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  1. I hope so too cause he’s kinda running out of tomorrows
  2. Sometimes tomorrow never comes for some people. Some people don’t have that privilege. Lucky for carr I guess.
  3. He was digging himself a hole lol That’s not mamba mentality never saw Kobe hold back cause his team wasn’t stacked think Frankie just admitted that carr is/was not giving it 100% because the team isn’t up to his standards. While everyone else on the team is giving it 150% dam near risking their life for a win.
  4. We were talking about carr scrambling for first downs then you chimed in about Brady being a pocket qb with 6 rings so I got curious about him scrambling for first downs.
  5. Where did I say that pocket passers are becoming extinct? for lols brees had 48 rushing first downs first 6 years peyton had 37 first 6 yrs those guys also have great pocket awareness
  6. Fffy would you believe that in Brady first 6 years he rushed for more first downs (66) than carr (39)?
  7. If he can’t do the things a starting qb sometimes known as franchise qb Is expected to do then he needs to get off the pot.
  8. Carr had hella chances to scramble and get first downs last year. Not scramble to give his guys a chance to get open. Carr’s best wr arguably hunter isn’t fast or physically imposing but carr gives him countless chances even forcing it to him getting him killed sometimes. Carr got to give more wrs that luxury Carr is just gun shy. Rather it’s running or passing. He even cost us a game by sliding out of bounds. Not to mention the goal line fumbles which I also think factors in his decisions to not scramble more than he does.
  9. I makes sure all my qb’s know how to slide even bring in a baseball coach.
  10. I will say this dc is very very very articulate and easy to understand interesting he said 2019 dc was better than 2016 dc 🤔 me I like 2015 dc in a selfish way braging about beating out every qb we brought in the locker room lol dc verbally writing checks he better be able to cash
  11. Extending plays imo helps fast wrs more than slow ones. For example asking a fast cb to guard a slow wr Is semi simple extending a play isn’t going to help that. a fast cb can guard a fast wr for maybe 2-3 sec. if the qb extends the play and now cb is asked to guard fast wr for 4-5 seconds is nearly impossible especially if the qb has a arm. No one is hanging with ruggs for more than 4sec
  12. Pocket awareness drills are different but scrambling to gain yards is more than just running it’s processing situations and taking a chance when it presents itself. That’s really hard to simulate unless it’s a full squad scrimmage. It’s more split second thinking reading and reacting.
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