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  1. We set a record for 3 n outs to open the game on offense which continued into the last game. Besides t/o’s that’s a horrible way to start a game
  2. Wonder how the #’s were first half of the season vs 2nd half of season.
  3. Love the draft but hate fa. Love the draft tho frfr. Think mond is more of a 2nd rounder maybe high 3rd. Gill is my fav mid round safety.
  4. Phil Simms was lightweight garbage tho imo carr is >>>>> Simms and it’s not even close. Trust me I loved those nyg teams lt was my hero/idol, Dave megget etc Phil wasn’t the reason hell jeff hostler iirc produced the same if not better. Wait didn’t Jeff win that sb game. Wtf
  5. Carr gets compared to a 1980’s qb is kind of odd to me. The game has changed so much but. It s what it is.
  6. Well carr reads/hears it too and it gets in his head. He even commented on it last year multiple times.
  7. This. It’s getting old either commit or trade him. I know it’s a business but dam it’s hard to move forward when you don’t know what you have in the building. Also doesn’t help carr taking on a leadership role. Hard to respect a guy who’s being shopped every year.
  8. Qb’s on the move. I predicted 10 qbs wearing different jerseys so far only 3. 7 left so who’s next
  9. Props on the stat lookup very interesting
  10. Wow now that’s interesting esp in that magical 2016 year dam what was our record in 2019 7-9 interesting for sure
  11. Curious how many games we’ve won with carr only throwing 1 td or less.
  12. 2017 was a crazy year arguably our year with the most talent
  13. I was saying carr currently obviously a younger carr has to deal with younger players. Last I read was cooper upset that he was open and being ignored. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2795505-jon-gruden-seems-to-rip-derek-carr-for-not-throwing-to-open-amari-cooper.amp.html it is interesting how after Cooper we never drafted another wr that high again. Instead tried vets.
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