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  1. A lot of football fans not just Titan fans but others as well really seem to be down on Mariota or simply think he isn't good enough. A lot of the frustration has to do with missed games. The issue of durability and missing too many games is way overblown, He did miss 4 games his rookie year but then in '16 he missed just 1 game,'17 missed just 1 game and last year only missed 2. Altogether in his first 4 seasons he played 56 out of 64 games only missing 8 games or any avg. of just 2 games missed per year. There are many QB's that have missed way more than Mariota such as Carson Wentz,Andrew Luck,Aaron Rodgers,etc. I am about to list some of Mariota's accomplishments BUT if i just listed the accomplishments without listing who it is a boatload of people would say they would love to have that QB. Anyway here we go..... Thats a lot of accomplishments below for a 4 year QB and in my opinion Mariota is clutch as they come when the game is on the line. 3 straight winning seasons 12 game winning drives/10 fourth quarter comebacks In '18 ranked 1st in 3rd & long situations,5th in 3rd down conversions,6th in completion % Was Top 5 QB under pressure for '18 and '17 Since 2000 Mariota has the best QB rating 106.4 of all NFL QB's during primetime games better than Brady,Brees,Rodgers,etc. Mariota has beat Brady,Brees,Rodgers,Wilson Had biggest playoff comeback win for a road QB in NFL history at Kansas City In his first 22 career games Mariota had 6 four-TD games and 9 games with 100 passer rating/multiple TD’s was first QB in NFL history to do so 1 of 5 QBs in NFL history with 10,000-plus pass yards and 1,000-plus rush yards in first 4 seasons Mariota's 95.7% completion rate 22 of 23 passing at Houston was the second highest-completion percentage in NFL history First player NFL history with 250+ pass yds, 100+ rush yds & 3 TD passes in a game First NFL player since Walter Payton in 1983 to pass for a TD, rush for a TD and catch a TD pass of at least 40 yards Scored 35 points in 1st half vs. Bucs most in a half for '15 Scored 35 points in 1st half vs. Packers most in a half for '16 First rookie QB in NFL history to have two games with 4 TDs and no INTs Four games with 3 or more TDs tied Peyton Manning (1998) as most ever by a rookie QB Mariota's 87 yard run was longest NFL run of 2015 Youngest QB in NFL history with perfect passer rating 158.3 in his very first game First QB in NFL history with perfect passer rating 158.3 in his very first game First QB in NFL history to throw 4 TD passes in first half of his NFL debut.
  2. Looking At Titans First 20 Years 1999-2018

    Hasselbeck did good in 2011 for us then went on to do alright in Indy helping them win some games in 2013 and 2014. The worst mistake this Titans franchise made the last 20 years was drafting Jake Locker he ended up costing us 3 or 4 straight losing seasons and that has only happened one time where we had 3 losing years in a row or more.
  3. Looking At Titans First 20 Years 1999-2018

    It sure seems that way. We won't get further than 9 wins until the offense can score more points. We were easily an 11 win team last year if not for 2 losses both by 1 point. In the Bills game if Nick Williams catches that TD we win and in the loss to the Chargers all we needed to do was give Derrick Henry the ball on the 2 point conversion. Our pass offense is terrible so why throw a pass with the game on the line.
  4. There for a good while i was praying that JRob wouldn't bring back Cyprien and let Vacarro walk. In the past moves like this would drive me mad but it looks like we have ourselves a damn good GM who truly is doing everything to win not just cutting corners and saving a buck like some would do. Also we did the same reupping Tye Smith at CB as well as OT Kevin Pamphile both will be great depth. We also took care of P Brett Kern recently as well. When JRob let Cyp go and then resigned Vacarro i was very happy. You could see how much better the safety unit was with Vacarro/Byard. So S Vacarro being reupped was a major plus. Next another situation that ended up having a cliffhanger type moment was when we had an agreement to sign WR Adam Humphries then when i saw them sneaky bastards up in New England were raising the price i was pissed. I had a feeling he might leave. However there was history with Adam and JRob and our GM stood on the table for him while both were in Tampa and that plus giving us his word were all it took,After all our offer was higher when he agreed before Bellicheat tried his damndest thankfully it didnt work. Next we have G Rodger Saffold who was one of the best guards on the market to take over for the departing Quinton Spain and we happen to cut Josh Kline which was awesome as he was a turnstile and most of us thought he wouldnt be let go this soon due to money owed. Glad that JRob admits his mistake and moves on.Saffold opened up big holes for Gurley in L.A. hoping he does the same for Henry. One that surprised me was DE Cameron Wake who still has a good motor regardless of age. It was clear we weren't gonna go after Z'Darrius Smith once the price tag got enormous but me i am very happy we got Wake and if he gives us two solid years we will be looking good. After all year after year in Miami he has been good and there has been no drop off yet in what he can do. Last but not least in the first wave of free agency we took care of what to me is one of our most important issues and that is signing a really good backup QB just in case we have another situation like last year when in the last game of the season with the playoffs on the line Mariota couldn't play and it was clear that backup Blaine Gabbert wasn't good enough. So we cut Gabbert and brought in Ryan Tannehill who was the starter in Miami last year. If we have any issues with Mariota this season we have very capable backup QB in Tannehill. In the last 4 seasons JRob has built a pretty good roster. In fact we have had 3 straight winning seasons and won a playoff game in 2017 and the following year 2018 going into the last game of the regular season we had a win and your in the playoffs game but due to Mariota being injured and out we didnt win. Next time JRob is making sure that there are no disadvantages if it comes to that. Whats amazing is we made all these moves and still have the 2019 NFL Draft coming up and not just anywhere but in our home state of Tennessee. We need help on the interior offensive line,defensive line,EDGE,WR those are our main areas and if JRob gets help in all those areas we will look really good going into next season. There are quite a few fans wanting TE Hockenson out of Iowa as our 1st round pick. I am impressed enough to where i wouldnt be bothered if that was the pick. Some think we will get DT Christian Wilkins or Dexter Lawrence or Chris Lindstrom at G. Some WR that are possible are DK Metcalf,AJ Brown or Marquise Brown. Anything is possible, Can't Wait............
  5. Titans trade for Tannehill

    The main reason this move was made is to avoid another situation like what happened in the last home game vs Indy. If we had Mariota or even a good backup QB i think we could've won and made the postseason. The defense was playing lights out but our offense couldnt hang due to insufficient backup at QB. In '19 if Mariota gets hurt with 3 games left and we are in the middle of a division and playoff race we dont have to panic because we have a good backup in Tannehill thats damn near equal to Mariota.
  6. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching your favorite team play on NFL Sunday. Well for a long time growing up we didn't have a team here in Tennessee when i started watching in the mid eighties at age 10. However in 1999 we finally had our own team here playing in a new stadium on the Cumberland River and that new team was the Tennessee Titans. The Titans played 20 seasons as the 2018 season came to a conclusion at end of December. From 1999-2018 the Titans won a total of 170 games if you include the regular and post season. Compared with the other 31 NFL teams the Titans ranked right outside the top 10 in wins overall. Many fans of other teams and some of the Titans own fans might think wow there is no way the Titans were good enough to be right outside the top 10 in overall wins over their first 20 seasons but they were. 10 winning seasons,7 playoff berths,6 postseason wins,3 division titles,3x 13 win seasons,2 NFL ROYs,1 NFL MVP,A 2000 yd rusher,2x NFL best record,2 AFC Championship appearances,1 Super Bowl appearance were what the Titans accomplished their first 20 seasons along with winning 170 games overall. From 1999 through 2003 the Titans had one of the NFL’s best records those 5 years going 56-24 that included a 33-9 record at home during that era. A lot of that is due to the great work done by GM Floyd Reese picking players like Jevon Kearse,Keith Bulluck,Albert Haynesworth along with others such as Steve McNair,Eddie George,Derrick Mason,Samari Rolle,etc. The Titans have had plenty of thrilling moments as well as players and had playoff wins along the line as well. The Titans/Steelers 2002 playoff game was memorable for a running into the kicker call and Joe Nedney got another shot getting a winning FG for a 34-31 win. In January 2000 the Bills came to Nashville and left broken hearted after the Titans pulled off whats called The Music City Miracle running a trick play on a kickoff trailing by a point with only 15 seconds left and scoring a TD to win. Steve McNair won NFL MVP in 2003. One of the toughest players to ever play the game especially at the QB position. McNair suffered numerous injuries including cracked ribs,bruised sternum,shoulder issues,broken bones,etc. but more often than not still played. McNair had 10 Fourth quarter comebacks and 15 game winning drives during his career here. Our GM Floyd Reese as he had many times before hit the nail on the head when he took a pair of tackles in the 2005 NFL Draft in the second round he picked Michael Roos and in the fourth round he picked David Stewart and both were great bookend tackles who ended up playing a decade in Tennessee. Favorite players of mine during the first 10 years here included Kyle Vanden Bosch,Cortland Finnegan,Samari Rolle besides the usual ones Steve McNair,Eddie George,etc. 2004 through 2006 were rebuilding years and it was during this time in 2006 that the team drafted their next QB in Vince Young. Although VY ultimately didn’t last but after five years in Tennessee he left with a 30-17 winning mark and had several thrilling comebacks including a 21 point comeback his rookie year,a 40 yard run in OT to beat Houston and a 99 yard drive to beat Arizona as time expired. Young had 13 game winning drives and 7 fourth quarter comebacks. There was one very memorable thing about the Titans 2006 draft and that was a player selected in the seventh round and that player was CB Cortland Finnegan who ended up playing 133 games in his career and had 18 career interceptions. On December 3,2006 Rob Bironas booted a 60 yard FG to win a thrilling home game 20-17 with only 7 seconds left against the division rival Colts. Bironas also holds the NFL record for most FG made in one game with 8 against the Houston Texans in October 2007 and the last one was the game winner as time expired. Albert Haynesworth had two of the most dominant back to back performances ever seen by a defensive lineman and helped the Titans reach the postseason both those years 2007 and 2008. Haynesworth had 14.5 sacks,27 tackles for losses,37 QB hits those two years and parlayed it into becoming the first 100 million dollar man for a defensive line which the Skins signed him to but his best days would always be here. Another bright spot in 2008 was RB Chris Johnson was set the combine record for the fastest time ever 4.24 seconds and he didn’t waste no time showing how good he was and the very next year he set the NFL record for all purpose yardage and if not for a bad penalty call would’ve broken Eric Dickerson’s rushing record too but did manage to become just the sixth RB ever to go over 2000 yards in one season with 2006 yards. Johnson is the only player in NFL history to register 6 different runs in his career over 80 yards From 1999 through 2011 the team had never had more than two losing seasons in a row and had done very well mostly winning the first twelve years mostly due to good coaching by main stays HC Jeff Fisher,Offensive line coach Mike Munchak and DC’s like Gregg Williams,Jerry Gray and Jim Schwartz. Also drafting well with GM Floyd Reese helped a lot too but after Fisher left in 2011 there were a few lean years coming….. In 2011 the Titans would have a new head coach Mike Munchak,new GM Ruston Webster and new franchise QB Jake Locker. All three moves were mistakes especially Webster who couldn’t draft or put together a good team and Locker who simply was injury prone and couldn’t play well due to accuracy issues. Munchak was at his best coaching the line. 2012 through 2015 were all losing seasons due to bad QB play,bad drafting and the team wasn’t very good at all during this time. In 2014 Ken Whisenhunt was hired as new head coach replacing Mike Munchak. The team did have some good players at this time like WR Nate Washington,DT Jurrell Casey,DE Derrick Morgan along with Webster's best free agent signing TE Delanie Walker In 2015 the team drafted QB Marcus Mariota and things started to get better and Mariota in his very first game managed to have a perfect passer rating as well as being the youngest QB to ever achieve that feat in his first NFL game. Mid 2015 the Titans fired Ken Whisenhunt and replaced him with Mike Mularkey 2016 things started to really change as the Titans got their first good GM since Floyd Reese and his name was Jon Robinson and he immediately started making good moves like bringing in RB Demarco Murray who would lead the AFC in rushing as well as trading the teams number one pick in the draft for a bunch of extra picks including a first rounder the next year. Murray was one of the main reasons the team was able to experience winning once again because he helped the team build a successful running game for the first time in a good while In 2016 the Titans had a winning season at 9-7 and had drafted well too with picks like RT Jack Conklin to pair with LT Taylor Lewan,RB Derrick Henry and S Kevin Byard. The very next year Byard led the NFL in interceptions. Robinson was already proving better than his predecessors. In 2017 the Titans drafted players like Corey Davis,Adoree Jackson,Jayon Brown,etc. and had another winning season at 9-7 and this time made the AFC Playoffs as well. In the 2017 AFC Playoffs Marcus Mariota and the Titans pulled off the biggest playoff road comeback in NFL history coming back from 18 points down to win 22-21 at Kansas City. Mariota has managed to lead Titans to a better record every year since arriving as a rookie in 2015. Mariota has 12 game winning drives and 10 fourth quarter comebacks in his first 4 seasons. The Titans lost in the next postseason game at New England a place where Robinson spent the first 10 years of his scouting career. Speaking of New England the Titans and Robinson hired Mike Vrabel to be the teams new head coach replacing Mike Mularkey. In addition to that in free agency they signed RB Dion Lewis and CB Malcolm Butler as the Pats let them go. Also for 2018 they had a mostly defensive draft getting Rashaan Evans,Harold Landry and Dane Cruikshank. Also at this time the team changed their image up a bit with new uniforms and helmet the first major change since 1999 a good change going into the future….. The Titans finished 2018 with a 9-7 record which was the teams third straight winning season. Since starting as GM in 2016 GM Robinson has three straight winning seasons and he and the team will aim for a 4th straight winning year in 2019. The team recently closed the chapter on their first 20 seasons with three straight winning seasons and a playoff victory the year before. They finished with 170 wins overall and were just shy of being top 10 in overall wins their first 20 seasons. Looking forward to success and great times in the years ahead for Tennessee. NFL Leaders In Wins Last 20 Years 1999-2018 1-Pats 263 2-Steelers 218 3-Colts 216 4-Pack 204 5-Eagles 200 6-Ravens 199 7-Seahawks 193 8-Broncos 188 9-Saints 182 10-Cowboys 171 11-Giants 171 12-Titans 170 13-Chargers 170 14-Vikes 170 15-Panthers 168 16-Falcons 168
  7. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    This was my favorite signing of this 2019 free agency period. We needed this type of WR bad last year it might've helped especially all the times the pocket collapsed with Marcus looking around with no one to throw to leading to a sack. Now that we do have Humphries he will be like a second security blanket besides Delanie.With the line looking better already with Saffold signed and Conk coming back fully healthy and the possibility of another lineman in the draft i think the offense rebounds big time in '19. One last thing. Hump sticking with us even the BS pulled by New England makes me like really like him much more. He said Robinson stood up for him in Tampa a few years back now Hump returns the favor.
  8. 2019 Opponents

    Home: Colts Jags Texans Chiefs Chargers Bucs Saints Bills Away: Colts Jags Texans Broncos Raiders Falcons Panthers Browns I think we will do well. We have to start at least splitting games with Indy. Our secondary will have to play tough vs Mahomes. I think we can win home games vs Bills,Bucs,Texans,Jags and we need to win at least one of the games vs Chargers/Saints. Would like to at least go 6-2 at home or worst 5-3. On road games i think we can hang with Denver,Oakland,Carolina and it would be nice to win one road game of the two vs Jags/Texans. We need to stop Atlanta offense to have a shot there. Indy always tough at home and the last one at Browns those guys have built a good roster both sides of the ball look good not sure on that one. Would like to go 4-4 break even on the road games. If we play well Marcus stays healthy all year we should be right at 10-6 or 9-7.
  9. Introduce Yourself

    Name: The RobfatherAge: 44State: TennesseeHow many years have you been a fan?: 20, Since Titans beganFavorite Titans: Steve McNair,Samari Rolle,Kyle Vanden Bosch,Cortland Finnegan,Chris Johnson,Marcus Mariota. Favorite genre of music: RockFavorite Movies: Goodfellas,Casino,Godfather,Back To Future trilogyHappiest Titan Moment: Music City Miracle,'02 playoff win vs Pitt,'09 CJ 2000 YD season,'17 KC playoff win