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  1. Reggie White. Watch his highlights. He was the wrong side of thirty when he joined GB. 16 sacks at age 37. And had 23.5 before he joined the NFL. Also 20 sacks in the shortened season (12 games). Freakiest football athlete I ever saw. Makes me wish we gave up the 12 & 30 for Quinnen Williams. Plenty others named already. Edit: and he played SDE/DT and was a monster against the run. In truth he got the high sacks in 98 because they stopped double teaming him. Country strong. Ran a 4.6 at 300lbs.
  2. GB graded him as potential Thomas or Nick Collins. Both Gute and MLF mentioned it in the presser. No way they move up otherwise. Just how they graded him. Gary is Pettine's boy. Gonna be interesting if they can get it out of him.
  3. Gary is not a sack machine. He'll be a bit like Clowney. He'll get pressures, set up others, and be great against the run. It'll will be fun to see how Pettine uses him. I expect a lot more pressures this year which is more important than sacks. More pressure from inside. That really disrupts the passing game and creates int's.
  4. What is the Bears' FO doing? What's the over/under on HaHa being cut by week 8? Skrine for Callahan? New DC. 2 FA RBs and 3 picks on RB was really weird. A lot of questions about all these teams, but on paper GB had a much better than expected off-season: they got lucky in the draft and FA. If all teams stay healthy, GB.
  5. Yeah. I got the impression he was a real hard worker and loves football. ....That goes for at least all our top four picks. Really nice draft class for Gute.
  6. I'm just listing likely busts. The rest will be at least solid aside from injury. Sweat, Burns, Hollywood, Howard (at least year one), Fant (possibly), Haskins.
  7. That will bite them in Cleveland. More like KC East than GB East.
  8. Henry needed and got a huge kick in the pants from another player (I forget who). Before that Henry was soft. Not ignored. It's just that he woke about right when he was needed. MLF used whatever was available and has already said he never had the weapons he has in GB (esp. referring to AR but all together combined as well). We have enough. 3 backs, 3 TEs, 5 Wrs. I expect great things from the young receivers.
  9. Clark is very good. He'll get a great contract. I'm only saying this: is that the role/part you want to put all that money into? It's gonna be huge. I honestly don't know. It's not a knock at all on Clark.
  10. He will price himself out of GB is what I meant. I think he definitely has another contract in him. DD and Jordy got the only third contracts. I strongly feel he will continue to improve and he'll move on. Just my own opinion there.
  11. Pauline reported after day two of the draft that CGJ has serious off field issues. If there are on field problems too, then he's off a lot of boards. In no way can I regard him a "steal". That's a big time boom bust player.
  12. Overall this was a better draft for most teams and I see more talent than usual. A lot of teams got their guys. A's That goes to the Colts, Packers, Patriots, Bills, maybe Philadelphia. I don't see these drafts failing and they all got their guys. Colts and NE really loaded up. Bills are scary on D. And the Packers got targeted guys at good value and plugged holes -- think what you want about Gary, it's his best fit -- two premium chess pieces for Pettine to match with above average FAs. B+'s Raiders (got a load of solid, high character Gruden players), Pittsburgh (just don't like the price for Bush), Titans (depends on Simmons), Chargers (that D is set long term). That's 9 high grades. Good draft class imo. I have to hold off on teams that picked QBs. It all depends on them and none are sure fire. Bad drafts: Chicago -- 3 picks on RB w/o a 1 or 2 and even less draft capital next year. All in now. They won't keep this together by selling the future for win now. New Orleans gives up a future two and counts on keeping CGJ in line in N'awlins -- two 2's for a center. Houston-- a great draft snatched away by the Eagles and should have moved down: Howard can't start. I can understand N.O. buying in now but not Chicago. Even if it works this year for NO, that's gonna hurt in the next couple years. They missed on the talent in this draft and paid premium to plug a need, giving up now an extra one and a two.
  13. New Orleans gave up yet another future pick. CGJ has serious off field issues. Why he fell (per Pauline). So, he might work out. Great. But he was off some boards. Titans I liked a lot (but it hinges on Simmons coming back). Jets didn't quite get what they really wanted. Obviously Q Williams is a nice consolation prize. Seattle..... we'll see. I am not as big on them as most. It was ok. Washington depends on how those picks work. I'm not as big on the players they took. Some bust in them for sure. Chargers and Bills had much better drafts imo. The Cards neglected oline but had some great picks. It hinges on Murray though. So let's wait. Packers, Bills, Colts, NE I put at the top. I don't see those drafts failing. Too many solid picks. Titans, Steelers, Philadelphia, and Raiders were next tier. (I just don't like the move up by Pittsburg. They paid a lot but picked some great players later.) The others have to wait because of some bust potential
  14. Hate to say it, but most of these guys are likely gone. Martinez will probably ask too much. I hope Bulaga plays his last year and we bring back Spriggs on a try it deal. He needs to get it together, not sure I trust him with a big contract. Gives another year to find/develop tackle. Draft: DL, tackle, guard (depending mainly on Madison's growth), mid round developmental edge to replace Smiths down the road. Not sure Lindsley is given a third contract. WR will get an even harder look, even if our guys do well. Just need to keep restocking and I doubt Adams gets a third contract. Need a high pick replacement down the road imo. I loooooove all of EQ, Moore, and MVS. I am much higher on these guys. They are all worth more than their draft position imo. I doubt Allison gets money from us unless it's very team friendly. The rest of the draft depends really on how our guys play and whether we shell out for a huge Clark contract. That wasn't a Pettine Pick and he may want a different look there.
  15. It's a matter of seeing the Gary fit. Simms saw it too. He's not a good chess piece for others but perfect for Pettine. Michigan's number 1 or 2 defense ran thru Gary. He'll have a more moving role in GB but will be a wrecker. His size makes him a bit more versatile than Oliver. Four freaky bigs were Q Williams, Lawrence, Gary, and Oliver (Simmons just behind). I think they are all very likely boom guys, high character. Lawrence was dogged the same as Gary. Again, Simms break down on Lawrence was terrific too. He did the grunt work, didn't complain, but has a ton of potential. Gary and Oliver also did the grunt work. If used differently, they could have all had Q Williams like years. We got a good one. Bush went to Pittsburg, Winovich to NE. We got the key to that Michigan defense though. Very good program imo (but didn't develop technique much). High character guys which both Pittsburg and BB value. He was our pick over Oliver too I think. Just a perfect Pettine fit, like Oliver is gonna be great in Buffalo. A lot of better analysts loved the GB draft but don't get what Gary did in Michigan or what Pettine intends for him in GB. Gute killed this draft. It's all on paper now, but again best draft I remember. And yeah, this was a deeeep class. Most teams actually got "their" guys. That just rarely happens in any draft. Like Ballard said, 20-70 were all about the same value, just a matter of what flavor you like (and fit). Savage, Jenkins, Sternberger are great fits in GB and great value too in any draft.
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