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  1. Denver really messed up with how they handled this and probably screwed any chance of getting rodgers. The NFLPA is going to go scorched earth on them.
  2. I wasn't big on washington, and he shouldn't be a safety at 5'8. That's nickel CB Size. I have seen Tomlinson going in rd 2 of plenty of mocks
  3. You forgot LaDainian's nephew. He's set to be a big time Nickel CB. Also a TCU Frog.
  4. Raiders probably go QB this year if they are picking Super early
  5. I think he'd play for Miami. After how Denver handled the Juwan James situation, I seriously doubt anyone would want to play there. They don't give 2 turds about their players.
  6. If GB has to move on, I think Miami is going to get him. Hence why I placed the bet. 50 at +3500. Can't hurt
  7. I don't think they think they do. I think they are in the same stage Denver was at with Tim Tebow and when Manning became available, they lurked for a bit, then pounced. I remember those Manning sweepstakes pretty well. The moment he was released, I was thinking, this guy is gonna go to Arizona and set records with Fitzgerald. But then out of nowhere, Tennessee and Denver entered the fray. The difference between the situations is that Manning was released. Rodgers is not. Miami I think regrets passing on Herbert. I think Miami is that team that is lurking in these sweep
  8. What are the saints smoking. must be some good stuff
  9. The odds were at +3500 and I was baffled. This may be like Doge to the Moon. 50 dollars at +3500. Here is my reasoning 1. All That Draft Capital 2. Team almost made the playoffs 3. Aaron catapults the dolphins over the bills to the top of the AFC East, easier division than the afc west where you would have to face Herbert and Mahomes twice a year in a raiders or broncos uniform 4. Is there a better place to live or make a living in in Florida right now. Honestly, it's paradise 5. Lots of great weapons to throw to and Miami wouldn't have to trade them in a R
  10. devonta before waddle, najee before etienne, and then this mock is solid
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