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  1. Kc played completely diff on def when ruggs was out there so much so that imo gruden had to take him out the game to get favorable defensive formations
  2. True lol Like you mentioned Ferrell was missed this was a big game and we drafted all these bama and Clemson boys for big games like this
  3. Obviously just mentioning how if we made those 4th down stops we win. I think those drives ended in kc td’s also.
  4. Carr is balling top 5 imo rn maybe the Kobe sleeve is magic cause this is the best I’ve ever seen carr perform
  5. Perfect play last night he had waller open for about 8yrd pass and first but he was looking downfield and settled for a 3 yard run eventually. Carr is looking to take his shot. Only knock on him was that softly lofty end of the game int. I feel like if he would’ve chucked it with some zip nelly had a step.
  6. If you can’t see the difference between carr this year and last then I don’t know what to tell you. Carr is playing with guts now. Keep it real. An announcer said last night it’s still Carr’s body but gruden’s brain and grit. Gruden turned carr into a grinder.
  7. Kc was 2/2 on 4th down they played for td’s and the w. We stop those 4th downs we win. Lack of practice didn’t help. Edwards play was brutal tho. Mullens int before the half was clutch.
  8. Collins is so garbage so weak in the middle and so useless. Weakest link on the team
  9. I think the defense played ok I mean it is kc More specific kc after a bye and again defense held kc to 14 at the half making key stops when the offense stalled. Carr was on fire the drops tho killed us and allowed kc to get back in the game. Fg vs td would come back to haunt us. Anyone who thought this wouldn’t be a shootout was fooling themselves. We scored only a fg in the 2nd and 3rd qt that’s not gonna get it done vs kc. No way our defense holds kc under 30.
  10. Anyone notice zay playing safety? helped on a int
  11. This. key brought a much needed shot of energy to the dline. Also Irving. His emotional impact to the dline is similar to abrams impact on the dbs
  12. Hopefully More of kwit I’m tired of seeing him off the field on third downs
  13. Carr dusting off the old musket and playing with guts. This win was all guts. Defense did just enough to seal the deal.
  14. Wtf do they see in sam young am I missing something?
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