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  1. Senior Bowl

    I think he'll be this year's Terry McLaurin in the sense that he really puts himself on the map at the Senior Bowl. Older prospect who was under-utilized in college but very pro-ready. Pro-comp: Nate Burleson?
  2. 2019/2020 Offseason

    Daniel Jeremiah posted his first mock today. He had 4 OL going in the top 10 (Mekhi Becton his top tackle coming off the board at #4), with the Jets passing on Lamb/Jeudy for EDGE rusher K'Lavon Chaisson. It's way too early to overanalyze, but worth noting as he's close with Joe Douglas and has been emphatic in saying that the Jets will not take a wide receiver in round 1, rather opt to take a player who impacts the LOS whether that be an OL or a pass rusher. FWIW, last time 4 OL went in the top 10 was in 2013 (no QB in the top 15 picks that year), so I think that one of them will be there for the Jets come draft day after free agency, trades, etc. Personally, I think the Jets will look to trade down if something like this unfolded as the Colts could look to jump LV for Love / DEN, MIA, PHI, BUF could all look to add one of the top WRs in the class.
  3. A few notes: I think the Jets will LOVE WR Van Jefferson, but ultimately, he's going to go between the Jets Round 3 picks after a huge senior bowl week. He's literally Terry McLaurin 2.0. I also expect them to be strongly connected to Michigan OL Jon Runyan Jr, but you can only spend so many picks on OL. At the end of the day, Jets have to be happy with their first 4 picks, even if there were some players they had hoped to land didn't make it to them. I don't think the Jets will feel fulfilled at the CB and EDGE positions, but the GM would tell you that this is a process. His main priority - meaning immediately - is to build around Sam Darnold, and that will mean heavily investing both money and draft picks in the offense. Ideally Bless Austin will take a step in his development so the Jets can run out he/Jimmy Smith/Pool for the year, with the others competing for spots in the pecking order. Similarly, the Jets won't have much change at EDGE other than the addition of Robinson, so they're expecting Phillips and Bashem to pick up where they left off, as well as some of the depth guys (i.e. Willis, John Franklin-Myers) to make an impact. It's entirely possible the Jets make trades in Training Camp to address some of their weak spots. We were one of the more active teams leading up to the season, and it wouldn't shock me if the Jets made a trade for a player like Leonard Floyd if Douglas felt he was a missing piece. Also might be the time we see a Le'Veon Bell trade, given that the Jets will have paid his bonus money and teams may re-consider if they experience injury at the position.
  5. Final Record: 7-9 Expiring Contracts LB Jordan Jenkins – 4 years, $52 million CB Brian Poole – 4 years, $25 million LT Kelvin Beachum - 2 year, $16 million LG Alex Lewis – 2 years, $12 million WR Demaryius Thomas – 1 year, $2.45 million QB Trevor Siemian – 1 year, $2.45 million QB Maurice Canady – 1 year, $2 million OL Tom Compton – 1 year, $1.5 million P Lachlan Edwards – 1 year, $1.5 million LB Albert McClellan – 1 year, $950,000 QB David Fales – 1 year, $950,000 TE Daniel Brown – 1 year, $850,000 LB James Burgess – RFA – original round tender CB Arthur Maulet – RFA – original round tender WR Jeff Smith – ERFA LB James Burgess – ERFA DB Bennett Jackson – ERFA OL Leo Koloamatangi – ERFA K Sam Ficken – ERFA WR Robby Anderson RT Brandon Shell C Ryan Kalil LB Neville Hewitt LB Brandon Copeland S Rontez Miles RB Ty Montgomery OT Brent Qvale RB Bilal Powell WR Josh Malone Released CB Trumaine Johnson ($11m savings) June-1 Cut RG Brian Winters ($7.5m savings) CB Daryl Roberts ($6m savings) WR Josh Bellamy ($2.25m savings) Restructured WR Jamison Crowder ($3.5m savings) DL Henry Anderson (convert $3.5m salary into guaranteed roster bonus) Recap: The Jets are looking to totally rebuild and reload their OL, WR, and CB units, which shouldn’t be a surprise. The only returning opening day starter from 2019 is Beachum, who re-signs on a one year deal with an option masquerading as a two-year deal. Both perimeter starting corners will also see their contracts terminated. I think the team wants Robby back, but not at the price he’ll receive on the open market. The rest of their moves are fairly procedural: they’ll bring back Pool, who became one of the best slot corners in the NFL under Gregg Williams, they’ll re-sign Alex Lewis on a heavily incentivized deal, they’ll re-sign DT to be the 4th or 5th option in their passing game and the leader of the WR room, and they’ll re-up a number of their backups. As far as cuts go, I think Avery Williamson will be back (with Hewitt and Copeland moving on), and I think they’ll restructure Henry Anderson’s contracts to allow for it to be more trade-able, essentially serving as a salary dump. A few things to keep in mind for player evaluation: The Jets will become a need-based drafting team. This is something that scares me a little, but it is the reality of the situation. In every stop Douglas has been in, those teams drafted need over BPA. Many times, those teams will even stack their needs and draft two, if not three, players at a position in a single draft. The reason why his teams have been need-based drafting will be explained a little more below, but just have to keep in mind that this style can lead to a higher bust rate in round 1. This time, the Jets really will create a pipeline. Specifically for OL. Maccagnan preached it but never executed it. Douglas, on the other hand, was intimately involved with teams who have drafted at least one OL or DE in every single draft dating back to 2000. In fact, Baltimore selected an OL in all but one draft during Douglas’s 15 year stint with the organization, Chicago drafted one in his only draft with the team, and Philadelphia did in 2-of-3 drafts. Again, Douglas is an OL by nature and has risen to the top of the league due to his ability to evaluate offensive linemen. You can be sure that he’ll be selecting at least one every year, with sights on stockpiling and developing them the way Baltimore has since their inception. Rex Ryan isn’t the only Jets head coach with a foot-fetish… Jokes aside, one of Gase’s more positive traits is his ability to identify talent, and the primary attribute he focuses on is footwork. On the offensive side of the ball, it doesn’t matter if it’s an OL, WR, TE, RB, or QB, you’ll always hear Adam refer to clean footwork and fast feet as primary evaluation tools. He cited such for “his guys” after they were acquired via free agency (Jamison Crowder) and the draft (Chuma Edoga), with it being a popular phrase used to evaluate Darnold’s performances throughout the year. It seemed to have been a popular theme in Miami as well. And he’s not the only one… One thing we know that Douglas and Gase agree on is their evaluation of offensive line prospects. Every scout, coach, executive has certain things they emphasize most - a trait to build off of so to speak - and they both prioritize FEET. I’ve covered Gase’s affinity for footwork and lower half athleticism at the position, but how about the guy who actually makes the final decision? It’s no secret that Douglas was the expert in the building when it came to scouting offensive lineman throughout his time in Baltimore (he would sign-off on the prospect rankings once Ozzie and DeCosta put together their final rankings and was also credited with uncovering Marshal Yanda), and one should presume the same during his time with CHI/PHI as well. When you look at Douglas’s history in the last decade alone, he too has placed a premium on big men with foot quickness, balance, and lower-half flexibility. Andre Dillard (PHI-2019), Matt Pryor (PHI-2018), Jordan Mailata (PHI-2018), Cody Whitehair (CHI-2016), John Urschel (BAL-2014), Ricky Wagner (BAL-2013), Ryan Jensen (BAL-2013), Kelechi Osemele (BAL-2012), Gino Gradkowski (BAL-2012), Jah Reid (BAL-2011), Ramon Harewood (BAL-2010), and Michael Oher (BAL-2009) all had one thing in common: foot quickness and athleticism. WHO CARES ABOUT POSITION LABELS! In furtherance of our discussion about how both Douglas and Gase evaluate offensive linemen, keep in mind that both of them can give a damn what a player’s position was in college, specifically when it comes to the offensive line. Instead, they focus on how versatility the linemen are and what their skill set allows for them to be at the NFL level. Yanda, Oher, Osemele, Jensen, Wagner, Whitehair, and Pryor were all LTs who either moved to RT, G, or C in the pros. Gase has played traditional LTs at G or at RT. Bottom line: the position they played in college means very little in the big picture; ultimately, both want to find guys who fit certain roles within the scheme regardless of position. Look for players who are technically sound and tough, even if that means sacrificing upside, for the sake of building a "chippiness" culture. While Maccagnan and Joe Douglas both placed a similar emphasis on collecting leaders, Douglas is a lot more committed to that creed. Maccagnan would try to leverage high character picks with lower character/upside guys, but you won’t see that with Douglas running the show. He’s going to draft football players, and that won’t always mean the youngest guy or the guy with the most upside in the draft, which is what Maccagnan seemed to look for. Instead, Douglas is a much safer drafter who prioritizes using draft picks as a means to building a team and a culture - you don’t have to hit every pick out of the park, but chances are, if you collect a lot of good hard working football players, you’ll build a good football team even if they’re not all making a significant impact on the field. FREE AGENCY New York Jets sign former Washington Redskins RG Brandon Scherff Terms: 5 years, $72,500,000 Joe Douglas’ mission since arriving here was to emphasize the line of scrimmage, and he’ll make it a priority throughout his first full offseason as the Jets GM. For a long time I thought Scherff would be slapped with the franchise tag, but now that the team appears to be headed in a new direction with Trent Williams more willing to return on a new deal with Bruce Allen gone, it wouldn’t shock me if they moved on from Scherff to reallocate resources elsewhere, especially considering that they have high hopes for both Ereck Flowers and Wes Martin at the guard spots (remember, Ron Rivera had a lot of say in CAR personnel when Gettleman was fired, and he let Norwell walk). Furthermore, Scherff is represented by Neil Cornrich, who happens to also represent Marshal Yanda. In 2007, Joe Douglas was "the guy" when it came to scouting the OL for the Ravens. He advocated for Yanda in the 3rd round, which naturally led to a lot of positive for everyone around. Fast-forward to 2020, where Douglas is now running his own team. Douglas has had plenty of opportunities to scout Scherff as VP Player Personnel with the Eagles. Obviously these are just a few scenarios and links, but when you factor in how desperate we are for OL, and our pursuit of Zack Martin (RG), it would seem Scherff fits the billing as arguably the best OL who should hit the market. Although Scherff scares me - there’s a lot of bust potential there - I feel Joe Douglas is hellbent on making a signature addition to the offensive line kind of the way he did by signing Ryan Kalil, and Scherff would provide that. At 28 years old, he has plenty of good years left, but the Jets will have to work overtime in order to make sure they can keep him healthy (has missed 15 games in the last 3 seasons). New York Jets sign former Detroit Lions OL Graham Glasgow Terms: 4 years, $52,500,000 The Jets went big-game hunting to start free agency by adding Brandon Scherff, and they will follow that up by signing Glasgow to be their new center. Glasgow has been effective since entering the league as a 3rd round pick, but Detroit never truly allowed him to settle in one position. However, the silver lining is that Glasgow offers significant position flexibility as a C/LG/RG being that he’s started full seasons at each position and also rotated throughout this season. He has made it clear that he intends to test the open market, stating he wants to feel “wanted”, and I’m guessing Joe Douglas will fulfill that request by making him one of the highest paid center’s (and 7th highest paid interior OL) in the league. Another positive takeaway from this signing is that it allows the Jets to be flexible with their offensive line given Glasgow’s interchangeability. Glasgow embodies everything the Jets are looking for in a player, but I’d be naive to say that these numbers wouldn’t concern me as a fan. That said, but I think Joe Douglas understands that you can’t let years 3-5 of a contract deter you when signing a player considering the constant inflation of the salary cap. Howie Roseman has maneuvered the changes to the NFL cap structure better than anyone, largely because of his willingness to give out long-term deals with the foresight that the cap would continue to rise. Oh, and if you’re the dot-connecting type as I am, keep in mind that Jets RB coach/offensive strategist Jim Bob Cooter was his offensive coordinator in Detroit from 2016-2018. New York Jets sign former Baltimore Ravens CB Jimmy Smith Terms: 2 years, $10 million I know a lot of Jets fans will want the Jets to shoot higher, but when tracking Joe Douglas’s stops as an executive, those organizations seem to be rather averse to signing cornerbacks to big money contracts, especially in free agency. Instead, I think he will work the draft and deeper free agent market to build depth at the position, which actually has some players the Jets really like, while adding a savvy veteran like Jimmy Smith, whom he has ties with dating back to his days with Baltimore. Smith should have no problems winning a starting nod in New York. New York Jets sign former Tennessee Titans WR Tajae Sharpe Terms: 2 years, $9,500,000 It's not the name that Jets fans will want to see as Robby Anderson’s replacement, but it’s the one I’ll continue to link to the Jets until it doesn’t happen. Tajae Sharpe is a great match for Adam Gase’s offense; he’s a crisp route runner due to his superb footwork and flexibility. He has good size, very good hands, is known as a player who prefers to be coached hard and has a very good football IQ. He’s been buried on the depth chart in TEN, operating as the 5th option in the passing game behind AJ Brown, Corey Davis, Adam Humphries, and Jonnu Smith on a team that prioritizes running the football. Originally from Newark, NJ, I think he’ll be eager to return home and play for coach Gase, who will respect his traits far more than Tennessee did. He so closely resembles Stevie Johnson as a player, just needs an opportunity to show that he can produce in an offense that fits his skill set. New York Jets sign former Philadelphia Eagles CB Ronald Darby Terms: 1 year, $4 million Darby, the former Buffalo Bills corner who Joe Douglas pushed to trade for in 2017. Darby couldn’t rid himself of the injury bug throughout his time in PHI, only appearing in 28 games across 3 seasons, and played poorly in 2019. The Jets are hoping Gregg Williams and his staff can revitalize Darby’s once promising career, but he’ll have to settle for another 1 year deal, which seems to be a theme with young, talented CBs who have played average ball (see Claiborne, Breeland). New York Jets sign former Philadelphia Eagles RB Jordan Howard Terms: 1 years, $4 million Philadelphia The Philadelphia pipeline continues with Howard, the former Chicago Bears running back who Joe Douglas pushed to trade for in 2019. This will fuel a lot of Le’Veon Bell trade rumors, but I don’t think he will be traded, at least prior to camp. I think the Jets will absolutely try to use Le’Veon more as a receiver in 2020 if he does return, which will have Howard taking on the Bilal Powell role. Howard couldn’t rid himself of the injury bug throughout his time in PHI, but was effective when he was on the field. The Jets won’t ask much of Howard: he’ll be a committee back in their backfield, but has himself a prime opportunity to own his role with the NYJ if the team opts to trade Le’Veon prior to the season. New York Jets sign former Indianapolis Colts S Clayton Geathers Terms: 1 year, $3.5 million Unless you're an elite safety, you’re pretty much going to have a hard time getting paid on the open market, hence why Clayton Geathers will have to settle for a lesser salary as a 3rd safety; the supply simply does not match the demand. Geathers is more talented than the reserves we’ve had, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he actually got some playing time in subpackages as a slot rusher and SS/LB. He has crossed paths with Jets assistant GM Rex Hogan. The New York Jets trade Henry Anderson to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2022 conditional 7th round pick Not much to discuss here - the Jets send back Anderson to the team that drafted him for nothing. Conditions would include a Pro Bowl appearance and that the Colts keep him throughout the expiration of his contract. FREE AGENCY RECAP “Connecting the dots” can seem like overkill, but hear me out: when JD arrived in Philadelphia, the team added a bunch of former Ravens/Bears that he crossed paths with: Chris Givens (2016), Alshon Jeffery (2017), Timmy Jernigan (2017), Haloti Ngata (2018), LaRoy Reynolds (2018), Kamar Aiken (2018), DeAndre Carter (2018), and Jordan Howard (2019). Since joining the Jets, this trend continued: he picked up Godwin Igwebuike and Alex Brown (PHI) off waivers, traded for Alex Lewis (BAL), signed Marcus Cooper (CHI), signed Albert McClellan (BAL), signed Quincy Adeboyejo (BAL), claimed Bennett Jackson (BAL) off waivers, signed Blake Countess (PHI), signed BJ Bello (PHI), signed Paul Worrilow (PHI), claimed Maurice Canady (BAL) off waivers, and signed Kenneth Dixon (BAL). We also saw the Jets bring in former Colts who assistant GM Rex Hogan had familiarity with. I think you’ll see this trend continue, as he tries to fill the roster with players he’s come accustomed to in addition to players who were opponents that he immensely respects. Smith (BAL), Darby (PHI), Howard (CHI/PHI) and Geathers (IND) all fit that billing. As far as need filling: obviously the Jets made two major investments in the OL - that’s going to happen regardless. As far as their approach to WR, again, I think it’s all about understanding the big picture. As an executive, you only have so much money you can spend, and when you enter into a draft that is arguably the best receiver class ever, you’re going to use those free agency dollars on positions of scarcity. This year’s draft class isn’t that great at LB/EDGE, hence why I see them funneling those resources into Leonard Floyd and the DBs. The expectation should be that the Jets go heavy on offense this year. 2020 NFL DRAFT Day 1 1. CIN: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU 2. WAS: Chase Young, DE, OSU TRADE: DET sends 1(3) and 2021 3rd round pick to LAC for 1(6), 2(37), and 2021 1st round pick 3. LAC: Tua Tagovalioa, QB, Alabama 4. NYG: Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson 5. MIA: Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon 6. DET: Jeffrey Okudah, CB, OSU 7. CAR: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn 8. ARI: Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville 9. JAX: Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina 10. CLE: Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama Recapping the top 10: The first big shocker is Tua to the Chargers, which I will explain. I know everyone and their mother has Miami taking him at 5 (or via trade up themselves), but I think the Chargers are the cheaper, more desperate organization who will agree to this deal far before the draft, much like the Jets did in 2018. Daniel Jeremiah, who is employed by the Chargers as a play-by-play analyst, has gone on record stating he believes that either Brady or Taylor/Tua will be QBing the team next year. I don’t have enough balls to put Brady to the Chargers just yet, and I think Rivers is moving on, hence why I see them opting to make a big play for Tua in the draft. They're historically a cheap ownership group so I don’t see a move for another veteran QB other than Brady, as he is the only veteran out there capable of selling their PSLs. The next best thing? Draft the shiny new “hometown-ish” QB in Tua. The team is high on backup QB Tyrod Taylor as a bridge, so Tua will have time if he needs it, but in the end the Chargers accomplish making a splash without having to dish out too many guaranteed dollars while the rookie wage scale remains in place, as it's rumored to be undergoing significant changes under the new CBA. Miami has all the draft capital in the world, but I think they have something for Herbert and may even prefer him over Tua given his durability issues, so they won’t feel compelled to move up. Besides, Herbert is the perfect QB for new OC Chan Gailey’s system, and his skill set is exactly what the respected coach prefers, so keep an eye on that pairing. As far as the rest of the top 10, this draft is extremely top heavy when it comes to tackles and we’re finally seeing the media catch up to what NFL circles are thinking: you have 4 truly elite OL prospects in this draft. As a result, you’re seeing many mock drafts with 4 of them going in the top 10, but don’t be fooled: that will not happen on draft day. Free agency still needs to happen, and there’s bound to be at least one or two teams who throw a curveball on draft day. In this case, I have that one team being the New York Giants. Dave Gettleman hasn’t been with an NFL team that has drafted an Offensive Lineman in round 1 since 1999, when the Giants drafted Lucas Petitgout with the 19th pick. Instead, Gettleman has always placed a premium on athletic freaks in round 1 - usually defenders, WRs, or RBs - while relying on his uncanny ability to find effective offensive linemen later in drafts or in free agency. Simmons is exactly the type of player Gettleman falls in love with; he’s a do-all player who you just let go out and play football, not so different from recent draft studs Saquon Barkley (2018), Christian McCaffery (2017), and Shaq Thompson (2015). For all the criticism Gettleman gets, he’s an elite scout and there truly is a method to his madness, even if it’s a bit outdated. Even if we were to assume that 3 OTs go in the top 10, I’d still foresee a scenario where the Jets come away with the 4th either at 11 or 13. The last time - and only time since 1985 - over 4 OL went in the top 10 was in 2013, when 3 Ts and 2 Gs went in the top 10 (also 11th). However, that was also the last time a QB wasn’t drafted in the top 4 picks (and only time since 2000), which helps explain why 3 OL and a DE went top 4 (all premium positions outside of QB). TRADE: the New York Jets send their 1st round pick (#11 overall) to the Indianapolis Colts for their 1st round pick (#13), 4th round pick (#119), and 5th round pick (#160) Douglas has made it clear that he’ll always listen if teams call. Baltimore was always one of those teams that strategically traded down throughout Ozzie Newsome’s tenure (see Jimmy Smith as the most famous example), and with the amount of times Douglas has referred back to those days you have to consider that he’ll take the same approach unless there’s a prospect available he feels he cannot pass on. Being said, the Jets have a lot of relationships in the Colts front office, and they will be looking to jump the Raiders out of fear that Gruden will take Jordan Love at 12. Other teams later in the round will call - most notably the Eagles - but the Jets are in a position where their top OL is still on the board. They can conceivably move down 2 spots and still get their man while acquiring an additional mid-round draft picks. With the 13th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select… Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Tackle, Iowa Player Comparison: Zack Martin I think it's entirely possible that Wirfs is the top OL off the board, but in this scenario I have Wills and Becton (who teams are going to fall in love with) coming off ahead of him. Fans will be antsy here with Andrew Thomas available, but I don’t think the NFL GMs will be as high on him as DraftTwitter is… he’s certainly a very good offensive tackle, but I think he’s going to fall further than people think, similarly to how Cam Robinson and Jawaan Taylor did in 2018 and 2019 as he lacks elite fundamentals and has shown a resistance to correcting his unorthodox footwork and technique. Besides, keep an eye out to see if Wirfs hires Neil Cornrich; if he does, you can bet there will be some wink-winking between JD and the agent, who also happens to represent free agency signee Brandon Scherff. Why is that important? Many agents want to get the biggest bite out of the apple and they’re always planning ahead by leveraging their free agent clients as a means to set floors for their draftee clients (if X falls to our pick, we’ll take him). Furthermore, when you consider the depth of this class, you’ll see teams become more comfortable waiting to address the position as we near closer to draft day. Wirfs is one of the best athletes in the draft, has position versatility, and will have a lot of clout within front offices and the scouting community given the school he went to. He’s extremely light on his feet, has good length and good hip flection. His play strength is out of control at times, so he needs to work on maintaining his balance. Although there’s still room to figure out exactly where he’s best fit, you can be sure that he’s a safe player who has the ability to be an All-Pro OL. Perhaps unpopularity, I don’t think the Jets will use Wirfs at LT, instead, he will either play LG or RT to begin his career with a possibility of shifting to the left side down the road, but as the game has evolved, teams are learning to build their scheme around elite OL regardless where they are lined up, and I think Gase will be a huge fan of slotting Wirfs at LG because of how dynamic he can be as a pulling G in the run game and the kind of impact he can make blocking stunting pass rushers, allowing the tackle to simply focus on winning their one-on-ones. To provide a specific example, too many times we saw edges get free rushes at Darnold in 2019, largely because the protection called for the LT/RT to have double duty to make sure that the rush didn’t come from the inside, which left Le’Veon Bell in the backfield trying to block both a blitzing defender and an edge rusher. By bulking up the interior, you totally eliminate this problem. Now, the Jets offensive line overhaul appears complete, with Wirfs, Scherff, Glasgow, and Beachum likely occupying 4-of-5 with a direct competition between Edoga and Lewis for the final starting spot. Keep in mind that Gase has traditionally been more libral in his line combinations, not afraid to put natural tackles at guard or to switch a traditional LT to the right side, so there are a number of different combinations that will be on the table throughout training camp - including Edoga or Beachum at LG. Ultimately, the Jets will seek to start the best 5 regardless of position, and that’s the correct approach for them to take. Day 2 With the 48th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select… Jauan Jennings, Wide Receiver, Tennessee Player Comparison: Corey Davis-Brandon Marshall Jennings is by far the most interesting prospect I’ve reviewed in this entire class. He’s a 6’3, 206 lb receiver who plays like a linebacker. On the surface, many will point to a lack of production with his character issues and immediately disregard him as a fit for the Jets culture, but you have to search deeper than that to understand why he is just the perfect fit for this organization. Jennings was recruited to play QB, but was converted into a WR during his freshman year. He’s an ultra-alpha competitor, and it shows both on and off the field. It took Jennings until his junior year to truly feel at home at WR, but I’m confident had he been playing for a team with better QB play over the past two seasons, he’d be spoken of as one of the top 5 WRs in this class. Jennings is a YAC demon, routinely gaining extra yardage in a variety of ways. He’s a good route runner with tremendous athleticism and is avid at high-pointing and catching the football with his hands as opposed to body catching. He plays with the biggest chip on his shoulder that I’ve ever seen… he’s only scratching the surface of what he’s capable of doing. He has unique play strength but also flexible hips and terrific elusiveness for a man his size, which reminds me a lot of Brandon Marshall. He’s not as big as Marshall, but the way they play the game is so similar. Unfortunately, he has a lot of Marshall’s persona off the field too. His attitude has boiled over too many times - he was dismissed from the program temporarily for constantly challenging the coaching staff and criticizing Tennessee for holding him out due to a wrist injury that he wanted to play through, and earlier this year he was suspended for stomping on a Vanderbilt player. In High School, he had documented run-ins with his basketball coach, and quit the team out of refusal to run sprints outdoors prior to their championship game. By all accounts he seems like a smart guy, but there’s definitely that Vontez Burfict gene in him that coaches will have to monitor. Some have taken this to be a positive, with Senior Bowl director Jim Nagy calling him “truly, truly unique… wired mentally with a real competitive edge. Will bring a tone-setter attitude and play tough in the middle of the field… get the ball in his hands, he’s a junkyard dog… he’s different than anyone else in this draft.” When you read this, keep in mind that the Jets are filled with borderline psychotic competitive SOBs/mega alpha personalities whether its Adam Gase (who in fact is a receiver’s coach by nature) or Gregg Williams or Jamal Adams… the Jets embrace that attitude and seek to build their culture around that mentality, but it will be up to the staff to keep him in check and channel that competitiveness and passion into his play on the field only. I have a good feeling that Jennings will ascend to WR1 sooner rather than later, but the fact that he can be a core special teamer immediately will really have the coaches pushing for him on draft day. With the 68th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select… Robert Hunt, Offensive Line, Louisiana-Lafayette Player Comparison: Will Hernandez-Kelechi Osemele Douglas continues to pile resources into the offensive line, to all of New York’s delight, now investing another asset into the unit. Shout-out to Dane Brugler for linking this prospect to the Jets in his most recent mock draft, but I have him going in round 3 considering he has been dealing with injury and won’t be able to play participate in the Senior Bowl, which will give other prospects the opportunity to jump ahead of him. The Louisiana Rajun’ Cajun’ is what Dave Gettleman would call a “hog molly”; he’s the nastiest linemen in this year’s class and it’s not very close in my opinion. He played RT at college - which I think he’s absolutely capable of playing in the pros - but much like Wirfs he can be a top tier interior lineman as well. Although I think there’s more positional versatility as a G/RT, he gives me vibes of current Giants’ LG Will Hernandez, but unlike Hernandez, Hunt has more work to do fundamentally and mechanically. With that said, he has naturally quick feet, suggesting that he should be able to clean up the mechanics, and is well versed in the ZBS. Ideally, the Jets will want their OL-of-the-future to look something like Edoga-Wirfs-Glasgow-Scherff-Hunt, but the beautiful thing that they have built is versatility. My guess is Hunt will be included in the competition at either LG or RT, but in all likelihood he’ll spend most of 2020 as a reserve, with 2021 being his primary opportunity to earn a starting job. With the 79th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select… Alton Robinson, Defensive End, Syracuse Player Comparison: Derek Barnett Robinson is exactly the type of edge rusher the Ravens have spent years drafting to create their pipeline at the position. Physically, he’s extremely similar to Derek Barnett. He has a lean but filled-out frame in his torso and chest, but boasts broad shoulders and a thick base. He isn’t the longest pass rusher in the class and may not be the most gifted guy in combine testing, but the past two seasons have been very positive. He has a wonderful first step and is a fluid sprinter - he rarely wastes any body movements and that body control allows him to convert speed to power seamlessly. Unlike Jachi Polite, Robinson is known to be a worker and was a leader in the Syracuse locker room, which the Jets will value, but he does have some red in his ledger: he was arrested in 2016 on a robbery charge, and was accused of committing one in 2015 as well, which resulted in him being dismissed by Texas A&M before his career even began, which resulted in him being a JUCO freshman before transferring to Syracuse in 2017. Apparently he has come a long way off the field and he believes his history helped shape him, responding that “when life knocks you down, you just got to get back up, no matter how tough it gets… put the ball down and let’s just play”. In terms of how he can impact in year 1: he certainly has a lot of technical work - specifically with his hands - but given his uncanny body control and adequate core strength, there should be some optimism that he can become a complete rusher. Gregg Williams and his staff did an excellent job coaching up our young DL last year, and I can only imagine that they can’t wait to get their hands on Robinson, who has the potential to be a 8-10 sacks per year type of player. Day 3 TRADE: the New York Jets send their 4th round pick (#117 overall) and 5th round pick (#158) to the Washington Redskins for their 4th round pick (#105) Given the depth of this receiver class, I anticipate there will be a lot of jockying for a top pick in the 4th round, but with Cincinnati being categorically opposed to trading draft picks on draft day, I think the Jets will strike a deal with Washington, who should be more open to making a deal. With the 105th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select… Gabriel Davis, Wide Receiver, UCF Player Comparison: Keenan Allen-Riley Ridley Have to give a shout-out to Matt Miller for linking Gabriel Davis to the Jets because it's one of the best prospect fit matches you will find throughout the draft process, however, given the depth of this class I don't think Davis will go on Day 2. I know some will say that's being overly optimistic, but look at last year as proof: we saw Hakeem Butler fall to pick 103, and he was a consensus day 2 pick. Davis has been on the radar for some time now due to his combination of size, speed, hands, catch radius, advanced route tree, body control, and a high football IQ. He plays with an enormous chip on his shoulder, which as I've well documented is a quality I think the Jets will love, but what makes him such a great fit is his route running and versatility: Gase will love his nuanced footwork and his incredible timing on routes; our offense is built on the receivers ability to run extremely precise routes, and I’m sure Gase will be extremely fond of Davis’s dedication to his craft at such an early age. Additionally, Davis’s ability to play in every set regardless of position won’t hurt either. The easy comp is Keenan Allen because they almost look identical and play very similarly too, but Davis has more speed which allows him to be a better downfield receiver, whereas Allen makes a greater impact creating YAC. A better comp is Allen Robinson. They too have similar body types, playing styles, and athletic abilities, but I think Davis may have more natural hands. All said, Davis is pretty much the receiver Adam Gase wanted Robby Anderson to develop into: a complete X receiver who can run every route and win all over the football field, regardless of coverage. He could slide in as a week 1 starter and make an enormous impact right away. FA RECAP: Brandon Scherff, RG, Washington Redskins Graham Glasgow, OL, Detroit Lions Jimmy Smith, CB, Baltimore Ravens Tajae Sharpe, WR, Tennessee Titans Ronald Darby, CB, Philadelphia Eagles Jordan Howard, RB, Philadelphia Eagles Clifton Geathers, S, Indianapolis Colts DRAFT RECAP: 1(13) Tristan Wirfs, OL, Iowa 2(48) Jauan Jennings, WR, Tennessee 3(68) Robert Hunt, OL, Louisiana-Lafayette 3(79) Alton Robinson, DE, Syracuse 4(105) Gabriel Davis, WR, UCF 4(119) Darius Anderson, RB, TCU 5(160) Chase Lucas, CB, Arizona State 6(191) Chris Williamson, CB, Minnesota
  6. 2019/2020 Offseason

    @Bobby816 Appreciate the time you took to respond, but again, all I'm reading is regurgitation of information I can go read from Matt Miller, except I'm not seeing you give any credit to the draftniks you pulled this from. Who are your sources? This all started because of a disagreement over your feelings of passing on Jeudy, who you have rated as your 4th overall player, to trade down and acquire a 2nd round pick while also taking Mekhi Becton at 21, who you now have as your #6 favorite fit for the Jets... just behind Jeudy and Lamb... and label him the one player with the most potential of all the OTs??? Call me skeptical but not sure how you can go from being lukewarm on Mekhi Becton a week ago to having him 6th overall on "your" Jets board... only explanation is that you've been reading the google machine, which leads me to my biggest frustration: stop relying on mock drafts and #drafttwitter to develop an opinion on a player, watch the videos for yourself and express why the player is a great route runner. Explain why Laviska "has to go to the right team" other than pointing to college usage - what in his game tells you that he can't be a traditional X receiver? What tells you Ruggs can't be a do-all swiss army knife the way Laviska was used in college? I don't care what you want - this isn't what I'm seeking to emphasize. You can want a safety in round 1 for all I care, but be able to back it up either by pointing to and crediting actual sources or by writing up a report on your own. I realize you have a life and don't expect you to send it looking so deeply into prospects, but don't claim actual knowledge or an informed opinion unless you have the ability to back it up. Pointing to "what you like" and "what you prefer" isn't fair, back it up... you're a mod and with that comes a higher standard; again, don't claim knowledge based on other peoples knowledge - develop your own subject matter. No shame if you can't - easy to talk draft and football and cite sources and whatnot - but claiming affinity for certain prospects by latching on to the "hot" name without providing anything substantive leaves a bitter taste.
  7. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I'd think teams will go back to using up the majority of their cap room, but they may not necessarily do so by dishing out guaranteed dollars. Instead, they'll bloat the base salaries and decrease the prorated bonuses. The carryover provision was such an interesting one that really helped some teams, but i don't think enough teams took advantage. Instead, cheap owners just kicked the can down the road and only spent "cash" when they had to (see 2017-2019 Raiders).
  8. Obviously you're basing your mock off your board, which I totally understand, but word is that NFL circles are much higher on Mekhi Becton than the media. Apparently, he's a top 10 lock.
  9. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    The rumor making its way around mobile is a possible Rivers-Eason combo in TB. Allbright confirms he has heard the same. My thoughts are that this is a leverage play to try and drive Jamies’ price on a 3-4 year deal, but Arians is known to have loved Rivers since his high school days. He’s long been a Jameis supporter as well, but he was extremely critical at the end of the season. Makes you wonder
  10. You got me - maybe not east coast, but you get the idea... "eastern side of the US" Not saying it necessarily makes sense for the Colts, rather, makes sense for Rivers. Hypothetically, if the Colts felt Rivers had higher upside than Brissett (an if), keep in mind Brissett has a $7 million roster bonus that becomes guaranteed on March 22... if they were to cut/trade him prior, they would only incur a $5.5 million dead cap figure while saving $16 million. Entirely possible they replace him with Rivers and bridge him with a QB in the draft...
  11. Appreciate all the hard work. One comment on the draft: there is no way the Jets wait until pick 79 to draft their first OL. GM Joe Douglas has made it clear that the team will prioritize the position both in FA and the draft. As far as round 1, drafting a WR appears to be on the back-burner. Daniel Jeremiah (who is tight with JD) has tweeted emphatically that the Jets won't do it, instead, suggesting they will prioritize OL/EDGE above all other positions. I think the team will address WR in day 2, possibly with multiple selections, but not in round 1.
  12. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I see them a tier below that, which is still fantastic, but point being the gap between them and the 10th receiver in the class is not even close to the gap you’ll see at other positions. Either way, what I’m driving is Factor 1: from a grade perspective, I don’t think they are consensus top 10 players in this class. I see them being between 8-14 in a vacuum. Factor 2: from a roster building/resource allocation perspective, investing heavy draft resources at WR isn’t necessary to develop a top tier passing attack... we’ve seen it time and time again. Factor 3: this is the deepest WR class ever. Ever. There are so many dynamic receivers in this draft it’s unreal. There will be guys that go in R3 that will be stars, possibly multiple. You can almost be sure that you’re getting a starting caliber player in round 2. They haven’t been in the spotlight, but as the draft nears you’ll hear more and more about how there are up to 10 WRs with legit 1st round grades, and there will be even more with day 2 grades. There should be a plethora of WRs with rookie starting caliber potential all the way through day 3 of the draft. On the flip side, there’s a narrative out there that this class is deep with OL, but I don’t see that at all. There are 4-5 truly dynamic blockers in this class, after that it’s very generic; you’ll be able to find a few plug-and-play starters in day 2/3, but not Quenton Nelson-level guys that you can build your OL around regardless of position. Guys that make the entire OL better. Becton, Thomas, Wills, Wirfs all have those dominant/dynamic traits regardless if they’re playing LT, G, or RT... not easy to gauge because there is no traditional stat to measure by, but those guys can open up you’re offense so much more than a WR can. Obviously every player comes with a risk and some of these guys may not pan out, but I have 2 of those OL rated in a higher tier and the other 2 in the same tier as Lamb/Jeudy. For me, Thomas and Becton have the higher bust potential but may also have the higher upside; really comes down to Thomas’s ability to refine his mechanics/how he responds to coaching and Becton’s ability to stay in shape- this year he lost 20 lbs and not coincidentally you saw a player with much cleaner/lighter footwork and a nimble player in pass sets. Wills and Wirfs will be rock solid starters in the NFL and have the athletic potential to be consensus top 25 lineman in the league year in and year out. Feel really good about them both as 10 year tackles on the right or left.
  13. 2019/2020 Offseason

    No I know, I meant it more so in the sense that as it has applied to us, the new regime wanted to go cheaper at RB and use the resources invested in Bell elsewhere, whereas Maccagnan/ownership were linked to Bell early in the 2018 season. Bell's gift is his patience, but as we saw this year, it's not a great fit for a zone blocking OL lacking talent, unlike the Steelers, who had a lot of man-zone combos and asked their talented OL to hold their first level blocks longer when running zone plays, something that's far more difficult than it sounds. Jets asked Bell to hit the hole as designed to try to help the efficiency of the offense, but it just isn't his way; it's like trying to tell a lefty to bat righty. As far as SF - the way they built there roster has definitely intrigued me. They've been lucky in that they've made up for every high profile "bust" with a player who has far exceeded expectations, i.e. Mostert for McKinnon (they apparently offered Bell a 1 year, $12m contract too), Tomlinson/Garland for Richburg/Garnett, Warner for Foster... got lucky in a lot of circumstances, but also comes back to good coaching.
  14. 2019/2020 Offseason

    Feels like a direct shot at the Jets/Bell
  15. He said he planned on continuing to pay for "whatever team would have him" whether that was with the Chargers or elsewhere. In retrospect seems he got emotional with the move and all. As for Florida - he already had a home there in Blue Mountain Beach, which is about 2 hrs west of Tallahassee. If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty, there's an international airport about 30 miles away. A flight to and back from TB would be 55 minutes. Indianapolis would be 1hr40min.