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  1. Sorry, I'm showing up with selfish questions; Is Lovie running a primarily 4-3 defense? The personnel is interesting regardless. Hybrid?
  2. Damn good player. And deserves it really. But basically $20M per year to an LB!!... Not sure how you keep putting a team around him by year 2. Ballard is the man though. He's earned benefit of the doubt for sure.
  3. Not saying he can't be. But 3 years in Goedert's best stat line is 607/5 TD's (never had 60 receptions). (Will be 26 all regular season) Ertz has put up 816 or more 5 of the last 6 years (75+ receptions same years). Had 6 or more TD's 3 of those seasons. (Will turn 31 middle of next season). I'm just saying you're all based on projection (and I guess PFF's opinion). Or you're weighting blocking grade higher than receiving grade. I'm saying Ertz has proven his value a long time. Has one down injury season and everyone forgets. After everyone quits drooling over the seeming
  4. You misunderstood me. And it’s possible I misunderstood him. I thought the way he used morally bankrupt he was referring to Watson. And for the record, while I guess we don’t know the full story, and I usually am pro innocent-until-proven-guilty, I did investigate as much as I could. And based on evidence available the dude seems pretty guilty. I remember Brian Banks. I remember Ben Roethlisberger. This is at least 22 different allegations. I’m just not convinced that the old “innocent until proven guilty” is quite valid in this case. 22 is A LOT. There are text mes
  5. Yes, there is this very real phenomenon whereby fans of pro sports teams seem to immediately assume innocence upon any player accused of anything that belongs to their favourite team. It’s strange to me as well. I never quite understood why you couldn’t just continue to love your team, while accepting the possibility that one human being on that team is not a perfect person. It doesn’t mean you have to immediately drop your love for the whole franchise and move your fandom elsewhere.
  6. You are pushing him a little hard here. Nobody’s gonna stop watching the NFL because 4% of the players are complete idiots. You just hope the guys that deserve it get what’s coming to them and you keep enjoying the product on the field. I see what you are trying to say, that we don’t know what’s true because courts haven’t convicted anyone. But I am in the camp that the amount of accusations sort of fits the old adage where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Somethings probably wrong with that dude, and no one can force me to respect him simply because he’s still employed in the NFL
  7. Probably just trying to strengthen his trade value. Let a few pretty throws get out there on tape, and maybe some stupid team comes offering multiple assets
  8. You ever wonder why neither him nor the team appealed his suspension?
  9. What he ^^ said. He was just making the observation if you’d asked any of us about Deshaun Watson and to project his circumstances one year ago to now, no one would have dreamed this reality up. Just crazy how it’s playing out.
  10. 1 Open Spot in a Superflex, TE Premium, IDP Dynasty Startup. Hosted on MFL. Will be pretty competitive. Great rules setup. PM if curious or Interested. $50 buy-in
  11. Makes sense. They are just trying to get newbies on the site, and then hoping to sell them their premium stats or any random fantasy football advice for ?? dollars per month
  12. Yeah their inflation shocked the hell out of me. I’d swear it was even higher previously. I had a membership, once upon a time, like 10-13 years ago. Think it was less than $100 for the whole year. After like a year off I checked back in to re-sign up and I’d swear it was over $200/month. I went WTF!! and didn’t look back on the site for at least a year
  13. I understand why someone might say that. I don’t think it’s true. But they probably tried to expand too quickly for their own good. They force so many articles to come out and hit deadlines that the odd one is bound to be crap. There’s just so many fantasy writers vying for attention now. I just take the odd weak article with a grain of salt and enjoy the ones I enjoy. One amusing example was post-Senior Bowl this year. Both PFF and ProFootballNetwork did articles on the guys who were positive standouts and negative standouts throughout the week. Levi Onwuzurike made bot
  14. Not wrong. But Taylor is pretty safe this year as well. I’d take him over Mixon easy based on OL and also injury history at this point
  15. So you’re comparing him to Jerry Rice? Which one of us is reaching here? I’m saying when one guy isn’t talked about (Sanders) but has essentially been working and making clutch plays his whole career he’s under-rated. And when another guy is being compared to the greatest ever, I will probably call him over-rated. He had 140+ targets thrown at him for six straight seasons, which will equal some statistics. But if he weren’t bailed out by Sanders he’d have zero Superbowls to show for it all. And I’m saying for a “great” all-time player he sure wasn’t Mr. Clutch during the Su
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