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  1. Why? The Raiders already have fast guys in Ruggs and Agolar. What they need is a big move the chains possession guy.
  2. Yeah it seems like the Raiders always played KC after their bye which Andy Reid always wins. I think this put them on more of a level playing field this last game. I’m also not buying the defense taking a step up in improving. I think they played up to the level of their opponent.
  3. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Allen has made a leap right after he got a #1 WR. Carr has played pretty well he’s just being overshadowed by guys playing at an insane level in Mahomes Wilson Rodgers and Brady. The defense needs to play better, the offense can’t keep up and be perfect.
  4. No one is afraid of Carr taking off because he’s actually pretty slow. We see that fast 40 time and think he’s fast. He isn’t over short distances which i honestly think mobile QBs need to be.
  5. I’m probably going to get hate for this but Abrams has underwhelmed thus far. I understand that he’s missed an entire season but my goodness he wiffs on tackles. He seems more like a personality than a player. He has a reputation for being tough but he’s not solid. They don’t use him to cover TEs he’s more of a second LB, a hammer in the secondary but more often than not he misses the nail. He’s a player in his second year but man he’s got to do more in my eyes.
  6. I agree. I do think the DL was making plays early stopping Michel. Cam was under pressure early but the poor tackling allowed drives to linger.
  7. I think that TOs and getting down early hurt the team the most. It made the Raiders predictable and the Raiders should have done that to the Patriots. When Cam was throwing he was exposed.
  8. I disagree, I think the Line was pretty solid. They finally got some sacks. Tackling was a bigger issue.
  9. At this point the Raiders will have to go elsewhere to win the game. Either with Jacobs or The young WRs.
  10. This is pretty much what Guenther wants to do. Stop the run. Draft big time corners to play man and hope to get coverage sacks. Just take a look at what cincy did prior to Lewis leaving.
  11. Nope, but he’s better than Teddy and the husk of Drew Brees. A Cam at 80% capability is still enough to trash the Raiders ragtag defense. I want the Raiders to win on Sunday, it’d go a long way in establishing legitimacy for them going forward. It’s hard to see it though, they’ll have to be unpredictable on offense and stout against that battering Ram that is Cam.
  12. One thing i noticed was Arnett sticking next to Guether after he got benched. He’s had a rough two weeks and instead of sitting on the bench he was right next to coach watching and soaking. He needs to put it together but it won’t be because he’s not trying.
  13. Honestly I wonder how much of that conservative play calling had to do with Ruggs ankle injury? Trent Brown’s unavailability is really becoming more trouble than it’s worth. He’s a fantastic player but homie needs to be in games. Carr played pretty well. Moving around taking deep passes and changing plays at the line. He’s going to have a good season as long as his weapons stay healthy.
  14. Hall hasn’t shown much if anything during his time here. They have competition for him in Collins and Hurst. He didn’t show up or out so i get why they cut him.
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