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  1. Colts sign Emmanuel Rugamba - CB - Miami (OHIO)
  2. Doesn’t really matter. But sounds like they rarely get a volunteer anyways, so sure...
  3. Colts sign Shane Simpson - RB - Virginia/Towson
  4. I took Buechele at 7.20 But D.Fitzpatrick was extremely close to being that guy. I actually did draft Lenoir. (4.22)
  5. Found out the hard way doing this that Google sheets is not something you want to open off wifi unless you’re on an unlimited data plan.
  6. Data issues. one was a makeup claim for Blankenship who I didn’t know returned to school. And once I found wifi the next two were for two separate hours that had passed.
  7. Also Isaiah Loudermilk - DT - Wisconsin
  8. Colts claim TE - John Bates - Boise State LB - John Rhattigan - Army
  9. Perfect! meanwhile options B & C have signed elsewhere
  10. Don’t think so. But hit me up if you can find a link that says so
  11. Colts sign TE - Nick Eubanks - Michigan
  12. Colts sign DT - Dion Novil - North Texas
  13. Colts sign Reed Blankenship - S - Middle Tennessee
  14. Colts sign TE - Shaun Beyer - Iowa
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