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  1. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Garrett probably misses the rest of the season
  2. Is Kyler the most talent rookie to play since Luck?

    Is Peter Schrager the thread starter?
  3. 2020 Mock Draft

    If cousins aint the guy, but you'll still be picking late, don't want to take chances on what the talent in next years draft at qb will look like, even though I think 2021 will have a solid qb class
  4. Is Kyler the most talent rookie to play since Luck?

    Don't do drugs man. Kyler hasn't even done anything to warrant ROTY. As a matter of fact, Josh Jacobs stands alone in OROY Discussions
  5. Mock Draft 4.0 / 2 Rounds

    Najee Harris should be the 1st rb off the board
  6. 2020 Mock Draft

    Redskins and Jets have front offices that treat their players so poorly, its unbelievable. See Trent Williams and Osemele
  7. Biggest FA bust so far

    antonio brown
  8. 2020 Mock Draft

    Being mentioned with boomer is considered an honor. Chip Kelly and Joe Buck are emotionless duds. Belichick is emotionless but the opposite of Chip Kelly
  9. 2020 Mock Draft

    I'll call you Joe Buck if thats the case
  10. 2020 Mock Draft

    I seem to have pushed a few buttons with the broncos contingency in this Mock
  11. Injuries seem to be enough to derail a winning season
  12. why wouldn't they wait till 2021 when the qb class is better?
  13. Will Oakland make the playoffs?

    Hoyer is facing the dolphins. I expect the Raiders to take Losses to Tennessee, Jacksonville, LA, and KC.
  14. 2020 Mock Draft

    Would suck if he went to an organization with a terrible front office. ATL is none of that, but an absolutely terrible football team