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  1. In rd 2, if I do a rd 2, Thats probably your team's pick
  2. Saying Luck does him no justice when he has been compared to Dan Marino
  3. Normally I would agree, But because Dallas is picking 2nd, he would engineer a trade there. You make a fair point about Robinson
  4. I thought about an edge rusher tbh, You a fan of the guy from Oregon State?
  5. Many other directions I could have gone too
  6. I just had him pulling an Elway Eli in the Mock I just posted. Dallas was the lucky team. And the Jets weren't even the team that got the first pick. Jacksonville got it. Jets screw up by beating Miami and NE in Week 17. Dallas picked 2nd. So the Jags and Cowboys do a Rivers Manning like swap for Lawrence and Fields.
  7. 1.Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence* Traded to Dallas after refusal to Play for the Jaguars. Follows in the footsteps of Elway and Eli of refusing to play for the team that picked him 2.Dallas Cowboys: Justin Fields* Traded to Jacksonville in the Lawrence deal Along with future picks 3.New York Jets: Penei Sewell 4.Atlanta Falcons: Trey Lance 5.Washington Redskins: Samuel Cosmi 6.Minnesota Vikings: Patrick Surtain 7.New York Giants: Greg Rosseau 8.Miami Dolphins: Jamar Chase 9.Cincinnati Bengals: Shaun Wade 10.Denver Broncos: Carlos Basham 11.Miami Dolphins: Micah Parsons 12.Las Vegas Raiders: Andre Cisco 13.New England Patriots: Christian Barmore 14.San Francisco 49ers: Joe Tryon 15.Jacksonville Jaguars: Najee Harris 16.Detroit Lions: Marvin Wilson 17.Chicago Bears: Mac Jones 18.Cleveland Browns: Dylan Moses 19.Philadelphia Eagles: Patrick Jones II 20.Arizona Cardinals: Kyle Pitts 21.Carolina Panthers: Alex Leatherwood 22.Indianapolis Colts: Jevon Holland 23.Baltimore Ravens: Paris Ford 24.Tennessee Titans: Caleb Farley 25.Los Angeles Chargers: Wyatt Davis 26.New Orleans Saints: Jaylen Waddle 27.Buffalo Bills: Rashod Batemen 28.Green Bay Packers: Rondale Moore 29.Kansas City Chiefs: Paulsen Adebo 30.New York Jets: Devonta Smith 31.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jayce Horn 32.Pittsburgh Steelers: Travis Etienne Like I said in my last draft, I'll refer to WSH as their previous name until they get an actual name. PICK A NAME DAN. In my last draft I had Lance going before Fields. Why Fields over Lance? Because I think Jacksonville would prefer Fields over Lance. With the Jets at 2 in that last one, I think the jets may rank Lance over Fields because the Jets are weird. I think the jets give darnold another chance, But they have to overhaul the entire staff. A theme in this draft, A lot of things will look flip flopped from my previous draft. Where players go, What position is addressed. For example, I didn't have Mac Jones in my previous mock, But he seems to be rising up boards, And I have him as the 4th QB off the board in rd 1. Like Why Tryon before Moses. Well, SF is probably tired of guys getting injured on them, So they go with the player who may be a little more raw with massive potential over a stud who just can't stay healthy. Or like Why is Caleb Farley in rd 1 when he wasn't in rd 1 in the last 1? Hey, he's in rd 1 because he's good. WR picks will be similar because Teams are looking for a certain type of wr. BUF wants a big guy, NO and GB want a fast WR. Dallas trades 2021 1st, 2022 1st, and A 2022 3rd. Even if Lawrence Refuses, Jacksonville has the leverage in jacking up the price for the man dubbed to be the next Dan Marino. By the way, INDY signs Dak.
  8. The chargers did pretty damn well against the bucs. If the seahawks can make it a shootout, they have a chance
  9. When I saw Justin Fields at #1 I thought it was because you thought Lawrence returned to school, but no. Once I saw Lawrence at 6 to the Redskins I closed out of this draft. Trevor Lawrence is supposed to be the next Dan Marino. He's going #1
  10. I assume Dallas will be picking earlier in your next mock?
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