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  1. Tampa still could get the one seed and GB the two. Let's just replay in Florida.
  2. The math is off. There are actually several routes for TB to play in Lambeau. It's not just as the 5 seed. It's closer to 20%. Only TWO or three games come into the calculation: the Bucs wild card game and any wild card games of lower seeded teams. That is all there is to calculate and that's 30% on the high end. But that really can't be calculated until we see the actual matchup. Also, what if Tampa sits starters their final game? They could easily be 6 seed. The Rams /Seahawks game should clarify things a bit. I could see the Rams coming to Lambeau if they lose this weekend, and
  3. Probably just being out so long. If he doesn't get decent touches this week, something is going on in the locker room.
  4. Yes. And I like our chances of that with the rookie lbs playing in the backfield and the dbs focusing on shutting down their two receivers. I'm excited to see what they bring. The D has been improving and has something to prove. This is a great test. They will at least bring their A game.
  5. That seems to fit this draft class. We still might sign Jones. Not sure we re-sign King. I think it's Jones' best interest to sign less for GB and have a smaller workload and longer career. These big RB deals seem bad both for teams and for RBs.
  6. The only teams that pose a problem for the Pack are the same as the last 20 years. 2007 Giants 2011 Giants (and KC in regular season) 2019 49ers (Also Philly typically. I remember also the Broncos in 2015 pulverized Rodgers and he wasn't the same all season after that game.) This year, only the Bucs (Washington has no offense). This is a very good team that is healthy and just starting to peak esp on D. Would just like another DL. But other teams have their weaknesses. And Lindsley will help.
  7. Great news. I can taste the Lombardy. And give the rook the rock!!!!
  8. Looks that way. By record and by QBs. Not to mention GB could have sent 11 to the Pro Bowl. Talk about WEAK competition. Seattle blew six years of drafting: Wilson is on his own. Brees and Eli Manning are done (and Brady too, who came to take advantage of a weak conference). Philly and San Fran got hit with injuries. Wentz will have to restart elsewhere. Dak is broke. MM is finished. Minny is in rebuild. The Rams have Goff. Washington is genius to grab the 4th best QB in the NFC. The NFC is a wasteland!!!!!! GB picked a good year to turn it around. Just hope the Bucs forget th
  9. I've never seen such negativity among Packer fans in my life. Just saps all joy from spectating. You would think we are Bears fans. No. They are less negative. Huge statement game from the Packers D. GB is a good matchup, considering no one in the NFL can stop Henry. And our offense should be back on track. I don't know how Tennessee keeps up with Arod. Henry needs his best game of the season for Titans to win. Tannehill will be brought back to earth. And we don't even know how Titans play on below zero Tundra.
  10. Yeah. That's why I said 1st half. But this Titans D is nothing to fear. A good confidence boost for the offense. Follow the Browns game plan and win it in the 1st 2 quarters.
  11. Put our best playmakers out there and try to get a FEW stops on Henry. He's gonna get his. Few teams can legit take away the Titans' receivers. Green Bay can do that: our strength. We have the dbs to shut down their only two receivers. Am I wrong? The Titans don't have the receiving options GB has. Lazard, MVS, Jones, and Williams are all better than the Titans' number three. They have a great WR1 and WR2 which the Packers MATCH UP against. Not many teams can do that. The Pack can take away the passing game. The Titans don't have the middle of the field players (and N
  12. Seems like a good matchup for the Packers on paper. The Titans only have 3 offensive weapons. I would put Jaire on Brown and double up on Davis (King and Savage). Henry will get his yards but they can make a few stops. Amos, Scott, Martin, and Barnes just need to make a few plays. What am I not seeing?
  13. Tampa did not win a game against a winning team last year. Ditto under Tom. Without B.B., Vea, and their #1 receiver, I am not worried.
  14. I'm just pointing out that TE looks like a good class. And they will lose Mercedes Lewis. This isn't MM who drafted -- how many? 2? -- just 2 TEs in his tenure, one in the weakest TE class I can remember: Richard Rodgers, stand out in that TE class. Sure, we had some UDFAs and 6th/7th rounders, but the plan was: hopefully Finley comes back; then, Rodgers can hold down the fort; then, waste tons of money on FA. Mac needed one stud TE and a couple UDFA TEs & RBs; then they stopped reloading WR and even OL.
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