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  1. Predict the 53 man roster

    I look forward to making predictions soon, but I'll say this: if Darnold is close to ready, the Jets will aim to trade Bridgewater (if 100% healthy) and only keep 2 QBs (McCown, Darnold). Any other scenario I believe Teddy will ultimately be the starter.
  2. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Why did the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams pass on Matt Ryan?
  3. Add another safety to the mix. He's an athletic guy who has been clocked as fast as a 4.24. Below is rotoworld's analysis of him (seems like a perfect gunner in the short-term):
  4. Offseason news/rumours

    Garcia pickup has a chance to be a very good one. Patriots tend to be less patient with young players, and while medically cleared it's been reported that Garcia has lost a lot of weight due to the blood thinners... the Pats likely didn't want to use a roster spot on a player that may not contribute for another year, but is healthy enough to be on the active roster. The Jets on the other hand need players like this. Garcia is an athletic offensive lineman with upside who needs a full, healthy year in an NFL Strength & Conditioning program, as weight has always been his issue. To expect him to be the heir apparent at LT is a bit lofty, but I think he's more than capable of becoming a RT in the ZBS... who knows, maybe they'll consider shifting Shell to guard and Garcia to tackle (vice versa), but either way adding a young talent who may need another year before contributing makes so much sense for the Jets.
  5. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    The only position where its been proven that it is extremely hard to find a blue-chipper outside the 1st round is LT; otherwise, diamonds are found at LG-through-RT in pro FA and Day 2-UDFA on a regular basis. I think you're spot on in that Long, Beachum should benefit (I'd lump Shell in there too), but Carpenter will struggle. It's going to be fascinating to see what Dallas does next year. We're going to be major players for any and all young FAs, and I think we'll land one-or-two blue chippers that make it to the market.
  6. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    He was always considered a good identifier of line talent dating back to his days as a scout with the Redskins. I think the issue is that scouts don't see the same level of offensive line play they used to, hence why we're seeing less and less players get drafted early at those positions - especially at tackle. The new way is to draft/develop and add experience through FA. Maybe next years crop of LTs will change that.
  7. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    Always enjoy reading your draft analysis. A lot of work into it that is much appreciated
  8. Rookie Number Predictions

    Got 14 after all. I personally prefer double digits for QBs, 12 being my favorite. Hopefully he’s the last Jet to ever wear it.
  9. Grade Your Draft

    I don't like handing out grades this soon after the draft, but here's my pick-by-pick breakdown: 1(3) QB Sam Darnold - obviously the entire draft hinges on his ability to develop into a franchise quarterback, but it's hard not to be on cloud 9 as a Jets fan. I personally liked Rosen more, but I understand that Darnold is the more ideal QB for our situation. 3(72) DL Nathan Shepherd - I think the Jets found a good one here. Yes, he's on the older side (24) but he has great character and is just scratching the surface of what he's capable of. Seems like an intelligent player who is a fast learner and should improve as he goes up against stronger competition in the NFL, evidenced by how much he improved at the senior bowl prior to getting hurt... although he's considered "raw", I can see him getting up to speed quickly and making an impact from day 1. Just listening to his interviews, he gives me a very Damon Harrison-like vibe in that he's going to work tirelessly to perfect his craft, and with his athleticism, that could lead to becoming a terrific player. 4(107) TE Chris Herndon - like the talent and he could very well become a good starter one day, but I think the Jets missed an opportunity to land a fine player in Dorance Armstrong or Josh Sweat... with the improvements made on the DL and in the secondary, adding a situational edge rusher with their kind of talent would've been ideal. 6(179) CB Parry Nickerson - Solid pick this late. I get the draft and analytics community liked him a lot, but I can't see him magically developing into a top tier coverage corner. He was really good at man in college and has some core strength, but I don't seem him being a guy that will excel either outside or inside because he doesn't have the body required in today's NFL. Instead, I look for him to be a playmaker on special teams, especially as a gunner, and a situational blitzer/zone guy in dime packages. 6(180) DL Foley Fatukasi - The Jets sound to be high on him. When you get this late in the draft, you have to take players that do one thing very well and go from there. Fatukasi was a very stable run blocker in college and the Jets seem to believe he has the athleticism to develop as a pass rusher, so this could end up being a steal for them. 6(204) RB/KR Trenton Cannon - Somewhat of a throw away pick, but the Jets are hoping he can be a KR/PR. My guess is he'll be a PS guy for the next year or so. ***7(235) TRADED FOR DE HENRY ANDERSON*** - probably the most underrated move of the draft. He's had an injury-riddled career, but the Jets training staff is one of the tops in the league at coming up with a plan to keep injury prone players healthy. For the most part his play has been positive when on the field, and that alone is worth the 7th round pick. OVERALL: Positive. I think we missed some opportunities by not prioritizing EDGE and I feel like the theme of this draft was "play it safe", but that's not such a bad thing for a team with talent deficiencies like the Jets had.
  10. 4(107). Chris Herndon IV, TE, Miami

    I've definitely come around on this guy and I agree getting talent around the QB is paramount, but I just think we're going to look back at this draft and regret passing on Armstrong. Hopefully Herndon proves me wrong and has a George Kittle-esq. impact as a rookie.
  11. Bowles has always believed interior pass rush is more effective than edge rush. His reasoning is plausible; even if the sacks don't come, interior rush has a quicker path to the QB and can cause more disruption - i.e. QB throwing a bad pass or intercept-able ball because can't step into his throws or is forced to throw off base - whereas edge guys are usually only making an impact on a handful of plays a game. Still, I think the Jets can do better than what they have. We're definitely going to be predominantly man and Tru/Mo will be put on islands more often than not. Jamal Adams and Darron Lee blitzed a ton last year and I'd expect them to lead the NFL in those categories for their positions next year if they play all 16 games. It can work, but I just feel every team needs that one guy you can rely on to win one-on-ones on the edge... That's how fumbles are forced and sacks are generated because the QB won't always feel pressure on his back whereas he's able to see what's going on in front of him. Doesn't have to be a star, just a threat. Also, if I'm hearing things correctly we should see a lot more Leo at the 5-tech this year. They'll still move him around and utilize him at the 1 or 0 in certain situations, but I'd expect his sack totals will spike getting more reps at the 5.
  12. I really hope they figure out something there. I realize we're not a "win-now" team and you're not going to solve every need in one year, but the fact that our best pass rushing linebacker is Darron Lee should have us somewhat concerned. I get it, we're going to run some odd 3rd down plays (with both Lee and Adams sharing edge duties), but we really shouldn't have to do that... just get a one-dimensional rusher a la what Aaron Maybin was and it will help out the defense tremendously.
  13. Don’t be surprised if we look into trading with Jacksonville for Dante Fowler. As it stands, they don’t seem prepared to pick up his option and he’s somewhat an odd fit in their 43U defense. Yannick is the primary “LEO” and the expectation is Taven Bryan will develop behind Calais Campbell as the 5-tech end. Entering a contract year, it’s possible the Jags move on if someone steps up in camp. Another player to keep an eye on is Cleveland’s Nate Orchard
  14. Rookie Number Predictions

    I think he'll wear this. Doesn't come off to me as a guy that will demand a certain number, and it's pretty symbolic considering he was selected 3rd overall.
  15. 6(180). Foley Fatuski, DT, Connecticut

    I actually liked what we did with this pick as opposed to how many of you feel. The chances of landing a great player this late is extremely slim, so you have to find players that do one thing well enough to project as a role player and hope they can improve the rest of their game to one day become a starter. Outside of Leo we really don't have a true 3-down player on the DL, so you need to fill it with complementary players. From everything I've seen out of Fatuski, he'll have a role in this league as a plus run defender sooner rather than later.