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  1. I've heard Lawrence get compared to Dan Marino so that right there about fields is a bold statement
  2. I'd be more inclined to agree with you on Minshews drive if it weren't for COVID. It's going to be an inconvenience for all teams and the teams worst off are the ones not built to make a run. I do believe Minshew has a long future ahead of him in the NFL, But I think it'll shift over to a different team, Like the Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Look at the Chargers last year, injuries doomed them on defense. Look at the texans 2017 defense, Look at the 2017 Broncos. With COVID getting in the way of valuable preperation, They might not be in football shape.
  4. Don't count on Nick wanting to stay in the bay. You may as well trade for Yannick to Maximize your window
  5. Trubisky is gonna stink it up regardless. He'll start, Foles will come in, stink up, back in comes trubisky, stink up, in comes foles again. It'll be like Winston and Fitzpatrick dynamic from a while back.
  6. A lot of bad personnel decisions, Their inability to fire Bill O'Brien, and Watson can't do it all by himself
  7. My critique Pick 1 should be Jacksonville, Najee Harris is RB1, Not Etienne, and 2 Ohio State Buckeyes are missing from rd 1, Wyatt Davis, and Chris Olave. Olave might get a boost over Justyn Ross because of the injury.
  8. But a team like the bears are probably kicking themselves for not taking Mahomes. And they are a tank candidate.
  9. Because they made it obvious they were tanking when they put fournette on the block after he recommended Cam Newton. They are not built to win at all this year.
  10. Honestly, If you don't offer bacon, it's a disqualification from the burger competition as well IMO. Whataburger is also bigger.
  11. I'm from california too. A microwaved Whataburger is better than a fresh in n out burger
  12. If this is baseball money, It's going to set the new bar for guys like Trevor Lawrence once his time comes. Can he be for Jacksonville what Mahomes is for KC.
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