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  1. The most recent ram logo with new colors was enough. Personally I thought it was the best "mascot" logo in the NFL- at least top 5.
  2. Please don’t tell me Stan really signed off on this.
  3. Two scenarios that I could see playing out on draft day: Jets trade up to #9. Jacksonville has been aggressive in acquiring additional picks, and they have needs all over the place. They are in a rebuild and seem to be embracing the tank, so they will appreciate future picks more so than some other teams. Could see a scenario where the Jets send two 4th round picks to jump ahead of Cleveland. Eagles trade up to #10. I think this could happen whether or not the Jets move up to #9. Eagles will be in the market for a receiver in the draft and they've never been shy to trade up. That 11-15 range is the hotspot for the top 3 receivers, so jumping ahead makes sense.
  4. You’re take is correct. We have to pay him no matter what. From here he either doesn’t get healthy/retires, gets healthy and Jets keep him, or the Jets cut him. Since you’re paying him, no reason to cut him until after TC As far as the Robby vs Crowder argument: neither is better than one another imo. They each do different things and scheme would dictate who is more important. Imo, Crowder is more significant to the offense in his role. I think Robby would be easier to replace than Crowder would, and Crowder is kind of the engine that makes the passing game go. That said, since they’re both limited to specific roles, I think the Jets desperately need to add a Z/versatile receivers who can play all 3 spots
  5. This is also noteworthy. Schefter never tweets anything for no good reason, and he knows a lot more than he lets on. Maybe I'm looking too far into it, but what's the purpose of adding the final line unless you know something? My only fear is that with it being so obvious and it being an apparent need for the Browns as well, a team like Miami (No.18) could look to jump both of us by dealing with Jacksonville.
  6. Douglas really doing a good job of bargain shopping. Desir is a very adequate 2nd/3rd corner. I’d like to see them go for Jimmy Smith too, but the Jets probably would prefer to get younger/build through the draft... at least that’s what all these 1 year deals signal to me
  7. I agree that Robby’s probably shooting himself in the foot. The benefit teams get from the tampering period is that they don’t make formalized offers - simply exchange terms and perimeters. I would bet that Robby only has one offer in-hand- the Jets one- and he’s been shopping around hoping for a higher one, but teams were turned off by his asking price during the tampering period so never offered on. If he continues to wait, he runs the risk of the Jets saying screw it, signing someone else and retracting their offer. I don’t think they will do it since Douglas doesn’t come off as a guy who lets emotions get the best of him, but it could happen.
  8. That chart I put together shows a trend of teams Douglas has been associated with drafting QBs in round 6. Drafted Thorson in the 5th round last year. I would think it makes sense to add a player talented enough to be drafted, considering how poorly things turned out last year/having two 6th round picks.
  9. Worth noting: all of these OL we’ve signed are significantly better pass blockers than run blockers according to every noteworthy analytics statistic provider (including Lewis). Hopefully scheme adjustments and sheer talent improvement will help with the run game, but at least we know the Jets are focusing their efforts on protecting Sam
  10. I actually value your opinion, when it’s an informed opinion or statement of preference. Shame you don’t value mine. Oh well.
  11. No need to block, I’ll just continue to metaphorically body bag you every time you make an uninformed response or comment. I have nothing personal with you as I don’t know you, but your spiel is getting very annoying and takes away from good content on the forum.
  12. Saying “Wills may not be athletic enough” is not an opinion. It could be depending how you look at it, but either way it would be a uninformed one. Making an antagonizing statement such as “you’re not high on Jackson?!?!” is sarcasm. You are entitled to an opinion about personal preferences, liking something more than its comparison, or believing one thing is better than another for personal reasons, such as flavor of ice cream or the concept of size vs. strength. However, you are not entitled to a faulty or uninformed opinion that defies logic, reason, or verifiable facts. You can’t say that you think or believe something, have it contradicted with clear and irrefutable evidence and respond with “I’m entitled to my own opinion”... it defies logic. Furthermore, you can’t accuse someone of something and respond with “I’m entitled to my own opinion”... if I make a statement that’s not an opinion, how can you logically counter with that? You can’t. Hit the books before quoting or responding to me again @Bobby816
  13. Enlighten me, what was your opinion in the first place?
  14. I don't think you have a clue what opinion means tbh
  15. Only 71. He played most of the game in week 9 but that was about it. He feels like a Ben Ijalana type. Reason you can't discount a guy like him is because we've been seeing a lot more late bloomers come out of nowhere to become decent OL in recent years. In fact, Greg Van Roten is a perfect example. Started his career with the Packers in 2012-13, playing 18 snaps, jumped around as a camp tryout/PS guy, played in the CFL, signed with the Panthers in 2017 and played 10 total snaps. The following year, he started all 16 games and played 100% at age 27.
  16. First, Jackson is a source based connection. I'm letting the Jet fan community on here know what I think and what I have heard. I'm expressing what word around the NFL community is, not what a hand full of "draftniks" predict a month out. He would not be my pick. I prefer a safer, steadier pick when it comes to the offensive line, as I have expressed many times before. At least I come in here and pass along real, relevant information and contributions. What are you contributing? Second, "I see he's slipping in mocks" is the most amateur statement I've read all week. For the record, I would take Thomas. I prefer the ho-hum OL over the freak athlete that's more of a projection. While unorthodox, I like that he has the strength to be a mauler and the length to play keep away. I think he shows good awareness. I think he's athletic enough, and if he can clean some things up he can be very good. That said, I don't believe Thomas is close to being one of the safest pick in the draft. He has some footwork and balance issues which could become a problem for him. Certainly has a chance at busting if he doesn't correct them.
  17. Full out competition for the starting 5. Love it. FWIW I don't think the Jets are going to commit to anyone as starter other than McGovern. Also, Douglas wasn't kidding about versatility: Fant: experience at LT and RT McGovern: experience at RG and C Lewis: experience at LG and LT Andrews: experience at LG and C Van Roten: experience at LG, C, RG, RT
  18. Hopefully adds one of Becton/Wirfs/Wills. Maybe not what we fantasized about, but still a very significant rebuild
  19. I get the feeling we go all out competition in training camp. Maybe they try to get Winters to take a pay cut, but unless he has hidden guarantees like Roberts (he would’ve been guaranteed $2m if on the roster tomorrow) then no reason to cut him right now... not like we need the cap for anyone anyway, even if we signed/traded a big name pass rusher
  20. Jets have signed Greg Van Roten Sam with his new and improved OL:
  21. Blackthew Berry has hit the nail on the head, however, I will say the Jets would love size/strength guys (think Becton) as that’s just gravy. But prerequisite: athleticis and foot speed.
  22. Winters played 8 games with a torn/separated shoulder
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