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  1. Aceinthehouse's one & only 1st rd mock:

    Giants will not pass up Josh Allen if hes there.
  2. Absolutely. 55,000+ yards over 350 tds 2 superbowls 2 superbowl mvps. No brainer
  3. Not first ballot but maybe second or third try. Not saying hes not worth it but receivers usually never go in the 1st try
  4. Should the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson?

    Not worth if for the giants. 4 young prospects for a over 30 qb. Rather go defense with those picks
  5. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    I watched haskins and mcsorley against each other and wow mcsorley can do anything. Draft him with the 3rd round and lets use the first 3 picks on defense and a tackle
  6. Decent draft for the giants. I like Lock better then haskins
  7. BrownLeader Annual 5 round warmup

    Not worth the giants trading a 2nd and a 3rd for haskins
  8. Nobody in the NFL throws a perfect pass. Nobody. If a reciever gets 2 hands on the ball its catchable. They teach you this from peewee all the way up. It was an awkward tackle the same awkwardness as L.T. and theismann. sucks but that's what it is.
  9. I gladly watched the play Odell was injured. Not only was it a great pass Odell got both hands on the ball dropped it before he was even hit. That's on Odell. Enough with the excuses bro. No play is perfect but that play shows exactly what I been saying. Watch the games watch the high lights watch whatever you want but eli wasnt the big problem
  10. That's like saying everytime eli gets sacked that's the receivers fault which it kinda is. I'm a Giants fan love my team til the day I die. Eli isnt perfect but when it was time to show up he as. Odell hasn't. Fact. Sorry that's a fact. It's hard to have a conversation with a Odell fan and not a football fan. Your not a giants fan. Sorry but you criticize eli every damn down. I dont blame Eli that Odell got hurt. Too many excuses for Odell but the FACT is Odell is gone eli is with the giants for atleast 1 more year. Win or lose
  11. Got Odell hurt LMFAO!!!!!!! kip I'm done talking with you lol. Now Eli got Odell hurt. Your just a Odell fan and that's fine. Enjoy watching him be the meme guy. I rather watch a team play and fight for the win. Funniest thing I heard Eli getting Odell hurt lol. WOW.
  12. I say look at the games. Facts are In the games. I actually said IMO so idk what your talking about. The proof will be in the game that's played. Watch the games and everything I have said is a fact. Maybe try not to be gullible about people and look at the body of work. Fact is Odell had a (quad strain) supposedly. Out 4 game foh. Believe in what you want idk fact is the real star is Barkley. Odell is old news. Next
  13. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock Giants Part 2

    Trade down and try for an extra 2nd rounder
  14. Just watch whatever you wanna watch. I go to football games. Average 4 a year. I see what's going on. I see Odell running around like a clown during commercials, I see receivers if they are open whether eli misses them or not. I also played the game for 10 years. Not NFL but all the way to college. I know the game. I know when someone is finished and I know when someone still can play. I see the numbers and I see alot of fraud people that dont know Jack. They criticize people when they show the facts and jump on whatever bandwagon there is. I am a Giants fan for life. At the end of the football season I will be right about everything I say. Giants are a better team then they were the last 2 years.