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  1. The Development of Sam Darnold

    This was an overthrow, simple as that. The positive take: he threw it in a spot that couldn't result in a turnover, just a few inches too far
  2. The Development of Sam Darnold

    While I agree that the "killer instinct" is a real thing, I haven't seen a player that is 22 that already has it in the NFL... it usually takes years before that becomes a thing for a QB consistently. Sam shows confidence in his arm almost to a fault, but his biggest issue at this point seems to be that he lets poor play get to him. In NE, he had a bad start and you could clearly see it rattled him in that game and it carried over to Jacksonville. Some of Jacksonville carried over to Miami, and he finally broke out of it yesterday. He was confident, he was accurate, he made plays under duress, and he kept his eyes down field. The stats don't pop out, but when you consider the 4 drops and the 3 throw aways, his on-target percentage was 85%, with none of the incomplete passes being turnover-worthy. That's a pretty great number. I'm sure the mono didn't help, but I wouldn't go that far. The Patriots did what they do best: they studied Darnold's Dallas tape and saw a player who was willing to make throws off his back foot because he good. Their response to that: blitz. He's not developed enough how to respond to it and they were alert for his "YOLO" ball, so the Pats saw an opportunity to use one of his strengths against him. He'll learn from it (we're seeing it now; while Sam has been throwing off balance, the number of throws off his back foot have reduced tremendously). I don't care what the stats say, Sam is the furthest thing from Sanchez. Sanchez was a player who had the athletic ability, but didn't have the instincts or the rare arm talent; he and Mitch Trubisky are literally the same (albeit Trubisky has better coaching). Sam has the athletic ability, but also has rare arm talent and rare instincts. You can see that on the field. He needs to cut down his turnovers/bad decisions and become more consistent, but I think he'll end this year on a similar note like he did last year. Slowly his stats will improve and will look more acceptable by year's end, but I truly can care less about them: more important is what do our eyes tell us.
  3. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Current PFF grade is 52.1, which is below average. His overall grade in 2018 was 62.7, which is slightly above average. Unfortunately they don't provide weekly breakdowns, but I think he had a 68ish grade in week 1, and a slightly higher grade in week 6 vs DAL (low 70s). His grade against NE was one of the worst they ever issued, so it will weigh down his overall grade this year. The 4 point bump (he was 48.1 entering this game) indicates a pretty solid performance by their metric.
  4. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Here are all of his Total QBR numbers throughout his career (FWIW, 50.0 is considered average): Week 1 vs DET: 82.5 (6th) Week 2 vs MIA: 8.9 (32nd) Week 3 vs CLE: 35.8 (24th) Week 4 vs JAX: 17.3 (29th) Week 5 vs DEN: 48.4 (17th) Week 6 vs IND: 86.6 (6th) Week 7 vs MIN: 6.7 (27th) Week 8 vs CHI: 50.0 (19th) Week 9 vs MIA: 11.8 (26th) Week 14 vs BUF: 71.8 (5th) Week 15 vs HOU: 85.6 (1st) Week 16 vs GB: 78.6 (12th) Week 17 vs NE: 71.6 (11th) Week 1 vs BUF: 34.4 (23rd) Week 6 vs DAL: 72.7 (6th) Week 7 vs NE: 1.6 (27th) Week 8 vs JAX: 18.5 (28th) Week 9 vs MIA: 59.7 (13th) Week 10 vs NYG: 73.2 (8th) So in 19 career games he's had 7 stellar performances (green), 3 average/slightly above/slightly below performances (blue), 2 poor performances, and 6 horrible performances per their metric. He's the second youngest starting QB in the NFL, so the up-and-down nature of his career should be expected and reflects what we've seen on the field. What's weird about Darnold is that he's very rhythmic. When he's good he's good, when he's bad he's bad - there's little in-between.
  5. The Development of Sam Darnold

    I think Daniel Jeremiah put it best: It reminds me of Romo and Rodgers. They had constantly been in chaotic situations early in their careers and you saw both good and bad come of that. As they got older and their lines stabilized, they became more of a decisive pocket passers, but their success rate in those chaotic plays rose. Those situations can’t be replicated in practice, just as Darnold’s raw ability to perform in those situations can’t be coached. The more situations he’s in like these, the better he will see the field on the next one. He just needs to do his best to avoid big hits.
  6. The Development of Sam Darnold

    For those who are interested in QBR, Sam's week-to-week Total QBR throughout 2019 below Week 1 vs BUF: 34.4 (23rd) Week 6 vs DAL: 72.7 (6th) Week 7 vs NE: 1.6 (27th) Week 8 vs JAX: 18.5 (28th) Week 9 vs MIA: 59.7 (13th) Week 10 vs NYG: 73.2 (8th) Interestingly, their metric suggests that Sam had his best game of the season yesterday. Stats never tell the whole story - and that includes advanced analytics, but I had been suspecting that Sam's breakout was looming for a number of reasons: Defenses are getting softer and he's slowly climbing his way back into rhythm after hitting rock bottom against the Patriots. It's one of those instances where raw stats, advanced analytics, and the eye-test support that. He's learning more on each snap he plays. Yesterday you saw a player who was more situationally aware when he can throw a "YOLO" ball and when to take the sack/throw it away. The fact that he didn't throw any turnover-worthy balls yesterday was an important step in his development, and the offense is coming more fluently to him. When he's playing confident, he can make any throw. Last year he was in a similar mid-season funk, but when he returned from injury he was special. His first game back wasn't an eye-opener statistically, but he received high marks in Total QBR for his efficiency. He went on to have a dominant final quarter of the season. Things I want to see going forward: More hurry-up. He's clearly much more comfortable in a fast-paced offense. More designed roll-outs. Adam Gase does not call them enough IMO. Washington's defense is better than their record suggests, so it will be telling to see how he plays in that game. Thereafter, I think we'll see a 2018 GB-like performance against either Oakland or Cincinnati.
  7. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Figured the most important topic of the season required its own thread. Please feel free to discuss anything and everything related to Sam Darnold in here.
  8. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    Agreed- but what I mean is that from an athletic and raw ability standpoint, he looks better than everyone we have despite it being a small sample size. What I liked about Hairston (and I’m sure many Jets fans will agree) was his aggressiveness and tackling. If the play is in front of him he has looked good, but his lack of speed hinders him... he’d fair much better in the slot.
  9. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    I really hope the coaches don’t get cute and put Austin on the bench once Roberts comes back. He’s easily the most talented player out of that group and it’s not close.
  10. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    I don't really know what you're disagreeing with.
  11. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    Their defense has been much more competitive of late. I think they're going to win at least 4 games this year. Question becomes whether they mortgage all that draft capital to move up for a QB, or trade for Cam Newton...
  12. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    Our DL is in really good shape for the next few years. Williams, Fatukasi, Shepherd, and Phillips all under contract cheaply for the next few years. Just need to add one more EDGE (and re-sign Jenkins)
  13. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    He made a few incredible plays that may not show up on the stat sheet but were major impact plays. I saw him drive Will Hernandez back like 5 yards on one play
  14. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    Adams and Fatukasi were lights out. No new news: our cornerback and offensive line groups are atrocious. Glad Darnold had a clean game- his breakout is looming.
  15. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    Refs totally missed a delay of game (ended up DPI) and that false start. Horrifying.