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  1. He's probably going to play. I think the foot is probably of equal concern as well
  2. You as a bronco fan should remember this very well. When pittsburgh advanced to the divisional rd, Burfict took out AB and he wasn't able to play the following week against you guys because the concussion was that bad
  3. Chargers really screwed up on that one. Daboll should stay put until the right qb situation frees up. Can't help but think he's going to be linked to Da Bears next year
  4. I want to nail all my picks. Atlanta needs to prepare for the future, or risk QB Purgatory.
  5. Stafford is getting old, and his wife didn't sound too thrilled about remaining in Michigan, due to their Governor. So once he gets an opportunity to get out of there, he will. I predict Dak lands in indy, but if he doesn't, then Stafford may be intriguing there. Rivers is done.
  6. It's fields or Wilson, Depending on what happens at 2. Atlanta will be taking a qb in all my mocks.
  7. Detroit is still drafting a qb, don't get it twisted
  8. Wonder if it's baffling like Gruden's deal
  9. After Urban gets hired, Which team will be next to make a hire My guess is Atlanta is next. Have a feeling they want Arthur.
  10. If Daboll doesn't get that Chargers job, then he should opt to remain in Buffalo till an appealing job opens
  11. Jaguars: Urban Meyer Chargers: Brian Daboll Falcons: Arthur Smith Jets: Robert Saleh Texans: Jerrod Mayo, Josh McDaniels, Someone from the Patriots Lions: Brandon Staley Eagles: Joe Brady
  12. Najee reminds me of someone who is going to be a future Hall of Famer. Adrian Peterson
  13. Russells O-line has done a disservice to him since they traded unger. If you put wilson behind the Saints offensive line, I guarantee you he's having no trouble at all
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