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  1. 8 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    Jackson would be a pick I wouldn’t like. I think he’s big time over drafted there. For me that’d be like saying it’s ok for us to draft Shenault at 11 bc we him.


    Regardless I’d still rather Jackson over any defensive player though besides Chase Young.

    I think the NFL is higher than Jackson than the media is though. Here's a reminder of how draft media reacted when Tyron Smith was drafted 9th overall: 


    Critique: Much too high

    Why: I agree that Tyron Smith has a great deal of athleticism, but the biggest problem with him is that he played right tackle in college and is built like an NFL tight end.

    I think Tyron Smith deserves to be somewhere along the lines of the mid 30s. He is probably the sixth best offensive linemen, and I think he is a mistake as a first-round pick.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    If I had to bet I’d say OT as well. After FA I have switched to that I prefer a WR there though now. Certainly won’t dislike it if we grab one of (Wills, Wirfs, Thomas, Becton). But still think the build this team we would have been better served going WR at 11, OL at 48.

    Part of it is because I think that there's no way 4 OL go in the top 10. I think there will only be 2 when it's all said and done. I hope it doesn't come to a point where the Jets have to make a tough decision, but all I know is Austin Jackson is a guy they really like. Ideally Tristan Wirfs falls into our laps and everyone's happy. Whether he plays T or G, the guy is going to be an All Pro. 

    Preferences are preferences, that's fair. I'm just vehemently and categorically against two things (1) taking a player because of need; and (2) especially at a position that is not a QB, OL, or EDGE. I think drafting a WR over an OT would indicate that the Jets are drafting because of need, not BPA (I'd argue that all 4 of the OTs are better prospects than the top WRs). 

  3. 5 hours ago, Dr.O said:

    Option #1 for me easily, although I believe we would have to trade up to get Cleveland

    Yeah I don't think Cleveland falling to 48 is realistic. I also can't see Okwara falling that far in a thin EDGE class. Van was a lock to go day 2 prior to injury/COVID-19 changes. I think he gets impacted, but a team may remain steadfast in taking him because teams will put added stock in pro-ready guys given that OTAs and TC, and the preseason are likely to get shortened/cancelled. I also think the talent discrepancy between Becton/Cleveland is much larger than Ruggs/Hamler... everyone I've spoken to says Hamler is no different than Hollywood Brown, and I think that can only be interpreted positively. 

    Option 2 seems more realistic in the sense of where people come off the board and I think it would be the far better result. I don't think any one of Ruggs/Lamb/Jeudy would solve our woes at WR; I think we need to make a few high investments in the position. It's funny you put 3 WRs in a row because I'm working on a mock that does the same except with a trade-down at 79. 


    I think regardless what happens on draft day, we as a fanbase will be happy with the shiny new toys on offense as well as added protection for Sam, but our CB/EDGE groups could be amongst the worst in the NFL when you consider how some of the young guys like Bless Austin and Kyle Phillips could face stunted growth with the impacts COVID-19 will have/less training camp reps. Hoping Gregg will have a few tricks up his sleeve. 

  4. 4 hours ago, JohnnyHectorFan said:

    This time up to the draft is gonna be fun on this site.

    Obviously the majority of posters are all in on an OT at 11, while I’m in the group leaning towards the dark side apparently wanting a WR.

    Bottom line is we should be getting a great player at 11.  And I think we can all agree that all our TVs will be wrecked if we pick a defensive lineman not named Chase Young.

    It sure will be. Some of the debates will be fun. I think the Jets are going OT no matter what. Could also see them trade down. If we were to take a WR, I think it would be Ruggs- right or not I think he's going to end up being the first receiver off the board. The NFL has always been a copycat league, and I think teams are going to favor Ruggs speed/explosiveness over Lamb/Jeudy's polish

  5. On 3/28/2020 at 7:37 AM, JohnnyHectorFan said:

    Think he might have been talking about the top receivers gone by 48. 

    He wasn’t. Jeremiah isn’t going to go from believing their are 25-30 receivers with Day-1/Day-2 grades and stomping how Douglas will not take a WR over OL at 11, to totally flipping his stance. Every mock draft he’s written that doesn’t have the Jets taking an OL he states “There’s a chance all 4 go in the top 10” and he’s tweeted about it countless times. 

    Semantics don’t hold up when you add context.

  6. 25 minutes ago, KingOfTheDot said:


    Pretty big indicator that it's truly a 3-player comp for the two G spots. If the Jets draft a T/G could be a 4 player comp. If they draft a player like Hennessy they could potentially have 5 players competing for 3 spots (LG-C-RG) with Hennessy filling in as a C or a G depending on if he were better at G than McGovern. Salaries indicate that Lewis and Winters are sure starters, but as we saw in Buffalo - the best combination of 5 will start


    30 minutes ago, jetfuel34 said:

    If pick 11 comes up and these guys are on the board who do you take?






    I think you have to go with Wirf or Okudah. I would lean more towards Okudah

    Wirfs and it's not close. I know people have been comparing his tape to Wills - but Wirfs is going to be a tremendous player. Guy has the ability to be an All-Pro year in and year out

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  8. There's some word around the league that Andrew Thomas could come off the board as one of the top 2 tackles after all. One of the reasons: COVID-19. The Athletic had an article with some content basically explaining how him being the most pro-ready and being least of a projection will boost him up on boards since teams are unlikely to have traditional offseason programs. 

  9. Current projected starters/top backups and their contract expiration: 

    Sam Darnold 2023  
    Le'Veon Bell 2023* early out 2021
    Quincy Enunwa 2023* cut candidate
    Jamison Crowder 2022  
    Breshad Perriman 2021  
    Ryan Griffin 2023  
    Chris Herndon 2022  
    Connor McGovern 2023  
    Greg Van Roten 2023  
    Chuma Edoga 2023  
    George Fant 2023* early out 2021
    Alex Lewis 2023* early out 2021
    Brian Winters 2021 cut candidate
    Jonotthan Harrison 2021 cut candidate
    Josh Andrews 2021 cut candidate
    Quinnen Williams 2024  
    Kyle Phillips 2023  
    Nathan Shepherd 2022  
    Foley Fatukasi 2022  
    Henry Anderson 2022* cut candidate
    Steve McLendon 2021  
    Jordan Jenkins 2021  
    Tarell Basham 2021  
    C.J. Mosley 2024  
    Blake Cashman 2023 cut candidate
    Jordan Jenkins 2021  
    Tarell Basham 2021  
    Avery Williamson 2021 cut candidate
    James Burgess 2021 cut candidate
    Neville Hewitt 2021 cut candidate
    Patrick Onwuasor 2021 cut candidate
    Blessuan Austin 2023  
    Pierre Desir 2021  
    Brian Poole 2021  
    Arthur Maulet 2021 cut candidate
    Nate Hairston 2021 cut candidate
    Jamal Adams 2022  
    Marcus Maye 2021  
    Marqui Christian 2021  


    The bold are who I would consider our "core". Really puts in perspective how glaring our needs at OL, WR, EDGE, and CB still are. Need at least one "core" player at each of those positions by the start of the 2021 season if we're going to be real contenders during Sam's rookie contract. Hopefully Bless and Edoga, and Phillips can prove themselves to be that level this season. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    We move Williamson and it makes sense to me. Just with no move yet, it’s a bit head scratching.


    I like all these guys, so I’m not against it. Just seems like waste if there’s not a corresponding move soon

    No rush to make a decision on Williamson, and just because a guy signs a 1 year deal doesn't guarantee him a roster spot

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  11. 5 minutes ago, Dr.O said:

    Gonna assume we’re moving Williamson

    The Jets don't have any pressure to right now. Unlike Roberts, there's no date we have to worry about where his contract becomes guaranteed or he's due a roster bonus. Like Winters, they don't need the cap room and none of their salaries are due until week 1. What's the urgency to cut him? 

    Hopefully they can trade him, but absent that it may be a full out competition in camp

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  12. 12 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    The move is head scratching with what we already have and have even resigned already at ILB. Mosley, Williamson, Burgess, Hewitt, Cashman and now this guy?!?! That’s 6 ILBs

    Did you see what happened to our LBs last year lol? 

    I think they'll carry 4 or 5 ILB end of the day. Last year our opening day roster consisted of 2 EDGE, 2 MLB, 2 WLB, 2 SLB. Williamson will likely get cut/traded, and Burgess/Hewitt/Cashman/Onwuasor will be part of a group that competes for the 3-4 additional spots. 




    Image result for breshad perriman gif

    Image result for breshad perriman gif

    Image result for breshad perriman gif

    Image result for breshad perriman gif

    Breshad Perriman

    Breshad Perriman

    Breshad Perriman

    Breshad Perriman

    Breshad Perriman


    A few clips I've found on Perriman and his progression as a receiver - specifically how he's improved his hand-eye coordination, focus, and catching fundamentals (these are not my own). A lot of these do a good job of showing how freakishly athletic he is/contested catch ability as well. Since these are mostly big plays, I'm going to try to focus on finding all the clips of him in the short passing game when I get a chance... he was really good on quick slants and crossers - picking up 5-15 yards routinely on those routes in the final 4 games of the season... trust me, I was paying close attention to him because he was a starter on my fantasy team down the stretch (helped me win the championship lol). As you can see in some of these, he has really good separation ability after the first 5-10 yards. 

    Can't promise I will do it tonight, but will try to post some of my own snips by the end of the week


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  14. 36 minutes ago, NJC33 said:

    I really don't see Perriman as being the more complete route runner - He's stiff in the hips and still somehow incredibly raw when it comes to his technique. I agree that he's the more physically gifted athlete but Robby is far more fluid IMO. 

    3-5 years ago yes, but he's become more lean and with that less "stiff" as his college tape showed him to be. His list weight is probably 10-12 lb. more than his playing weight. He was a raw, mechanical, freak athlete (think Stephen Hill) when he came out. His college playing weight was in the 220s, and he reported to the combine at 212. He's listed at 215, but I'm thinking he played at around 200-2005 in 2019. Injuries prevented him from getting the necessary practice reps to hone his skills, but I see someone who has improved his route running and catching technique over the past few years. Video incoming later today... I'm going to try out free NFL Game Pass All-22 and see if I can put together a video detailing the kind of routes he can run short/intermediate that Robby hasn't - one of them is the quick slant, which has been missing from our offense since Brandon Marshall left. The reason for this is that he's more sudden than Robby is. Robby is blazing fast and has elite tracking ability, but he's not "sudden". 

    Again, Robby's the better receiver. He's the safer receiver. He's elite in the deep passing game. But Robby really doesn't do much of anything at the LOS and in the short passing game, whereas Perriman was able to separate with both speed and physicality at the LOS. Robby had lots of trouble "attacking" the football at the top of his routes (we've famously seen it result in INTs with RA), whereas I saw Perriman routinely attack the ball in his highlights and clips from last year and in Cleveland. 

    In a non-route running note, Perriman also has shown an ability to high-point the football in ways that Robby can only dream about. 


    Again I want to make it clear that I don't think Perriman is better. I really liked Robby and would've paid to keep him here. I think he was a perfect complement to Crowder/Herndon/Bell and the incoming Z we should find in the draft. I thought continuity with Darnold was very important - so important that it was worth going over that $10 million number on a shorter-term deal. But as it relates to Gase's offense, I think Perriman will allow us to do more since he's more natural working underneath and over the middle in the short-passing game. Doesn't make him a better player, but a better fit. 

  15. I feel good about Breshad. I think he's going to turn this one year deal into an extension. With Robby headed to an offense where he'll be the 3rd, possibly 4th option in the passing game, I think Perriman will outproduce him this year.

    That's not to say I think Perriman is a safe #2 the way Robby Anderson was, but an adequate #3/4 option in a high volume passing offense. He's not the deep threat Robby was - Robby is amongst the best in the NFL - but I think we'll come to see that he's more "complete" as a route runner. If you're pessimistic you should look at his injury history, production, and come to the conclusion that while talented he can't be trusted. If you're optimistic, you'll note that he's more athletically gifted than Robby is, a more complete route runner, and showed glimpses of being a #1 - yes, a #1 - option in the passing game. 

    My thoughts are that he finally appears to be over the injuries that have hampered him since college (2 years injury free) and will end up being a short-term #3 and long-term #4 who can provide playmaking juice to the offense. Think along the lines of Ted Ginn/Donta' Stallworth/Cordarrelle Patterson.


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  16. RE: Robby Anderson

    There are a lot of conflicting reports out there. Boomer says they offered a 4 year, $40 million deal. My CAA contact said the Jets were rumored to have offered a 3 year, $30 million deal. Some are saying the Jets only offered a 1 year deal. 

    Word is that the Jets were willing to give Robby a 1 year deal if that's what he wanted, but they absolutely had a multi-year offer on the table.

    Some think that his reps were banking on the Jets were going to up their offer as things slowed down. They didn't. Kind of would have been a tail-between-your-legs situation for him. 

  17. 2 hours ago, Danger said:

    I'd take Perriman over Anderson. Maybe he's not the same deep threat, but a better receiver overall for less money. If I'm a jets fan, I'm just hoping that they aren't settling for Perriman and draft someone at 11. As an Eagles fan I hope they go another direction in the draft.

    I think Joe Douglas plans on continuing to build his OL and address WR with a few picks on day 2 and 3, but anything can happen between now and then.

    I think Perriman will play his way into a nice extension. May not be a #1 or #2, but he should be a solid #3/4 option in this offense as the primary X (TE Herndon, Slot Crowder will be the top 2 targets) and Sam likes to spread around the ball. They need to add a Z badly and they'll likely look to add an all purpose receiver. KJ Hamler is someone we've been linked to. 

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