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  1. That’s what I didn’t like about how we drafted the last 3 years “foundational” players. they’re basically rooks teaching rooks and that never works. coaching offered me a different perspective. I’ve been a line coach, dc and hc. I know I sound crazy lol but there’s a method to my madness
  2. And his brother 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. Think about it tho tyrod is the ultimate qb vet or the mcown dude forgot how to spell is being looked at as a coach now. Fitzpatrick also you need guys like that for rookie development imo more than qb coaches
  4. Perryman and deablo I think hr3 needed nelly didn’t carr and jr have the same qb coach?
  5. This lil bro big bro dance is annoying Derek is a grown man leaking stuff through his bro
  6. He’s coaching teaching him fundamentals but development imo is on the vet and the actual player. coaches imo can only coach and your time is limited compared to time players spend with other players. If you ever coach you’ll see the difference. I always encourage freshman to find and upper class man to show them the ropes or develop them
  7. “He was extremely important," Mahomes said of Smith's impact on his development. "The way he went about his business and being a pro's pro, a great quarterback and also a great human being. He taught me a ton of just the process and how to blueprint your week and how to game plan. And then, how to read coverages by the little things. Maybe how the defensive line lines up and I think it helped me out a lot in the early part of my career, even still to this day of being able to get those invaluable lessons from him." https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/how-alex-smith-helped-chiefs-patri
  8. David carr talking a lot for/about his bro lately again
  9. There’s a difference between coaching and developing imo you can coach a guy up but vets do more of the developing imo
  10. My bad saw raiders got it posted already
  11. Meh carrs the highest qb we’ve drafted since who jr? can’t really blame development when you draft mid to late round qbs
  12. Interesting the last sentence sounds just like carr top 5 qb for a month then disappear for a month
  13. Meh I don’t think it’s totally on the coaches to develop a qb especially a high first rounder. To be real I honestly don’t know our staffs track record on developing qbs.
  14. Hobbs blood test was just under dui levels so he got a careless driving charge
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