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  1. Looking back at 49ers possible OBJ trade

    I know. But they are clearly stupid for taking Jones and are stupid if they thought that they could trade Odell to SF without the 6th pick to get the 2nd pick. I'm saying if a deal went through and a deal would have went through if the giants offered their 6th pick
  2. Looking back at 49ers possible OBJ trade

    The Giants select Bosa 49ers would fall back to 6 and get Josh Allen
  3. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    NAJEE #1
  4. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    Wait for Mahomes after year 2 as a starter. I think he regresses without hill. Seattle and Indy are better examples of teams that'll shop the 1st overall pick if they get it. They could get 5 1sts from the team picking 2nd
  5. Biggest head scratching picks

    Biggest head scratching pick to me was the 1st overall pick. I know it was talked about, but I thought it was all baloney
  6. Come see the LASED

    Does it have a retractable roof?
  7. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    If I had to guess, Arizona will Rosen Kyler for Lawrence.
  8. Yes, I know that this is years down the road, but we know that he's 99.9% chance going to be the #1 overall pick in 2021. He's ridiculously good. A talent with Aaron Rodgers potential. Everyone is anticipating the arrival of this prodigy I searched to see if an Official Trevor Lawrence thread had been made, and the search results came up empty. This is the only 2021 draft prospect worthy of his own thread 2 years in advance. Anyway, let's brainstorm the teams he may potentially end up on Arizona Dallas Minnesota Pittsburgh if they totally implode Baltimore Jacksonville Detroit NY Giants Carolina Saints if Brees retires at the end of this season Chargers if Rivers retires after this season or gets injured in the 2020 season The reason I leave the Raiders, Bengals, and Titans off the list is because I see the Raiders taking Tua, The Bengals taking Herbert, and the Titans taking Fromm. They can easily enter this list if they don't select QB'S next year. I didn't put the bucs on here because Arians is going to have Winston playing at a high level
  9. Come see the LASED

    Dodge stadium is too much like Dodger stadium, so call it Dodge field and you got something to work with
  10. Come see the LASED

    They should call it Dodge Field
  11. Jalen Hurts will make it to the NFL. But not as a QB

    Saban is about to put one into the NFL
  12. I said typically, but the rams wanted the exposure so it was no surprise. It only takes 1 NFL team to step up, but if HBO gets their choice, no doubt about it, it'll be the raiders.
  13. Those are the choices HBO would pick from if none of the 32 teams step up. No one typically steps up for Hard Knocks, and if I had to guess, HBO will pick the Raiders
  14. Way Too Early 2020 Mock Draft. Because WHY NOT

    I mean I get it, but you guys will be thin at CB, Especially if you trade Harris. Callahan and Jackson is not a viable secondary. Best to fortify it
  15. Way Too Early 2020 Mock Draft. Because WHY NOT

    Arians is going to want an explosive RB. Ideally, Najee would be perfect, but he won't be available