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  1. I personally want a failed HC for the DC position. Give me a successful guy who got a HC spot but couldn’t keep it. They’ll probably still be good DC’s but we won’t ever have to worry about them getting a HC job. Hiring a young up and comer is a risk, most of the time they don’t pan out: the Rob Ryan’s and Jason Tarvers greatly out number the Matt Eberflus’ of the world. And if they do pan out they get fast tracked to the HC spot and the Raiders are back where they started.
  2. Businesses who know what they’re good at. Any competent company will take people who fit their philosophy but then they’ll leave it up to them run their own departments.
  3. For sure but I will say that Kwitt’s addition has made the defense better. Now if only Mayock can hit on other free agents...
  4. They did stop the chiefs a few times of course that was mostly because of the mistakes the chiefs made but they did stop them. They are progressing.
  5. Ferrell is good but he’s not the threatening player who can take over a game. Too often (since the departure of Mack) have i seen defenders close to sacks or even stops but fail to finish the deal. The defense has to be better if this team is to be a super bowl contender. I won’t call them that until they can slam the door on KC. They’re close though.
  6. This game showed exactly who the Raiders are: a playoff team that will get an early exit because they don’t have a defense. For the Raiders it starts up front, the DLine has very little talent outside of Crosby who is the typical overrated overachiever. Everyone else needs to be replaced and upgraded. I think the secondary is pretty good but the dline needs to improve to give them a chance.
  7. I’m not optimistic on this game. The Chiefs have this game circled, they’re coming off a bye and the Raiders still have a garbage defense.
  8. Hasn’t that been the case for years though? “This needs to be defense heavy.” Three of the last five first round picks have been defensive players. Most of the free agents have been on the defense and most have busted. There’s either a problem with evaluating players or with the coaching. Either way this team is underachieving.
  9. I think the madden like games are a byproduct of the short week. Teams are still tired so the games are more of a pick up type with very little strategy.
  10. Yeah I’m fine with the current group of pass catchers. Can the Raiders get an actual defense though?
  11. This is incredibly frustrating. The defense in no dang good with little talent. The offense is not good enough to overcome this terrible defense. As of right now the ceiling for this team is a first round departure.
  12. This game went about how i expected. Unless the defense gets stops the team is going to lose. It’s like Gruden just expects to win these boat race games. Trouble is that this isn’t an all time elite offense. this team is quite middle of the road.
  13. Why? The Raiders already have fast guys in Ruggs and Agolar. What they need is a big move the chains possession guy.
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