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  1. TCMD - Keeper League Discussion

    Looking good @ny92mike I’m excited to get going. Go Colts!!
  2. TCMD - Keeper League Discussion

    Had one thought on this. What if the teams we choose to start with draft based on last years draft standings? If we start in September we can use the 2019 draft order to decide who picks first. Whoever has Arizona for example would be going first, Pats going last? I mean if we're after parity, which is usually the goal...this makes sense. And as a Colts guy, I'm not picking early. So this isn't a suggestion to favor myself. Just one reasonable option
  3. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Considering your scoring, all defenders are worth more in your league than mine. Fumbles forced and recovered qualify, passes defended, INTs worth more, sacks worth more. Bosa could definitely be worth a top 30 pick in your league. 1 name to keep an eye on in your later rounds: Patrick Onwuasor (Baltimore LB). They let Mosley walk, drafted no one, and he’s been wearing the communication helmet in OTAs. Could be a sneaky find. Very little competition for him on that team right now.
  4. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    My league is 1 point for solo tackle 2 pts for a sack (1 for half-sack) 2 pts for recovered fumble 3 pts for INT 6 pts if guy scores TD INTs score best, but are so unpredictable year to year(and game to game). So because of league scoring, the pass-rushers that are LBs are almost never worth rostering. Khalil Mack for example was maybe the 20th highest scoring LB last year. 20th??!! Almost not fair. If he were listed as a DL he would have been top 3 at that position.
  5. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    @Edge Honestly at this point even AB probably isn’t worth the investment. He’s 30, on a new team, actually showed slight decline last year, and your current depth chart at WR is better than your DC at Running back. You could lowball and offer like a 3rd + future 4th or something. But I wouldn’t pay any 1’s or 2’s for him at this point. Unless you believe you’re in win-now mode. I don’t believe he has even 2 great years left in him. Two questions: 1)When is your draft? 2)What are the settings for defensive scoring in your league?
  6. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    I agree with @EaglesPeteC on almost everything. Jacobs is fine at 1. Hockenson or Justice Hill are probably safe, good picks at 13. The one spot I differ from Pete is on defense. You can find “playable” guys on the waiver wire. But if you ever want to be top 2 in your league in defensive scoring you can’t ignore it. But don’t take risks. Depending on your leagues scoring some very good IRL players don’t score much in fantasy on defense. IMO there’s only three guys worth a top 36 pick this year. The two Devin’s at LB. And Nick Bosa. Every one of them has a chance to be a top 10 scorer at his position by 2020. Those guys can worth the investment. Your DBs look decent by the way. I wonder what kind of skill player you might get in trade for Drew Brees?? Hear me out. You have Rodgers anyway. And Brees has at best two years left. If you can get any usable assets for him (#2 TE/depth WR+draft pick) now is probably the time. You seem like you’re on the right track though. Pete is right though. Keep your eyes on the waiver wire especially in the first three weeks of the season for emerging defensive players.
  7. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    How do you feel about my rookie draft (and available FA) this year: @EaglesPeteC @Forge @ny92mike 12 team Dynasty IDP league. QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, PK, 2DL, 2LB, 2DB Going into season five. I won the last two years so I was picking 12th. My starters are quite strong, except #2WR, PK, and since I have both JPP (idiot) and Telvin Smith (mental health sabbatical), I’m suddenly thinner on D. TJ Hockenson JJ Arcega-Whiteside Nick Bosa Demarcus Robinson Giorgio Tavecchio Kahale Warring Chase Winovich Juan Thornhill Patrick Onwuasor
  8. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    @EaglesPeteC Plus Brees is retiring soon enough. Hard to say how much that hurts Kamara. Personally I couldn’t do it. Keep Kelce, D.Will, and 1.3 Turn that into Montgomery or Jacobs if you can. Just my unsolicited $0.02 Edit: now I realize you made the trade. Well, hope Forge and I are wrong. Time will tell
  9. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    8 team league. Probably keep Kelce. Only a 3rd rounder and at the toughest position in fantasy. Because it’s 8 teams you can get some players like McCaffrey and Juju with natural picks. Hard to compete with Kelce at the TE position. #1 Kelce #2 McCaffrey If it were me, I’d keep Kelce then just start the first four rounds you have picks in with RBs and WRs. Double down at QB in something like rounds 6&8 or 7&9. You know what I’m getting at
  10. Positional Importance?

    It’s quite simple for me. I “downgrade” one or two positions. If there’s an RB or LB who is a borderline 1st rounder, I let someone else take him and I grab another guy I think might be a good value between rounds 2-4. A sleeper if you will. I don’t however, overlook guys like Todd Gurley or Luke Kuechley. Those guys are safe top 15 picks all day. On the other hand, you’re almost forced to over-value certain positions. Say, QB or CB. If you think a guy is a borderline 1st, you’re almost forced to show your confidence and trade into the teens to grab him. Many times I’ve felt like CBs have been overdrafted. Some teams prove me right. Some prove me wrong. But many, many reach for the athletic guy, or the big strong guy that they think fits what they do. And the QB thing needs no explanation.
  11. Your team's potential draft gem?

    I could make an argument for many players in the Colts draft. Willis is a decent choice. If he steals the starting SS job anytime by the end of 2020 he could run away with it. I thought he was underestimated on tape with the pre-draft early 6th-UDFA projections. Kid jumped off tape a lot. Bobby Okereke is an option. If he can improve upon the instincts shown by Anthony Walker and become a steady “Mike” next to Leonard, and makes one splash play per game, he could have a powerful impact. If Marvell Tell is even on the team in 2021, at any position, then I think he might qualify. I can make an argument for Gerri Green in the 6th, or Ben Banogu, if he reaches his ceiling. But just to stand out, I will make my actual choice either 7th round O-linemen. Jackson Barton (26th) or Javon Patterson (32nd). If either player sticks on the roster, and is thrust into action due to injury, then they probably already qualify for the purposes of this thread. That will mean they stole a meaningful backup role from an incumbent player. If we win 50+ percent of the snaps they play then they’ve already exceeded expectations. I hope even one makes the final 53. I think that would mean a depth improvement at worst. But the sleeper to make a surprise impact, would most likely be Khari Willis or Ben Banogu. Draft position says Banogu is expected to make an impact. But his tape doesn’t make him worthy of that draft slot, IMO. So potential and a hell of a combine helped him land there. We’ll see if he proves to be worth it
  12. Ugghh, size issues with formatting. Easier to apologize than to fix it. Sorry!
  13. Colts 2019 Hindsight Draft: *2(2) DE Chase Winovich *2(17) CB Justin Layne **2(27) WR Parris Campbell *3(26) OT Yodny Cajuste **4(7) SS Khari Willis *5(6) WR Hunter Renfrow *5(26) QB Clayton Thorson *6(27) C/G Nick Allegretti *7(26) LB Te’Von Coney *7(32) TE Matt Sokol Trades Accepted *1(26) to WSH for 2(14) and 2020 2nd Rounder *2(14) to CLE for 2(17) + 5(6) *4(27) + (33) to OAK for 4(7) *DT Hassan Ridgeway to PHI for 7(32) Well in a true “hindsight” draft, this is how mine might look. In real time I’d probably reach harder for Te’Von Coney (amazing draft omission IMO), and possibly wouldn’t have the guts to move back from 1(26), most likely snagging Byron Murphy or Jerry Tillery. If there’s one pick here I might re-do on myself it’s the QB. But we won’t be able to afford Jacoby Brissett in 2020 and Luck has been injured occasionally enough for concern. Thorson does have potential to be able to lead a team for 4-8 games if pressed into action. I agree fully with the real teams approach of taking CB, WR, and pass-rush seriously. Was surprised they doubled up at LB and that they drafted zero TEs. I altered the approach there. We ran enough 3 TE looks last year that I thought a good late TE with some developmental ability and plus blocking potential would be a worthwhile investment. I think Nick Allegretti could be one of the steals of this draft three years from now. Man he had a great East-West Shrine week. Swing backup luxury pick for me here. Thought about taking Terry Beckner Jr. or Kerrith Whyte there instead...but I’m just on the Allegretti bandwagon. I love Khari Willis. And I love Winovich. Wish he went anywhere but New England... Cajuste would be developed as our LT of the future.
  14. Someone doesn’t read instructions so well. “No new trades”
  15. Ravens Fans Opinions Needed

    So I’m curious, the Ravens did nothing to address ILB this off-season. They obviously have some confidence in the guys on the roster. Who has the bigger season: Kenny Young or Onwuasor? Thank you in advance for your input