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  1. That's pretty much exactly what the Patriots did with Brady and his TB12 business.
  2. Then why did Schefter say he had no sources for the "breaking news", and it was just an accumulation of information over time?
  3. His draft day stunt? You mean when Schefter fabricated a "breaking news" story?
  4. I remember in 2007 Rodgers coming in against a tough Cowboys team after Favre went down, and while we still lost, he was playing like Aaron Rodgers. That, for me, was the moment I was like "Okay this Rodgers guy might be something." I'm sure TT and MM had similar feelings.
  5. Anyone think we'll get more of Preston and Gary rushing on the edges and Kenny and Z trying to collapse the middle? I think getting pressure on the interior O-line is going to be essential this game, Brady hates pressure in his face.
  6. Bucs aren't going to win this game. It's really that simple. Not even nervous. Not saying it won't be close, but Packers are going to the Super Bowl.
  7. 1. Sure 2. Sure 3. Sure 4. Nah 5. I think we should reduce the number of keepers. I'd go as low as like 8. 6. Worst to best, no snake 7. I personally kind of liked the slow draft, but mainly because I'm pretty punctual and could leap ahead of people who forgot to pick. 8. Cool
  8. So you added him to the DLine group because you'd like us to sign him? I'm just making sure I'm not missing anything about us being rumored to have interest or something.
  9. Why do you have Damon Harrison under the DL room?
  10. What the heck is up with the individual leader stats? They're all wrong... Rodgers TDs, Adam's yards, Jones' TDs, Martinez's tackles, both Smith's sacks, King's Ints... What?
  11. The slipping at Lambeau continues. I've seen them slip more times in green Bay this year than I ever remember.
  12. Why are we slipping so much in Lambeau this year? Anyone else notice this?
  13. Fun fact to accompany Savage being a full participant in practice, we've played 17.5 quarters with Savage, and allowed 853 passing yards in that time. We've played 10.5 quarters without Savage, and allowed 912 passing yards in that time. Having Savage on the field almost cuts the amount of passing yards we allow in half.
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