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  1. (((((((((((Me too.....much much more so, but I won't go there))))))))))
  2. Hahaha AR and the vets not feeling the love. Maybe that's why they brought Jordan in. We all got it wrong. All 1265 hurting for love, wanna know...
  3. It is the back up plan if Love flops.
  4. They had offered AR more money. 5 million for Cobb was a no brainer. They got everything else they wanted. This was a huge win for GB. AR has no leverage at all next year though I do think ge will have say as to where he goes (I'm still guessing Denver).
  5. No one knows what Love is. That's not AR's grievance. He said what that is very clearly in his presser. Same as he has said for a year. We'll see what Love does in preseason. Can't know til he sees some action.
  6. The team has moved on from Rodgers. You missed the memo in the last few days. Only way he stays is if Love flops. Rodgers' options next year are retire or get traded. If he threatens to sit out GB will take his interests into consideration on a trade (which I expect to be to Denver tbh -- his fiancee is from there, but also that FO is most likely to accomodate AR). You make it sound like AR wanted the trade. No. The FO has planned to move AR. It's all going swimmingly for them. The only change will come if Love flops, an option Gute wanted to keep.
  7. It's a bargaining chip. He wants some say in where he gets traded to.
  8. Agreed. AR was more nuanced. More importantly he didn't get to choose literal draft picks like Manning did to replace them. Didn't even get to keep a #4WR. There is a balance or middle ground between the Manning & Rodgers' treatments. AR handled his presser as well as possible and made a last attempt to get Krause ousted (because Jerry won't change anything imo -- like giving away CMIII's number away before the body was cold, to use Clay's words). This goes deeper too. Sorry. I have to go with AR here. He was the least demanding of premier QBs in his yea
  9. All right Well at least that makes some sense. Cuz otherwise it doesn't. (Anyways, I'm in AR's corner just for the record.)
  10. Yes. Rodgers didn't sign until Kelly & Cobb were in the house and they needed him to free up money in a very bad way.
  11. Last dance. Then Krause ships him for a ransom. AR gets no extra money but does get Cobb & Kelly for a one year rental. No prisoners. No compromise. This is "professional": it's just business. Only question is why did the FO sour on Rodgers back in 2020, enough to draft an early replacement.
  12. Agreed It's really more about Rodgers setting aside his emotions and seeing that GB is his best opportunity (besides San Fran) this year. Sitting out is not a good option for him on many levels. Gotta make the best of it. He never held any cards.
  13. Yeah. Even those who follow it closely, clearly have no clue what AR's grievance is.......this is where his silence is hurting him actually. Not sure why he has not said anything. All his friends and he himself pretty much said what that grievance is but his silence has caused a lot of unnecessary confusion imo.
  14. In order of unexpected (most to least): 1) Royce: getting reps at RT with the ones already. 2) Myers takes the Center & plays well (not a given with Patrick). 3) MVS had the best game of offense players in the NFCCG besides AR. He broke out in Detroit & continues. He had a big learning curve but teammares have had nothing but confidence in him & praise 4) Stokes: I expect him to start and shine. He's a first round db. They don't sit them in GB. He's a better pick/prospect than Randall, Haha, or King coming out. He just has to outplay King a
  15. This So much delusion, esp when QB has never been more important.
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