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  1. Sounds like Tom is joining the Chargers.
  2. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    Packers vs Titans
  3. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    Considering Mocking Isaiah Simmons to NYG in my next Mock
  4. The Titans are not a real #6 seed

    bigger loss today vs houston. their run d is more important vs TENN
  5. The Titans are not a real #6 seed

    Good point. Chris Jones Ruled Out Today
  6. They had the same guys in with Mariota and they were 1 dimensional and ineffective. Insert Tannehill, and they are much improved
  7. The Titans are not a real #6 seed

    The Chiefs Run Defense couldn't stop a nose bleed. Tennesee could be super bowl bound
  8. It'll be because of Derrick Henry and the Defense, But Tannehill's impact can't be overlooked. He has better command of that offense than Mariota does.
  9. That'd be an indictment on how poorly run the Miami Dolphins organization has been run for the past decade. Tennessee built a roster this past decade, and they got pieces for Mariota, but Mariota couldn't do anything with them. Install tannehill and all of a sudden, the offense is rolling. Derrick Henry makes that offense roll, but Tannehill is able to move the offense down the field way better than Mariota could. AJ Brown was a great find in the draft and deserves offensive Rookie of the Year. Anyway, Stephen Ross better brace himself for that possibility because the Chiefs run defense can't stop a Nosebleed, but I'm not gonna rule out the Texans chances of winning. I think Tennessee would rather face KC than houston because of the Chiefs Run D. Brace yourself MR. Ross, you may just have a front row seat to watch Tannehill lift the Lombardi Trophy in your building. The current Titans team are giving off a little bit of that Nick Foles Eagles vibe.
  10. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    they may fear the chargers possibly trading up for Tua
  11. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    simmons would be a safety for dallas
  12. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    Love is going to have an opportunity to not only showcase at the Senior Bowl but at the Combine as well. I think he's going to dominate all events and vault himself into the top 10. If he doesn't have a good game in the Senior bowl, unlikely i'd mock him to the chargers or even in the top 15. I'm going to assume you think I'm a cowboys fan, well if you think that, then you are totally wrong.
  13. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    Minshew had his moments, but I just don't think he is the long term answer there, and while Marrone was kept on this year, one would have to assume his leash is short. Don't get me wrong, I think they can go other ways with their pick, I just think Marrone will tell the front office that he has a better chance of winning with a QB like Herbert
  14. Has anyone on this forum ever attended the NFL Draft

    So depending on what you are wearing, they'll move you to the area? How quick do you have to be on the app, and when I Say quick, I'm talking about what day do you have to be on the app?
  15. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    Yes I used the pick Value chart to come up with the trades