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  1. First qtr td finally carr looked great after being shakey early defense looked ok its the Broncos but we needed this badly
  2. We seem so free as a team now for some reason
  3. FINALLY!!!!!!!! A first qtr TD!!!!!!! Letsssgoooo
  4. I’ve never blocked or banned anyone anywhere except annoying ex gfs. On here you can just scroll by people who you choose not to fw. It’s really just that easy. You don’t have to press that button to comment or reply. Like my pops say “never give a prick the satisfaction”. If you on some sideways bs I’ll just kindly scroll by. It’s really easy to do
  5. Did fields not throw a td after we hit him multiple times on that same drive
  6. Good old boys club wins again 🤦🏽‍♂️. Let’s see if the secret hacker dude releases another bombshell next
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