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  1. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Well i doubt a team would trade for a guy that is being paid as a top player at his position at the age he’s in. The Raiders got slammed for trading for one of the best WRs in NFL history, no way would a team trade for an above average TE. If they don’t trade then the Raiders are on the hook for that money. Bad idea, the Raiders are better off getting younger in a great TE draft.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    I don’t think the Jag are all that interested but the redskins and Giants might fight it out. Personally I’m hoping that the niners trade out of the 2nd pick. If Bosa is gone give me a trade down.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    Okay then, i must have missed that. Well that does improve the Raiders chances of him being there but i doubt the niners pass. This reminds me of when Clowney was coming out and there was a lot of hope he’d fall to the Raiders. Let’s be honest we as fans aren’t that lucky.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    I like the positivity but Gregg Williams is a 4-3 coach and there’s no way that they pass on Bosa. I’m not expecting Bosa to be there at 4 unless there’s a trade into the top 3 for a QB which it looks less likely to occur. I think teams are realizing how poor this class of QBs are and they are waiting for the more promising 2020 draft. That being said Bosa in silver and black would be exactly what this franchise needs in the post Mack era.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    I disagree a little on that, I think the CBs are solid enough for the Raiders especially if they add Denard. I don’t like adding another guy in the first when they could add a DE, TE or WR.
  6. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I figured the Raiders would add another safety. The idea that Joyner or Joesph could cover TEs was total insanity. The Raiders need a bigger guy.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    I doubt that trading down isn’t an option especially with Murray still on the board. I think someone will want him but i could be wrong. The giants are delusional in their steadfast idea that Eli is elite. The dolphins are tanking already for Tua. I’m not sure who else needs a QB. Maybe the bucs or titans but i really don’t know. Maybe the Raiders actually take Murray at 4 in this instance. Idk this would be the darkest timeline.
  8. 2019 Free Agency V2

    This is my thought too. It seems that the bengals ie Marvin Lewis valued its pass rush up the middle, which isn’t bad in the AFC West , Mahomes is the only mobile QB so the DEs don’t need to worry about containment as much. I think we as fans want to see another big time pass rusher like Mack, but i don’t think that pass rushers are valued as much. I might be wrong, but the draft will be very illuminating on this position.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    Mahomes went to a really good situation. He rode the bench for a year on an already good team. He sat learned and became a great player with a creative coach in Andy Reid. Mahomes got what people have been saying they want from QBs, time to groom and grow. But it is one year and he certainly has flaws, after an offseason of tape teams will look at his tendencies and game plan against him. I could see his numbers drop a little in year 3, I’m not saying he’ll bust or anything but I’d wouldn’t surprise me if he drops to earth.
  10. Raiders Release AJ Macarron

    Carr does seem to miss time every year so backup is a concern especially when that backup is Nathan Peterman *shudder* i don’t particularly like cutting McCarron especially since Roberts is still on the roster.
  11. Another interesting tidbit is that none of the Raiders WRs are on that list. Carr isn’t inaccurate, i guess his WRs just have issues catching.
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    I hope not. I’d rather this team be the 2020 All or Nothing team. That would be great especially in LV.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    And he came back from that injury and his team decided to spend money on Kirk Cousins instead. Sure he could be a starter, doesn’t mean he’d be great. Heck Jamarcus Russell apparently had the best pro day Mayock had ever seen. All I’m saying is that the pro day is overrated. My my opinion doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but this is a forum where people share their views on football this is just my view on Murray. Every year there’s some guy who intrigues scouts and coaches. Every year. And every year there’s some team who decides to take a guy higher than they should. If Murray was 4 inches taller and 20 lbs heavier I’d be more inclined to take him. I doubt he will be a Baker Mayfield/Russell Wilson. Those guys are the exceptions not the rules.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    And Teddy is a backup on his third team. Either way I’m with the OP, throwing indoors to your WRs with no pass rush guys are going to look good. The fact he didn’t run is concerning though. He gained weight, does that affect his mobility? No one knows. His ability to move around was supposed negate his height concerns so if he can’t move as well then it could be a problem. If he threw like this at the combine then I’d be more impressed.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    I think the Raiders will use Joyner as a slot/safety hybrid. Honestly with Kelce and Henry in the division the Raiders need another safety to match up with them considering that their current starters are about 6-8 inches shorter than them. Don't give me Erik Harris, he's just another in a long line of overachieving not quite good enough players.