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  1. Someone decided it's OK to delete my posts without holding themselves accountable, which has become a troubling trend. When I considered the overall diminishing content, the inflow of uninformed opinions/statements, how these arguments were starting (as me calling someone out for having an uninformed opinion) to how they were were ending (off topic and crybaby-ish), and finally upon seeing my posts get deleted while a tyrant allowed their own non-football related posts about me remain, I thought, "you know what, it might be my time to move on." Then I wanted to take a peek yesterday, and
  2. I feel like that's kind of every year, but for me I'm just trying to dot connect as much as possible. The sports marketing firm my cousin is with has close ties to a number of agents and quite a few prospects in this class are their clients. Two of the top 6 "consensus" are in her network, and from what she has heard from agents is that they feel really good about their prospects going in round 1. I guess the logic behind it - valid or not - is that lack of pro days and additional workouts doesn't allow HCs/GMs/scouts to "sensationalize" prospects the way they usually do. For OL it's pretty m
  3. Yes- I think a combination of other teams looking to move up and the allure of a 3rd year option would propel the move. I think they take two guys they value highly and see where each fits best. Bartch's lack of length indicates he's likely best inside at G. He'd likely be a backup for his rookie season, but I think he'd replace either Billy Turner next year since they can get out of the contract, or Jenkins if he moves to C. Corey Lindsay is going to be a free agent after the season. Now I realize that GB has traditionally invested later picks in lineman, but Gutekunst has made it cl
  4. Albert Breer also mentioned that with so much uncertainty in this draft RE: COVID-19 teams are opting for "safer" picks and scouts believe that means "draft big guys" (OL). I've also heard that we could see the most tackles go in round 1 ever. I would think Wilson is a fit for the Seahawks at the end of round 1 given his playing style and their need/infatuation with size-athleticism
  5. I agree. Passing on a WR all together in both rounds would seem tough, but I'm keeping in mind how their administration has sought to build the team (inside-out), Staley's age, Thomas's ability to potentially play guard for a season before moving to tackle, and of course the depth of the draft class at WR as opposed to the scarcity of legitimate tackles. I also considered their current group: Deebo is Deebo, but they seem to really like Bourne, and I'm not sure if they're going to give up on Hurd and Pettis just yet even though usage seems to suggest they could. I think we see a record nu
  6. Enlighten us, who would you take - since mocks seem to not fit who you want the eagles to take 🙄 Great work @goldfishwars as always. You cover all the 3 position groups the Joe Douglas has made clear the Jets will go heavy on: WR, DE, OL. Still not convinced the Jets will go WR round 1 the tackles are still available, but it's certainly possible. Terrell Lewis is a player I really want as a fan, but I personally don't think he'll make it to 48. Being said he's certainly someone I'd love seeing in green and white. Just can't teach his traits and while the injuries are concerning, but he's
  7. I posted a mock to see if my predictions fall in line with what each fanbase’s respective team would conceivably do in order to compare how accurate I ultimately am; appeasing people isn’t my goal (most fans are not thrilled with every one of their teams picks every year as it is). I’ll take some of the constructive feedback, do more research, and make a new one right before the draft.
  8. To you, and again, I really don’t care what you think. Sorry.
  9. For this one I'm relying on Benjamin Allbright. As we know he was a former poster on here and happens to be very tapped in. He's been rather adamant that the Broncos love Ruggs and may have him as their top receiver. Specifically, he says that Fangio is fond of guys like him for his own team because he knows they're the hardest to defend. When you couple that intel with the very real info that the Jets have been eyeing Ruggs for over a year and the apparent infatuation Adam Gase has with him, I would think the Broncos (holders of 10 draft picks, 3 of which in the 3rd round) would conside
  10. I'm saying that the Eagles will really like a playmaker who figures to be a movement Z who can create yards for himself after the catch. I'm saying they will seek out receivers with burst, acceleration, and explosive playmaking ability. Ruggs isn't on the board, so I penciled in a like kind replacement. May not have the 4.2 wheels, but Ruggs and Aiyuk are both big play threats who can be YAC nightmares or beat defenses over the top. I get it if you're not a fan of it, but the way you and @Jeezla dismissed it was as if it was blasphemous. I think it's a realistic possibility despite what some o
  11. A former scout who is well respected in the industry and one of the most tapped in draft analysts who has a personal connection with Howie Roseman thinks the player is a clear first round guy, has him rated as his 24th overall player (only 3 spots shy of the 21st pick) and had him mocked 24th in his most recent mock, but a few Eagles fans on a message board think it would be a horrible pick at 21? Please. With all due respect, I'm not looking for everyone to be happy campers. I'm not trying to appease anyone. I'm just trying to predict what will happen. I can't say that I'm sure wh
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108021/article/daniel-jeremiahs-top-50-2020-nfl-draft-prospect-rankings-40
  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/shaytards-five-shaycarl-neUgd9l6VHIJO
  14. I was trying to find the right partner. They usually make a lot of deals with the Ravens and I almost had them make a deal there. If Murray were on the board I’d have them move down
  15. Edited. Need to fix this version of the draft.
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