right.”
  8. Around the league v.1.0

    They also have a board of about 60 guys. Historically they’ve traded away draft picks especially in the first. They run things very differently in NE although they can when they have had nothing but winning seasons.
  9. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    I think it’s the former. RBs are making a comeback in the nfl especially after what the rookies did last season. I mean Michel went in the first Jones and Chubb before the Raiders pick. Sure they could have reached but i think they really wanted to go after the lines. (They where reaching as it was.)
  10. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    Alcohol is also legal, the process to stay away from it is the same. You avoid it if football is more important. If Key went to a good rehab facility then they would have put steps in place to help him avoid the green.
  11. Yeah, i was on the James train but you are right, he has no position but I wanted his alpha dog mentality. If Miller pans out the Raiders are set up well.
  12. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    So what does this mean for Seth Roberts? He obviously gets pushed down the depth cart maybe even cut. What are thoughts?
  13. Veldheer also came from hillsdale if he came from UCLA he’d have been a 1st rounder.
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    Those same guys are all saying it might not happen. No one knows anything. Heck according to one report Hue didn’t even know who the Browns are taking until 2 days ago. Madness.
  15. Random Raider Stuff

    Gruden has also sat on the other side off that and been the interviewer. He knows the tricks and traps, he isn’t going to let himself be made a fool of. Im sure he knows which guys have made the 1998 comments and i totally expect a smug comment from Gruden if the Raiders go back to having a top ten offense.