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  1. Someone decided it's OK to delete my posts without holding themselves accountable, which has become a troubling trend. When I considered the overall diminishing content, the inflow of uninformed opinions/statements, how these arguments were starting (as me calling someone out for having an uninformed opinion) to how they were  were ending (off topic and crybaby-ish), and finally upon seeing my posts get deleted while a tyrant allowed their own non-football related posts about me remain, I thought, "you know what, it might be my time to move on."

    Then I wanted to take a peek yesterday, and I was actually impressed with some of the content of the posts, until I saw one which broke every rule of logic out there. I made a harmless post and went back to doing what one does in these quarantine times, until I saw a DM in my emails from a particular individual who seems unhappy with being proven to be so foolish time and time again. I said to myself, "should I just leave, or should I make my point heard with a very intelligent football-related post, which will make this person look like a fool in the process." So I made a decision. 

    Im Thinking Im Back John Wick GIF - ImThinkingImBack JohnWick ...

    If one were to chart the past 10 years of first round picks, here is what the breakdown looks like in terms of safest/most successful position group investments to least successful by charting "successes" as players who were primary starters. Since some of the player's are out of the league right now, Jet X came up with a nifty cumulative "primary starter rate" which is the ratio of total seasons accumulated as a team's primary starter out of possible seasons. My breakdown of each is below. 



    #1 – CENTER (77.4% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 7

    Possible seasons: 31

    Seasons as primary starter: 24 (77.4% – 1st)

    Approximate value: 202 (6.52 per season – 2nd)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 3 (9.7% – 3rd)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 14 (45.2% – 1st)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 2 (28.6% – 2nd)

    Pro Bowl players: 3 (42.9% – 3rd)

    #2 – OFFENSIVE TACKLE (75.6% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 38

    Possible seasons: 225

    Seasons as primary starter: 170 (75.6% – 2nd)

    Approximate value (explanation): 1,278 (5.68 per season – 3rd)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 6 (2.7% – 11th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 14 (14.2% – 11th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 5 (13.2% – 9th)

    Pro Bowl players: 12 (31.6% – 10th)

    #3 – SAFETY (71.2% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 22

    Possible seasons: 111

    Seasons as primary starter: 79 (71.2% – 3rd)

    Approximate value: 540 (4.86 per season – 10th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 10 (9.0% – 4th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 24 (21.6% – 4th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 6 (27.3% – 3rd)

    Pro Bowl players: 9 (40.9% – 4th)

    #4 – EDGE (70.2% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 10

    Possible seasons: 47

    Seasons as primary starter: 33 (70.2% – 4th)

    Approximate value: 335 (7.13 per season – 1st)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 8 (17.0% – 1st)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 18 (38.3% – 2nd)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 4 (40.0% – 1st)

    Pro Bowl players: 6 (60.0% – 1st)

    #5 – OFFENSIVE GUARD (69.3% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 15

    Possible seasons: 88

    Seasons as primary starter: 61 (69.3% – 4th)

    Approximate value: 462 (5.25 per season – 7th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 9 (10.2% – 2nd)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 24 (27.3% – 3rd)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 4 (26.7% – 4th)

    Pro Bowl players: 6 (40.0% – 5th)

    #6 – 1-3T DEFENSIVE TACKLE (66.7% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 34

    Possible seasons: 192

    Seasons as primary starter: 128 (66.7% – 6th)

    Approximate value: 1,039 (5.41 per season – 5th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 11 (5.7% – 5th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 29 (15.1% – 9th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 5 (14.7% – 8th)

    Pro Bowl players: 9 (26.5% – 12th)

    #7 – LINEBACKER (60.0% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 24

    Possible seasons: 115

    Seasons as primary starter: 69 (60.0% – 7th)

    Approximate value: 611 (5.31 per season – 6th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 5 (4.3% – 9th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 21 (18.3% – 7th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 1 (4.2% – 12th)

    Pro Bowl players: 7 (29.2% – 11th)

    #8 – CORNERBACK (58.4% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 38

    Possible seasons: 221

    Seasons as primary starter: 129 (58.4% – 8th)

    Approximate value: 970 (4.39 per season – 12th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 12 (5.4% – 7th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 35 (15.8% – 8th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 8 (21.1% – 6th)

    Pro Bowl players: 15 (39.5% – 7th)

    #9 – TIGHT END (58.3% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 9

    Possible seasons: 36

    Seasons as primary starter: 21 (58.3% – 9th)

    Approximate value: 114 (3.17 per season – 13th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 0 (0.0% – 13th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 4 (11.1% – 13th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 0 (0.0% – 13th)

    Pro Bowl players: 3 (33.3% – 9th)

    #10 – 5T DEFENSIVE END (56.3% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 42

    Possible seasons: 252

    Seasons as primary starter: 142 (56.3% – 10th)

    Approximate value: 1,267 (5.03 per season – 9th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 13 (5.2% – 8th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 38 (15.1% – 10th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 7 (16.7% – 7th)

    Pro Bowl players: 16 (38.1% – 8th)

    #11 – RUNNING BACK (53.3% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 16

    Possible seasons: 90

    Seasons as primary starter: 48 (53.3% – 11th)

    Approximate value: 457 (5.08 per season – 8th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 5 (5.6% – 6th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 17 (18.9% – 5th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 4 (25.0% – 5th)

    Pro Bowl players: 9 (56.3% – 2nd)

    #12 – WIDE RECEIVER (49.7% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 34

    Possible seasons: 191

    Seasons as primary starter: 95 (49.7% – 12th)

    Approximate value: 902 (4.72 per season – 11th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 9 (3.1% – 10th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 35 (18.3% – 6th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 3 (8.8% – 11th)

    Pro Bowl players: 8 (23.5% – 13th

    #13 – Quarterback (49.0% primary starter rate)

    Picks: 30

    Possible seasons: 157

    Seasons as primary starter: 77 (49.0% – 13th)

    Approximate value: 883 (5.62 per season – 4th)

    First-Team All-Pro seasons: 3 (1.9% – 12th)

    Pro Bowl seasons: 20 (12.7% – 12th)

    First-Team All-Pro players: 3 (10.0% – 10th)

    Pro Bowl players: 12 (40.0% – 5th)  



  2. 51 minutes ago, The LBC said:

    I feel like there are a lot of fans (not you, but just something I'm seeing in widespread form across varying fanbases on Twitter, YouTube comments, etc. - so basically, the layman demo) are setting themselves up for disappointment when they're willingly just shining a lot of this on as "oh, I wouldn't believe anything you hear from guys like DJ or Breer or whoever on what they're hearing from GM's" or "LOL Liar's Month" as the TLDR version.  We're in uncharted territory for most GM's and front offices.  Most teams are going to be lucky if they have one or a couple scouts or advisers in their personnel departments who have experience dealing with a draft period where information wasn't as readily available as many of them have been accustom to.  It's basically like taking a group of executives out on a retreat in the middle of the woods, taking away all their tech devices, and saying, "OK, survive, find your way back to civilization."

    I feel like that's kind of every year, but for me I'm just trying to dot connect as much as possible. The sports marketing  firm my cousin is with has close ties to a number of agents and quite a few prospects in this class are their clients. Two of the top 6 "consensus" are in her network, and from what she has heard from agents is that they feel really good about their prospects going in round 1. I guess the logic behind it - valid or not - is that lack of pro days and additional workouts doesn't allow HCs/GMs/scouts to "sensationalize" prospects the way they usually do. For OL it's pretty much you're solid or you're not, unless you have a significant injury history or if you're extremely raw, and the "statistics" say it's the safest position to select in the first round. 

    I think when you factor everything in from different combine format (resulting in a lot of skewed times/non-workouts), lack of normal offseason/pro day circuit, COVID-19 uncertainty going forward, talent pool, need across NFL teams, and it being the largest position group (5 starters), it seems to just make sense

  3. On 4/3/2020 at 9:25 PM, C-hokie-ole said:

    I am just curious but you have Indy moving back into the first round for a qb.  I do not see any other qb needy teams from their trade to 34, so why trade.  I am assuming you have someone thinking of jumping them so which team would that be.

    Yes- I think a combination of other teams looking to move up and the allure of a 3rd year option would propel the move. 

    On 4/4/2020 at 10:22 PM, beekay414 said:

    Why would the Packers take 2 tackles in the first two rounds?

    I think they take two guys they value highly and see where each fits best. Bartch's lack of length indicates he's likely best inside at G. He'd likely be a backup for his rookie season, but I think he'd replace either Billy Turner next year since they can get out of the contract, or Jenkins if he moves to C. Corey Lindsay is going to be a free agent after the season. Now I realize that GB has traditionally invested later picks in lineman, but Gutekunst has made it clear that he's not Ted Thompson. He's also shown a tendency to "stack" positions in the draft, but drafting multiple players in the same position group. I think he's going to prioritize the OL more than Thompson did, especially with Rodgers entering the 4th quarter of his career. 

    The one thing that kind of throws this prediction into whack is their need for WRs and the Ricky Wagner acquisition, but Wagner isn't making much and again, the draft is flush with WRs deep in to the 3rd day. 

  4. Albert Breer also mentioned that with so much uncertainty in this draft RE: COVID-19 teams are opting for "safer" picks and scouts believe that means "draft big guys" (OL). I've also heard that we could see the most tackles go in round 1 ever. I would think Wilson is a fit for the Seahawks at the end of round 1 given his playing style and their need/infatuation with size-athleticism

  5. 2 hours ago, Danish49ers said:

    Wouldn't mind theses picks and trade for 49ers.

    Even though Jeudy would be hard to pass on.

    I agree. Passing on a WR all together in both rounds would seem tough, but I'm keeping in mind how their administration has sought to build the team (inside-out), Staley's age, Thomas's ability to potentially play guard for a season before moving to tackle, and of course the depth of the draft class at WR as opposed to the scarcity of legitimate tackles. I also considered their current group: Deebo is Deebo, but they seem to really like Bourne, and I'm not sure if they're going to give up on Hurd and Pettis just yet even though usage seems to suggest they could.

    I think we see a record number of WRs taken in the 3rd-5th rounds, which is part of the reason why I didn't make one lol- becomes too complicated as WRs we had rated in the 6th will come off the board while someone like Bryan Edwards falls out. So if this were to go 7 rounds, I'd probably have them jump up to the 4th by sending a 5th and a future pick to draft an X receiver like Isaiah Coulter or John Hightower

  6. 3 hours ago, ninjapirate said:

    21. Patrick Queen [ LB ] LSU
    53. Jalen Reagor [ WR ] TCU
    103. Troy Pride Jr [ CB ] Notre Dame
    127. Brandon Jones [ S ] Texas
    145. Jonathan Garvin [ EDGE ] Miami
    146. Michael Onwenu [ IOL ] Michigan
    169. Justin Strnad [ LB ] Wake Forest
    191. Joshua Kelley [ RB ] UCLA


    Why give the eagles a linebacker in the first again? I can't see that happening at all. It's like being wrong on purpose.

    Enlighten us, who would you take - since mocks seem to not fit who you want the eagles to take 🙄

    Great work @goldfishwars as always. You cover all the 3 position groups the Joe Douglas has made clear the Jets will go heavy on: WR, DE, OL.  Still not convinced the Jets will go WR round 1 the tackles are still available, but it's certainly possible. Terrell Lewis is a player I really want as a fan, but I personally don't think he'll make it to 48. Being said he's certainly someone I'd love seeing in green and white. Just can't teach his traits and while the injuries are concerning, but he's the kind of guy you take a risk on if you're looking to hit a home run. Star potential. 

    A few notes on some Douglas trends as they relate to teams he's been a member of (since 2002): 

    • First round: OL most often (4 times) with DE (3) the next most frequent 
    • Second round: Douglas always cites Ozzie Newsome regarding his draft philosophy, so one trend to point out that makes sense: Ozzie used 8/17 2nd round picks on EDGE rusher during his tenure as GM (2002-2018). I don't think it to be a coincidence.  
    • Third round: Douglas teams targeted OL often in round 3, but DB was the most popular trend (4 safeties, 2 CBs). 
    • Fourth round: RB, WR, and DE galore. 6 4th's spent on RBs, 5 on WRs, and another 5 on DEs. Ravens loved stockpiling 4th round picks
    • Fifth round: pretty random - no real trend, but TE was a popular pick. 
    • Sixth round: QBs, WRs, and OL most frequent selection.
    • Seventh round: WRs and RBs overwhelming majority
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  7. 30 minutes ago, ninjapirate said:

    So you posted a mock to not get opinions? 

    I posted a mock to see if my predictions fall in line with what each fanbase’s respective team would conceivably do in order to compare how accurate I ultimately am; appeasing people isn’t my goal (most fans are not thrilled with every one of their teams picks every year as it is). I’ll take some of the constructive feedback, do more research, and make a new one right before the draft.

  8. 39 minutes ago, Cutler06 said:

    Can't see DEN trading up for Ruggs, perhaps Jeudy but Ruggs has a decent chance of falling to 15. There are also quite a few options  at WR that would help plus next year is supposed to be better then this years draft. 

    For this one I'm relying on Benjamin Allbright. As we know he was a former poster on here and happens to be very tapped in. He's been rather adamant that the Broncos love Ruggs and may have him as their top receiver. Specifically, he says that Fangio is fond of guys like him for his own team because he knows they're the hardest to defend. 

    When you couple that intel with the very real info that the Jets have been eyeing Ruggs for over a year and the apparent infatuation Adam Gase has with him, I would think the Broncos (holders of 10 draft picks, 3 of which in the 3rd round) would consider making that jump to get a player they're really hot for

  9. 45 minutes ago, ninjapirate said:

    Jeremiah said the eagles really liked Ruggs. But since he is high on a completely different player you think the eagles will like that player?

    I'm saying that the Eagles will really like a playmaker who figures to be a movement Z who can create yards for himself after the catch. I'm saying they will seek out receivers with burst, acceleration, and explosive playmaking ability. Ruggs isn't on the board, so I penciled in a like kind replacement. May not have the 4.2 wheels, but Ruggs and Aiyuk are both big play threats who can be YAC nightmares or beat defenses over the top. I get it if you're not a fan of it, but the way you and @Jeezla dismissed it was as if it was blasphemous. I think it's a realistic possibility despite what some of the "draftniks" like Matt Miller and guys at thedraftnetwork or profootballnetwork say, who contradict themselves every time they post a new mock every other day. Again, totally understand if your not a fan of it, just saying I think it's a realistic scenario. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, ninjapirate said:


    A former scout who is well respected in the industry and one of the most tapped in draft analysts who has a personal connection with Howie Roseman thinks the player is a clear first round guy, has him rated as his 24th overall player (only 3 spots shy of the 21st pick) and had him mocked 24th in his most recent mock, but a few Eagles fans on a message board think it would be a horrible pick at 21? 


    With all due respect, I'm not looking for everyone to be happy campers. I'm not trying to appease anyone. I'm just trying to predict what will happen. I can't say that I'm sure where Aiyuk will go, but I'm reading the tea leaves. Jeremiah and Dane Brugler (who had the Eagles selecting Brandon Aiyuk in his most recent mock draft) are two of the most respected voices in the draft community and two of the most accurate mock drafters overall. I'm going to trust them and stick with my prediction. 

  11. 1 hour ago, m haynes said:

    Nice job on the draft.

    Pats fan  You trade like a GM on steroids. I'm curious why you wouldn't  have the Patriots trade at 23 when they don't have a 2nd rd pick? BB is notorious when it comes to draft trades.

    I'm not question the the player.  Just the method to your madness:D

    I was trying to find the right partner. They usually make a lot of deals with the Ravens and I almost had them make a deal there. If Murray were on the board I’d have them move down

  12. 50 minutes ago, flyguy1609 said:

    like the trade down for the lions in the 1st. i don't think we would move back into the 1st for a WR.. also don't mind the trade downs in the second

    TRADE: the Detroit Lions trade their 2nd round pick (37) to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for their 2nd round picks (42) and 4th round pick (137)  




    Jalen Hurts



    Jags are hot for Hurts and see him as a potential long-term QB


    you have The raiders picking not Jags*

    TRADE: the Detroit Lions send their 2nd round pick (42) to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for their 2nd round pick (51) and 4th round pick (123)

    Dont mind the trade with cow boys either



    Jordan Elliott



    Jacksonville continuing their theme of building in the trenches.


    and looks like you have Jacksonville picking where Detroit would pick 

    Thanks for these corrections. I have to take another look at what I did wrong

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  13. 19 minutes ago, Dr.O said:

    Always appreciate your posts. Not the biggest Becton fan to be quite honest, rather take Thomas, Wills, or Jones over him but I can see where you’re coming from with that pick.

    ....please come back.

    Thanks- I think Joe Douglas will view Becton as the mecca of OL prospects. Size, speed, strength guy. Wirfs may be the top guy on his board. I'll be posting Jets-related content on twitter. 

    7 minutes ago, BrownsDog23 said:

    Don’t like this for the Browns at all. Would much rather stay at 10 and get one of the top tackles than trade down and settle for josh jones and rd2 can’t see the Browns passing on Windfield jr and Delpit for a DT

    Just to provide some background: I don't do drafts based on what I like- it's what I think they will do, what I read about (trends/philosophies/etc.), teams' positional spending/how they stack their contracts, and what I hear from the limited amount of sources I have in the industry. Cleveland is interesting in that they don't have many needs and their only one coming at a non-premium position, and if you look at the teams Berry has been a part of they've always prioritized the lines and acquiring as many picks as possible. Sure, I can see Cleveland staying at 10 and take a tackle, but I'm just following the trends and the news I'm hearing and the breadcrumbs which suggest that teams are going to look to move ahead of the Jets out of fear that the top 3 WRs will go 11-12-13. They can easily grab a safety in the 3rd-5th, harder to find impact pass rushing interior lineman in that range. 

  14. Round 1



    Joe Burrow



    Might be some trade talk, but I expect Burrow to be a Bengal.



    Chase Young



    Some flirting with Tua, but they go with Young.

    TRADE: the Detroit Lions send their 1st round pick (3) to the Los Angeles Chargers in exchange for their 1st round pick (6), 2nd round pick (37), 4th round pick (112), 2021 2nd round pick, and 2022 3rd round pick




    Tua Tagovailoa



    LAC swung for Brady, but they won’t miss on Tua.



    Isaiah Simmons



    Gettleman's history points to Simmons being the Giants' pick.



    Justin Herbert



    There's smoke out there that the Dolphins prefer Herbert at QB.



    Jeffrey Okudah



    Brown will be considered, but Okudah too good to pass up. 



    Tristan Wirfs



    Rhule ground his teeth coaching OL and loves athletes.



    Derrick Brown



    Keim loves him as a big, disruptive cog in the middle of their D.



    K’Lavon Chaisson



    JAX will retool their defense with more pass rushers.

    TRADE: the Cleveland Browns send their 1st round pick (10) to the Denver Broncos in exchange for their 1st round pick, 3rd round pick (77), and 4th round pick (118)




    Henry Ruggs



    Jets had Ruggs as the top WR and PHI was lurking.



    Mekhi Becton



    Shocked only one T goes top 10, but Jets smitten with Becton.



    CeeDee Lamb



    WR dominos begin to fall. Lamb a great fit for Gruden's O.  



    Andrew Thomas



    Many project WR, but 49ers preparing for life after Staley.



    Jedrick Wills



     OL preferences are all over the map. Wills stolen at 14.



    Josh Jones



    Three Ts off the board in a row. Jones was CLE's 2nd rated T.

    TRADE: the Minnesota Vikings send their 1st round pick (22) and two 3rd round picks (89, 105) to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for their 1st round pick (16) and 4th round pick (143)




    Jerry Jeudy



    MIN moves up for the perfect like-kind, non-diva replacement.



    CJ Henderson



    Were in on Jeudy. Instead grab a top CB available.



    Austin Jackson



    Jackson was Miami’s 2nd rated tackle and they get him at 18.



    Jaylon Johnson



    Not often mocked this high, but LV loves his press-man skills.



    Kenneth Murray



    JAX is looking to win-now while rebuilding their culture.



    Brandon Aiyuk



    PHI offered to move up to 10 for Ruggs. Settle for Aiyuk at 21.



    Javon Kinlaw


    S. Carolina

    Theft. I think players with injuries will fall a little bit.



    AJ Espensa



    Deep Iowa connection and a match for the Patriots way.



    Patrick Queen



    Local prospect and a fabulous fit for the Saints. Fills a need.



    Erza Cleveland



    Building around franchise QB Kirk Cousins.



    Xavier McKinney



    Literally the best prospect/team/need match in the 1st round.



    Yetur Gross-Matos



    Waited as long as they could for Clowney.

    TRADE: the Baltimore Ravens send their 1st round pick (28) to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for their 2nd round pick (34), 4th round pick (122) and 2021 4th round pick




    Jordan Love


    Utah State

    They have Rivers for at least 1 year, but Love is Ballard’s QBOTF.



    Trevon Diggs



    BPA and the team feels he can replace Logan Ryan as well.



    Isaiah Wilson



    EIGHT tackles in round one has to be a record.

    TRADE: the San Francisco 49ers send their 1st round pick (31) to the Detroit Lions in exchange for their 2nd round pick (35), 5th round pick (149), and 6th round pick (182)  




    Denzel Mims



    They are seeking more speed at WR, and Mims brings it.

    TRADE: the Kansas City Chiefs send their 1st round pick (32) to the Houston Texans in exchange for their 2nd round pick (40), 4th round pick (111), and 5th round pick (171)




    Jordan Jefferson



    Jefferson is a solid like-kind replacement for DeAndre Hopkins.


    Round 2



    Cesar Ruiz



    Hoped for Jefferson before HOU traded up. Pivot to OL.



    Jordan Elliott



    Replace (renogaded) Brockers with who can play the 1-3-5.



    Kristan Fulton



    Lots of DB value on day 2 and SF likes Fulton’s fit in their D.



    Terrell Lewis



    The OL market dried up, so DG adds a toolsy pass rusher.

    TRADE: the Detroit Lions trade their 2nd round pick (37) to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for their 2nd round picks (42) and 4th round pick (137)  




    Jalen Hurts



    Jags are hot for Hurts and see him as a potential long-term QB.



    Marlon Davidson



    Carolina considered Hurts prioritize an athletic, versatile DL.



    Lloyd Cushenburry



    Many are shocked still no RB, but Miami has a lot of picks.  



    D’Andre Swift



    And just like that, the first RB off the board.



    Ross Blacklock



    Blacklock’s slide ends and CLE adds interior depth.

    TRADE: the Detroit Lions send their 2nd round pick (42) to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for their 2nd round pick (51) and 4th round pick (123)




    Grant Delpit



    Dallas has strong LSU ties and jumps up to grab the falling DB.



    Antoine Winfield Jr.



    Too much value to pass up for a team needing a lot of pieces.



    Tee Higgins



    Great fit for Rivers and fills a need for a big X in their offense.  



    Zack Baun



    Baun is great value this late into the 2nd frame.



    Jeff Gladney



    Gladney is one of the most underrated players in the draft.



    Noah Igbinoghene



    Another srappy CB off the board.



    KJ Hamler



    NYJ want to add speed and see Hamler as a movement Z.



    Jonathan Taylor



    Could go a number of directions, but JT is too good to pass up. 

    TRADE: the Chicago Bears send their 2nd round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for their 2nd round pick (53) and 6th round pick (190)




    Kyle Dugger



    Terrific small school safety prospect to help replace Jenkins.



    Raekwan Davis



    DET addresses DL with a 3-down player with pass rush upside.

    TRADE: the Los Angeles Rams send their 2nd round pick (52) to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for their 2nd round pick (56) and 5th round pick (174)




    Julian Okwara



    Miami navigate the draft to liter their roster with talent.

    TRADE: the Chicago Bears send their 2nd round pick (53) to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for their 2nd round pick (55) and 7th round pick (226)




    Josh Uche



    Baltimore has a deep history of selecting EDGE in round 2.



    Jabari Zuniga



    Buffalo’s biggest need. Could look to add another in round 3.



    Jalen Reagor



    Crazy to think Reagor could fall this far. Such a deep draft.



    Prince Wanogho



    Rams need to add depth and talent to their offensive line badly.



    Neville Gallimore



    Not a like-kind replacement for Reader but a talented one.



    AJ Terrell



    They broke their CB in the 1st trend but still grab one in the 2nd.



    Robert Hunt



    Draftniks are sleeping on Hunt. Has the traits SEA looks for.

    TRADE: the Baltimore Ravens send their 2nd round pick (60) to the Washington Redskins in exchange for their 3rd round pick (66) and 5th round pick (163)




    Michael Pittman



    Prototype X that should come in and start day 1.



    Justin Madubuike



    Talented and quick interior rusher to replace Casey.



    Ben Bartch


    St. John’s

    Another lineman being slept on. May play G or RT.



    Matt Hennessy



    Hennessy is a center but I believe has enough talent to play G.

    TRADE: the Seattle Seahawks send their 2nd round pick (64) to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for their 3rd round pick (70) and 5th round pick (155)




    Cam Akers



    Miami caps off the 2nd round with a RB. Most active team by far.



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  15. Word for the dedicated posters on here who will listen lol:

    Anyone who says they would like "any one" of the media consensus top rated prospects in the draft simply isn't very informed. Scheme and fit play into it, and there are players that the media has rated outside of their top 8, top 10, top 12 that will go a lot higher on draft day and will end up being better players than the consensus leads you to beleive. Not everyone has the time, effort, or attention to follow prospects and develop their own analysis for players and that's OK, but don't let these people post with a sense of entitlement as if they're actually doing the research, actually watching the tape, actually reading the reports; don't let them get away with acting like they know what their talking about when they don't. Instead, be open with what you believe and why you believe it. Challenge those people to put up better content. Respect those who have their own beliefs but demand they provide good, insightful reasons for them. 

    Best practice: ask a person why they like a specific player and what they don't like about that player. Ask why they think that player fits with the Jets. Ask why they have a certain opinion. It usually separates those who know what they're talking about, i.e. @Rockice_8 who has been giving some input on why he ranks his players the way he does and honest assessments of attributes he really likes (i.e. the desire to have Ruggs - for the record, my emotional side feels the same way and I somewhat selfishly wish that the OL class wasn't so strong- I want nothing more than to see those 50+ yard TDs, but conventional wisdom says OL is the better way to go), which are clearly uninfluenced by popular opinion or perceived need whether you agree with him or not. He does a good job of expressing the specific trait that is appealing about a player and how they can fit with this team, and why he likes one prospect over another. Short and sweet analysis like that make it clear who the good posters are from those who are phonies and simply base their desires off of fantasy and "lists" and "big boards", which so conveniently change by the day. 

    We're all Jets fans in here, but the reason I chose this board over others was because it wasn't like what twitter is today: one sentence BS filled with sensationalist attitudes, criticism, no depth and nothing but negativity. Be like Rockice. Appreciate guys like Rockice. @NewAgeand I used to have good philosophical discussions about the game- didn't always agree, but the opinions were informed and were sound. Same can be said for @jetsfan4life51, @ekill08x (who was certainly the biggest pessimist on here, but 10 years later turned out to be very right lol), @TheChad who like Chad Pennington, seems to be a quiet observer and then drops a very good post, @KingOfTheDot who has been putting some very good stuff out there, @JetsandI - who I could swear has been on here as like 8 different users - but not positive, @mattmanz91@Spiel612 who used to be GREAT, @BlaZeN37 who I've worked with many times on FFMD, as well as @Bianconero, @Dr.O, @MoLewis57, @Jag68Sid87, @xenajets... there are tons of guys and the list goes on and on. Will always love the old FF, just doesn't seem the content it's nearly as good today as it was back then, despite the upgrades to the site. 

    But point is, appreciate the good content, appreciate the people who have original ideas and posts, appreciate those with informed opinions.

    It's OK to have an opinion- no one can take that away from you- but I respect those who at least post an informed one. 


    Feel free to DM for my instagram or twitter, where I may begin be posting more Jet related stuff- possibly consolidated in another blog until this goddman quarantine is over. 

    Otherwise, I may be around from time to time in the NFL General/NFL Draft sections, or like I said DM me (it goes to my email so I'll see it).

    Signing off for now!


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  16. 1 minute ago, DowNY said:

    At this point, I’m all for JD drafting a WR at 11 just for the JetsKid007 meltdown and him talking himself into liking the approach. 

    You would see no meltdown here, I would just say how I believed it wasn't the smart approach based on all the data and studies available. Logic points to drafting a top 15-level WR over an top 15-level OL as the inferior approach, and I'm not going to change that belief regardless who we draft. I also think when you talk about resource allocation - whether it be in football, assets, or even accumulation of goods, it's smart to spend your most valuable resources on the most scarce assets, and use less valuable resources where assets are more plentiful. 

    That said, he's the GM, he's entitled to build the team in his image no matter what I think. I would support the player, hope the player performs well, and hope the player results in us winning more games- but I can still think it would be a foolish decision. 

    Anyway, I'm pretty confident that won't be the case. 

  17. 12 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    This is just your opinion on my thoughts and quite frankly it’s not accurate at all. And is laughable at this point.


    I all offseason have been saying we needed an OLineman at 11. We got 3 new starters (more than likely) and Edoga who should only have gotten better. I don’t think our OL is fixed. I in my mock offseason always had us upgrading at WR in FA in some way. For me, losing Robby and adding Perriman was a downgrade and obviously a position I thought we needed to address. And quite frankly have thought we needed to address since. Holmes, Edwards days (I loved the Marshall, Decker duo, but we only had that for a season). So yes I have screamed we need WRs every single season since we have had an awful group nearly every season. To think what my thoughts on the draft after FA changing is odd, is HILARIOUS to me. I’d be an idiot if my thoughts didn’t change. So for me WR has now become a bigger need than OL. I have ALWAYS ranked Jeudy and a lamb high in this draft class. I’ve had them below the 4 OLineman based on need. Just like now I have the WRs moves ahead of them post FA. We make a trade for a guy like Cooks and my board will swing more to OL. We make a trade for Williams and my board will stay with WRs at the top. I don’t think that’s weird at all. And for the elevendy billionth time... I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION OF HOW I CARE TO BUILD OUR FAV TEAM!!! I can’t say that enough. So any moves made at WR or OL will continue to change my board. 


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