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  1. 1 hour ago, indifference said:

    Solid deep threat. Awareness is bad at times but he turned it on when Evans went down.

    He’s probably going to be the 3rd/4th option in the passing game for this offense. My guess is Crowder/Herndon will get the highest volume of targets, with Perriman and a rookie as the primary outside receivers 

  2. After years of having a weird relationship with Rosenhaus, it appears the new administration is actively working with him. Signing a lot of his guys to 1 year prove-it deals. Might be advising some of his clients that we offer a unique opportunity for them to get playing time and cash in next year

  3. With Robby and Phillip Dorsett off the market, the Jets will either sign someone or make a trade. Here are some of the options to keep an eye on: 

    • Breshad Perriman - he's been waiting on Robby for a reason. He's a direct replacement to Robby as an X. Could see this one happening. 
    • Tajae Sharpe - under-the-radar guy who fits the scheme as a Z receiver. 
    • Devin Funchess - a depth option as a Z, but not really a fit. 
    • Rashard Higgins - another under-the-radar guy who fits as an X
  4. Robby signing with the Panthers. 2 years, $20 million. 

    From what I understand, it's structured as a 1 year, $12 million deal. Jets were apparently offering a 3 year, $32 million deal according to my friend but it was apparently low on guarantees. 

  5. Trent Williams news is the jolt that may push them to move him. 

    Redskins have been the biggest impediment from a trade. The rumors I've heard from a source that ties back to Scot McCloughan is that the Redskins are shooting high realizing that they can get more for him closer to draft-day as teams begin to get a clearer picture of what T options will be available for them in the draft. While this makes sense for the Redskins, it has the Williams' camp furious because a lot of teams have already maxed out their bankroll and will be less willing to pay Williams via extension. 

    Still think the Jets will remain involved despite their free agency additions, but the Bucs and the Chargers are teams on the horizon. I felt the Jets were the favorite, but that all changed when Brady went to TB. Washington would rather send him to an AFC team, but I feel like they'll be the most willing to give up compensation. Not sure what the deal is in Cleveland, but have to include them as a potential option. 

  6. 9 hours ago, jrry32 said:

    There are many ways to utilize free agency. Signing a bunch of mediocre players isn't a good one. I like the comp pick approach, but that's harder to do for bad teams. With bad teams, it makes sense to chase high-priced talent at times. At other times, it makes sense to target underrated players. I guess maybe y'all are convincing yourselves you targeted underrated players (I guess the claim is that Fant is a super talented athlete, so you can finally get him to play to his athletic potential? IDK). Maybe you did. Personally, I don't see it. 

    And yeah, I think adding Floyd for $10M made sense. He was a cut, which doesn't cost us the Fowler comp pick, and played for our new DC (so he fits the scheme). But I'm not out there touting it as some brilliant move. And I'm not out there touting our free agency as amazing. We chased comp picks, mainly. I was a bit disappointed in the A'Shawn signing because he cost us one. We'll see if he pans out. Regardless, I'm not sitting here touting a CB who got roasted last year (Desir), an OT who couldn't start in Seattle (Fant), and a few other nobodies as some sort of free agent revelation. And, of course, my team is trying to stay in the playoff hunt, not trying to climb out of the basement.

    So yeah, I would hope a team trying to climb out of the basement would do a bit more. Darnold could use an OL. Frankly, if my team had a lot of cap and needed OL help, I'd have ponied up for Conklin. Nothing worse than letting your young QB get ruined by a bad OL. Maybe Chuma steps up. I liked his potential a lot last year, but he needed to get bigger and stronger.

    There’s some I agree with in here, but a lot I disagree with. It’s easy for an outside observer to criticize, but it seems like a lot of things are falling by the wayside. 

    As far as the offensive line: 

    • Joe Thuney was our top target and was expected to sign. He was open to NY and wanted to stay in the division. Franchise tag threw that out the window. Conversely No amount of money convincing Conklin to come to NY- he was vehemently against relocating his family to the east coast. From what I understand (agency source), he had hoped TEN/ARI/MIN- settled for CLE. It’s not like the team was negligent in their pursuit- it was largely out of their hands. 
    • Glasgow pursuit was much like Conklin, except the Jets legitimately loved him (as did Miami). The Jets planned to use him at C and were willing to make him the highest paid one in the league, but he wasn't fond of relocating to the east coast. He just got married and he/his wife’s family are all in Michigan/Illinois/Ohio. Jets could’ve likely convinced him more than they could’ve Conklin by overpaying, but he really wanted to remain in the Midwest. Dream scenario for him was to go to CHI, but the offer wasn’t there. Signing him meant McGovern wasn't returning, and the Jets had him second to Glasgow as the top C available. McGovern is from North Dakota, but has a lot of family in NJ/NY and his father grew up in NJ- so it was a bit of a homecoming for his family. As you noted, McGovern is a solid starter. Not bad, not spectacular, but solid. He has position versatility- but the Jets “plan” to use him at C. He’s an improvement over any G/C we’ve had in the last 3 years. He's a much better pass protection than he is a run blocker (PFF gave him an 82.5 grade- good for 5th among C’s). The Jets think he's an ascending player, but his floor is significantly higher than what we've had. Again, easily the best OL we've had over the past 3 years. Sad, but true. He's definitely going to be a starter, likely for multiple years. 
    • Greg Van Roten, Alex Lewis, and George Fant are are all on 1 year deals with 2 years of options. They’re coming in to compete. GVR and Lewis are both above average pass blockers by any noteworthy analytics statistic provider. As you noted, Fant is largely a projection- I think he’ll likely compete with Edoga to start at one T spot with a 1st rounder starting at the other. Also possible they plug a T in at G depending how the competition shakes out. Personally, I think Fant is an improvement over Beachum. Beachum was commendable and our best lineman over the past two years, but killed us with some bad penalties and restricted some of the things we could do schematically. Fant’s athleticism (as well as Edoga’s and potential 1st round pick/Trent Williams) will allow us to implement wider splits, which in theory should significantly help in pass protection and create more passing lanes underneath (I agree) and could help jump start Bell and the running game (I’m not sold that it will).
    • As I alluded to, the Jets still have interest in Trent Williams, but won’t pay the 2nd round pick WAS seeks. I’m not as confident that a trade gets done right now (sounding like the Chargers are the favorite), but anything can happen.

    When it comes to the OL- it’s easy to say these moves aren’t enough, but at the same time I don’t think outside observers realize how bad it has been for Sam Darnold. Even if the line is still below average it’s a significant upgrade over what we’ve had. The other thing is, I don’t think the Jets goal was to get “significantly better” in free agency (I know that sounds stupid but hear me out). I think Douglas wanted to stabilize positions and avoid getting worse without spending recklessly. The offensive line is significantly better than what it was. Desir is not great- but he’s an upgrade over what we had and with projected development from our young guys, the position should improve. EDGE is still a need, but at least we haven’t gotten worse and didn’t overpay anyone (sounding like either Everson Griffin or Vinny Curry could be coming in as a situational rusher as well). The WR group needs a lot of work, but some outlets like PFF are grading our free agency as if we've lost him; the team is waiting on Robby and if he doesn't sign, they'll pivot to Perriman/Dorsett/trade market. Regardless, their goal has always been to build through this draft class. 

    An uninspiring FA period? That's fine. But Joe Douglas is relying on players getting healthy (we were one of the most injured teams in the league last year); progression from our young players- namely Sam Darnold but many others at key positions like CB Bless Austin, OT Chuma Edoga, EDGE Jordan Jenkins, EDGE Tarell Basham, DE Kyle Phillips, DL Quinnen Williams, DL Foley Fatukasi, DL Nathan Shepherd, RB Josh Adams, and TE Chris Herndon; improvement across the line; and a solid draft class to advance this team- not necessarily free agency. The team went 7-6 with their ultra talented 22 year old starting QB, finished the second half 6-2. I get that they didn’t have a rough schedule down the stretch, but the team played sound.

    I think Darnold is going to really take off in his 3rd year, and it may be enough to push an average roster with some underrated talent to the playoffs. I’m happy that other teams are sleeping on the Jets because I’m ready for the “prove everyone wrong tour” in 2020. 

    Early prediction: 10-6

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  7. Listened to Greg Van Roten on Connor Hughes podcast today. Cool to get some insight on how his FA went. He was in contact with the Jets the entire way, but other teams that were interested in him included the Bills, the Dolphins (prior to signing Flowers), the Redskins, the Seahawks, the Bears, and the Bengals. He mentioned that free agency wasn't what he expected because teams were just checking in on him and gauging what he was looking for, rather than actually making an offer. As I stated earlier, I think this is how teams have adjusted in the legal-tampering era because they can kind of get an idea what the deal would look like without executing an official offer. Considering how organic free agency is and that each addition changes a team's budget, teams would rather just stay close and offer once their other plans/intentions clear up (for example, GVR mentioned how Seattle was interested but were kind of waiting around on Clowney). 

    Acknowledged that his market was weird because he was a rare, low-milage vet who got a late start to his career but also has plenty of experience. I liked that perspective. 

    He alluded that the Jets did not make the strongest offer, but they showed the most interest and that him returning home to play for the team he grew up rooting for was a strong pull as well. Another thing he noted that has somewhat flown under the radar is that he was being brought in to "compete for a starting job" - meaning nothing is given. 

    The way I see things shaping out: 

    • Fant, Edoga, and 1st rounder battling for 2 tackle spots
    • GVR, Lewis, and Winters battling for 2 guard spots 

    Only player at risk of getting cut is Winters. If he wins outright, they'll all remain.

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  8. 4 hours ago, TheChad said:

    You know what? I was fully against using our first pick on anything but O-line, but I'm coming around. We've likely got four new starters already.

    I heard CeeDee Lamb is a pretty good run blocking WR too. I'm on board with drafting him now.

    While true, you must keep this in mind:

    • T George Fant - glorified 1 year deal, never a full-time starter
    • G Alex Lewis - glorified 1 year deal, injury-prone
    • G Greg Van Roten - still somewhat unproven; he's solid, but 30 years old... waiting on terms
    • T Chuma Edoga - far from a sure thing yet

    Just because guys are coming in to start doesn't necessarily mean they're the answer. 

    The Jets receiver group any better either, but the decision really comes down to position importance and class depth. 

    I think Becton, Thomas, Wills and Wirfs are better prospects than Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs. I also think the OT group is far less deep than the WR group, which widely regarded as the deepest class ever. Hence: OL > WR in Round 1.

    That being said, I think the Jets will be lower on Thomas than the media and we are, which really makes you question: would Jets really go Austin Jackson over the top 3 WRs if they can't trade down? I think they would, but personally I would prefer Ruggs > Lamb > Jeudy in that scenario. 

  9. 6 hours ago, jetfuel34 said:

    I think there is almost zero % chance we trade up. There is no guy that is worth trading up unless Young falls out of the top 7 or 8 and I don't see that happening at all. He might fall out of the top 3 but no way he falls out of the top 5. 

    I can absolutely see it. If 2 of the top 3 tackles are off the board at pick 9 and the player JD likes most is there, he'll absolutely consider making the jump. He did something similar last year to draft Dillard, who the Texans were going to select had the Eagles not jumped them.

  10. This is the price player rep's pay when they overestimate their value. 

    Usually only around 5-8 teams will really be in on a signal free agent. Jenkins probably could've landed a deal in the $10 million range had he not been asking for so much, but when he overpriced himself and held out, it became apparent that he either take less and return to what he knew or go to a team like the Patriots, who probably would've paid him around $6-8 million per year on a 3 year deal - but restricting him an opportunity to reset his market in 2021. 

    The same thing is going on with Robby, and I think he's going to ultimately suffer because of it. If I were him, I would've fired my reps by now. Robby needed to cash in now. Even if he returns next year, there's no guarantee he's going to improve. The Jets are going to add more weapons, Chris Herndon will be back, and Robby will likely revert back into the 3rd option in the passing game. He'll also be 28 next year, and that will bother some considering he's so reliant on speed which could drop off at any minute. That's much different than Jenkins, who will be 26 in 2021, has all the leadership qualities teams look for, and relies more on technique/strength for his production than pure talent. He can afford to take a prove-it deal, Robby can't. Good problem for the Jets, but may end up blowing up in Robby's face. 

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  11. Good move by the Jets if true. Manish has been quick to pull the trigger a few times before. 

    He's still young, so this will be an opportunity for him prove himself one more year before he gets the real deal. 

    Also likely an indication the Jets don't see Clowney accepting their offer, but I don't think the Jets are done. They need to add some guys who can consistently get pressure. 

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