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  1. He's a first rd talent, you had an issue with the falcons drafting Zach Wilson in my previous mock. I don't know why you have an issue with top tier talent. just wait to see how this draft turns out before you really give it a bad review. I may just add the pre compensatory 3rd rd picks and on March 10th, complete the remaining 7 rounds.
  2. The Value is too good to pass up. When the compensatory picks are released, then you'll see how the rest of your draft rounds out
  3. The point of my simulator was to guess which team I used. Not to have it graded or anything. I have yet to update my other Mock, which has you guys taking a linebacker that shouldn't have fallen as far as he did in rd 1. Now it sounds like you want to start a beef with me on the forum. Seeing as you are tagging me in other peoples threads. Back off.
  4. Then that takes the fun out of it. Defeats the purpose of guessing what team I used. But, I also want people to check out the hauls their teams received.
  5. Well if you trade with the Jets or Dolphins, You guarantee yourself a viable replacement QB on a rookie contract.
  6. 1. Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson 2. Justin Fields QB Ohio State 3. Penei Sewell OT Oregon 4. Trey Lance QB North Dakota State 5. DeVonta Smith WR Alabama 6. Ja'Marr Chase WR LSU 7. Zach Wilson QB BY
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