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  1. EOD I find it very hard to believe all 4 go in the top 10. If so, Jets probably trade down
  2. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Pretty big indicator that it's truly a 3-player comp for the two G spots. If the Jets draft a T/G could be a 4 player comp. If they draft a player like Hennessy they could potentially have 5 players competing for 3 spots (LG-C-RG) with Hennessy filling in as a C or a G depending on if he were better at G than McGovern. Salaries indicate that Lewis and Winters are sure starters, but as we saw in Buffalo - the best combination of 5 will start
  3. Get to know @jetskid007

    My apologies 🤦🏻‍♂️ Asbury is great. I have a few friends that moved down there too. My parents recently sold our little silver house so looking around for a fixer-upper by the beach. Not cheap
  4. Get to know @jetskid007

    This is the toughest question. I’d say Sean Connery. Christian Bale. Denzel Washington. Right up there are Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino Films are tough and me too. Bond movies are my ****. Love Alfred Hitchcock movies. Anything thought provoking and suspenseful. The Dark Knight is easily one of my favorite movies. The Godfather Part I & II. Chinatown. Also really enjoy any MCU movie- they’re all great Don’t watch many series anymore but loved True Detective Chicken Milanese with a side of Gnocci’s in red sauce with chunks of fresh mozzarella Pita chips and hummus. Vodka pizza (I guess this could be a meal but for me it’s an all time all world drunk munchie snack)
  5. Get to know @jetskid007

    Other than college (went to PSU) yes Montauk and Cabo every year then switch it up based on schedule and finances. I’m at that age where there are bachelor parties and weddings every month, so this year going to Puerto Rico, Cartagena, and the Bahamas so far Yankees Penn State
  6. Get to know @jetskid007

    Honestly don't know what my dream career would be. Had always wanted to be an NFL agent but too much traveling and too much BS. Maybe a GM? If there's one thing about me that's extraordinarily odd, it's my taste in music. I was brainwashed as a child. All my parents played growing up was andrea bocelli, luciano pavaratti, celine dion, and cher. So pretty much those lol. I like most music depending on the mood. When I need a soothing song I throw on Nat King Cole. My current go-to playlist is the Bond soundtrack. Yes I am odd I know. Currently none. Used to have the G90 Genisis but my lease expired last year and haven't replaced it. Just no need for one right now considering how expensive it is to park them here and my commute is city and back. Thinking about getting a Jeep or an Audi just to have for day trips, driving to out to montauk, and golf outings, but haven't made up my mind yet
  7. Get to know @jetskid007

    Peyton Manning Batman was my #1 but if we're talking cartoon like classic cartoon it was Wild E Coyote and the Roadrunner (I'm only 28 but my dad and I loved that ****) I watched Dragon Ball Z on cartoon network or nickolodeon if that counts
  8. Get to know @jetskid007

    Jerricho Cotchery. Sam Darnold. Rex Ryan
  9. Get to know @jetskid007

    Italian easy, but Little Szechuan is a freaking hidden gem.
  10. Get to know @jetskid007

    From a town called Little Silver, NJ located in Monmouth County. I've bounced around quite a bit between NYC and Hoboken/Jersey City since graduating college - currently living in Jersey City. My brother and dad are both football fans, but they're both the definition of a fairweather/bettor fan. He always seems to root for the teams that have the best QB and was mostly a Peyton Manning fan, and my brother is a Jets fan but not a diehard- he rooted for Vick and the "madden-era" guys for the most part. So for me, I wanted to kind of diversify myself from them and be behind a team through thick and thin. I started playing Madden at a young age and used the Jets to rebuild the franchise, so between that, the close proximity, and my love for Curtis Martin, I naturally became a Jets diehard. I'm in real estate development. I have a legal background and perform legal duties but not a full-time lawyer per se. My father also owns a commercial moving and furniture installation company called Alliance Transfer, so I also help out there quite a bit. Extensive dating history, but not married and no kids that I know of. Through all the trials and tribulations, I've come to the conclusion that I will get married when I'm 32-33 to whichever 27-28 year old girl that is tan, beautiful, 5'5"-5'7", skinny, and can tolerate me 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Wirfs and it's not close. I know people have been comparing his tape to Wills - but Wirfs is going to be a tremendous player. Guy has the ability to be an All-Pro year in and year out
  12. There's some word around the league that Andrew Thomas could come off the board as one of the top 2 tackles after all. One of the reasons: COVID-19. The Athletic had an article with some content basically explaining how him being the most pro-ready and being least of a projection will boost him up on boards since teams are unlikely to have traditional offseason programs.
  13. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Current projected starters/top backups and their contract expiration: QUARTERBACKS Sam Darnold 2023 RUNNING BACKS Le'Veon Bell 2023* early out 2021 WIDE RECEIVERS Quincy Enunwa 2023* cut candidate Jamison Crowder 2022 Breshad Perriman 2021 TIGHT ENDS Ryan Griffin 2023 Chris Herndon 2022 OFFENSIVE LINE Connor McGovern 2023 Greg Van Roten 2023 Chuma Edoga 2023 George Fant 2023* early out 2021 Alex Lewis 2023* early out 2021 Brian Winters 2021 cut candidate Jonotthan Harrison 2021 cut candidate Josh Andrews 2021 cut candidate DEFENSIVE LINE Quinnen Williams 2024 Kyle Phillips 2023 Nathan Shepherd 2022 Foley Fatukasi 2022 Henry Anderson 2022* cut candidate Steve McLendon 2021 EDGE RUSHERS Jordan Jenkins 2021 Tarell Basham 2021 LINEBACKERS C.J. Mosley 2024 Blake Cashman 2023 cut candidate Jordan Jenkins 2021 Tarell Basham 2021 Avery Williamson 2021 cut candidate James Burgess 2021 cut candidate Neville Hewitt 2021 cut candidate Patrick Onwuasor 2021 cut candidate CORNERBACKS Blessuan Austin 2023 Pierre Desir 2021 Brian Poole 2021 Arthur Maulet 2021 cut candidate Nate Hairston 2021 cut candidate SAFETIES Jamal Adams 2022 Marcus Maye 2021 Marqui Christian 2021 The bold are who I would consider our "core". Really puts in perspective how glaring our needs at OL, WR, EDGE, and CB still are. Need at least one "core" player at each of those positions by the start of the 2021 season if we're going to be real contenders during Sam's rookie contract. Hopefully Bless and Edoga, and Phillips can prove themselves to be that level this season.
  14. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    No rush to make a decision on Williamson, and just because a guy signs a 1 year deal doesn't guarantee him a roster spot