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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I'm happy we brought back Powell to compete. Personally, I'm getting rid of Cannon/trying to stash him on the PS and rolling out all four of Bell-Powell-Montgomery-McGuire on game days. Look at the Patriots offense last year and how they utilized their backs; that's what I want to see. I think it's very important we manage Bell's reps to get the most out of him not only this year, but next year as well. If I'm the Jets, I want to run him into the ground in 2020 with the intent of making a super bowl run. Need him to stay fresh and healthy this year, then use next offseason to bolster the OL and add some talent at receiver.
  2. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    According to Dave Portnoy, Douglas will hire Todd McShay to be his Vice President of Player Personnel
  3. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Reports are that Trent Williams won't report to the Redskins and has requested to be traded/released. I'm a fan of Beachum, but he's not even in the same stratosphere as Williams. He'll be 31 in July so he's not a long-term answer and hasn't played a full season since 2013, but the Jets need to at least test the waters on this one; he could be a huge boost to the offensive line and help the team win during Darnold's contractual window (before he becomes expensive). Wonder if they would consider a swap for Beachum and draft pick compensation.
  4. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    We've been trying to get him since Mike T was fired. Each time he declined an interview. Interested to see if he accepts this time around
  5. #JetsNewUnis

    Helmets have really grown on me. Seeing some of the pictures in practice, they're going to pop on game days
  6. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Based on Gase's press conference, he seemed to confirm that he disagreed on the price tag Le'Veon Bell, but he flatly denied that he felt the same way about Mosley. Said "I took a paycut to get him... we did everything in our power to get him"
  7. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    No matter how you slice it, this still isn't a great situation for the Jets. Unlike Miami Gase, who was pretty much average, I feel New York Gase will be a superstar or colossal failure - which is why I'd rather see the Jets create a power structure that Gase will get behind and feel comfortable in. No matter what Gase says to the media, he's already won the power battle. The second they hire a GM, Gase will be his boss- officially or unofficially. The one way to avoid that? Change the reporting mechanism. In my opinion, the best possible outcome would be hiring Peyton Manning to be the "Executive Vice President of Football Operations", with Joe Douglas hired to be the GM - with both the HC and GM independently reporting to Peyton instead of Chris. Peyton, then, would be the sole figure reporting to ownership. Hiring Peyton is a move that - in my opinion - would bring credibility back to the franchise. It also would bring stability, as many fear that Woody can take the team back over in 2 years and throw a wrench into everything. Peyton is the kind of name that Woody would be on board with, and he'd likely demand a contract length of at least 5 years, shielding him and his staff from such a situation. Also, he'd be the perfect intermediary between Gase and Douglas. Manning isn't the type to play favorites; he's smart, detailed, and ultimately will break the tie in the favor of what he thinks and feels is the best path to help the team win. Not to mention, Peyton the Exec would be such a valuable resource for Darnold; some may understate it and point to how Peyton never "successfully" helped a young QB develop on his watch, but Peyton the player had no interest in coaching up an understudy the way he would as an executive; if Darnold's successful, Peyton's successful. It feels like a pipe-dream, but I'm holding out hope this will be what happens.
  8. Lee traded to K.C

    I wonder if we see a flurry of moves now that Gase is in control. Free agents, trades, etc. Keep an eye on Henry Anderson. The Jets can trade him and experience zero dead money.
  9. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Glad Le'Veon has taken the high road despite reports of Gase didn't want to pay him what we did. However, Gase now needs to do damage control, which kind of scares me.
  10. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Joe Douglas all but certain. The Jets will have to interview a minority candidate to satisfy the Rooney Rule, but it’s going to happen. The more interesting question is whether or not Jeremiah joins him as the VP of Player Personnel
  11. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Gase won the power struggle without winning a game. Kudos to him, but man this is a puzzling development. I guess get a head start on scouting for 2020? Either way, CJ has made it abundantly clear that this is Gase’s organization, regardless who is hired to be “GM”.
  12. 2020 Draft Prospects

    The Jets will select DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama at some point early in next years draft (round 1-2); book it.
  13. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Wonder what's going on with Nick Perry. Dolphins are the only team I've seen interested, but I'd think he'd attract more interest from teams looking to win now. While injury prone, he's only 29 and was fairly productive in 2016-17. Seems like a perfect candidate for a 1 year deal with per-game roster bonuses
  14. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Both of which would've been horrible picks. Beasley's career path in ATL is a macro-cosm of who he is and always was as a player: a one-trick pony. Todd Gurley, albeit talented and one of my favorite RBs in the NFL, is already showing signs of decline due to wear and tear and a degenerative knee. Leo was the best pick the Jets could've made. Only 24 with plenty left ahead of him, he'll ultimately have the most consistent career of all the players drafted in the top 10, and still very possibly the best.
  15. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2019 - Cardinals at 1

    Pretty much spot on with your Jets analysis. I think their best picks were Williams, Edoga, and Wesco. Edoga and Wesco are sneaky good picks; they should do well in their roles and as you alluded to, will help the offense in a number of ways. I want to like Polite more, and I get why they took the risk, but he needs to prove it to me. I really hope that he is a better athlete than his tests indicated and that the hamstring was a real issue. While there were other directions I would’ve gone with the last two picks, I can’t fault them for trying to swing for the fences by taking two oft-injured players with good tape and potential. Cashman could be a steal if he stays healthy.