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  1. Mid-season extensions

    Leo and Enunwa are the two I envision getting extensions first. Leo’s will be a monster deal and Enunwa’s should be modest... Enunwa has become the primary option on offense so I expect that to get done. For the 2019 group: Robby will be a RFA so no rush there. I don’t think the Jets feel pressure at CB- they have high hopes for Robinson (who Bowles has stated became a “professional” this offseason) and their other young players, so Claiborne/Skrine will likely hit the open market. I think Henry Anderson will be a priority, but not until the offseason. They’ll look to bring back McLendon on a 1 year deal. They won’t bring back Pryor and Kearse- I think it really depends on what’s out on the open market/how the young guys develop. 2020 group: they may look to replace Beachum this offseason, and if they can’t still don’t expect he gets an extension in 2020. Lee will get the 5th year option if he keeps up his play. Shell has quietly played fairly well. I think they’ll seek to lock him up long-term this offseason if he keeps it up.
  2. Around The League

    I don’t think there is any reason to overpay for Fowler this year. He’ll be a FA and we’re in position to outbid everyone this offseason. The Jags are tight from a cap prospective and will have several other defenders they need to pay first. I’m waiting until the offseason- keep the picks unless you’re getting a proven superstar.
  3. Around The League

    Who's to say he's available? Likely will be as a FA, but he has a role on their defense short term
  4. Around The League

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jets-continue-search-for-impact-pass-rusher-would-have-topped-bears-offer-for-khalil-mack/ This was interesting. Pretty much confirms a lot of what we already know, but I think what's more clear is that the Jets will be in the market for any premier talent to improve the roster (see Josh Gordon interest).
  5. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    I don't know where he'll end up, but I think Arizona is by far the best situation for him. Fitzgerald and Rosen are two guys who seem to take mental health seriously, are very intelligent, and I think they'd be willing to "hold his hand" to ensure he's in a great place.
  6. Darron Lee another bad draft mistake

    Spot on- it’s been fair criticism. And as you alluded to, I saw a completely different player after the pick 6. He was the best player on the field from that point on. It’s as if a monkey had been lifted off his back. Lee is a smart guy. He’s got an edge to him. I think it’s meshing those qualities with confidence and instincts. That is exactly where having a guy like Adams is a blessing, as you said. I can care less that he’s a “safety”—he’s a playmaker who will impact this defense beyond measure over his career, not only with his own play but how he improves those around him.
  7. Darron Lee another bad draft mistake

    Everything has to be kept in prospective. Yes, he’s been bad. However, let’s not forget that he is still 23 years old. Let’s not forget how incredibly raw he was coming out of college. Do I think will become a top LB out of nowhere? No, but I do think we start seeing his play pay dividends this year. He’s the new-style LB who’s difficiencies against the run will be forgotten if he continues to make plays.
  8. Darron Lee another bad draft mistake

    PFF graded Lee as the best defensive player in the NFL this week, just above Khalil Mack with a 94.5 overall grade.
  9. Game 1, 2018: @ Detroit Lions [MNF]

    Obviously encouraged and it’s easy to get caught up basking in glory, but there were a lot of mistakes made on offense that need to be cleaned up. Having said that, our skill position players are vastly underrated. Enunwa/Robby/Pryor all bring different problems for a defense, making our primary receiver very much matchup-based, with Kearse being the “do all” guy. Same can be said for our TEs and RBs. The offense is going to be fun to watch.
  10. Game 1, 2018: @ Detroit Lions [MNF]

    If Lee can play at half the capacity he's been playing tonight, it's a HUGE boost to the defense.
  11. Game 1, 2018: @ Detroit Lions [MNF]

    Imagine if we had an edge rusher? Holy smokes.
  12. Darron Lee another bad draft mistake

    One pick six and all of a sudden Darron Lee has awoken
  13. Predict the 53 man roster

    I think he's going to be our top receiver this year, but we'll let him walk in FA. Just a hunch
  14. Who won the Khalil Mack trade?

    The Raiders have been ridiculed and Mack's performance last night is not helping, but this was a fair trade. Whether Raiders use those picks appropriately is TBD, but it's not like they got fleeced. Besides, people need to understand that Mark Davis was not liquid enough to put $90 million dollars in escrow. He's rich, but not enough to transfer those types of funds immediately.
  15. Overrated/Underrated Quarterbacks

    Let me be clear: when I'm saying a QB is overrated, I'm not saying they're bad. The timing of making this thread seems reactionary, but these have just been my thoughts. Ben is a great QB. He can still be great. I'm not letting one game change my judgement. What I'm saying is to remove his name and accomplishments and judge him based on the last 3-4 years. Is he really a better QB then Alex Smith, Matt Stafford, Jared, Goff, Kirk Cousins? I don't believe so. The same can be said for Cam. I think he's a phenomenal talent, but is he a top 10 QB the way he's touted to be? I'm not so sure. As for Watson- he's absolutely going to be good. But people are out here touting him to be the next great QB based on a small sample last year. There are some who have said he can be Aaron Rodgers level. Please. IMO, Mahomes and Trubisky may be better than Watson. The past 3 draft classes will go down to have been extremely QB-rich, but I'm not buying Watson being the best out of the crop.